Session 23 April 2022

When dealing with C you are suppose to look at it from the perspective of the soul instead of scientific method. You understood that density is the level of development of soul in metaphysics the same with dimension it is just a sub level of density. Density doesn't really exist it is just a measurement human made up to make learning about vibrations easier. Dimension is kinda a perspective/paradigm sub level of density you have to complete as expanded awareness before you proceed to the next level. Each soul is a universe in itself with diverse level of frequencies thus the infinite dimensions. I explained it before that physical life is the middle ground between void and ether. Consciousness/soul animate energy into physical existence/Wave reading consciousness units . If you are interested there is an explanation on how to train objective reality in most spiritual teaching (if someone ask I will try to explain when I see it) maybe it will help you understand better. I think your mental block has more to do with defensiveness/attachment to old ideas. By now C confirmed that majority of human science is just distortions. When you are studying metaphysic it is better to have understanding in the right direction since very hard to quantify concepts (wisdom, love, courage). I can explain more details, but I was under the impression people in the forum not too interested in the subject since most of the time I got hostile response (although I'm saying the same things with C just in understandable simple explanation).
My friend,
you are an excellent interpreter of the C's rsrsrs
I take your point completely. The Standard Model is so entrenched amongst today's physicists that it goes completely against the grain for them to disassociate themselves from it. Indeed, the article mentions that "Furey has yet to construct a simple octonionic model of all Standard Model particles and forces in one go, and she hasn’t touched on gravity". Without including gravity, she will not be able to come up with a workable UFT. However, I am struck by the fact that the article says she is "Driven by a profound intuition that the octonions and other division algebras underlie nature’s laws". Where does that intuition come from I wonder?

Robert Graves in The White Goddess explained such intuition in terms of proleptic and analeptic thought and used Clerk Maxwell as a case in question where he pointed out that the great father of electromagnetic theory could come up with the correct formula but then relied on colleagues to justify the result by pedestrian calculation, what today I guess we would call number crunching.

I am no physicist or mathematician but one other thing which caught my attention was where the article states that: "Whereas Dixon and others proceeded by mixing the division algebras with extra mathematical machinery, Furey restricts herself; in her scheme, the algebras “act on themselves.” Combined as R⊗C⊗H⊗O, the four number systems form a 64-dimensional abstract space." Is it just coincidence but I Ching, the earliest known divination tool, uses 64 hexagrams to represent the archetypal situations of human life and there are 64 codons in the DNA genetic code. Indeed, there are also 64 squares on a chess board.

Talking about chess, the game of chess forms much of the structure of Lewis carroll's book Alice Through the Looking Glass (see: The 64-Square Grid Design of ‘Through the Looking Glass’ on this theme). I only mention this because the C's seemed to make a cryptic reference to that book in the session dated 18 July 1998 when they said:

“A: You are dancing on the 3rd density ballroom floor."Alice likes to go through the looking glass" at the Crystal Palace. Atlantean reincarnation surge brings on the urge to have a repeat performance.”

If you are not aware, Lewis Carroll (real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was a brilliant Oxford University mathematican of the traditional Euclidian school who worked a number of criticisms of modern mathematical theories into his two famous stories concerning the adventures of his character Alice. See: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: An Esoteric Journey and Alice's adventures in algebra: Wonderland solved for more on this.

Carroll was also a leading rosicrucian and allegedly a member of the Orphic Circle and his two Alice tales contain a lot of esoteric symbolism. One of the mathematicans he apparently lined up in his sights was none other than William Rowan Hamilton, who invented Quaternions and died in 1865, just after Alice in Wonderland was published. Quoting from Melanie Bayley's 2009 article:

The parallels between Hamilton’s maths and the Hatter’s tea party – or perhaps it should read “t-party” – are uncanny. Alice is now at a table with three strange characters: the Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse. The character Time, who has fallen out with the Hatter, is absent, and out of pique he won’t let the Hatter move the clocks past six.

Reading this scene with Hamilton’s maths in mind, the members of the Hatter’s tea party represent three terms of a quaternion, in which the all-important fourth term, time, is missing. Without Time, we are told, the characters are stuck at the tea table, constantly moving round to find clean cups and saucers.

