What's the weather where you are?


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I noticed that swifts (the bird) are still crowding the skies here above southern Poland. Normally they would have flown away to southern countries by the end of July. We're only 8 days into August but these little birds tend to be very accurate in when they arrive and depart. Makes me wonder if it has something to do with heat waves in Southern Europe and SW Asia? If so, how do they know?

Another heat wave is about to hit the Mediterranean this week.



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A city close to the Polish sea, my parents who have their own garden. For the first time in 60 years, they say that the weather is strange this year, as if autumn came earlier, they see it in plants and trees. They start to lose leaves and the animals behave strangely. It is very hot in the sun, very cold in the shade, with a large temperature difference. It rains a lot as in autumn.


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It's still cool and wet in southern France. No (real) summer this year! Our chestnut trees normally lose their leaves (in part due to disease, in part due to the hot sun) by early July, but they're still in full bloom. Our jasmine bushes normally lose their white flowers by the end of June (due to the hot sun), but they're still in bloom. And our lawn is usually scorched brown by early July. Not this year!


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Switzerland was also cool in the month of July and actually since the middle of June. A lot of rain, more than twice the monthly average for July. Towards the 20th of June and the following fortnight, we had a lot of thunder and lightning almost every day or about 10 days out of 14 days. So if thunder and lightning is the 3D manifestations of battles in 4D, then those battles must be increasing, which is also what reflects in other ways here on 3D like in the world politics.


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In Alaska, it's been steady rain today. It is about 53°F. The mugginess of the heat/humidity has died down.
August is like a turning point in the weather as the days continue to shorten - allowing for air moisture to condense and rain to fall.

Another factor of our weather is our geography. Our area is called the Anchorage Bowl, which means we are surrounded by mountains on three sides and a inlet that curves around that cuts off direct flow of ocean moisture and winds. This limits rain and snow to the outside of the bowl. The bad part is it tends to lock in the pollution, making the skies smoggy - mostly in the winter.

As far as temp records this summer, we had two heat records locally, and Fairbanks had a hundred year heat record (88F) and a hundred year rainfall record was broke in Southeast Ak.


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The days have been cool here in the Toluca Valley, Mexico. I have peach trees, this year there were very few fruits.

According to the National Meteorological Service (SMN), tropical storm Kevin continues to gain strength and could become a hurricane in the next few days. It is currently located southwest of the coasts of Jalisco and Colima, in the Mexican Pacific, about 800km from where I live.
Torrential rains are expected.



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Stockholm, Sweden
First week of August 2021

We have unsteady and cooler than average weather since entering the month of August; thunderstorms and rain, but also sunshine. The night are quite a lot cooler now. In itself nothing special really - because this is the classic summer type in Sweden; some sunshine, afternoon showers, and scattered thunderstorms - which we had plenty of lately, but those are short lived and hardly comparable to the majestic thunderstorms know for Central and South Europe.

For the first time for over 2 months, the daily maximum stayed below 20°C (68°F) 2 days in a row. (albeit today we had 22°C, but due to the rain in my area south of the city it cooled down to 15°C) What was remarkable, were that the (max) temperatures earlier kept above 20°C uninterrupted for more than 2 months. That is rare.

2021-08-09-14-59-42.jpg 2021-08-09-17-59-06.jpg


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Here in West Germany, the weather is the same as always - a few days of rain, then overcast, then periods of sun and then back to rain.
Now is sunny with some overcast.
Nights are around 14-13 degrees, while it´s expected 26-27 degrees during the day today and in the next 2 days - again with some overcast.
On Monday it is supposed to rain again.
It is very wet during the night - every morning my balcony looks like it was raining during the night and I have trouble drying my clothes because of all that wetness vaporizing during the day.

In comparison, we had a vacation in Croatia and I commented: "Look! There isn´t one cloud in the sky!" My younger kid looked at me, looked at the sky and said: "But how´s that possible!?" :lol:
He was 3yo when we moved to Germany and he is 9yo now - and the child was surprised to see completely clear sky!

Anyway, yesterday afternoon the sky finally cleared enough so I could sit on my balcony and watch for some leftovers from Perseids.
I did catch some small ones, then some bigger ones with my peripheral vision, but I also caught 2 really nice ones that had a nice long trails across the night sky. ☄️


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Yesterday during the day the temperature rose up to 36 C, the heat during the whole day and night was quite suffocating, it was curious, it did not rain in the locality where I was, but in the surroundings it was loaded with thunderstorms and lightning, in about 4 points in the sky all at the same time.




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Stockholm, Sweden
16 Aug 2021

Up here it feels like the very first signs of autumn are appearing. Dependent on how sensitive you are, it is still subtle and very early. I see that wild wine ranks ever so slightly start to change color (towards red). The clouds are now numerous. Yesterday morning as well some earlier coolish mornings, showed off these low fast moving (Cu) fractus clouds in the sky. Another sign of autumn is nearing, while the morning min temperatures are now starting to drop below 10°C. Even that is a messenger that autumn is knocking on our doors.

Coolish forecast

The forecasts for our region is … uhm.. filled with promises of cyclones (rain, clouds, winds), of which some may deepen a little more than normal - and are expected to dance around over Sweden and Finland. Another sign of transition into autumn: the spinning up of cyclones in the north.

The max temperatures in the prognosis calls for lower than 20°C, possibly only 14-15°C as we close in, to the end of the month - which would be clearly lower than normal average max. But that is typical Sweden.

Even if this sounds boring or dull - well, reality usually has some nice surprizes in its sleeves, with unexpected sunshine, a sense of warmth when you stretch your face into the sun, a sudden single summer day, or unusual mild nights when clouds prevent the air from cooling down so much.

All a matter of perspective
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