What's the weather where you are?


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here in California, is becoming hell on earth, northern California has a huge wild fire, today I read that they were evacuating 20, 000 people, in southern California where I live it has been very but very HOT, humidity is very strong, last night it was 87 around 10 pm, by next week seems like it will be getting a bit cooler.....


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A major and destructive storm hit Ireland last night, worst affected was around Co. Cork in the south. Incredible number of homes and businesses lost power. I can't remember a storm of this ferocity occurring in August in my lifetime (August?!)


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It is still warm here in Alaska, especially for September. It's in the mid 60sF. The trees are still green and only now starting to yellow. It is sunny and the radiance feels intense. Still, the days are getting shorter and cooling happens faster and daytime heating shortened. We had a heavy rain yesterday, but it lasted only about a half hour at most.

I planted some carrots this year, and a dog kept walking in my garden as he was curious of my activities, and he'd step all over my rows of carrots. So I gave up. And he quit coming.

So, the weather watered my carrots, and I didn't weed the garden, but I still ended up with a bunch of carrots at the end of the season!


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For the ninth time this year, the Netherlands registered a heat record.

In fact, we experienced four records wrapped into one: an absolute national heat record of 30.5° Celsius in De Bilt (since 1901); the latest tropical day in the year (previous one was 31.4° C on September 14, 2016); the hottest Budget Day ever in The Hague with 30.03° C (previously 28.7° on September 19, 1961), and also for the hottest place overall in Gilze-Rijen with a smashing 35,1° (previously in Maastricht on September 4, 1929 with 34.2° Celsius).

Full details in English:
Tuesday is the hottest Budget Day on record, with tropical temperatures in The Hague - DutchNews.nl
Latest ever 'tropical day' in NL; 30.2°C in De Bilt

In Dutch:
Niet eerder was het in september zo warm: 35,1 graden in Gilze-Rijen


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Reporting not for me, but close kin. Direct hurricane hit last night in Foley, Alabama. My brother called me while in the eye of the storm this morning. Severe home damage (to a very sturdy home). He was going to try to tarp his roof before the other side of the storm hit. Spoke from a land line. Cell towers down or overloaded, no power anywhere. I'm very concerned for the flooding. Hope he can get out of there to higher ground soon, before too late. Lots of bridges and waterways in Baldwin County, probably at risk. Most everything in that storm path is going to drain through there in the coming days. Already I-10 is closed and some bridges are out in nearby Pensacola.
My thoughts: Unusual degree of trouble from a category 2 storm.


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Strange weather in the north of Poland. Yesterday, I saw on the thermometer 27 degrees of Celsius; through the night sudden change in the weather and temperature get lower to the 12,5 for this moment; and all of that accompanied by the night's rainfall.


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