Their movement around the table is reminiscent of Hamilton’s early attempts to calculate motion, which was limited to rotatations in a plane before he added time to the mix. Even when Alice joins the party, she can’t stop the Hatter, the Hare and the Dormouse shuffling round the table, because she’s not an extra-spatial unit like Time.

The Hatter’s nonsensical riddle in this scene – “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” – may more specifically target the theory of pure time. In the realm of pure time, Hamilton claimed, cause and effect are no longer linked, and the madness of the Hatter’s unanswerable question may reflect this.

Alice’s ensuing attempt to solve the riddle pokes fun at another aspect of quaternions: their multiplication is non-commutative, meaning that x × y is not the same as y × x. Alice’s answers are equally non-commutative. When the Hare tells her to “say what she means”, she replies that she does, “at least I mean what I say – that’s the same thing”. “Not the same thing a bit!” says the Hatter. “Why, you might just as well say that ‘I see what I eat’ is the same thing as ‘I eat what I see’!”

It’s an idea that must have grated on a conservative mathematician like Dodgson, since non-commutative algebras contradicted the basic laws of arithmetic and opened up a strange new world of mathematics, even more abstract than that of the symbolic algebraists.

When the scene ends, the Hatter and the Hare are trying to put the Dormouse into the teapot. This could be their route to freedom. If they could only lose him, they could exist independently, as a complex number with two terms. Still mad, according to Dodgson, but free from an endless rotation around the table.

I don't know if the C's were trying to draw our attention to Lewis Carroll and his works (I have written about Carroll's possible links to other famous rosicrucians of the 19th Century such as Edward Bulwer-Lytton and to the trance medium, Emma Hardinge Britten, the esoteric Alice in Wonderland, elsewhere on the Forum) but the C's also made an indirect reference to Alice in Wonderland in the Session dated June 13, 1998:

Q: (A) 1 2 3 are the first three prime numbers...

A: Yes, thank you Arkadiusz!!!! Laura is dancing around in wonderland, meanwhile all of creation, of existence, is contained in 1, 2, 3!!! Look for this when you are trying to find the keys to the hidden secrets of all existence... They dwell within. 11, 22, 33, 1/2, 1/3, 1, 2, 3, 121, 11, 111, 222, 333, and so on! Get it?!?!

Q: When you say that the secrets of all existence dwell within 1 2 3 or variations thereof, what kind of secrets are we talking about here?

A: All.

Q: Well, name two at the top of the list just so I know where we are going here?

A: You can do that!

Q: Are we talking about secrets of physics?

A: Yes.

Are we talking about secrets as in encoded words?

A: Yes.

Q: Are we talking about the Fibonacci series?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Continuous fractions?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) That means all...

A: Yes.

I may be completely wrong on all of this and the C's may have intended something altogether different when making these references to Carroll's works but I offer it as food for thought anyway. At the very least, people may now view the wonderful Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in a different light.
I only recently learned that prime numbers form the basis of modern electronic encryption, which is used to hide information that people want to keep secret. It is interesting also to note that where the C's say "all of creation, of existence, is contained in 1, 2, 3!!!" , the great scientific inventor Nikola Tesla placed prime importance on the number 3. Why was this? Indeed, it was something of an obssession with him. He would always cricle a building three times before entering it. Tesla was undoubtedly a genius and there is reason to believe that he may have had a working knowledge of Unified Field Theory (UFT) since it would appear that he was able to apply it in practice. Quoting from an article by Anthony J Craddock:

In his 1899 Colorado Springs experiments, Tesla discovered the electro-gravitational (or scalar) wave, which oscillate the energy density of the vacuum and hence oscillate the curvature of space-time. So, over a century ago, it appears that Tesla had already produced a unified field theory of gravitation and electromagnetics. His discoveries were so fundamental, and his intent to provide free energy for all humankind was so clear, that it was probably responsible for the withdrawal of his financial backing, his deliberate isolation, and the gradual removal of his name from the history books.

