Session 23 April 2022

think so, but a quaternion would have extra functionality in one higher dimension.

I'm a little confused actually. It seems like a quaternion is basically a coordinate system - like the cartesian coordinate system with an added dimension. Quaternion also sounds like the name of some sort of quantum particle, which seems misleading. In graphics software, there could be many individual quaternion instances running in real-time, each representing a particular game object/parameters as an object of the class Quaternion. Such object instances could be working within the software's quaternion coordinate system rules.

I see it that way too, but you see the extra dimension is not time. And I don't know if time as a fifth dimension would be the interval or the difference between two quaternions, as shown in the first video using the unity engine. If you look at the physics simulation between objects where the arrow changes position depending on the path it makes in the plane, you can decompose the changes of the position where each interval is a slide of the C's projector. It should be added that the determining factor for the whole process is the consciousness of the individual.

In one of the other C's sessions they had commented that if you change the unit, you change the environment (I can't find the session now).
if you change the unit, you change the environment (I can't find the session now).

I think that's from Session May 27, 1995 :

(RS) That is all tied up in it! This is very exciting. I am learning the language. In our third level, the motion in space and time occurs via the change of the unit of time and space, therefore, can we change the unit?

A: Yes, this is precisely what we mean when we speak of "transiting from 4th to 3rd."

Q: (RS) So, when they travel from 4th to 3rd, they change the units. That is precisely what is in the article in the journal! [Holds up book.] This is published in the Ukraine, [turns to page and displays diagrams and equations] this is the experiment to test anti-gravity. There is a two mile long tunnel which is a vacuum inside. They suck the air out. The first measure is to shoot photons to identify, at the end of the two mile tunnel, the no gravity point. The second measure is to shoot a neutron, and we know that a neutron is attractive. So, after two miles, the energy is very, very low. So, there is no gravitational effect when the neutron hits the point. Then, the third step is to shoot an anti-neutron at the same time and see what happens. This experiment will resolve this issue that this board has answered very scientifically. We call it the gravity of anti-particles because we don't know. It can be down... Einstein predicts this as attractive as a neutron, anti-matter and matter have the same gravitational attraction. That's what Einstein says.

But, when Einstein's theory was proposed, in 1915, anti-matter wasn't discovered until 50 years later. If now, theoretically, the only way a particle, in our theory, can go up, can have lift, is if time is reversed. There is no other possibility. So, if this experiment is correct, then the space/time machine is absolutely a consequence and can be tested in a laboratory. You can have a particle moving backward and forward in time.

[Displays new diagram.] This is the other experiment which is, in this case, is done by putting a particle which is neutral and subjecting it to... since we don't have a bunch of anti-matter - ideally we would have a pellet of matter and replace it with anti-matter - we don't have a pellet of anti-matter, at this point, there are ways to do it though and it can be measured as to which way it moves, up or down.

Now, the question of the units, it is very important, a fundamental question, because, say, you are outside a UFO, and you see the UFO as big as a car, say, and people go inside and report this enormous interior. There is no other way to do this than by changing the unit. What is for us one inch, that unit is completely different inside. For us the unit is the same along the three directions. Now, if you are inside, they can have different units in different directions. This means that if you are outside a cube, and you go inside, the shape, not only the dimensions but the shape even, can be different.
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Somehow that remindes me on the Ibozoo uu from the Umites. Unfortunately the english transkript is not the whole thing, so I will Link the german one, so you can translate from there, in the page are the original spanish version, the france version, I think a italian too.
So here is the link: Ibozoo uu
I sometimes wonder if things mentioned by the C’s begins to happen all around, like a hologram. Thus, relating to this quote I am seeing people relationships and friendships being decimated due to a lack of communication between the parties. It could be due to the increased stress of the current covid times but the solution would still be the same: Communicate and listen.

I feel it’s important for us all to really put this into action day to day. I’m really making an effort to stop myself from talking and listen to what people are saying. Then make sure I understand them and then also make an effort to intelligently evaluate what they have said.

It’s very worthwhile expenditure of energy, until I hope, it’s habitual. I start with the premise, this person in front of me has something to say that is important to them.

We really do need to put effort into making sure we listen properly, and not just in the forum.
I just received a message on Facebook saying that there is a possibility for nasty messages which could be seen coming from you and sent to your friends but not written by you. The messages would be hurtful and create drama. My friend sent out a message asking people to be aware of unusual hurtful messages coming from friends and advise to go back and check for the truth. Warning!
It reminds me of what the Cs talked about in the last session, about disputes and disagreements.
"Any disputes or disagreements can be easily blown out of proportion to your destruction. And then, when the negative energy is withdrawn, the devastation left will be amplified by the knowledge that it was all a deception"
What a great way to create disputes!!!
This is really interesting.
From my point of view, in my close environment, I don't know many people who have not been fully vaccinated.
Similarly for the anti-Russian blindness, I don't know many people in my immediate environment, or my own family and more distant childhood friends who are really trying to find out the truth, which in the case of the current conflict in Ukraine is littered with more than accessible facts, about who did what, or didn't do it.

