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Sorry if it was posted in some other thread and I missed it, but today many Russian Telegram channels (including RT) shared the following video that supposedly was shown in Germany as an instruction to the public what to do in case of gas or electricity shortages.

You can find the video here.

I wonder if it is real, through I guess this being reposted by RT maybe gives it some credibility. And also wonder if it is actually being shown on the German TV.
I have heard about this though Nuoviso (now, in their "Home Office" in a conversation with Tomas Röper recently, who told that Germany only had ordered 70% for this winter, compared to what they normally order.

Last winter, which was one of the colder ones on record, lead to a total consumption of 70% of their total, where 30% remained. However, if you have no margins for the upcoming winter - an it get's cold again, they will most likely in time announce restrictions for the people due to shortages !

Apparently it is now too late to order more gas from Russia. You always have to do that in good time before. Austria on the other hand, did fill up their "tanks" in good time (and the gas comes via Turkey).

So, if any shortage arises upcoming winter, it is the German administration / Government of Germany which is responsible. Russia is ready to deliver, but you have to put in orders for gas delivery.


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Indeed, Germany currently experiences high energy prices which is a main contributor to it now undergoing an inflation rate of 4,1 % - the highest one since 28 years. The upcoming material gives a clue why it's no wonder that cities like Bonn are undertaking emergency exercises for blackout and fuel / gas shortage cases. From the website

The problem of an increase in energy prices also affects much of Europe at large, though it seems for Germany (and a few other countries) it looks worst right now (see attached map on how it looked already last year). One huge factor named in the article to follow is the gas supply squeeze which is said to have been mainly caused by the icy last winter and unusually cold spring weather. Another one being named is the Green agenda being imposed across Europe.

Looks like the country and the European area in general might be in for a tough ride if the coming winter gets harsh (which will likely be the case with the high probability of Ice Age onset). From Deutsche Welle:

That being posted, having the Green Party in the German government (a scenario now very likely), it will just worsen the situation.

Attachment from the Deutsche Welle article:


Here in Sweden

my electricity bill has all of the sudden risen by 60%, from 920 SEK to 1475 SEK (per quarter) and stayed there.

Those sneaky bastards pulled off what has already been done 15+ years ago, when our energy prices soared big times by spitting companies and therefore bills in 3 parts. Before that, Sweden had by far among the lowest prices for energy in Europe. After the coupe, it lead to that billions of SEK where drained from the Swedish consumers. Plus that the Swedish Gov made the biggest loss of tax-money (90 Billion SEK) with the Eon deal in Holland (I think it was). It was a criminal politic game, and at least that I understood back then, having been a blunt game for the galleries, to drain tax money.

Anyway, this time, they separated the bill anew by dividing companies between delivery vs electricity (+ huge tax) which makes the bills look smaller, you know. You get two bills instead of one big bill... :umm:

Psychological stupidity games are played.

Personally, I pay gas separately on top of electricity, but it has a quarterly price of 800 SEK. You can use as much or little you like. Back in time, I believe it was 8 years ago, they raised the prices for gas by 50% straight of the bat. But from there, the price has largely not risen (other than some tax increases)
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