There is reason to believe that Tesla may also have worked at the end of his life on the US Navy's Phildelphia Experiment, which saw a US Navy destroyer disappear and teleport back to its home base with disastrous results for the crew. The C's have confirmed this actually happened, which suggests the experiment provided an all too practical demonstration of some of the applications of UFT, even if this was not the original intention. Apparently, Einstein was also involved in the Experiment as was a US Naval physicist who hardly anybody seems to have heard of today. His name was Thomas Townsend Brown. In the mid 1920’s, Townsend Brown discovered that electric charge and gravitational mass are coupled. He found that when he charged a capacitor to a high voltage, it had a tendency to move toward its positive pole. This became known as the Biefeld-Brown effect. Like Tesla, he seemed to be able to apply aspects of UFT to electro-gravitic experiments that he carried out over a period of many years. The author Joseph P Farrell has written extensively on Townsend Brown and his potential involvement in the Phildaelphia Experiment (See, for example, his Covert Wars and Clash of Civilizations: UFOs, Oligarchs and Space Secrecy - Covert Wars and Clash of Civilizations).

It is also worth recalling that the C's have said that Einstein completed in secret his own UFT at some stage before the Phildelphia Experiment occurred.

However, one other person who may have applied knowledge of UFT in the field of electrical engineering was the brilliant Hungarian electrical engineer Gabriel Kron who promoted the use of methods of linear algebra, multilinear algebra, and differential geometry in the field. His method of system decomposition and solution called Diakoptics is still influential today. See Gabriel Kron - Wikipedia. Kron had noted, as others had done before him, excess energy issues with what were supposed to be closed electrical systems but his novel approach was to apply Kaluza Klein Theory to resolving the problem. One practical solution to the issue which he devised was the Negative Resistor. Quoting again from Anthony J Craddock's article:

A negative resistor is defined as any component or function or process that receives energy in unusable or disordered form and outputs that energy in usable, ordered form, where that is the net function performed. We specifically do not include “differential” negative resistors such as the tunnel diode, thyristor, and magnetron which dissipate and disorder more energy overall than they order in their “negative resistance” regimes.

It appears that the availability of the Heaviside energy component surrounding any portion of the circuit may be the long sought secret to Gabriel Kron’s “open path” that enabled him to produce a true negative resistor in the 1930s, as the chief scientist for General Electric on the U.S. Navy contract for the Network Analyzer at Stanford University. Kron was never permitted to release how he made his negative resistor, but did state that, when placed in the Network Analyzer, the generator could be disconnected because the negative resistor would power the circuit. This negative resistor, one might add, was developed at the expense of the U.S. Taxpayer.

Since a negative resistor converges surrounding energy and diverges it into the circuit, it appears that Kron’s negative resistor gathered energy from the Heaviside component of energy flow as an “open path” flow of energy — connecting together the local vicinities of any two separated circuit components — that had been discarded by previous electrodynamicists following Lorentz. Hence Kron referred to it as the “open path.” Kron describes this as follows: “…the missing concept of “open-paths” (the dual of “closed-paths”) was discovered, in which currents could be made to flow in branches that lie between any set of two nodes. (Previously — following Maxwell — engineers tied all of their open-paths to a single datum point, the ‘ground’). That discovery of open-paths established a second rectangular transformation matrix… which created ‘lamellar’ currents…” “A network with the simultaneous presence of both closed and open paths was the answer to the author’s years-long search.”

A true negative resistor appears to have been developed by Kron. He described his apparent success in 1945 stating: “When only positive and negative real numbers exist, it is customary to replace a positive resistance by an inductance and a negative resistance by a capacitor (since none or only a few negative resistances exist on practical network analyzers).” Apparently Kron was required to insert the words “none or” in that statement. He also wrote that: “Although negative resistances are available for use with a network analyzer,…” suggesting in rather certain terms that negative resistors were available for use on the network analyzer.

Hence, although the real UFT has not been made public, some scientists and engineers in the 20th Century do seem to have been applying it for practical purposes. I am also attaching a link to an interesting article (N.B. written by anonymous Doctors of Physics!!!) which I came across on the internet since it raises some interesting points about the Phildelphia Experiment for those of a more scientific bent and links Tesla, Einstein, Kron and Townsend Brown to the Experiment. The paper also seeks to rebut the hoax allegations made by J. F. Vallee in his "Anatomy of a Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment Fifty Years Later," Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 8, No. 1, 1994, pp. 47 -71.

