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Meanwhile in Iceland, the Guardian reports that a volcanic eruption is imminent:

Scientists in Iceland say 'strong signs' volcanic eruption is imminent

Scientists in Iceland have said there are now "strong signs" that a volcanic eruption may be under way following several days of near-constant seismic activity near Mount Keilir about 20 miles south of the capital, Reykjavik.

"We are not saying we have signs an eruption has begun," Kristín Jónsdóttir of the Icelandic meteorological office told local media on Wednesday. "But this looks like the type of activity we expect in the run-up to an eruption."

Víðir Reynisson of the island's civil defence force told a mid-afternoon news conference it was "more likely than not" that an eruption - the first in the area since the 12th century - was about to begin, and could happen within the next few hours.

But Víðir said there was "no disaster going on and everyone can get on with their daily lives". There was no immediate danger, he said, although people should avoid travelling to the area on the Reykjanes peninsula.

Thousands of tremors measuring up to 5 on the Richter scale have been recorded on the peninsula during the past week. Freysteinn Sigmundsson, a geophysicist, said that if it came, the eruption could also be delayed by several days.

If magma reaches the surface, Freysteinn said, it is unlikely to be in the form of an explosion of lava and ash shooting into the sky, but rather what is known as a fissure eruption, in which lava emerges more slowly from a crack in the earth's surface.

That means there is unlikely to be a repeat of the chaos in 2010 when the six-day explosive eruption of the more southerly Eyjafjallajökull volcano caused huge disruption to international air travel, affecting as many as 10 million travellers.

"This event is completely different to Eyjafjallajökull," Freysteinn said. "It is very unlikely that it will disrupt air transport," he said. "This will probably be a lava eruption with little explosive activity."

Any lava flows near Mount Keilir are unlikely to reach populated areas, experts have said, but could interrupt air traffic to and from Keflavík international airport, which is about 12 miles from the main area of seismic activity and is on orange alert.


Article by Mark Price about shaking underneath the hood, liquidity and deep stuff

Dozens of earthquakes occur over 45 minutes at Oregon’s Mount Hood. What caused them?

It was likely “pressurized” super-heated water — not bubbling hot magma, experts say.

“The recent earthquakes at Mount Hood are interpreted to be the movement of hydrothermal fluids along preexisting faults,” the USGS said.

“What we are seeing is slip on a fault or faults. It is easiest to achieve such earthquakes if you push a little water in there and ‘jack’ the fault apart just enough to induce slip,”

Read more here: https://www.sacbee.com/news/nation-world/national/article249656663.html#storylink=cpy

article by Liz Capo McCormic et al, (a Capo, besides being a fret clamp, is a mafia soldier)

Last week’s startling gyrations in U.S. Treasury yields may offer fresh backing for that mantra, and prompt another bout of soul-searching in a $21 trillion market that forms the bedrock of global finance.

Yet jarring moves occur periodically in Treasuries, forming a bit of a mystery as no two events have been the same. Some point to heightened bank regulations in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Scrutiny over liquidity shortfalls intensified in October 2014 when a 12-minute crash and rebound in yields happened with no apparent trigger. Panic selling during the pandemic-fueled chaos a year ago, exacerbated when hedge funds’ leveraged wagers blew up, brought the issue to the fore again.

The latest events “are a stark reminder what happens when liquidity suddenly vanishes in the deepest, largest bond market,”


Is there a correlation between Earth geo events and Human economic events? The language being used to describe the economic situation seems to indicate that. Incidentally, HR Giger had an asteroid named after him that was discovered on September 12, 2001.

Something crazy happened in the repo market today: according to Curvature repo guru Scott Skyrm, the 10Y traded as low as -4.00% in repo, a record low level and an unprecedented dislocation for the world's most liquid security
What does that mean in English?
Meanwhile, none other than the Fed vice chair Lael Brainard, who was until very recently expected to become the next Treasury secretary and is widely considered to be Powell's replacement as Fed Chair, said on Tuesday that the Fed is now "paying attention":

I am paying close attention to market developments — some of those moves last week and the speed of those moves caught my eye. I would be concerned if I saw disorderly conditions or persistent tightening in financial conditions that could slow progress toward our goal.
Maybe on Tuesday the Fed did not see "disorderly conditions" but in light of the historic move in repo on Wednesday, the Fed no longer has the luxury of waiting.

