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It's been a cold week at Kvarner Bay in the Northern Adriatic, with hail during one night which left ice on the windshield hours after it stopped and bora wind, dropping temperature to 0°C. Not usual for this time of year at all, closer to January average temperature than November.


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4 Dec 2021

This morning the temperatures tumbled down to -17.4°C in Tullinge, a former military airport in the outermost suburbs, southwest of Stockholm. A place well known being a “cold pit” - always diverting a lot in Min Temperatures compared to other stations.

As i just left home (22:30) in the southern suburbs 7 km south of the city core, it was -8°C with almost clear skies. (We had sunshine :wow: during the short day; with the sun rising around 08:23, and already setting at 14:51)

Normal average max for Stockholm city this time of the year is around +1°C and -3 at night.
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Fiercely cold in Stockholm
6 Dec 2021

At least it feels like it this morning. However as i look at a couple stations… yes, it is true. Stockholm Arlanda Airport -17°C, City Bromma Airport -13°C and even the city reports -11°C.

Naimakka in the extreme north of Sweden is reporting slightly -40.7°C. Now that is pretty extreme (but I do not know by how much).


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Arctic cold over Sweden
6 Dec 2021

So, the numbers are in which means I have more details - even Swedish Meteorological & Hydrological Institute (SMHI) wrote an article about the cold. NAIMAKKA in the extreme North of Sweden reached this years seasonal record -42.7°C, equivalent to -45.22°F


"Coldest since 1986"

As I mentioned in an earlier post, once you include the first week in December (instead of only focussing on November) you'll see a lot more cold is possible in the extremes here in Sweden. (But didn't think it would happen that quick) The Naimakka temperature value this morning, was the lowest since the bizarre cold winter 1986/87*** (i'll get to that in the end), e.g. when on 21 Dec 1986 a whopping -45.0°C / -49°F were reached. It was mentioned however, that at other stations "near by", temperatures below -40°C in December are not that uncommon when looking back though time.

Here in the Stockholm wider region
the lowest temperature this morning 6 Dec 2021 reached -19.5°C / -3°F at the former military Airport in Tullinge (7 km from my place) As I started to write on this entry at sunset, the temperature in the city core of Stockholm writes -11°C, so it never rose much at all during daytime, compared with this morning at -11°C.


It's is like we are in deepest winter time all of the sudden, more like January or February. (This will soon end, as temperatures are expected to reach above freezing, the snow melting, and many days of overcast skies are forecast *bläh*)


***) Speaking of that bizarre cold winter 1986/87

With the two photos, which I just happened to post-process the other day - I thought to show you impressions of the last really "big, cold" winter in Sweden and Stockholm. During the mid 80s in Stockholm, we had a couple extreme cold winters, and two exceptionally gloomy, chilly and rainy summers in a row (1986 + 1987) with barely any summer heat and no stable weather to speak of. (I do however remember that summer 1987 had extremely lush vegetation due to the wealth of rain)

Background of 1986/87:
I was 22 years old, had lived for 2 years in Sweden after I moved here from Berlin, and for the first time in my life; I lived on my own, (in a youth hotel). The 33 warts on my hands and some even starting to appear in my face... tormenting me since a decade - all disappeared within 3 weeks (I sensed immediately that they would all vanish, albeit didn't understand exactly why, yet likely were related to "being on my own"). Which also was a strange feeling...

Despite the hotel's primitivity and me a poor student working behind the cheese counter across the city on the other side at Konsum in Solna.... but the building I lived in, happened to stand on a hill (Nybohovsbacken) at the border of Stockholm inner city, in Liljeholmen, with a view like few ever would imaged, to be possible to experience. Kind of like "the entire city lies to your feet" when you're out of the window. I remember how strange and odd that contrast was.

Now that winter 1986/87 was interesting in many ways - as it was the last of the really "big ones" so to speak (until 2009/10 and 2010/11). The temperatures back then plunged at times down to -24°C (-11.2°F) in the city core. I remember one night; a fierce storm raved outside after leaving the disco, with temperatures around -20°C. - at around 04.00 I walked over the fully exposed Liljeholmen Bridge without a hat ... (Imagine; me "disco pingla"; which would translate into something like "happy bouncing disco boll" ).

Uhm... well, let's just say; you'll NEVER do that combination again - it was that painful.

During some days you could literally "feel" the cold in images - and those are the ones I wish to share with you below, somewhere between -20°C to -24°C: made on slide film during a strange glowing twilight early afternoon, with the moon rising.

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-21°C Tullinge (Stockholm, Sweden)
6 Dec 2021 19:00

I am a bit taken aback by the sudden plunge in temperatures.
Tullinge is already reporting -20.9°C / -5.6°F at 19:00 in the evening. 🥶🥶

I've got -13.6°C where I live in the southern suburbs. However I assume it is most likely -14.7°C here, because my thermometer is incorrectly placed, near a wall and 10 meter above ground. If I go the the subway train depot of Högdalen nearby, which resides in shallow valley - always a notch colder than it's surroundings - I would guess that they have something like -16°C. *hurrk*

Luckily I am off work tonight.



