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'The certification of Nord Stream 2 is coming.'

8 Feb, 2022

German leader declines to back Biden on Nord Stream 2 pipeline
By Kevin Liptak - February 8, 2022

8 FEB, 2022
'Wind of change?'

9 FEB, 2022

By Ekaterina Blinova - 14 hours ago

'Fueling tensions: Kamala will keep the false "Russian aggression" narrative on on the Munich Security Conference.'

By Nandita Bose - February 9, 2022

9 FEB, 2022
'Let's see how long it will last.'

22 Feb, 2022

3 hours ago

22 FEB, 2022

Every fourth German industrial company classifies high energy prices as a threat to its existence

The high energy prices and the climate neutrality the federal government is striving for, including the restructuring of the German economy, are costing German industry dearly. Around a quarter of all industrial companies are facing problems that threaten their existence - some companies want to relocate abroad.

Every fourth German industrial company classifies high energy prices as a threat to its existence

88 percent of German industrial companies see the massive increase in energy prices as a serious or even existence-threatening challenge for their future, as reported by Die Zeit. This is the result of a survey by the Federation of German Industries (BDI) commissioned by the Rheinische Post. More than 400 BDI member companies were surveyed in this in the first half of February.

This resulted in questionable information: 23 percent of the companies see the increase in energy costs as a threat to their existence. Two-thirds (65 percent) classify the situation as a "strong challenge". Most of the costs cannot be passed on to the end customer, but are borne by the companies, which, however, already have to tie up large investments for the conversion to a "climate-neutral" economy.

A good one in five companies is even considering outsourcing company shares or parts of production and jobs to more industry-friendly countries in the near future - 13 percent have already done so. Even six percent no longer rule out a complete move of the company abroad.

According to the BDI survey, every fifth company is considering outsourcing parts of production abroad.

According to the survey, 87 percent of the companies are demanding rapid state aid. The tax burden on the electricity price must be reduced quickly. 84 percent of companies state that the federal government should change the regulations for increasing national CO₂ pricing and add options to relieve companies.

BDI President Siegfried Russwurm even warned of a situation like in the 1970s, when several oil price shocks drove the German economy into recession. He told the Rheinische Post :

"The increase in energy costs is higher than it has been since the oil crisis of the 1970s. [...] Rising electricity and gas prices are threatening to crush the economy. [...] The end of the road has not yet been reached."

His association fears "that the rapid increase in prices will increasingly affect production in Germany".

The federal government must therefore quickly relieve industry "to prevent an exodus of production and jobs to cheaper countries abroad". Russwurm strongly emphasized the tense situation:

"The situation is so serious that even medium-sized companies from various sectors that are loyal to the location have to think about relocating abroad."

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And then this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Germany’s Corona grifters to go after bank accounts of ‘right-wing extremists’

But anyone who dares to speak out about the monumental bill, is smeared as a “right-wing” agitator and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has announced an action plan against “right-wing extremism”.

The plan will be implemented by Easter
, Faeser said on Wednesday in the Bundestag. “Right-wing extremism is the worst threat to our free and democratic basic order,” warned the Interior Minister.

“And that’s why fighting right-wing extremism is our top priority. We will do everything we can to better protect the people who are threatened and attacked in our country. We are a resilient democracy. We fight the enemies of the open society.”

She complained about “mental ammunition” prepared for extremist perpetrators. “These hustlers know what they are doing. They have supporters who spread misanthropy and racism from within our parliaments.”

...Faeser’s plan is similar to that of Justin Trudeau’s in Canada: in order to “stop radicalization and smash right-wing extremist networks”, the German government will go after the money of their critics. “We will trace the extremists’ financial flows and take away their sources of income, and we will very consistently disarm them.”

The Democracy Promotion Act which is being prepared in Germany, will also consistently combat adversaries of the leftists by deploying the police and security authorities, while increasing the already overwhelming flow of leftist propaganda. “It is also the responsibility of all of us as a society. That is why we will strengthen social commitment, political education and the prevention of extremism.”

Unsurprisingly, Faeser plans to launch the renewed attack from the Family Ministry: “That’s why Family Minister Anne Spiegel and I will quickly get the Democracy Promotion Act off the ground.”

Left-wing extremism, on the other hand, has been dismissed as an “overblown” problem.

...The media, parties and associations in Germany work systematically to blend the differences between conservatives and the extreme right, so that any criticism becomes synonymous with “extreme right” and vice versa as is happening in Canada.

...The German Ministry of Finance has meanwhile refused to list the contacts of former finance minister and current Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) with lobbyists in the financial sector. The authority has rejected a request for freedom of information by a subsidiary of the citizens’ movement Finanzwende, reported German magazine Spiegel. This is justified by claiming that it allegedly took great effort to put together the lobby appointments.

The Berlin Administrative Court also followed the arguments of the Ministry of Finance’s lawyers to keep the appointments secret.