Thank you for this new interesting session.
I think I can understand Ark who seems to lack patience with his life's work, there are so many questions, not so many answers... Everything that is related to physics is so complicated and vast... Anyway, I admire his courage and will to go on working about all of that stuff !
Anyway, the most important thing for me is the last part concerning the crew. Please, be careful, take care of each of you and stay strong altogether. Many people, including me, count on you and I'd be sad to see this kind of bad energy waste your life's work.
We'll pray for you.
I think I'll stick with Laura's interpretations.

Ditto to that. I think @Eyes not closed may have meant that jokingly since he ended with,

What does "rsrsrs" mean?

I often see rsrsrs in emails or on the internet. From context, I'm guessing it should mean something like "lol", which is thought to be an acronym of "laughing out loud". But I'm not sure whether rs is an acronym or an abbreviation (maybe of some form of the verb rir), or simply intended to represent the sound of someone laughing or something else entirely.

So, what's the meaning and origin of rsrsrs?

The "rs" commonly seen in conversations throughout the internet, is an abbreviation of "risos" (laughs).
Depending on how a person pronounces it, it can also sound like a laughing (quite weird, but sounds like one...). Just like "kkkk", "hahaha", and so on.
Just note however that "rsrs" isn't used in Portugal. There, the most common internet laughings are "hahaha" and the recent "kkkk".

As a brazilian, I never imagined "rs" to be an abbreviation of "risos".
As far as I know, "rs" is supposed to represent the sound of a rather goofy laughter. It has an effect very similar to "hihihi" - except "hihihi" seems/sounds too feminine, while "rsrsrs" seems/sounds gender neutral. Both are very teenagery.
Imagine you hold back your laughter a bit, like you're going to "hihihi" but instead you hiss at each "rs" - basically just change the "i" from "hihihi" to "s" and there you go, that's the sound.
Sometimes it can be used as rather timid laughter. I use it as a silly laughter with my friends.

At least I hope it is not meant to be a serious reply to @Curious Beagle 's comments. Language barriers sometimes make things interesting/confusing.
I only recently learned that prime numbers form the basis of modern electronic encryption, which is used to hide information that people want to keep secret. It is interesting also to note that where the C's say "all of creation, of existence, is contained in 1, 2, 3!!!"

It is not similar to what is referred to in terms of physics or quantum physics, but I believe that the veracity of this can be proven in much simpler and more mundane things.

I don't know if my experience can give any clue and maybe I have to admit it is an illusion of my own.

The point is that if you use 1, 2 and 3 let's say to design some object and you use multiplies of those numbers, and if for some measurements you use the number 7, you will see that the general design, if you add other components or parts (I am talking about basic mechanical design like articulation points) all those parts fit perfectly together. You don't have to think too much about the shape. If you focus on using those numbers for a measure either width, height or length to model some object when you want to realize, you see that the overall design was developed in a procedural way keeping the proportions, even if you didn't have a declared intention in it.

And when you get to the subject of procedural generation, you get to the subject of Fractals.
Ditto to that. I think @Eyes not closed may have meant that jokingly since he ended with,

What does "rsrsrs" mean?

At least I hope it is not meant to be a serious reply to @Curious Beagle 's comments. Language barriers sometimes make things interesting/confusing.
Never meant to be disrespectful. Sorry if it seemed like. I seriously thought that his interpretation was very well put. And Yes, rsrs means laughs, but not loud :) I tried to sound as if I was happy with what he said. But to no avail as it seems...
Thank you very much everyone for the latest session! Very interesting session and discussion with much to think about, as always. I was surprised about the answer regarding China's recent lockdowns. Based on the compilation videos of people being cooped up and denied medical care to an extreme, and based on Adapt 2030's coverage of food shortages in China, I got the impression that the events in Shanghai were like a population cull to get rid of "useless eaters". I would think if the Chinese government flat out told people the US has been pulling shenanigans and a bioweapon were loose, people would be a lot more compliant. I'll need to read more about it.

