Session 28 December 2019


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Many interesting comments here, just speculating, but the word strange sticks out to me, and to me this implies something unfamiliar, unusual, something new that we don't have experience or knowledge of. Combining that with chaotic and chills, I'm thinking along the lines of something that really shakes up people's view of reality, something out of people's frame of reference, something that is truly undeniable. Perhaps something that our materialistic society has no reference for?


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Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful session. I know there is much worse chaos on the horizon, and I realize I may not physically survive any of that; but I'm eternally grateful for all the information from the C's about what is happening and why it is. It has comforted me so many times before, just as the words in this recent session has again.


Thank you very much Laura and crew for such an interesting session! I am looking forward to these events that are about to transpire. Happy New Year to you all!

I am not happy with my phrasing when I said “I look forward to these events” What I really mean to say is that when these events do happen and the world is shaken up by chaos and strangeness, that I hope that we all do come together to help each other in peace and love and trust; for we are so divided – we really need to come together as one.


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Here are two other references to "cosmic forces":

Q: (L) So, working on oneself as Gurdjieff formulated it, more or less, is the means to become transmitters of cosmic forces - even if you're not fully conscious that you're doing it?

A: Yes

(Perceval) Was the salting instrumental in that?

A: That is materially efficacious, but the most important aspects were the full awareness and concentration, plus most important, channeling cosmic forces of positive protection.

Q: (L) So that makes me think that awareness itself is part of contact potential difference. It's like when you have a current flow, you have a whole bunch of electrons over here, and they flow to over there because of a difference in charge. This is funny, because it's kind of in my head: it's like a full field of awareness becomes an attractor in the material world for ethereal world or cosmic energy.

Q: (L) What does the cosmic retrieval system retrieve?

A: Remember computer was inspired by cosmic forces and reflects universal intelligence system of retrieval of reality.

Q: (T) This is a computer network, yes or no?

A: Strange thought pattern.

Q: (T) What you have described, on a very large scale, sophisticated...

A: Grand scale, close.


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And now the US just assassinated a major Iranian military figure. That should start some chaos. Jeez, I shudder to think what happens next. My only comfort is this C's session right now.
They couldn't even wait for the festivities to end.3 days into new year and they immediately start creating chaos.Reminds me of one sessions where it was said that psychopaths would feel the wave like a hound at their heels and be driven to destroy more and more before the end.


Thank You for this very much awaited session.

Q: (L) In this recent book I read about Paul, it basically exhibits what Paul was seeing or perceiving in his visions, or his conversations, or his channelings with Jesus I guess you'd call it. It's pretty much what we have received via this communication. Now, this guy interprets righteousness as absolution. I would like to ask about this absolution/righteousness issue. What did Paul actually mean?

A: Something rather like what you and others have experienced as "cleansing" or "opening" of the conscience as Gurdjieff described it.

For me personally this is an important topic recently, when in process of facing the shadow I meet with the conscience and see some things from very real perspective I think exactly (but I may be wrong) as Jeannie de Salzmann describes it. Althought I may not completely grasp of the full meaning of that, this quotes are relieving somehow and give hope that I'm on a good track towards the "cleansing/opening" and becoming a transmitter of "good" amongst all the uncertainty inside and outside - when the old and the new meet to resolve things in order to became order. At least I hope so.
Q: (L) And that's pretty much what Paul says because he doesn't describe it as an instant process. He says you need to work out your salvation with fear and trembling. So it's something that requires work and time. And yet Christianity as it exists today has distorted this to where they say, "Oh, all you have to do is come down to the altar and say you believe" and that's it. That's just not the way it works.
This is also a good reminder on the issue when facing yourself with dilligence gives bodily reactions of "fear and trembling", but the next highlighted message from C's covers it pretty much. Also the outcome from this trembling and fear state gives you a message that there is nothing to be feared of.
A: Hello to beloved ones. Cassiopaea calling. Fear not; All will be well! Wave effects produce many unusual manifestations and chaos.

I think that I maybe anticipated it a little bit, but it was much needed, as we were approaching a calendar new year with all this turmoil around and, to be honest, inside as well. When C's says that I feel safe :)

Althought I'm kind of late with catching up with the new session, I'm very happy to read it now and also read through all the replies you've given. Thank you for all the perspectives you've put in. I'm very glad that I've met Cassiopaean Experiment & on my way and that I've decided to join the forum and I'm very grateful that I could met with you all - people in here who puts a lot of effort to connect to each other. I must say that I see you as people who live out the best traits humans can have towards each other and this warms my heart tremendously. Being here, even not as often as I could, gives a lot of hope and strenght in navigating through life. I'm very grateful for your presence and you work. Thank you all. :flowers:
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Thank you for this session.

On the 28 -december 2019 I felt tired, could only walk for a few meters. The verdict: Autoimmuun Hemolytic anemia". This was a blow, before I went to the doctor only once a year to have a look at my bloodpressure.
I was in shock.. Last week I was helping my neighbour moving out, cleaning my cellar and moving heavy stuff! Now I can hardly lift my cup of coffee.
Seems my old red bloodcells cannot be replaced in time, and this makes my heart race like crazy. Personally a rather "chilling" expierience.

I read the session and really hope I Will be better when I am needed by others.
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