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Source: Yet another weather record broken: 229 consecutive days above 10 degrees

Sunday, November 15, 2020 - 10:45

Yet another weather record broken: 229 consecutive days above 10 degrees

Never before has the maximum temperature remained in double digits for as long as this year. We are currently at 229 consecutive days with 10 degrees or higher, which is a record, reports Weeronline.

“This is quite special,” says meteorologist Yannick Damen of Weeronline about the relatively mild weather. “Normally, it would be around 9 or 10 degrees at this time of year. Many heat records have been broken in recent weeks. Monday was officially the hottest November 9 on record, and a week earlier, on November 2, with more than 20 degrees, it was even the hottest November day we have ever recorded. ”

These heat records are a phenomenon of the last decades. Damen explains that “coincidentally, this morning, I checked the hottest November days ever. Almost all of them date from this century.” The same applies the other way around: the cold records date from the last century. “There is clearly a trend in rising temperatures.”

These consecutive days of mild weather should not come as a surprise. According to Weeronline, the phenomenon can be fully attributable to climate change. Due to the warming climate, the temperature is higher than before, and temperatures of 10 degrees or higher will become more and more common.

Coverage in Dutch:
Het is al 229 dagen 10 graden of warmer, en dat is een record



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The weather in Germany keeps on behaving strange: In the morning it is like spring and within just a few hours you get autumn back. Also and as far as I can tell the sky seems also strange, especially during sunset and sunrise and I often get the feeling that it looks surreal or not off this world, because the colors and light look so much different.


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It is 22°F here in Alaska. There is about 8in. of snow cover. It has been warmer than average most of the time, but not extraordinary so.

The other day, I went to the store, and it was around 40°F. And as I rode my bike, I could feel the temperature fluctuate. It was very small pockets of warm air, along with the normal temps, alternating as I rode. It was breezy, but not windy - normally, warm winter winds coming from the south are accompanied by strong winds. So, I could hear the wind high above, but at ground level it was just a breeze, and the warm air must have been mingled in a turbulence in a interesting way.
Turns out, a SOTT news article said there was a heavy storm near Haines at the same time.


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Had some wild weather here lately on the Northern Tablelands, NSW, Australia. A few days of 40C temps were followed by a night of storms with heavy rain and lots of lightning. More than 150mm of rain fell, most of this in just a few hours. Flooding was minimal due to extremely dry conditions previously, so the ground soaked most of it in.

La Nina conditions are still forecast for the rest of Summer, but will be weaker than originally predicted.


We are supposed to receive 8 to 12 inches of snow here today in Shenandoah Valley VA! 12inches would be half of our average yearly snowfall in one day! I can't recall a time since I have lived in the area that I've ever seen more than 6 inches accumulate at once. In other fun news a small (about 18 inches wide and 18 inches deep) sinkhole opened up next to our driveway this month as well! Our landlord filled it with small stones which should act as the perfect glue to hold the earth together as far as I am concerned ;-) .

Since I also regularly see fireballs in the clear country sky that I live in that only leaves me with earthquake, plague, locusts, tornado, forest fire and, flood on my bingo chart!


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The Weather in Stockholm, Dec 2020 :scared:

For the month of December 2020 - the weather has been utterly gray (and very mild). Between 27 Nov - 23 Dec 2020, we had no sunshine (other than possibly 10-20 minutes totally).

But on Christmas Eve (24th) - we finally got real sunny weather at noon - and boy did we all go out of the house walking the frost bitten landscape and forest - while "taking a bath" in the golden rays of the sun (because here, the sun only reaches max 7° height at noon) giving it a golden tint.

It felt wonderful !!! :wow: Sunset was already at 14:48


Only 5 1/2 hours of sunshine for December

In total 1-27 Dec - only 5 ½ hours of sunshine have been registered in Stockholm. (According to the "SMHI Strång Data Model" which is the only source of info I have access to, when it comes to sunshine hours)

The constant stream of mild air

and high cyclonic activity creates constant southerly winds: mixing the layers of the atmosphere vigorously; so no frost, endless cloud cover - and that is what usually leads to much higher than normal temperatures. (pretty common up here, due to our location being "in the middle of the cyclonic highway"

Normal sunshine hours for Stockholm in December hover around 40+ hours (I am guessing there)

In Quebec (Canada), the sky is not often clear. The presence of the sun is not visible. The temperature is mild. A little snow sometimes but not much. The temperature rises and it rains sometimes. The snow disappears because of the rain. It is not winter with a lot of snow. It looks like a mixture of spring, autumn, and mild winter.


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Quite cold here in eastern NC. Frost. We had a tornado warning in my area the other night, with a warning to take shelter at once. I grabbed everything important into a big sack, plus a pillow and blanket, headed downstairs to a little interior bathroom. I cracked some doors to equalize pressure. It sounded bad out there. I woke up with a bad back spasm and to cold weather, but no other damage. Back is getting better. I heard from an employee that winds were very bad NE of here (Greene County). Otherwise, clear skies. Usual temperature this time of year is quite variable, occasionally cold enough to require a coat, occasionally warm enough for no outerwear at all. Typical requirement is something like an open, light cardigan. We typically get our real cold in later January and early February.


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The Netherlands got its fair share of upheaval from winter storm Bella over the Christmas weekend:

Storm Bella rages across The Netherlands, KNMI declares code yellow for the entire country
Storm Bella causes disruption in travel, 'hectic situations' at Schiphol
Storm Bella brings down trees, and there is more rain on Monday - DutchNews.nl

Other news - yet another record broken:
It's a record: 693 days without an official snowfall in NL - DutchNews.nl
The last time there was an official white Christmas in the Netherlands was in 2010, and there have been just eight since 1901.


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Normal sunshine hours for Stockholm in December hover around 40+ hours (I am guessing there)


Stockholm's monthly Ø sunshine for Stockholm for December is 33 hours, not 40+ like I guessed earlier.

2) Back in Dec 1934, Stockholm 0 hours of sunshine were registered - therefore it marks the all-time-low record (which I did not know)

3) Record amount of MAX sunshine hours for Sthlm was 73 hours, back in Dec 1995


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En France, sur la Côte d'Azur, il pleut, les températures, la nuit sont vers les 5° et la journée 11°...
Nous sommes en hiver, et il n'y a rien d'anormal pour le moment...

In France, on the French Riviera, it is raining, the temperatures at night are around 5° and during the day 11°...
We are in winter, and there is nothing abnormal for the moment...


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After another 2 weeks with no sunshine - the sun came out just now (09.30) And it feel.... ohhh.... aaaah.... really good. Like finding a pearl, so rare sunlight has been during the past 6 weeks. [almost unreal feeling]. So, the photos are from my balcony as the sun came out.

In the (newly corrected) chart below, you see the sunshine hours for Stockholm during the past 6 weeks - having been unusual poor.

Despite the beauty of a morning sun right now - because of slim corridor with less clouds passing right over our city - there are massive clouds on their way here within a few hours. An imminent promise of high winds, plenty of snow and rain, lasing a couple of days.

Then comes the deep freeze, as "Father Frost" will most likely take over Stockholm with real winter weather for the weeks to come. Hopefully with more sunshine, too.



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In the evening -1 C. No snow. Katowice. As for January in Poland it is very good conditions. "Warmly".

The reality is getting better and better recently... Colours almost as in the latest "reality" with GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card 😜😅
And no, this is not a screen from Game CyberPunk 2077. :cool2:

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