What this also means is that tomorrow, when Powell speaks at the Wall Street Journal virtual event which begins at noon, the Fed Chair will likely strongly hint that the Fed will either extend the SLR exemption by another 3-6 months (we explained the critical significance of the SLR term extension earlier in "Why The SLR Is All That Matters For Markets Right Now"), or that the IOER or RRP rates will be hiked to unclog the sudden build up of collateral and push it back in the market. Perhaps the Fed will go so far as suggesting a new Operation Twist will be activated in the coming months

The Harkonnen Chairs are a series of H. R. Giger's furniture designs. They were manufactured by hand chiefly out of aluminium or black fiberglass and made to resemble a human skeleton.[1] The chairs were initially designed for an unproduced movie version of the 1965 Frank Herbert science fiction novel Dunethat was to be directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky in the 1970s.[2] Baron Harkonnen is the villain of Herbert's novel.

The series consisted of a regular chair and a more elaborate "Capo" chair intended to be used as Baron Harkonnen's main chair. The most prominent feature of the Capo Chair is a crown of three noseless skulls stacked on top of each other in a column above the back of the chair. This feature is what distinguishes the Capo Chair from regular Harkonnen Chairs, which lack the triple skull crown as well as armrests.

A Harkonnen "Capo" Chair on display at the Barbican Centre's Into the Unknown exhibit.

The Barbican Centre is owned, funded, and managed by the City of London Corporation, the third-largest arts funder in the United Kingdom. It was built as The city's gift to the nation at a cost of £161 million (equivalent to £480 million in 2014) and was officially opened to the public by Queen Elizabeth II on 3 March 1982. The Barbican Centre is also known for its brutalist architecture.[3]

The Barbican Centre's design – a concrete ziggurat – has always been controversial and divides opinion. It was voted "London's ugliest building" in a Grey London poll in September 2003.[7]

In September 2001, arts minister Tessa Blackstone announced that the Barbican Centre complex was to be a Grade II listed building. It has been designated a site of special architectural interest for its scale, its cohesion and the ambition of the project.[8]


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Etna Volcano's 9th Paroxysm !

It almost sounds like a joke, right - but she did it again... Etna's 9th Paroxysm since 16 Jan 2021. It was preceded by a "capped" (small) paroxysm around approx. 05.30 at the time I finished my work this morning, noticing that the tremor had risen into the "red zone" - but then was starting to fall again. However as i worke up in the afternoon, my husband told me about that she blew indeed (later) around 10.00 into a classic Paroxysm. At 12.00 the eruption was already over.


The ash cloud drifted this time to the NE with the prevailing winds and reaches the airspace of Greece / Albania around 18.00. Apparently the ash flew all the way up to almost level 11 km ( 36000 ft)

The third, longish photo, is from our friend Rosella, who lives in the northern suburbs of Catania (Pedara), south of the Volcano.

Rosella.JPG IMG_4275.JPG


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A report from today about the situation in Iceland. It is centered just south of the capital Reykjavik, around which 2/3 of the Icelandic population lives. It is apparently complex as there are 3 volcanoes, one of which has no known eruption history in the last 10000 years.
MARCH 4, 2021

Update on activity in Fagradalsfjall, Krýsuvík, Reykjanes volcanoes

The situation on Reykjanes peninsula is getting complicated due to activity between three volcanoes. This article is written at 15:22 UTC.
The volcanoes that are now showing activity on Reykjanes peninsula
Reykjanes volcano
Krýsuvík volcano
Fagradalsfjall volcano (added from 04-March-2021)
Fagradalsfjall volcano has no document eruption history over the last 10.000 years and the main volcano location is unknown if it exists.

Updates from the last few hours

  • Small rift valley has started to form between Keili mountain and Fagradalsfjall mountain. This is part of the rift zone that is Reykjanes peninsula.
  • Harmonic tremor stopped this morning and as Icelandic Met Office has been telling the news the origins of this harmonic tremor was earthquake activity that was so dense it created this harmonic activity. In the morning the activity dropped a little.
  • Magma continues to move in the Fagradalsfjall volcano system.
  • Earthquake activity is now between the volcanoes Reykjanes, Fagradalsfjalls and Krýsuvík. Why that is unclear but magma movement for now is only in Fagrdalsfjall volcano system.
  • Largest earthquake in last 24 hours had a magnitude of Mw4,5. Over the last 48 hours total of 72 earthquakes with magnitude over Mw3,0 have taken place. There is no sign of activity slowing down.

Dense earthquake activity in Reykjanes volcano, Fagradalsfjall volcano and Krýsuvík volcano. A lot of red dots showing new earthquakes and green stars showing earthquakes with magnitude above Mw3,0 on Reykjanes peninsula

Heavy earthquake activity on Reykjanes peninsula in several volcanoes. Copyright of this image belongs to Icelandic Met Office.
It is currently impossible to know for sure what happens next since this situation is extremely complicated because of all the volcanoes interactions and earthquake activity.


