Session 30 October 2021

Thank you Chateau crew and to all of you online, joined via Zoom. I just wonder, if there really is noone on the whole wide globe, who "cracked" down Teslas free energy source, or William Reich work on orgon energies? Maybe is abouth time, some of genious minds leave comfort zones and come out, even in small communities that C's predicted will build as ilands of Good, in this evil possesed world.
Sometimes it is somewhat difficult to formulate a question that is of sufficient general interest and not fall into internal consideration. Considering that enough research has been done on the subject. Knowing how/ what to ask questions is also a job.
There's no free lunch in this universe.
Thank you for this very interesting and inspiring session. I liked the format with the Zoom meeting and with the questions. It would be good for people to practice this, every time the questions will get better :P I, of course, say this knowing how useless I would be in a similar situation! LOL, thanks again, very fascinating stuff - they want to kill us all! Why is this surprising to me? I suppose just hearing it out loud, and how everything just makes so much sense now....
Thank you to the chateau for another interesting session. It is clear that it takes a strain on the arms for those directly involved so a big thank you to them for putting their arms in the line of service.

(L) Are any of the vaccine doses placebo?

A: No
This was a surprise to me as I was starting to think that perhaps some were placebos. Yet, it makes sense since the goal was to counter the effects of the original virus and it possible positive effects.
I guess when the actual vax is injected, it's the real deal. But when it's deliberately not the real vax - the shots for high-profile politicians for example - it's saline? Or am I misinterpreting this answer?
That is how I see it too. Those in high positions within the elite circles of power get a saline dosis if any at all. Some lower level politicians might well get the real jab, like the Australian politician who developed Bells palsy. And just a few days ago (10/30), a republican candidate for Allegheny county council, Joe Wise, died after the jab.
Then again ... seems to me the real danger here is spiritual, as in the total destruction of a very large number of souls.
After Halloween and then All Saints day yesterday, today was All Souls day. It was an opportunity to remember ancestors and not least those who have passed in recent times and we decided to go to the cemetery on a blustery autumn day. It felt right to do and could well be a tradition which in the times to come will experience a revival by others.
Thank you very much, very interesting format on this one!:-)
It is a bit disappointing to read that the vaccination pass will be a reality due to so little resistance though it‘s not surprising. So it seems it’s up to cosmic forces to change their game.
Finally, May I ask who is Gary?
Thank you everyone for the session. How does one get to participate in the sessions when done via zoom?
You have to be a member of the private forum.
Sorry @uno for my very short previous answer, I had to go and then I couldn't edit my first message. If you want to join the private forum, I suggest you wait a little and network here for a while. Like this, when/if you decide to apply for an access to the private forum, the moderators will be able to judge your character better based on the posts you've written. Hope that helps
Thank you dear C's, Laura, Andromeda e Artemis and everyone that participated and helped to make possible this big session. Not an easy work to bring 'everyone on board', but you are getting close :-) Sessions are so refreshing in these difficult times, and much appreciated.
Thank you very much for this unexpected session!

Note that my question was, of course, about RNA vaccine, but I ended up asking about DNA vaccine :rolleyes:

It was related to a study issued from a UK vaccine surveillance report which is quite alarming, saying that the immune system efficiency of injected people will eventually drop to 0. But it's projection from current people state and there can be a big gap with the reality, so the question.

The projection by age groups:

A: Please be very aware that these times are crucial not only to the development of your souls, but also to the future of your realm and your place within it. Be AWARE, support each other, and most important, NETWORK!!! Goodbye.


support each other,

Thank you so much for sharing, this part really touched me a lot, to support each other 💞
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