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Thanks for the session.

Was wondering, is this the book ya'll are referring to? Prehistoric Life (book) - Wikipedia

Yes. It is a terrific book to just go through slowly, look at the details, look at the order in which things happened according to the geology and archaeology, etc. Just an amazing compendium of life on earth for the past few billion years! And the images are just amazing!


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It is interesting. In the session, C's are compiling love with evolution. And factually when you get word EVOLution you can see suggestion what evolution is, 4 first letters in the word evolution backward give the word LOVE.

Well, funny way to put it. But, if you consider the evolution of mind, humanity, consciousness, etc, that is portrayed in Collingwood's "Idea of History", with the facts of non-evolution of lifeforms on earth punctuated by cataclysms and destruction, you get the idea that the only thing that really evolves is consciousness, and it does so by using physical forms. The Cs were right: the Universe is a School!!!

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Laura said:
Q: (L) And do we have a name for vibratory frequency this evening?
A: Xyneaea.

The name or vibratory frequency with which the Cs are identified in this session, "Xyneaea", is a name that sounds very similar to "gynaikeion" or gynoecium that were the rooms for the exclusive use of women in Greek houses and that regularly They were at the top.

Laura said:
(L) And still using the instrument in the same way that, say, mediums do. Only you're using your own body in the way a spirit would use it.

(Joe) While that person was in the body, their brain might have been damaged where they couldn't speak at all.

(L) It's mediumistic use of your own body.

(Andromeda) You're self-possessed! [laughter]

(Pierre) It's a shift from symbiosis of soul and body to channeling.

(L) You're channeling your own soul.

Being Medium and Magician, at the same time I think is the capacity that any ruler of any country to be a real leader, although very few have had it in history and in the present time is a quality already forgotten.

A work really in progress, and a lot of material to think about. Thanks for the session.


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(Joe) It's so obtuse of human beings to not accept that. Human beings' conscious experience of the development of technology has been precisely that: being able to engineer things at a smaller and smaller level. So if you see the same thing in nature, how can you not say it was designed? If I designed it, how could it not be in another mind to design that? It's massively more complex, and it takes a lot of engineering and thought and design to make a microchip. Then you look at the body and you see things that are massively more complex, and you go, "No! That happened by accident!" Did the microchip happen by accident? Why would you even think it happened by accident?

Very good&logical argument! The more we learn about life and creation in 3D more we know about creation in all densities.

Thank you guys, session is mind-blowing!


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I'm not sure they necessarily wipe out the bad designs - that's what natural selection is for. Bad designs will die out on their own given new environmental conditions (climate, chemical, new and better life-forms, etc.) in which they can't fulfill whatever life purpose they are designed for.

But how can we be so sure that there is any "natural selection" at all? Those new environmental conditions could also be part of the design, like a cook deciding to increase the temperature of the oven, adding more salt or whatever. Sometimes the meal goes wrong, and they do discard it.

Not necessarily. If families are the taxonomically lowest directly created forms, then genera and species are the results of degradative mutation and natural selection. The Canidae family includes wolves, coyotes, foxes, jackals, dingoes, and dogs. It's still possible dogs are specifically designed, though - Behe seems open to the possibility that some genera and species might be, even if it's rarer than devolution. Plus the taxonomy system isn't necessarily perfect - more of a general approximation perhaps.

Why wouldn't it be possible that they aren't different specific creations with similar "parts", not linked in a linear fashion, via degradation and natural selection? A degradative mutation implies that the organism is worse off. However, none of those animals are worse off than the others within their environment, and continue to live and reproduce within their group. Haven't finished all Behe yet, so maybe I'm missing something.

My tentative thoughts on the matter are that physical evolution simply doesn't exist, but that evolution of consciousness does, both in the thoughts of the designers as they learn about life, and in the learning of the organisms and its effects on their own consciousness. Both 'sides' of the exchange are important. New forms engineered from above can only be implemented in the right conditions - in terms of biology and consciousness. Previous forms need to exist, which are the material for new innovations. And the consciousness of the 2D beings themselves needs to be 'ready' for a new experience. I'm not sure how that works yet. In general terms, maybe an experimental life form gains experience over millions of years, learning the ropes of interacting in the world, what works, what doesn't, what is important, what isn't. After all that time, there is an implicit wish and readiness for something new and higher. A 'call' is sent out to the higher densities, at the same time that those higher densities are planning the next form of experience to meet with the developmental needs of the consciousness in question.

Possible. And maybe the short wave cycle is important, as the Cs mentioned, for intensive learning. Consciousness gets "heavier" (for lack of a better word) as the organism learns over and over again, and at some point, it is ready to reincarnate into a different set of genetics, a different body. Like when the Cs said that soul and genetics marry. But within one life, the organism stays within the body that it was given. I.e., just because, say, a doggie learns a lot in his interaction with good humans in this life, he cannot become something else within the same life span. He will still be a dog till his death. But on his next life, he may reincarnate as a 3D being if he's ready to learn 3D lessons. And that's one of the reasons why I think it is so ridiculous for some people to claim they are ready to graduate, that they don't belong in this world, etc. When there is so much to learn, and when the more you learn the more you realize you don't know, it's pure hubris and ignorance to think we're ready for something else. That comes when it comes, just like going to 4th grade comes when we've learned the syllabus from 3rd grade.


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When there is so much to learn, and when the more you learn the more you realize you don't know, it's pure hubris and ignorance to think we're ready for something else. That comes when it comes, just like going to 4th grade comes when we've learned the syllabus from 3rd grade.
True and so much more to learn. And it is becoming increasing clear that 3D provides the best conditions and opportunities for accelerated learning perhaps even more than 4D.


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Thank you for this session. I had to read it 2 times in order to absorb all the information in it.
It is amazing and it is so liberating at the same time.
Currently, I am reading the Behe's book Darwins black Box and this session came just in time.
Since I learned for the evolution I school for the first time when I was a kid there was something missing so I could truly believe it is a truth.
Now, after all, discussions, here on the forum, all the books readed, and many more that I have to read and after this session, I trully know and believe that things are very different from what we have been told. The feeling is like a heavy burden is off my back and like my mind escaped some heavy guarded prison into freedom.

Thank you for all your hard work and all this knowledge that you share.


The level of engineering, the level of intelligence, I mean... Obviously, there have been experiments. Look at the book, Prehistoric Life. You can SEE minds working on engineering creatures. Then they decide, oh, we don't like that one. They wipe out the whole planet and then a whole new bunch appear. That's engineering. They didn't like the old design. There were some of the old designs that REALLY were bad, I'm tellin' you! [laughter] I swear, you can see in that book. There were some really BAD ideas! Serious design flaws.

Hi. Thank you for a highly informative and fascinating session on the history of life on Earth!

Can anyone please name which books Laura has been reading recently on genetics, protein folding, photosynthesis, prehistoric life, evolution etc? It will be of great help to understand the session fully.

Thanks again for providing the transcript of the session!
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