Session 30 October 2021

Thank you all at the Château specially thank you ladies at the board for you hard work!

This session was very dramatic but also I feel calmed to know what is ahead and to prepare accordingly.

And thank to the Cs to guide us in such tempting times!

I also feel so grateful for this community and the work being done on this forum, for all help and support!

Thank you all!!! :hug2:
Thank you very much for the new session.

I was confused by the term "BEING" mentioned among requirements for a Maze Dance:
A: Under the right circumstances, with knowledge, awareness and, most important of all, BEING (letters came very slowly in contrast to the rest of the message, which was fast), there can be openings of portals for many purposes. Remember the Maruts and their baskets? How about a little "travel" if needed for a positive purpose?

In recent session C's clarify how one can experience and understand what being is.
A: Let's all do more research on many of the pressing issues. Knowledge gained by effort builds being. [planchette keeps spinning.]
Thank you sharing this informative session and allowing so many to participate.
A: Let's all do more research on many of the pressing issues. Knowledge gained by effort builds being. [planchette keeps spinning.]
The above point might resonate with expressions in the following excerpts:

"ome answers are for you to decipher" - "This is how you are building your power center."
In the first excerpt, the question concerns the problem of decoding the information conveyed in crop circles:
Q: (A) Can decoding of information from crop circles be automatized completely? Can this be done by a computer program, without human intervention, with out work of mind?

A: Not likely, and what would be the benefit? Learning is necessary for progress of soul. Remember, we are not here to lead by the hand. We will help, but some answers are for you to decipher, and you have been extraordinarily good at this, my Arkadiusz, since very early childhood. This is how you are building your power center. All there is is lessons and learning is fun. More fun even than teaching.
The above point is elaborated in the following:

Knowledge must be acquired via efforts so as to make proper connections and pathways in the brain.
(Galatea) So is there positive information we can acquire somehow to combat the negative information?

A: We have given you the data and clues. Knowledge must be acquired via efforts so as to make proper connections and pathways in the brain.

Q: (L) Why is it so important to make connections and pathways in the brain?

A: That is, quite simply, building your receiver!!!

Q: (L) So, it is important to acquire knowledge, information, and to do it in a way that builds your brain power because that's your receiver. Your receiver receives...

(Galatea) Cosmic information.

A: Higher energies!

Q: (Chu) I would also think that the efforts are a key because that's like the enemy of a parasite. A parasite lives off other cells or other living organisms for free basically. But if you make an effort, you're actually using opposite information to what you’re wired to do.

(L) Yeah, when you make efforts, you're putting information into the system. They make no efforts, so they are tending towards entropy and chaos.
Networking works wonders
(L) Right. Okay, next question: What type of belief do you need in order to effect positive change?

A: Full understanding of the nature of your connection to all that is will get you there.

Q: (L) That's a pretty tall order. I mean, you have to really... How do you get there, that is, gain an understanding of your connection to the All?

A: Meditation.

Q: (L) And we can refer back to previous discussions on meditation which include seeded meditation. Alright, this is an interesting question: How come people experience short spurts of inspiration and then depression and hopelessness return?

A: It's all about balance. The measure of creativity can be approximated by the depth and duration of the plunge. Note however, the effort required to pull in inspiration is high at present due to massing of negative energies around your planet.

Q: (L) So it takes more of whatever it is to get it, and then you not only have your balancing plunge, but you have the piling on of the negative energies of the planet on top of it. Is that sort of what we're saying here?

A: Close

Q: (L) Alright then. Next: How do we maintain that energetic vibration for longer periods?

A: Networking works wonders.

Q: (L) In other words, having a network and being able to talk about it or to express it or to exchange or share or get support when you're down... Is that it?

A: Yes
Building the antenna is a product of using what you've learned
Q: (L) So information is like filling up the gas tank, and applying what you've learned is like starting the engine and pushing on the gas pedal?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) That makes me think of something. The key for DNA transformation, the most important factor, is information. At the same time, DNA is the intermediary or the receiver to the information field. It evokes to me some kind of mirroring where the individual gathers information in the world which then improves his connection to the information field and allows him to gather even more information? Like a circle?

A: Yes. It is like building an antenna.

Q: (L) So the more knowledge you gather, your antenna changes. But it depends upon using it because building the antenna is a product of using what you've learned.

A: Yes
All who seek to graduate to 4th density must seek knowledge
A: It is actually good. Coming to knowledge that is sure by your own efforts locks it in at the belief center, and thus gives added power. All who seek to graduate to 4th density must seek knowledge. In 4D, eventually it will be your job to engineer lifeforms on new worlds.

Q: (L) Well, from what I've been reading about the engineering of the lifeforms on this world, that gives me the idea that 4th density intelligence and abilities are so...