I thought I'd get caught up with the entire thread first before saying thank you, but that didn't happen. But I will continue to read all of your valuable input! In the meantime, I have been taking the C's warning at the end quite seriously; I think it's important advice for everyone, not just the Chateau crew. I have been trying to be more aware of my programs and those of others, and not cause unnecessary arguments with temperamental family members. It's a drain anyways and I want to avoid escalating anything.

Thanks again!
Never meant to be disrespectful. Sorry if it seemed like. I seriously thought that his interpretation was very well put. And Yes, rsrs means laughs, but not loud :) I tried to sound as if I was happy with what he said. But to no avail as it seems...
I did not take your post as disrespectful but I did not know what "rsrsrs" means so I had to search to find a definition. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on likes. Thanks for the clarification. I will just stick with @Laura 's interpretation and the Cs explanations as needed.
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Propolis and HOCL (from KiScience Uk. They also do a special nebuliser to reach all angles) for the upper respiratory tract mucosa. It is the first line of defence as a physical barrier. Pro, inactivate pathogens, thus reduce viral dose, and increase immune response. According to Dr. Klinghardt.
Propolis is an old remedy with proven anti viral properties.
HOCL has been specially treated with electricity to extend shelf life from a few weeks, to two years.
It is recommended to use your inhaler 3 -4 times a week. This is especially vital for the lungs and the Oropharyngeal niche danger zone.
This has a huge effect on reducing the replication effects of the virus and also prevents the main disease.
In his practice, where 80% of the patients actually have Covid symptoms. No other remedy has been shown to be that effective.
As the Black Death/ Primitive Small Pox is most probably an air borne pathogen, I was wondering whether the above protocol will also work for that?
Regarding inhaling Hydrogen Peroxide Dr. K. warns us not to use it unless nothing else available, as it leads to scarring of the lungs.
He has also noted Prion Disease, among a few others among a lot of patients now too. HOCL seems to be the only tool to treat that atm too. Inhale it, gargle and nasal cleanse with it. Can use in eyes too. (Many people now having rapid onset cataracts and macular degeneration due to the vax. Plus early onset aging illnesses. All brain problems too).
I used propolis to clean my mouth and when I have an inflammation of the gums it cures it in 2 or 3 days. It is a fantastic remedy. I didn't know that we can use it with a nebulizer. Do you have the link with the article? Also, what is HOCL?

Thank you!
A: Be aware that you are currently under attack by forces that wish to silence you and end your exertions on behalf of your group in specific and the planet in general. These forces are getting desperate and will attempt to use any inroad possible. Be awake and alert at all times. Any disputes or disagreements can be easily blown out of proportion to your destruction. And then, when the negative energy is withdrawn, the devastation left will be amplified by the knowledge that it was all a deception. [Planchette swirls around and around for about 45 seconds] You have been warned. Do not take this lightly. Communicate and listen. It will take all of you together to navigate these dangers!!! Goodbye.
I sometimes wonder if things mentioned by the C’s begins to happen all around, like a hologram. Thus, relating to this quote I am seeing people relationships and friendships being decimated due to a lack of communication between the parties. It could be due to the increased stress of the current covid times but the solution would still be the same: Communicate and listen.

I feel it’s important for us all to really put this into action day to day. I’m really making an effort to stop myself from talking and listen to what people are saying. Then make sure I understand them and then also make an effort to intelligently evaluate what they have said.

It’s very worthwhile expenditure of energy, until I hope, it’s habitual. I start with the premise, this person in front of me has something to say that is important to them.

We really do need to put effort into making sure we listen properly, and not just in the forum.
Never meant to be disrespectful. Sorry if it seemed like. I seriously thought that his interpretation was very well put. And Yes, rsrs means laughs, but not loud :) I tried to sound as if I was happy with what he said. But to no avail as it seems...
Have you had a chance to read the Wave Series yet? I saw that you were given the links to the books in your intro thread. You will find a LOT of information in those books.

Also, if you are so inclined, any sites like Above Top Secret, etc., along with many ideas in various areas, have been mentioned here on the forum and you can do a search for them to see what has been said about them.
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