Seasonably cold and windy today in Madison, WI. But it has been unseasonably warm all through November and up until yesterday when we finally got some precipitation in the form of sleet. It was 60 on Thanksgiving where I was in Nebraska, warm enough that I started sweating in my light fall coat. We've basically been in a drought here in Madison though since before June.


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SW France: It's been raining off and on for the past couple of weeks, sometimes hard for a short period, but mostly just constant drizzle/light rain. Tonight, we have a yellow flood warning and radar shows a LOT of rain coming in off the Atlantic. Wonder if we will get sheets of it?


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Boisbriand, Quebec. It snowed on Sunday night. Monday, we had rain all day. In the evening, I intended to use the snowblower but I had to give up. I had to use the snow shovel. Because of the mixture of snow and rain, the snowblower was unable to blow the snow away. I had to remove the snow because the next day the temperature would be -6 celcius. I must say that it was a very physical exercise :)


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I'm temporarily in Miami Fl, on vacation, and the weather has been intensely hot, days before today and in the following days the temperatures have been around 26- 27 degrees Celsius. Honestly it makes me feel a little nervous to see the news of the intense cold in some parts of Europe and upper North America, the extreme conditions, last night the cable TV interrupted for a few seconds to broadcast: "Emergency Alert: weekly test...", I don't live permanently in this American state, so I'm not familiar with this alert system, maybe it is something routine around here, but it makes me think a lot that the weather news channels might not inform the people if there was a severe weather condition. :-(

This following photos were taken at 6:44am


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Boisbriand, Quebec. Today when I wake up, the windows of the cars are completely frosted. It is raining and the sky is grey. Moreover, there is no electricity. I made my coffee on the wood stove :) The electricity was restored at 18h16. I will be able to continue reading my romance novels.


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About a month ago, I moved from Southern California to Southeast Missouri, a bit west of the Bootheel of Missouri. Yesterday I got to deal with my first ever tornado watch, and it had to be for one of the worst tornado outbreaks in US history! I've never heard of tornadoes in December! I hope any forum members who were (or still are) in the storm path are okay.

Record-breaking tornado outbreak hits US: At least 3-dozen tornadoes form, including monster that dragged 4 states - At least 100 killed - UPDATES

The local news here is very good at informing people about the weather and any severe threats. Just several days before (Monday?), they issued a possible severe weather alert. We had some eerie lightning storms where I could see many flashes from the house, but I heard no thunder. Supposedly they were about 5 miles from town. Some rain and wind later on. No damage to us. Overall it's been pretty cold to me in the 40s-50s (F) over the past 2 weeks, with some days in the upper 60s (F), but the local news claims it's been warm for December in our area.

Then another severe weather alert was issued and day after day they kept upgrading the threat until they issued us a tornado watch on Friday. No tornadoes have hit our town in recent history, but have hit a neighboring town before. It was very humid in the upper 60s (F) throughout Friday, with warm breezes. My mom thought she felt both warm and cool breezes towards evening, which was odd to her.

We tuned into our local TV news station around 4-5pm for updates. The weatherman put the fear of God into me while putting every Californian "meteorologist" I've seen to shame. He was tracking all these different cells popping up throughout the Heartland and the paths of different tornadoes on the radar without a teleprompter. One of the cells heading to us thankfully didn't form a tornado, but the cell that went through Jonesboro, Arkansas and formed the deadly 4-state tornado could have swung left and gone through our county, so we had to be alert.

The storm was expected to hit us around 12-1am Saturday, so starting Friday morning I made preparations to stay in our basement with my cat and dog and other family members. When I heard the thunder start around 8pm, I grabbed the cat and ran downstairs with the dog. My mom and aunt (her sister) decided to get very drunk, and my sister refused to shelter in place (while also probably drinking), so thankfully the tornado watch didn't turn into an actual tornado rolling through or else they could have been killed! The tornado in Edwardsville, Illinois that ripped through the Amazon warehouse was just 15 minutes from my aunt's house and seemingly popped up out of nowhere. Her family is fine; they said they just got rain.

Despite the initial thunder, the storm wasn't too bad in our area. Nothing broke, but a small tree did get ripped from the ground and flew into the front yard. This morning it was very cold and gusty (20mph winds, upper 40s but felt like 36F with wind chill). It seemed windier today than it did last night; last night was fairly quiet. I'm not confident we'd be okay with an actual tornado because we have a walk-out basement next to an interior room that is our best storm shelter. The doors are flimsy, too!

I learned how fast tornado watches can turn into tornado warnings and actual tornadoes on the ground. Maybe we'll get to deal with ice tornadoes soon! I hope my story helps others be aware that these things can happen, especially for people like me who aren't used to tornadoes. Thanks for reading!


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Hungary, 90 miles west of the Ukrainian border

4°C / 39°F. Amazing Monday weather with almost no winds, clear skies, beautiful sunshine and warm feel outside today! After two full weeks of ugly rain and cold winds. Finally I could go out to the countryside to do a 140+ minute fasted-sprinting exercise. Said thankfulness prayers to whoever organized this superb weather for sports today! Only the increasing winds and wet clothes drove me home.

Last week our first snow fell, half an inch, melted quickly. No snow since then. Puddles were iced over for a couple days, but mostly its raining or frozen drizzle falls like pellets. No icing on the streets so far.
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