A: Stupendous is the term.
A big thanks to all at the Château and the ladies at the board for this Session! They really are pushing both the climate change issue (Net Zero by 2030) and the covid/vaccines issue here in Australia, so we have some interesting times ahead. The hypocrisy of the Climate Change rhetoric is legion -flying numerous private jets & numerous cars in motorcades for the delegates to attend a conference on reducing emissions. :rolleyes:

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TY! so much!! for amazing Seasson everyone!! :clap:
A: Please be very aware that these times are crucial not only to the development of your souls, but also to the future of your realm and your place within it. Be AWARE, support each other, and most important, NETWORK!!! Goodbye.

Well, this make me think if we dont do something right now or if things are not changed somewhat at this point could get really direfully screwed up, oh wait! now i remember tht Laura said something similar in the wave series , going to find it ^-^

Well, why is all this activity happening now?

A: The grand cycle is about to close presenting a unique opportunity.

Q: (L) Does this mean that this is a unique opportunity to change the future?

A: Future, past and present.

Q: (L) Well, that sort of makes me think that if things are not changed somewhat at this point on the grand cycle that things could get really direfully screwed up, is that correct?

A: But they won't. You have not grasped concept.
Thank you for the tremendous energy you have put into this session. :hug2:
(Joe) Well, not only that, windmills, wind turbines and solar power, they can't replace the world's energy needs. They simply can't. And no government can possibly be sincere in their belief that they can. So that's why I'm asking the question. Do they really believe it?

(L) No, I think it's...

(Niall) They don't, so the follow-up question is, are governments consciously trying to destroy lives?

A: Yes.

Q: (Niall) Crikey!

(L) Yeah, I think they are becoming quite conscious at this point.
It really boggles the sane mind why they would take this route if they know that a cometary disaster of some kind is on the way as well as other disasters , well at least those at the top would know. Just destroying lives because they can is so hard to understand. I mean, I get it, it's who they are but still... sooo evil.

(Joe) About 10 years ago, at around the time of the global banking crisis/crash, some time after that, in 2010 maybe... For some reason we were asking, thinking that the economy was going to implode, or something... And we asked that question, and it was right at this time of the year. "Are they going to crash the economy soon?" And the C's said, "They might wait till after Christmas". And of course, nothing happened in the 10 years since then. So I was just wondering if that idea of "after Christmas" applies to...

(Andromeda) ...this Christmas? [laughter].

A: Possible.

Q: (Scottie) Just wait 10 years and we'll find out.

(L) Yeah. Well, the thing is that then they've lost control of the narrative and they've lost control of who gets depopulated and who doesn't. They bring the very thing that they wished on other people on themselves. I mean, the C's did say it was a triple-bad day for John D. Rockefeller and his type.
Now that would be a sight for sore eyes.

(Mrs. Peel) How much longer before, or will they declare Joe Biden incapable of holding the office?

A: Never! But fate may intervene!
I guess Joe kicking the bucket prematurely might throw a wrench in their works where they conveniently find a patsy to blame or an organisation to go after; another attempt at war. Although if that fate is of a more cosmic nature, I don't know what they'll attempt.

Q: (Keit) Will mandatory vaccination bill pass?

A: Yes

Q: (Keit) And will there be protests?

A: Yes
Was that a question for US in particular or global?

(L) Oh, geez! What are you trying to DO to me?! [laughter] Well, lemme see... What conditions would need to be met for a positive mutation?

A: Elevated consciousness and knowledge/being.

Q: (L) Well, that's fairly rare. [laughter]
So, they're saying there is a chance. :lol:

(Josi) Will airlines have to back down from mandating vaccines for pilots and other employees, or will they actually be terminated?

A: There is going to be a lot of backing down, or there will be no one to run things.
Yeah, I think it might end up being the case in more than just airlines, especially as the jabbed start declining in health and becoming less functional; medical, transport, industry, police, security/military, etc. Seems like a shot in the foot for them from the get go. Wait and see?
Thank you very much for this unexpected session!

Note that my question was, of course, about RNA vaccine, but I ended up asking about DNA vaccine :rolleyes:

It was related to a study issued from a UK vaccine surveillance report which is quite alarming, saying that the immune system efficiency of injected people will eventually drop to 0. But it's projection from current people state and there can be a big gap with the reality, so the question.

The projection by age groups:

View attachment 51040
That is a really sad projection.
I am really concerned for my husband and younger son as they had to take the jab to keep working. They did take most of the protocol suggestions but relied on me for instructions instead of taking an interest to understand more for themselves.