Extreme weather phenomena are the manifestation of conflicts/war in higher densities.
But also "the war" takes place within ourselves.
Which is a good thing, because often in the face of this deluge of chaos, we find ourselves lost, overwhelmed, discouraged, hopeless, for ourselves and for what is going on in this world that has gone uncontrollably mad.
And finally, by this state of mind we feed the very forces we are fighting against.
As already pointed out by the Cass, the importance is to network, of course at different levels in relation to our knowledge and needs, and above all meticulously in relation to our environment, by meticulously, I mean to put into motion one's experiences and knowledge learned elsewhere and confronted in this Forum in practice in our daily routine.
In the current context it is almost impossible to keep our old habits.
Even if in form it doesn't change much in my way of evolving among my peers, but today it's a different matter.
In my case, I feel like I've been infiltrated into a kind of mafia, or even into hostile enemy territory, and I'm talking about my close family and friends.
This ordeal, which at the beginning was like an educational game, has turned into a test of mental strength, even of the nervous system.
It is difficult to keep one's calm and tranquillity in the face of so much human nonsense and egoism, and easy to fall into indifference, or even detestation of those close to me who would obey the slightest decree to be able to continue to have a piece of their former life at all costs.
It is impressive the power that each of us possesses towards each other through a word or two, it can splash at best, and at worst devastate a world.
It is said that we are born at this time by choice to learn, and that it is through friction that the spark is created, our duty, our work, our participation is not to build after destruction, it is rather to have the spark as creation than destruction.
This have to be fun to learn!
And in this sense Vladimir Putin and my cat are in their categories good examples.

I put two things above in this post:
-Les phénomènes météorologiques extrêmes sont la manifestation de conflits/guerres dans des densités plus élevées.
-Mais aussi "la guerre" se déroule en nous-mêmes.
(Yeah, now it's in french)

I scratch my head, the war against Russia already has economic and social consequences in our daily lives as humans, and follows a less humane agenda, consisting of different baskets of crabs, what about this battle in the upper reaches of density.
As above, so below, so above again.
In default of portal of good, would downloading through the portal of evil be any different?
That the choice is always given to us, not imposed?
A kind of Trinity, where the three conflicts are one?
And that we as individuals lost in this ocean not only we can, but we must.
To send our little smoke cloud as a signal to Universe, to Creation, that we have a word of two to say as well!
A soulfelt thank you and gratitude to all for this new session!

I hope everyone is recovering well with the hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapies levelling up your systems.

Go gentle, go slow, go far, Ark.

Big hugs and best to everyone. :hug::hug: :hug2:
Thank You for sharing this communication with ourselves in the future, with us in the present!

How are you doing? 🙏🏻🤗

Where I live winter is fighting with spring. There is a war going on, a dispute fully visible. We get snow almost every day. Spring is trying its best to dodge the snow. Trees are slowly, almost reluctantly, turning greener. Birds are merrily chirping, singing for the victory of spring in this Nature's act of "counter balancing".

Today I noticed how I was thinking to myself, hit by the realities of my own life: "No, I don't want this anylonger! This never ending forced focus on finances simply tires me out. 'They' have won. Or did I let them win in a walk-over? How do I know that there aren't sides and aspects to this situation that I don't know about, because I'm not looking - because I got too fatigued? Is getting fatigued an excuse to giving up? No."

In analysing, I arrived at the insight that it really is like it says in the warning in the end of this session:

"Be aware that you are currently under attack by forces that wish to silence you and end your exertions on behalf of your group in specific and the planet in general. These forces are getting desperate and will attempt to use any inroad possible. Be awake and alert at all times. Any disputes or disagreements can be easily blown out of proportion to your destruction. And then, when the negative energy is withdrawn, the devastation left will be amplified by the knowledge that it was all a deception. [Planchette swirls around and around for about 45 seconds] You have been warned. Do not take this lightly. Communicate and listen. It will take all of you together to navigate these dangers!!! Goodbye."

"Any dispute or disagreement" - because of the word "any", it may equally indicate disputes or disagreements arising from within us, not necessarily only by way of the external, triggering inner conflict, resulting in thoughts, actions, which are contraproductive, and may cause destructive results.