The activists, on the other hand, demand that the ministry create transparency about Scholz’s lobbying appointments. “Instead, one flimsy justification for rejection after the other is presented,” Finanzwende campaigner Lena Blanken told the Epoch Times.
Germany’s Corona grifters to go after bank accounts of ‘right-wing extremists’
This reminds me of the new ESG Index, which is a sort of social-credit score for corporations, which separates those compliant with WEF/globalist/woke agenda from those less compliant. The less compliant are then targeted to be "starved" of capital and investments to put them out of business. Michael Rectenwald, NYU professor and author, describes it succinctly (and frighteningly) in the first fifteen minutes, and includes some details of what compliance means.

He says the entire banking cartel as well as the world's Top 10 investment houses (including Blackrock and Vanguard, of course) are all 100% behind this system. This is not a secret, and corporations have already been warned/threatened that they will be "replaced" if they do not comply with the agenda. It's Cancel Culture by corporations against other corporations, and is now institutionalized.

Later in the interview, he explains convincingly why the political left, via their inexplicable faith in the state, is OK with monopolies and giant corporations. He suggests that, really, what is socialism itself but a state monopoly on everything. Good point.
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Germany’s Corona grifters to go after bank accounts of ‘right-wing extremists’

But anyone who dares to speak out about the monumental bill, is smeared as a “right-wing” agitator and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) has announced an action plan against “right-wing extremism”.

The plan will be implemented by Easter
, Faeser said on Wednesday in the Bundestag. “Right-wing extremism is the worst threat to our free and democratic basic order,” warned the Interior Minister.
Alice Weidel from AFD, which presumably would be a "right-wing extremism", has this to say:
"The mandatory vaccination is done. Neither legally nor medically nor politically, there is a justification for such a extensive basic rights intervention. Even in the Federal Ministry of Justice, the lawyers have serious doubts about the proportionality and constitutional compliance of a general mandatory vaccination.
Right now the FDP has to finally get honest. Party leader Christian Lindner and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann must stop roaming around and speak out clearly against a mandatory vaccination, just as they promised their voters.

Also the institutional obligation of vaccination is an illegal pipe crepe. The clinics are rightfully calling for a "unified action nationwide". The simplest and cleanest solution would be to admit that the introduction of a mandatory vaccination for nurses and doctors was a mistake, and the withdrawal of this wrong decision.
20th at the latest March must end all mandatory corona measures. The considerations to extend these with mogel packs such as basic protection measures are a disgrace to the citizens. The alleged impending overload of hospitals, which is still being tried as justification, has long been exposed as Fake News. In the future, it will have to be the responsibility of the citizens alone whether and what kind of protective measures they want to take in a free decision."
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In this talk, Cory Morningstar: This is a Complete Descent Into Global Fascism, mentioned in the Canada thread, she mentions the newfound common ground between the traditional left and right, at least among those who have seen through the Covid measures, and have been actively protesting with the truckers. In Denmark, I have seen this new "some left"- "some right" regrouping to some extent.

What is the situation in Germany? Alice Weidel from AfD, and Sarah Wagenknecht from Die Linke, hesitate to go confrontationally ballistic with Russia and drag their feet on forced vaccinations, at least Weidel does, and she is outspoken too. But what about the people on the ground? Are there any German left wing groups, or even center groups, that are seeing what is going on?

To me, Dr. Weidel appears as a normal person. [See the notes from the Wiki below.] Or is that a ruse? Does the German Government really see her activity to qualify such that: “Right-wing extremism is the worst threat to our free and democratic basic order”? Or do they have something else in mind?

Notes about Alice Weidel from AfD
I looked op the biography, and she lived in China for six years, what a surprise, and knows banking, less of a surprise:
Weidel was born in Gütersloh and grew up in Versmold, where she graduated from a Christliches Jugenddorfwerk Deutschlands (CJD) gymnasium in 1998.[3] She studied economics and business administration at the University of Bayreuth and graduated as one of the best in the year in 2004.[4] After receiving her undergraduate university degree, Weidel went to work for Goldman Sachs from July 2005 to June 2006 as an analyst in asset management in Frankfurt.[5] In the late 2000s, she worked at the Bank of China, living six years in China.[3][6] She speaks Mandarin.[7] Subsequently, she wrote a doctoral thesis with the health economist Peter Oberender at the Faculty of Law and Economics in Bayreuth on the future of the Chinese pension system. In 2011, she received her doctorate summa cum laude and became a doctor of philosophy in international development.[3][5][8][9] Her doctorate was supported by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.[10]

From March 2011 to May 2013, she worked at Allianz Global Investors in Frankfurt.[3] She was employed in 2013 and 2014 at Heristo, a Bad Rothenfelde-based animal feed supplier.[3] Since 2014, she has worked as a freelance business consultant.[3] In 2015, she worked for Rocket Internet and Foodora.[11] Weidel is a member of the Friedrich A. von Hayek Society.[12]
Alternative for Germany[edit]
Weidel joined the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in October 2013.[13] According to Weidel, she was first attracted to the party due to her opposition to the Euro.[14] She was elected to the federal executive committee of the AfD in June 2015.[15] In April 2017 she was elected co-Lead Candidate of the party.[8] She is the first lesbian to serve as a lead candidate of her party.[16]

Political positions[edit]

At the end of 2017, Weidel accused the Catholic Church and the Evangelical Church of Germany of "playing the same inglorious role that they played in the Third Reich", accusing both churches of being "thoroughly politicized" and stating that AfD is "the only Christian party that still exists" in Germany.[17] Such statements were dismissed by the German Bishops' Conference and the Evangelical Church as "polemics" and "derailment".[18]
The German media are entirely dominated by post-factual opportunist left-wingers.
Alternative internet based media outlets, so they tell us, are normally run by extreme right-wing nutcases.