They are due for their second shot in a couple of weeks and although there we no problems after the first, I don't know what to expect with the next one and any possible shedding issues. They were very opposed to the treatment while at the same time presenting a whatever will be will be attitude.
Thank you for another fire session.

This depopulation business to me is just code for spreading misery because large swaths of the 1st and even 2nd world are already sub-replacement rate and are giant nursing homes at this point. Even large swathes of the middle east are dropping in fertility. The only places I can think of that are growing are Africa and India I suppose but they're not even directly targeting them as much. They're hellbent on destroying what's left of the western sphere and consequently the world at this point through various policies.
Thank you for a new session.

So unless someone invents some radically new technology that can store a revolutionary amount of energy, decentralized and with reasonable investment costs, renewables can never work, period.

Plasma? Is not free energy, but the energy density it´s what matters. In other threads it has been discussed for example the SAFIRE project. And it is radically different from the concept of nuclear fusion that is so much promoted by different agencies and developed countries.

A BIG Thanks to the Chateau crew for another timely session. Some lingering thoughts were clarified by the Cs such as NO Placebo in the Vaxx and not all 12% are 4D aspirants.Hopefully many more sheeple eyes will be BLAST open after the fast approaching changes.
So, the cometary bombardment that collapsed the Roman empire was an effect of a Realm border crossing - a previous Wave? I was under the impression the only previous Wave of our particular cycle was at the time of the Fall when human group consciousness brought about a 3D STS grand cycle via a selfish choice for more/sexual physicality as opposed to the originally intended STO cycle. Am I mistaken about this?
(Mike) If the earth's environment was different prior to approximately 500 AD (i.e. Giants) and about 500 years were added to the historic timeline...

(L) Wait a minute... What's going on here?

A: Let's all do more research on many of the pressing issues. Knowledge gained by effort builds being. [planchette keeps spinning.]

Q: (L) Well... I wanna read Mike's question before you sign off! I know that's what you're trying to do! Hold on, just hold on! [laughter]

(Artemis) Yeah, yell at the board, why don't you?? [laughter]

(Mike) ...soon after Caesar, then did the change in the earth's environment that seems to have coincided with overhead cometary bombardment allow some people, such as some of the followers of Paul and/or Paul, to transition to 4D as part of the process of the Wave?

(L) Well, you know the answer to that is yes, Mike. I mean, come on! Okay, now you guys can sign off if you want to.
This is the thought process that lead to my question. I had been thinking about it over the last two weeks or so when thinking about Laura's book and while I also just recently started reading Paul's letters from the start. I haven't made much headway due to my focus being elsewhere. The thought that Paul and his followers may have transitioned to 4D crossed my mind when reading Laura's book, but nothing seemed to line up to me that might point to that in terms of the timeline. I even looked on Laura's Historic Timeline Database she had created some time ago looking to see if there might have been something like a comet or catastrophe that lined up with Paul's life, but I didn't see anything. And then the thought again recently crossed my mind when starting to read his letters. Then I started to recall the below quotes and information.

In the past I had written this in the 'Paul's Necessary Sin' thread well before reading Laura's book:
It is really interesting that Paul seems like he was talking about Christ as an unspoken representation of Caesar, the Wave and 4D back then and then through your experimentation, research, etc, Laura, you come to similar topics and rediscover what looks to be Paul's real ideas and theology and also true Christianity during our time now when it seems like some kind of transformation of society and reality is in the offing and the Wave may be upon us.
It is almost like the macroscopic process of the Wave started during Caesar's time or with Caesar, since the scale for such a thing may be vast and the cosmic processes take thousands of years to start and finish. Maybe that was the first small wave or stirring of it back then. This was seen or given to Paul to understand to some extent and then taught by Paul. When I read Paul, I find him talking as if the Wave/transformation was expected back then and I was left wondering about it. Maybe it did start in part back then and what is said by Paul has been preserved kind of in plain sight in the bible, but not known fully, until it could be rediscovered in part now by the work of people such as the author of this book and then pieced together by you, Laura.
And I figured my thought about Paul, etc possibly transitioning to 4D when first reading Laura's book was off the mark due to this past comment in the 8 August 2015 session. But it is an assumption that he wouldn't possibly reincarnate after going to 4D and there might be other assumptions.
(Approaching Infinity) Did Paul ever reincarnate?

A: Yes

Q: (Approaching Infinity) Anybody we might recognize?

A: No
And my internet went down during the session, so I missed this being asked. I likely would not have asked my question if I would have heard the questions and answers, since I would likely have assumed Paul had died in 3D and reincarnated into 3D.
(Ryu) And did he come back after his life in the Roman Empire?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Who did he come back as? Anybody notable?

