What's for Dinner?

Yesterday I had grass fed beef with plenty of fat on it, which I cut off after the beef was cooked (I just can't eat fat that way), and left it on low heat in the pan to render then poured into a ceramic bowl.

Today I used some of the dripping to add to the pan for bacon, egg and chopped green beans to mop up as much fat as possible.

I'm improving slowly on my animal fat intake as most of my fat is from olive and cocnut oils and some butter.
Fried herring battered with coconut flour, seasoned with salt and cumin, some bacon, an egg, lettuce and sour cream (organic, unhomogenized, and, yes, it has been thoroughly tested). :)

Nice way to load up on saturates and omega 3's. Very cheap as well.
chaps23 said:
For Dinner,

Rainbow Trout oven baked in foil in a delicious fennel, Garlic & Dill sauce. With a side of sweet potato mash.

Yum! I think that 'll be on this menu this week.
Butter Beef stew (seasoned with tarragon, salt and pepper), slow cooked in a crock pot with onions, garlic, a few baby carrots and bits celery.
Carbonnades à la flamande (Flemish beef stew) several times a week, cooked in the pressure cooker with lots of lard, butter, vegetable stock, onions, salt, pepper, herbes de Provence, turmeric and xylitol. Very satisfying.
Calves liver a la Laura. Haven't eaten liver since childhood where I found it the worst, but having the balance with smoked bacon and onions + generous amounts of lard was very satisfying and tasty.

Get CALVES liver, NOT beef liver. Fry up some bacon until it is just crisp. Remove and set aside. Put the liver into the hot bacon fat (add some lard if needed so you have plenty of fat.) Salt, pepper and - if tolerated - a sprinkle of garlic powder. If you are eating onions, put a few circle slices in with the liver to fry. You need to cook this about medium high. When the liver is lightly browned on one side, turn it over. Lightly browned on the other side, and it is done. Put on the plate with the bacon slices and onions on top. A bit of bacon, onion, and liver in each bite, and you'll think you have died and gone to heaven.
50% ground meat + 50% ground fat (exact percentages may vary or be varied a bit), thoroughly mixed up with a bit of water added, salted (with sea salt), then things added (or not) as wanted; fried on low.heat (or more cooked, as the water comes out first along with fat) for a fairly long time, at least 45 minutes.
A few months ago I talked int his thread about a stew pork that I did, and turnd out to have a bit bitter flavour-. I had done it with onions or celery and some arugula, pepper, salt, water; someone posted that it could be due to arugula, so I avoided int he following occations, but it continued to be bitter. Finalyy I decided to do it with only salt and water (without pepper), sometimes including onion, it seems that it was the pepper which also gave it that bitter taste. Using only water and salt (and sometimes some onion) made the pork have an excellent taste. (low heat and for about 2 hours)
I have make my first bath with my brand new pressure cooker. I had take to much meat from the butcher and I ended with 2 kg of pork belly. So, I have make it boil and I'm actually eating it three times a day, with added fat (coconut oil and ghee or lard (saindoux)). Some time I add onions or cultivated mushroom.

I am also trying to find my best ratio meat/fat (this morning 66g/45g).

Mrs.Tigersoap said:
Carbonnades à la flamande (Flemish beef stew) several times a week, cooked in the pressure cooker with lots of lard, butter, vegetable stock, onions, salt, pepper, herbes de Provence, turmeric and xylitol. Very satisfying.

I would be interested to know more about your recipe.

I never did the recipe myself, but I have some family in North of France. The last time I went over there, they of course find a day to do their "Carbonnades flamandes". At the time I was not on the paleo diet, neither on a gluten free diet, but I was avoiding the french fries. And this time I did a big exception. The next time that will not be possible, Neither for the french fries, nor for the beer.

I'm sure you didn't serve it with french fries.
Did you put some gluten free beer ?
Entree; Lamb Shank & celery soup.

Celery Leaves,
Spinache Leaves,
Freshly cooked pork fat,
Lamb Shanks,
Plum sauce Juices from cooked pork with salt & pepper to taste.

Main; Pork Belly, slow cooked.

Slow cooked in a garlic & oganic plum sauce then under the grill for 5 minutes on high to attain a nice crispy crackling.. Served on a bed of green vegetables and a small serve of mashed sweet potato and steamed spinache w salt & pepper.

Yum Yum....
caballero reyes said:
hi, psalehesost, when you write "meat " and "ground fat" are you refering cow meat or pork meat, and the correspondent fat?

The fat is ground pig fat. The meat is, currently, ground lamb, but when it runs out it will probably be replaced with ground beef unless I find more.

As for the result, I offered a bit to someone who eats conventionally and is not used to significant amounts of fat, and this person didn't even notice how fatty it was.
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