Session 30 October 2021

Thanks for asking important questions.

For the past 2 years, there has been something trying to get past my immune system. It finally broke in. It's like a full blown covid experience. Taking Quercetin with other things seems to be mitigating the severity. Trial run?

This doesn't seem to be related to what's coming in the spring. That being said, it sorta looks like life here is about to make some dramatic changes.

I will probably have to re read this more than once.
Thank you Laura, Andromeda, Artemis and everyone else for another session! Looks like 2022 is going to be even more ''fun'' then 2020/2021 combined.

I have my bingo card for 2022 ready.

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This looks more like an end of the world Tic-tac-toe game. Whoever wins will reveal the "triple bad day" that the elites will experience.

Joking aside, thanks very much for the session and all the hard work you all put into it.
Thank you very much for this session and for your generosity in adressing all those questions. Hopefully your arms are much better by now, Laura & girls :flowers: :

As for the Green Agenda, it seems that even my father who promotes Agenda 21 / 2030 actively since 30 years in our region has some doubts about the wind turbines as they are quite volatile and depend on weather patterns. If I remember correctly from one of our conversations, he sees them as "good" for now and as an "important" interim stage in energy revolution - meaning that there's "room for improvement" left though, but scientists are "on it" and "good projects" are being run. He had named as an example, I think, the nuclear fusion that has been adressed in this recent session. Thus, apparently even very avid supporters are having some doubts now (though my father would not openly admit to that).

Following German activists over the last two years, they have been warning about the Green Energy Scam (with Germany being one of the main promoters & enforcers of Agenda 21 / 2030). The tenor was that it serves as an instrument for deindustrialisation leading to population reduction - as I would agree with luc here, deliberately, where elite psychopaths may be regarded. For other elites it might be a futurist vision aka wishful thinking of a lush green planet where all people live in harmony together (notwithstanding the mass culling that would have been going on before in order to achieve this).

My thought goes with Anthony here: That its purpose would be to gain better control about the masses, something that would be more possible to achieve with the global population being reduced, and with many of them injected with a vaccine that aims making people more obedient (like the C's said before). And I also think that it must be the fear of the elite psychopaths and their minions they have of normal people as depicted in Political Ponerology. But given the changes of cosmic and planetary nature their evil plans might just "explode".

And I am sorry to hear about Poland. I had no idea that the situation was that serious. It would be horrible if a colour revolution was started there like in Syria and Ukraine. As if havoc hasn't been caused in enough countries already. It reminds me of an article that was posted on SOTT (I don't know if on German or English SOTT) about endeavors from the elite, to make another Syria out of Europe by wreaking havoc there via colour revolutions and - I think - migrants. But can't find this article anymore as I don't remember the author. I think that Eastern Germans (like the Saxons) would be supportive of Poles if things there went South. Because they are quite critical of the libtard nonsense, and due to their Communist past have been inoculated to much of the pathological stuff going on these days. And especially in the rural areas they are just very warm, helpful people with lots of common sense left.

About resistance, it's very encouraging that the C's answered my question that there will be many pockets of resistance & cooperation against tyranny & chaos. For me this ties in with their last message about Networking as well - to network here as much as we can, as well as with people outside of the forum who live in our proximity and are following similar aims (even if they wouldn't know Laura's work). I have a few of them in mind in my neck of the woods. One of them recently told me that he thinks that no stone would be left standing in the times to come, and the first dominoe was the financial crisis in 2008.

We also talked about how the times we have entered are a test of character, and that the "good times" have not been very conducive to the character development of many. I think that the current events and experiences serve to call upon inner resources and potentials of which many would not become aware otherwise. And to make them rethink and to decide if they would like to evolve as beings with more integrity.

The times ahead will certainly prove interesting, with many probably finding themselves stronger as they think ;-)
Interesting session, thank you to all involved and for involving us all. Ladies on the board, you do a great job. I lost the plot early on, but it was great to be in the presence of everyone. I didn't know Gary but it saddened me to hear of his passing, glad he made it and is okay.

They want us dead, course they do, bunch of lunatics. That makes me even more determined to live, just to piss them off 🙂 next year will be a bit on the crazy side me thinks, even more so than it is. What awaits is faith, what awaits is part of the plan. Keep it lit 🔥 20211102_211339.jpg

Humanity has fallen
Barely do they recognise
As they slip into
Total control
Of mind body and soul
A long time ago
Many already died
Empty shells
Walking blindly
Into annihilation

In so many ways
Life has changed
Government openly
Dictate, papers please
Here to help its
For your health
Saving lives yet
Many are dieing
The lies the crimes
Are easy to see

Reality split
Some no longer
Fit into the
New world
Confused at first
Now for freedom
There is a thirst
Thats brewing
Networking as well - to network here as much as we can, as well as with people outside of the forum who live in our proximity and are following similar aims (even if they wouldn't know Laura's work). I have a few of them in mind in my neck of the woods

Agree, I think this is important. Im not sure but from my experience lately, people of like mind are starting to find each other. 🙂
Thanks very much for this new session especially with so many people participating.

Q: (Joe) What is driving global governments to officially pursue a transformation to green energy, dropping fossil fuels, and investing in renewables?

A: Destruction of lives.

Maybe 90% of the people would consider this insight as totally crazy and laughable. The sheeple may not always like their masters but will definitely exclude treason of that magnitude.

A species whose great majority is so clueless and gullible that it might not even take cataclysms for them to go extinct.
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