There is a small left-wing fringe party though that still holds out against the mind-numbing occupation
as they resist the onslaught of the ubiquitous internationalist mind control.

The Central Committee of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany has published a declaration about the threat of war in Ukraine, not mincing their words... This is an excerpt from ROTE FAHNE 🚩 Red Flag

Stop the dangerous warmongering emanating from the USA and NATO!

The MLPD condemns the dangerous warmongering which serves the imperialist striving for world domination on the backs of the masses. U.S. imperialism as the main warmonger is at the head of the aggressively acting NATO. For more than 20 years, it has provoked with the eastward expansion of NATO.
Russia is surrounded by at least 700 US and NATO military bases. NATO has not de-escalated one millimeter during the last weeks. For weeks it has been aggravating the situation with rearmament and troop redeployments to Eastern Europe. One threat of sanctions follows the next.

On the night of February 22, 2022, Russia's President Putin announced the recognition of Donetsk and Lugansk. Subsequently, the deployment of Russian troops there was announced. This step had been partly provoked by provocations from Ukraine, and U.S. President Biden was literally talking up a war. [..]

The background of the growing aggressiveness lies in the global economic and financial crisis that has been ongoing since mid-2018. More and more imperialist powers are seeking advantages in the redivision of spheres of power and influence. The unprecedented commodity and logistics crisis has plunged the reorganization of international production into an open crisis, further hampering economic development. The superpower USA has fallen behind massively economically in recent years and is aggressively fighting for its supremacy. [..]

The scarcity of raw materials is not a reason for the world's rulers to consistently switch to renewable energies - but rather imperialist competition for who profits most from access to and trade in raw materials such as oil and gas is heating up. Prices are rising rapidly at the expense of the masses - overnight, the price of gas shot up another 13%. Donetsk and Lugansk are home to Europe's fourth-largest fracked gas deposits, along with large coal mines. With Nord Stream 2, Russia wants to secure the European market. This is in direct contrast to the USA's efforts to sell its fracking gas in Europe. So far, this has not been feasible because natural gas is more expensive and extracted using extremely environmentally harmful methods. Germany's 'climate minister' Robert Habeck is also using the situation as justification for this. He pushes for building new terminals for it. [..]

Military theorist von Clausewitz qualified that for every war you need to win over public opinion. In this sense, an unprecedented psychological preparation for war is being staged by the imperialist powers of NATO. The major bourgeois media in Germany are presently almost synchronized on this issue, even from otherwise critical journalists with left-liberal pretension there is hardly a word of criticism of the saber-rattling of the U.S. and NATO, but often even demands for tightening of measures.

The MLPD stands up for the autonomous orientation in the sense of the proletarian class standpoint.

The borders do not run between the peoples but between above and below

as Karl Liebknecht put it.

So there is a bunch of die-hard old fashioned left-wingers still able to call a spade a spade albeit within their traditional marxist mindset.

I had thought they were all extinct by now.
Thank you Ursus Minor! That's a great summation of your home town challenge's and you vocalize it well.

The USA Mafia Media is having field day within the state's (smear-proning RUSSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA 24/7)! It's all predictable but I have faith in Putin. As he still holds his own against swamp and (like it has been said), he is the Julius Caesar of our times.

It's like a flashback to the fifty's when the school brass would hide us (from first grade to sixth grade) under a desk, away from the glass windows, to shielded us from a dreaded RUSSAN nuclear blast! Yeah right...:rolleyes:

The targets were ever where in California. And it was pointless (and we know now), just a theater brain washing via the Military Industrial Complex.

Hopefully Mother nature (via the Universe) will intervene and expose the (corruption as others have said), and show the world what really matters.

Debate on import banScholz sticks to Russian energy - for the time being​

Status: 03/07/2022 5:31 pm
Chancellor Scholz sees no possibility of renouncing energy imports from Russia in the short term. However, the EU Commission wants to present plans for the rapid decoupling of Russia on Tuesday. The USA is considering an oil embargo.

Germany wants to continue to rely on energy imports from Russia. Chancellor Olaf Scholz said: "The supply of Europe with energy for heat generation, mobility, electricity supply and industry cannot be secured otherwise at the moment." Energy from Russia is essential for the daily lives of citizens. Therefore, Europe deliberately excluded energy supplies from the sanctions.

Scholz: "Does not work overnight"​

According to Scholz, the Federal Government has been working hard with its partners within the European Union and beyond for months to develop alternatives to Russian energy: "But this cannot be done overnight. Therefore, it is a conscious decision of ours to continue the activities of commercial enterprises in the field of energy supply with Russia."
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