Session 25 February 2023

Thanks for the session. This one was a doozy. Too bad it's never at a good time for me to attend.

This part caught my attention.
If it's 80%, I would think that means that there's still a good deal of time left.
While they need some chaos to be able to implement their plans, I'd say they also need at least another 3 years, probably 7, of relative normalcy to lay down the infrastructure for their goal of tight top down control using corporate power to get anywhere near 80% success.

Covid forced their hand and they got close to losing control.

Resistance might slow them down further.

I think we might be in for a decade of grinding fascism, war and falling living standards, but nowhere close to triggering a revolution. The roaring 20s.
Once they get to 80%, maybe the people finaĺly have enough and we'll witness a real bottom up revolution. Hopefully it doesn't end like all other revolutions in history.

I had a similar conclusion. hopefully next session will be able to ask, how far along are they already?

In some ways it almost seems very close. People are psychologically ruined and dominated in almost every way.

In terms of the physical reality on the ground though, they seem quite a ways off.

One more thing to consider is just how quickly things can change. Look at everything that happened in the scamdemic
Very thankful for this session. It’s not easy to come to grips with, but it helps with our preparedness. I pray often asking for guidance/awareness of what I need to focus on most, and which moves I need to make in my daily life in order to carefully and cautiously aid and/or guide my loved ones through the confusion and uncertainties of such an insane and chaotic world.

In light of knowing that we’re on borrowed time before we’re all disconnected from one another via the forum, I hope to strengthen my connection to the network as much as possible. Whatever is about to unfold, I have to be as prepared for it as possible. Mainly for my family.

Even in dark times, I still see some of you shining very bright, like lighthouses through the midnight fog. Thank you to all involved in this session, and this forum, who dedicate yourselves and diligently work to aid others who are struggling through this global gloominess, in search of a better “world”. 🤍
Q: (Joe) Why eggs?

A: Eggs are major source of protein for poor people.

Not sure why this in particular struck me as so depressing, given the routine horrors we have witnessed over the past decades, but I've just really had enough of these creeps and their machinations now. I hope there truly is a way out of this crazy world. And I hope we were here for a good reason in the end..

Has anyone ever asked, if the cabal is aware of the coming earth changes, why they feel the need to come after people so relentlessly, and try to do their own population reduction in advance? Is it simply that making people extra miserable generates extra juice?
Is it simply that making people extra miserable generates extra juice?
I think so.

7.5 billion people used in fear and extreme anguish, can generate enormous energy that "someone" can use.

Although perhaps there are those who decide to "leave" helping others without fear and with courage.

Could be...

And maybe it's...

Anyway, it will be and we will do what we will do.:hug2:
Thank you so much for the session and all the interesting questions :flowers:

For the first time, reading the session made me a little depressed. So many references to possible hard times ahead. But there is also so much fascinating information!

Q: (Ryu) With all the earth changes going on, blackouts, censorship, etc., may there come a time when we will be cut out from networking and the forum?

A: Yes

It would be terrible to find out one day that the forum is inaccessible. But in such a case, there will still be the Crystal Network :-) And in the event of such a blackout, perhaps we will learn other means of communication?

A question for @Andrian. Could you clarify what kind of health benefits you had in mind when you asked about baoding balls? Just the commonly known ones like increased hand strength or maybe something else?
I thought that we were part of the 6%. The harvestable: STO, STS, and various others, and the 94% were the tares, chaff and so forth. But…dunno?

Why the third and final battle appears to be going slowly: (I had a similar question, so thanks (seek10/Aragorn)

From a materialistic point of view, the battle could have been over a long time ago. But it is a Spiritual/karmic battle, so the story, the pageant, the show, the lessons apparently need to be given time. Time for billions of souls to process and use their free will…or not. And there is nothing like suffering to concentrate focus and bring body and soul closer together. Billions of soul-smashing and soul-building decisions going on right now. And I suspicion that the other side receiving the glut of incoming may also have issues handling the load. I remember the C’s once discussing a counsel that has both STS and STO setting on it, and although the humans are getting cranky and anxious, the counsel still needs to follow protocol so to speak. Also, the Pleiadians to Barbara Marciniak, “you think you have problems; you should see what we are facing over here” (paraphrased)

The decision makers, the “non-human” part of the secret government:
I think the PTB (human) are even more anxious and pissed off than some of us are to get it over with. And this should be an indication that they have been betrayed. The over lords are going to let them go down with the ship, and they should be figuring that out by now. Tuning on each other may become the next new thing.

A thought about souls:
If souls can fragment and be in two or more places at once. As stated, being in 5D and also out living a life somewhere else. And, when communicating with channels you generally have them speak as a soul group. Then does a soul-group develop from a single soul fragmenting off then coming back together and forming a group, or a group like this forum melding together in time?

On surviving a cataclysm:
Wherever we are at the time is “right” so no worries there. But if one has the ability and desire to choose where to be. The big cities are not so good. Being alone, away, and separated also not so good. Who would be most probable to survive a “times of Noah” type catastrophe? I spent some time in a village in the Mosquito Coast of Honduras. Other that a few generators that ran a few hours a day, a few days a week, they had no electricity. Other than a few shipments a month from small planes or canoes with beer, Coca-Cola, frozen chicken, and some medicines, they live off the land and sea. Out in the jungle away from the village in different locations they grew beans, rice, and corn. The jungle was also full of oranges, various types of bananas and platanos, coconuts, cacao and edible plants. Both the shamans as well as the catholic church we represented there, and they did have a mayor, but no police of any kind. Anyway, you get the picture. If it became lights out, they probably wouldn’t miss a beat, just survive and wonder why the plane stopped coming. But it takes a village😊 and geographic separation for the borg.