A: No

These two quotes talk about the giants and the different environment on the earth and that it changed at the end of the Roman Empire.
(Joe) Is it true that the really tall giants - like 13 or 15 feet - were they alive under the same gravitational conditions as we have today?

A: Not exactly. Conditions on your planet changed significantly at the time of the destruction of the Roman Empire. Giants from that time forward faced increasingly difficult conditions and survival became untenable.
(Joe) So, gravity was less, let's say, to make it easy for them to...

A: Yes. Also electrical charge of planet.

Q: (L) That reminds me of all the really peculiar electrical phenomena recorded in the ancient Greco-Roman records that seemed to sort of stop when records picked up again after the destruction of the ancient world. But, of course, there were periods when things were really weird even after that. So the people before the end of the Roman Empire were seeing a lot more of our plasma men than we would see nowadays?

A: Yes
And this is the addition of years quote from the last C's session in Sept. 536 AD would be around the time of overhead cometary bombardment (ie 'Exodus to Arthur' book and Laura's work on cosmic catastrophe over the years) and with the additional years removed would put the overhead cometary bombardment and, as discussed and mentioned below, the end of the Roman Empire right at the time of Paul.
(Pierre) I'm trying to reconcile the AD timeline of history and the BP timeline, ice cores and dendrochronology. There seems to be one matching marker at 536 AD - a year without summer, very cold, very bad weather - seemingly matching the 1500 BP mark with a converging cooling all over the planet revealed by ice cores and tree rings. So my question is: Is it a real match?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) In a previous session you mentioned about 470 years added between us and Julius Caesar. If it matches, it means these 470 years were added before 536 AD?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) It means Caesar died about 70 years before this 536 event?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Wow. It means there's no late or middle Roman Empire!

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Everything is collapsing. Yes, yes, yes. It's all gone. That's what we thought.

(L) And documents were faked to fill in the gap.

(Niall) Fake emperors and stuff.

(Joe) If there's a kind of rough mirror in this go-round, first Caesar and then a Dark Ages and collapse... And then in our era, a close match might be JFK as this era's Caesar. 1963. Plus 70 years is 2033.

(Pierre) Oh, I see what you mean.

(Niall) So 70 years after Caesar's death. So it's 44 BC. What's 44 + 70? So it's right after the fall, kaboom, it's gone. In fact, Paul didn't live very long.

(Pierre) Kaboom, and you transition to the Justinian plague.

(L) So in other words, Paul was right: the end of the world WAS coming?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) And the 2 or 3 missing centuries after the Justinian plague, they were not made up. They were there, but there was nothing going on because everybody was dead!

(L) Yeah, 90% death rate in the archaeology around Rome.

(Joe) Does that mean that JFK and Laura are this era's Caesar and Paul? [laughter]

(L) Oh, stop it! [laughter]

(Joe) Well, answer the question!

A: Silly!

Q: (Joe) Silly? That means yes.

(Niall) But when was the Jewish War then? And Josephus? That would have to be AFTER the collapse...

(Joe) Where's your Jewish War, Laura?

(L) I don't think there was a Jewish War.

(Joe) Somebody could have just been writing a fairytale...

(L) There was stuff going on at that time, like rebellion, but... Sorting out that MESS would be a labor of Hercules. I mean, Hercules was asked to clean the Augean stables. He was not asked to refill them. [laughter]

(Joe) All those events can be... I mean, you take events that happened in our recent history and you imagine someone chronicling that, you could expand that out over a long period of time. The amount of stuff that has happened if you took discrete events over the past 20 years, you could expand those out over a long period of time if you want.

(L) Sure. You could just write stuff and make some editorial changes, add stuff, re-use stories, and... I mean, look what I found that happened with Gregory of Tours vs. the Eastern Empire records. The whole history of Gregory of Tours fits into a slot that is completely blank in the records of the Eastern Empire. It's as though they stole that material and used it to write his history. God, how many times did they do that... Alright, anybody else have any questions? I'm getting depressed. [laughter]

(Chu) I have a related one. With all this fudging of history, is it true that there was never any vulgar Latin, and the chronology as it's depicted is wrong?

A: Yes

Q: (L) It affects everything - EVERYTHING. It's like a falling domino. It's enough to make you want to run out of the house screaming!
So due to my earlier thought that the process of the Wave may have started with Caesar and take a good amount of time to complete, I thought with the gravity and electrical charge of the earth changing (and this possibly being connected to overhead cometary bombardment in Europe and be a part of the process of the Wave) right when Paul may have been alive then there might have been 'an opening' for people properly prepared and ready to transition to 4D during the change in environment.

I had intended to lay out this information somewhere on the forum after I had gathered my thoughts, but with the surprise session I started thinking what I might like to ask and I thought about this topic.
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