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Here is a screenshot of volcanoes in Iceland with currently 1 on level orange. The volcano with the unpronounceable name which erupted in 2010 and disturbed flights over Europe can be seen a little east south east of the capital with the abbreviation EYJ.

Icelandic volcanoes 4th of March 2021.gif


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Meanwhile in Alaska, Anchorage Daily News reports:

Alert level raised after explosion at remote Alaska Peninsula volcano

A small explosion was recorded Thursday at a remote volcano on the Alaska Peninsula, prompting officials to raise the alert level.

Satellite and webcam views indicated low-level ash emissions from Mount Veniaminof volcano. The ash plume did not rise above 10,000 feet, the Alaska Volcano Observatory said. Minor ash deposits are visible at the volcano, located 480 miles southwest of Anchorage.

Officials said eruptive activity typically includes minor ash, lava fountaining and lava flows from the small cone in the ice-filled summit caldera. Ashfall is usually confined to the summit crater but larger explosions can send ash to nearby communities, as happened in a 2018 eruption.

Veniaminof is one of the most active volcanos in the Aleutians and Alaska Peninsula, erupting at least 14 times in the last 200 years.

The stratovolcano in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge is usually shrouded in fog and clouds, and the entire volcano is usually visible only once or twice a year, the park service said.

Mount Veniaminof, with an elevation of 8,225 feet, has an ice field of 25 square miles. The park service says it's the only known glacier on the North American continent with an active volcanic vent in the center.

In my almost 10 years on the forum I have seen periodic upticks in volcanic and seismic activity....but nothing like what we are currently witnessing!


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Etna Volcano's 9th Paroxysm !
Paroxysm is quite a word, and I first encountered it here in connection with Etna. It is so rich and probably also speaks at this moment for the connection between the inner human environment of the collective mind and the Earth on which we all live.
paroxysm noun
par·ox·ysm | \ ˈper-ək-ˌsi-zəm , ˈpa-rək- also pə-ˈräk- \
Definition of paroxysm
1: a fit, attack, or sudden increase or recurrence of symptoms (as of a disease) : CONVULSION
  • a paroxysm of coughing
  • convulsed … in the paroxysms of an epileptic seizure— Thomas Hardy
2: a sudden violent emotion or action : OUTBURST
  • a paroxysm of rage
  • a paroxysm of laughter


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In my almost 10 years on the forum I have seen periodic upticks in volcanic and seismic activity....but nothing like what we are currently witnessing!
Paroxysm is quite a word, and I first encountered it here in connection with Etna. It is so rich and probably also speaks at this moment for the connection between the inner human environment of the collective mind and the Earth on which we all live.
The Earth - she be mad!!!


The native legends of the Cascades are interesting.

Various versions of the "Bridge of the Gods" legend exist, all with a common theme of volcanoes and a land bridge. The most common version given has it that the sons of Old Coyote, Wy’east (Mount Hood) and Pahto (Mount Adams), were powerful braves both in love with a maiden (Mount St. Helens). Because they crossed the “Bridge of the Gods” to fight over their love for her, Old Coyote collapsed the land bridge to keep his sons from fighting.

An old find in the riverbed, Tomanowos the visitor from the sky

The Willamette meteorite is the largest meteorite ever to be found in the United States and the sixth largest in the world. It is a fantastically shaped oriented giant weighing 15 tons. It began a tale of controversy almost the moment it was discovered in 1902. It was found by an Oregon local who stole it with great difficulty by moving the giant ¾ of a mile to his own property. His crime was discovered and the ownership given to the landowners where it had originally rested. It was later sold and then donated to the American Museum of Natural History in New York where it still is on display today. But, controversy again arose in the 1999 when the tribal leaders of the Grand Ronde demanded the return of their venerated stone. An agreement was reached the allowed the tribes access to the meteorite once a year for ceremonies while leaving the meteorite where it is.

Willamette is a medium octahedrite type iron and seems to have landed at least 13,000 years ago. It appears to have been transported by glacial action to the location where it was discovered. Only a small amount of the meteorite has ever been cut off and there has been controversy on most occasions when attempts have been made to sell specimens.


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#Ecuador 🌋
Dense ash cloud affects visibility on roads in #Alausí, and other cantons in Ecuador after #Sangay Volcano released an ash column of approx. 4 km over the crater.

#Attention. Close your windows. Ash cloud from #Sangay volcano over #Guayaquil sector this Saturday, reports @NOAASatellites There are also reports from other cities in Guayas, as well as in Chimborazo and Bolivar.
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