What's the weather where you are?

HERMOSILLO, Son. June 3 .- With 49.5 degrees Celsius heat, the capital of Sonora exceeded the historical record of maximum temperature, also became the warmest city in the world, during the last 24 hours, leaving behind the 48 degrees recorded in countries of the Middle East.

According to the daily meteorological report of the Northwestern Basin Agency of the National Water Commission (Conagua), the maximum temperature recorded in Sonora on June 2 was 49 degrees Celsius at the El Orégano II weather station; however, the morning of June 3 at 8:00 am (10:00 a.m. time of Mexico City) the mercury of the thermometer marked 40 degrees Celsius in Hermosillo.

last Tuesday around 3:30 p.m. local time, the Hermosillo Meteorological Observatory registered 49.5 degrees Celsius of temperature in the shade, breaking the heat record established on July 1, 2011 with 48.5 degrees Celsius. TODAY JULY 10

Civil Protection called on the Sonoran population to prevent the proximity of strong storms within the state.

It is expected that for the next three hours the rainfall in western, southern and eastern Sonora will be greatly strengthened; They are probably accompanied by electrical activity, gusts of wind that exceed 70 km / hr, as well as a possible hail fall.


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It just rained and hailed for an unusual long time in Northern Spain. This is Zaragoza north to where I live, about an hour or so ago:

It was exactly like that where I live. The neighborhood stands at an altitude in regards to the rest of the land, which is still at a higher altitude than Zaragoza.

More media:



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Going back to snow - here is July 2nd (Lat 51) from home (new snow), and it is not high in elevation - 16-17 hundred meters; NW aspect:


Here is from today, July 11th - almost all non glaciated, and you can see the cornices and deep pockets still hanging around; E aspect:

Here is glaciated scene from today (July 11th) a little further up this valley. Note again the shear-line's of snow, and it is still deep and not likely to melt anytime soon sitting atop this refrigerator of ice; NW Aspect.


By now in any year I can remember, you just don't see this at this time (except for the odd pocket and the glaciated ice). More will melt to be sure, yet we will be pushing August soon with cool nights, even freezing up at elevations at August mid to end. September could be back to snow just like that.

It is all so topsy turvy.
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About unusual weather in parts of Greenland and how that is related to unusual weather in places like Spain, as reported by Gaby.

DMI (The Danish Meteorological Insitute) reported that the weather in Greenland has been cold so far in both June and July. Apparently a new minimum low temperature for May was set on the highest point of the Greenlandic Ice Sheet (-46,5 C). They explain the stable high pressure system over Northern Europe have led to the usually west to east moving low pressure system, to either move up into the Denmark Strait, (the sea between Greenland and Iceland) or alternatively to move far down down and move in over Southern Europe. The low pressure systems moving along the East coast of Greenland have brought higher amount of precipitation, which in those dry areas mean only around 30 mm/ per month. (For more on the weather in various areas of Greenland, (the largest ice age "park" on the northern hemisphere, see Climate in Greenland: temperature, precipitation, when to go, what to pack). For the present extent of the melting and amounts of ice check What's the weather where you are? where the embedded maps show the latest figures.

Below is a map that show the differences from the norm in temperature on the northern hemisphere during the most recent days of July:

Notice that certain areas in Siberia were also colder than normal. It reminds me that the C's said something about and Ice Age beginning over Asia and then moving to North America. In that case, might a similar dynamics be in place with fairly stable high pressure systems in the vicinity of Scandinavia leading to some of the consequences we have seen this year?

The next is only tangentially related to the post as a whole, at least at present, but it is short. While preparing this post, I came accross an article about the glaciers in the Spanish Pyrenees Glaciers In The Pyrenees Will Disappear In Less Than 50 Years, Study Finds It turns out they developed during the little Ice Age 1300-1860. "The glaciers in the Iberian Peninsula's mountains were formed in the Little Ice Age. " It so happens this Little Ice Age is taking a break before Winter sets in, so the forecast - but they call it man made global warming :lol: Melting glaciers are caused by man-made global warming, study shows

If we get a bit more weired weather, maybe those glaciers in Spain will be saved, but at what price? Perhaps even the global warmist will be in tears.
c.a. posted about this completely destroyed Safeway store in "fires around the world", but it is weather "where I am" (Phoenix Arizona). Also, an update: maybe a monsoon microburst broke the roof, which let wind in, and broke a gas line and electric box, which started the fire.

Capt. McDade says investigators are looking into the possibility that there was a partial roof collapse in the back of the grocery store that broke a gas line and damaged the main electrical box, which may have started the fire.

There was a microburst in the area that dropped a large amount of rain before the fire and due to the grocery store's flat roof, Capt. McDade says it may have collected the rain and water from previous storms during the week.

Fire and smoke "Like a haboob " inside the store.


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c.a. posted about this completely destroyed Safeway store in "fires around the world", but it is weather "where I am" (Phoenix Arizona). Also, an update: maybe a monsoon microburst broke the roof, which let wind in, and broke a gas line and electric box, which started the fire.
then Fire and smoke "Like a haboob " inside the store.
They say it may have been lighting sparked but there not sure what happen.
Perhaps the whole area become one big circuit of electrical conductivity with the recent dust storm?

What ever happened stay safe Dude! Clues abound here!

And thank you for eye's on the ground report!
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Serbia had unusual amount of rain this year. Today I talked to my father over the phone and he said that today he saw the biggest rain that he remembers. I checked the news this evening and they said that it was 70 liters per m2 in his village!

Something is definitely happening on our planet.


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Last night
With incoming this evening.

Translated from French by Microsoft
This afternoon, localized PREVISIONS METEO FRANCE - Site Officiel de Météo-France - Prévisions gratuites à 15 jours sur la France et à 10 jours sur le monde but punctually strong on a large central part of the country. A more intense and widespread storm degradation is expected tonight on the southwest. Stay informed ▶️#ttps://t.co/BeTAGzRLBH

Getting the bunker ready. :whistle:

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