It's getting more difficult by the day. But how to define "difficult"? It's the physical survival part, I guess, combined with this inner fatigue. The inner fatigue is derived from a deep existential sense of having had it with all this sensate physicality, thus fatigue not only from the finance part, even though that of course is also a part of the machinations of this laborious material realm.

Need for physical survival and existential fatigue clash big time! The need for physical survival, to me, is meant only in the context of being able to pay my bills and feed myself as long as needed. To give up the physical existence per se is of no consequence. There is nothing in my flesh which would be a reason to keep me here.

The reason to keep me here lies elsewhere.

I currently feel like being among one of the last grains of sand squeezing in slow motion speed through the narrowest passage in an hourglass soon to be empty in its upper part ⏳ - albeit knowing that I'm not just ending up in an equally contained space on the other side after having squeezed my way through. When having passed through, I am not a physical grain anylonger, that's for sure. Also we are many last grains of sand in this squeezing process. You are not alone. We're squeezing together! 😉

"Strive to enter through the narrow gate,
for many, I say to you, will seek to enter
and will not be able."

- Luke 13:24

"Enter through the narrow gate.

For wide is the gate
and broad is the road
that leads to destruction,
and many enter through it.

But small is the gate
and narrow the road
that leads to life,
and only a few find it."

- Matthew 7:13-14

Tried the other day to explain to someone how, when - like me - one's existential focus always was, and unfaltering is, We and not I, how you get to process, purge and cleanse also for others, all the while you are processing, purging and cleansing as an individual. It comes quite naturally, without effort. But this sharing of burdens, whenever it is being allowed (it all depends on the nature of the soul lessons, karma and if free will allow the sharing), originates from soul intention. Because when your heart's intention is We, the We includes all of creation, i e no part excluded. There is no "Us" vs "Them". No STS vs STO. When others are suffering, I suffer for them because there is no separation between us. I am You, because We are. We do not perish in this sharing of burdens. In true empathy, and love of the highest order, we are delivered. In my practice as a Christian shaman this sharing of pain, and suffering, to feel the other, is what always constituted the foundation of my shamanic practice.

When I watch the psychopaths in action, I feel their inner pain, their suffering. And now I am speaking of the soul, not of the mind. Because in their minds they show no pain, nor suffering, no conscious remorse. On soul level it is a different matter altogether. Because I remember the incarnations where darkness was my lodestar, and I behaved in similar, or in exactly the same ways. But I also remember, because this incarnation triggered these most dark soul memories in me, how my inner life was looking like in those incarnations, what drove me to darkness. How the intent of the ego clashed with the knowledge of the soul. How deep down I felt this pain, this constant guilt, of going against all natural laws of the universe to pursue that which I at the time felt the urge to pursue.

Anyway, that's where I feel my physical focus is being put in the present: to not only support my own physical survival in all this, but also to support others, not just in my shamanic distance healing work, which may not be so physical, but in communicating, talking, in being present, by active and attentive listening, and in writing. Simply in actively and consciously Being. And equally welcome the same offered to me in return. Not to forget the physical Oneness we have attuned in the Cassiopaean crystals.

To quote the warning:

"Communicate and listen. It will take all of you together to navigate these dangers!!!"

To unconditionally nurture others the way we nurture ourselves.

All the while I can "see and envision" things quite differently now only compared to a couple of weeks ago, and compared to one year ago. My inner life awareness has somehow gradually expanded over a long period of time, and the "within" has become more grounded and settled in a way which is difficult to describe. The word "calibration" comes to mind to explain this perceived process. The Wave has this effect.

There will be more trials and tribulations for sure. Our spiritual mettle will be tested, has been tested, is being tested, in a multitude of ways.

It's a painful process for many. And when trying to ascertain where exactly this "pain" has its source, I first concluded it is from a multitude of sources, both external and internal influences, such as ego. However, perhaps "ego" may even be the common denominatory factor of all of these "multitude of sources". For ego Free Will is what it feeds off of. Without Free Will, ego would simply not be fed.

After all, the management, the grooming, of this realm is run by ego. It wants to control, dominate and influence. And when not being able to control, dominate and influence, ego experiences separation, and becomes worried and unstable, resulting in increasing efforts to strengthen this control, domination and influence. It's an endless loop of maintaining the status quo of being fed by its desired and selected nutrients.