The OP and group soul’s question:
The C’s answer is as clear as mud to me. Can anyone help with understanding their answer?

The reason I asked the question:
When I get too involved into the present day’s insanity of news and whatnot, I remind myself to stop, and think, what is the most important thing? I go back to: basic 3D life and karmic understanding. And of the two, I think I need to work on karmic understanding more. Also, to be more fluent in understanding the difference between karmic lessons and attacks by the creep squads. Thank you for the book recommendations, and videos. I’ll work with them.

For the session and the comments in this tread,

Thank you EVERYONE!
Thanks for the new session and to the people who made it positive.

Q: (Joe) Just to promote global warming and climate change. So, they said the Turkey one was part of a sequence?

A: Yes. This year there will be more.

Q: (Joe) When you say "sequence", you don't necessarily mean in the same geographic region then?

A: No.

Q: (Joe) On the...

A: However, watch Africa.

Q: (Joe) Africa doesn't usually have quakes.

(Niall) The Great Rift? Somalia and the Horn of Africa...

A: Recall the strange events off the coast several years ago.
That's right, Africa does not usually register earthquakes of great magnitude. The lastmajor earthquake recorded in Africa was in Congo with a magnitude 5.0 on January 25 2022, updated to M4.8 later.

There was an earthquake in the Democratic Republic of Congo that USGS reported as M5.0

It is an unusual earthquake. Congo is not characterized as a seismic zone, so far this year no earthquake had been recorded and during 2021 only 23 earthquakes were recorded and were labeled as not significant (less than M2)

Later on September 15 an M4.6
▪︎M 4.6 - 92 km NE of Kongolo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
2022-09-15 00:45:29 (UTC)
4.898°S 27.683°E. 9.9 km depth

Now, the "Grand chamber collapse deep underground" occured on 11 November 2018 Mayotte seismic event

In 2020 scientists began to talk about the Great rift of Africa

Geophysicists warned that Africa is slowly dividing into two continents and predict the formation of a new ocean in East Africa. They estimate that this process will take several million years. There is already a 56-kilometer-long rift in Ethiopia. In the following map the red lines represent the rifts in Africa and the red dots the nearby volcanoes.

"The Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea will flood the Afar region and the Great Rift Valley of East Africa and become a new ocean, and that part of East Africa will become a separate small continent," predicted Ken McDonald, a geophysicist at the Univ. of California.

It seems evident that the collapse of the chamber "pulled" the African continent and accelerated its separation. The African plate in the East part is divergent
Plate divergence sometimes rips a continent apart, forming long mountain ranges separated by deep rift valleys. Where plates converge along an active continental margin, the one with thin oceanic crust descends (“subducts”) beneath the continent, forming two parallel mountain ranges. Evidence of Plate Motions

I wonder if we will witness a biblical sinking of the Horn of Africa with catastrophic consequences for Israel itself. A situation that the hyperdimensional overlords could well take advantage of to "save" the "chosen people". After all, several biblical verses speak of a great earthquake.

(Pierre) Further quakes.

A: Yes

Q: (Andromeda) Chain reaction...

A: Yes

"The Mayotte seismic event was recorded by seismograms globally, including in Kenya, Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and Hawaii, almost 18,000 kilometres." It would not be unusual for this event to have triggered another process that resulted in the recent earthquake in Turkey and that continues to have consequences today with earthquakes in Iran, Tajikistan, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, China

Science tells us that the breakup of Africa will happen in millions of years, but the Cs' comment to "watch Africa" seems to indicate that something imminent is about to happen or at least in our life. Last October 22, 2022 they already suggested that we "note floods in Africa".

(Rancho Relaxo) In the session of December 3rd of 1994 the C's gave a list of marker events connected to the Wave, including: Ukraine explosion; chemical or nuclear. Is this still on the menu, so to speak?

A: With minor modifications. Note floods in Africa.
Thank you for another very interesting session.

Of those clouds

Not over Africa, though. Still.

Q: (Fallen_735) Who is Elon Musk? On one side he releases controversial twitter files for the whole internet to see and makes fun of the "branch covidians" but on the other side his starlink tech is being used by Ukraine in the war… is he a man of the people but greedy? Or is he part of the PTB and just distracting the masses?

A: More complex than that. Good intentions but blinkered by beliefs like everyone.

(Joe) Like, he's gonna save the planet with green energy, and we're all going to live on Mars...

L) Electric cars...good AI... And of course, I think the more he's thinking about it, the more he is seeing that AI is not so good at all.

(Joe) Yeah, he's worried about AI. He thinks he's going to combat AI with AI. [Laughter] Dude, it's a bad idea! Don't let computers take control!

He is sounding an alarma but deaf ears.

Blinkered by his belief, I suppose.
I had a similar conclusion. hopefully next session will be able to ask, how far along are they already?

In some ways it almost seems very close. People are psychologically ruined and dominated in almost every way.

In terms of the physical reality on the ground though, they seem quite a ways off.

One more thing to consider is just how quickly things can change. Look at everything that happened in the scamdemic
I think there's still a ways to go in terms of psychology, too. The idea of perpetual austerity still doesn't sound appealing to the vast majority of people.

And in terms of the physical and institutional infrastructure, I think they need another significant period of economic growth to be able to attain the requisite level of control. They need us to build the prison before getting rid of most of the inmates.

Even with a catalyst like another pandemic or something similar these things simply take time to build. Plus, they need people to adopt the technologies themselves.

This ChatGPT stuff is probably a good barometer. When we start seeing AI being used at a ubiquitous level, that's when things will be in place for a proper takeover.

By that time, they will hopefully cause enough misery so that people revolt.
I say hopefully, because if they don't, there will be a lot more misery soon after.
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