SOTT monthly Earth Changes Summary video translations

I just translated the German focus for January 2023 in advance. :halo:
If someone wants to make PR, please do so. Thank you.
Thank you, Dirgni! It's very appreciated and now it's less work for the Earth Changes Summary translation as a whole as soon as the subtitles are ready to be translated. :flowers:

Can do a PR but only tomorrow due to being pretty tired this evening, so if anyone wants to do the PR this evening already just go ahead! :-)
Alrighty, here is the translation table:

And here is the famous mixer:

All done and ready for cooking.
As usual, thanks to all chroniclers who made this wet and freezing Summary possible. :thup:

Found a bug in the above file. Here is a new one.

PR for subtitles is finished and German version is ready for the oven. Many sometimes weather changes indeed but not in the way the official propaganda is trying to tell us...

Alright, everything is cooked! 🎂 🍖
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