Hence this "inner pain", by many perceived when their being is in the active process of expanding, has the purpose of deception, to lure us into a designed state of negativity, thus putting a clamp on transformation. Perhaps one might even suffice it to say that this is the binding "consciousness glue" of this realm - a realm which we used our free will to be a part of - the trying to instill in us the illusion of separation, thus inflicting "phantom soul pain" when perceiving something associative to separation. All the while we are indeed consciously transforming, and striving at transforming, beyond our current self-imposed limits. This transformation, this expansion, is to some the same as separation, while nothing of the sort to others. It's all depending on where our current perception abides along the STS-STO scale. This deceptive, illusory "force of attraction" aims at keeping us attached. It has the function of being a "mind glue". That's how I perceived it. At least for now. ;-D

And if so, if feeling "separation angst", one is always invited to explore why one is (still) allowing the bonding mechanism of this illusion to influence (in this way).

That's the whole point with these communications with ourselves in the future, to gently point ourselves towards this narrow gate, by nudging and stirring in us our innate ability to recognise inner truth and knowledge, but also to recognise it reflected outside of ourselves.

Free Will is the motivating factor which we use to propel us in any direction. But are we willy-nilly going in any direction? Go where your lessons are! But if you seem to have done your lessons again and again, and not sure what you have learnt from it, perhaps now is the time to be freewilling (yes, a new verb!) yourself in another direction to find that narrow gate of yours...! :hug::cheer:

Thank You! 🙏🏻🤗
You never cease to amaze me how you chase these quotes down so quickly. Whatever happened to Roger Santilli? He was very enthusiastic about the C's at first and then he quickly backed away. He still seems to be alive given his Wikipedia entry: Ruggero Santilli - Wikipedia, but is now in his late 80's.

You will note from his entry that his theories are dismissed as 'fringe science', which suggests to me that he must be doing something right.​

As a long time fan of the old BBC TV Sci-fi series Doctor Who (I was one of those who watched it from the first episode as a child), the following extract from what you quoted in the 27 May 1995 session struck a cord with me:

"Now, if you are inside, they can have different units in different directions. This means that if you are outside a cube, and you go inside, the shape, not only the dimensions but the shape even, can be different."

Whoever came up with the idea of the police box known as the TARDIS (a machine that travels through time and space the letters standing for time and relative dimensions in space) seemed to reflect this concept very well since it is a modest oblong shape on the exterior but is a huge and indeterminate shape on the inside. Was this an example of Thor's Pantheon in action I wonder?​

However, a later extract from that 1995 session seems to allude to the Philadelphia Experiment previously mentioned in this thread:

A: Terry did not give exactly correct answer. It is possible to cross over into fourth density from third, using third density technology. In fact, this has already been accomplished by various individuals and groups on a more or less accidental basis, the problem is "what does one do when one reaches fourth density reality with only third density training and experience?"

Apart from the Nazis and their Bell or Die Glocke experiment, the C's could also be referring to Nikola Tesla who once electrocuted himself during one of his experiments and was only saved by the prompt action of his assistant who switched the current off. Afterwards, Tesla described himself as having been in a timeless state where he could see backwards and forwards in time.​
Yes, that's it. And adding the quaternions and the change of unit we have the eversion. Turn a sphere inside out

Do we need to go further and add octonians to the mix? Octonions have eight dimensions; twice the number of dimensions of the quaternions, of which they are an extension. Turning a sphere inside out also makes me think of the mobius strip, which if viewed in 2D side on looks like the figure 8 and the infinity sign or 'lemniscate'.
Do we need to go further and add octonians to the mix? Octonions have eight dimensions; twice the number of dimensions of the quaternions, of which they are an extension.

I guess so.

For my part, when I search for information of this type and share it, it is because I try as much as possible to understand the nature of 4th density, from a pragmatic point of view. What I mean is that mathematics is not my forte, and I am looking for a way to understand the concept, as explained in the videos we have seen.

What I understand is that with quaternions and octonions you can calculate a series of events, the frame of reference.

For example (and here I am only speculating, and I am not saying it is so or works that way, if someone knows more, please correct me), what if the quantum entanglement where particle B shares the state of particle A is the result of both being in the same set of coordinates of a quaternion / octonion? As far as I know, in quantum mechanics you have the spin of subatomic particles where it indicates whether the pole of the particle points up or down, and in general quaternions are used in Pauli matrices which in turn are linked to the Lie algebra, since they are used as operators to explain the spin of subatomic particles.

And here the interesting thing is that, as we know, the observer (the consciousness) plays a fundamental role in the wave/probability collapse when the measurement is made.

The idea occurs to me that the consciousness is part of the quaternion / octonion calculation. Consciousness enters into the equation.

Perhaps by adding consciousness as part of the quaternion/octonion calculation you can finally unite macro and quantum events, since consciousness acting as a vector is what manifests the reality around it.
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