Ascorbic acid (vitamin C)

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Do you take vitamin C made from corn, or, do you use something else? Whatever do you take, why do you take it that way?
Here is an article of Janet Starr Hull (PhD) in which she says that vitamin C made from corn is not good, etc.
What's your idea on it?

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The Truth about Ascorbic Acid
The problem is that most vitamin C is not really vitamin C at all. It is ascorbic acid, a synthetic, lab created version not found anywhere in nature, which is only one part (the outer layer) of the complete vitamin C complex.

Consumption of isolated ascorbic acid is not a good idea on a regular basis. Some evidence suggests that large doses may lead to imbalances and deficiencies in the flavonoids (vitamin P), a powerful family of over 6,000 antioxidants that have a symbiotic working relationship with vitamin C – each increasing the other’s effect.

Even more worrisome is that ascorbic acid, while proven to kill bacteria effectively, is not discriminatory in its anti-microbial abilities as it also wipes out good bacteria or probiotics in the gut. Whole foods based vitamin C does not harm beneficial intestinal bacteria in the same way as synthetic vitamin C does.

Another wake up call about ascorbic acid – it is synthesized from corn syrup. If you take a supplement with ascorbic acid, you guessed it, you are likely consuming a supplement with GMO origins (unless the corn was certified organic) without even knowing it!
Hi there
How are you doing?
Do you take vitamin C made from corn, or, do you use something else? Whatever do you take, why do you take it that way?
Here is an article of Janet Starr Hull (PhD) in which she says that vitamin C made from corn is not good, etc.
What's your idea on it?

Hi SunEterna, I think vit C from corn is okay. I personally use ascorbic acid from the brand NutriBiotic as I found it to be the best one out there (for me). It also has no corn residue, and it's non-GMO. Here's an interesting post I just read on this brand by a customer:

At one point I was going to resell vitamin C powder myself under my own brand, so I’ve previously spent many hours of time researching what the best non-GMO vitamin C supplier is in the world. To the best of my knowledge it is still accurate to say that there is only one supplier for non-GMO vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) on the planet, and they are located in Ireland. So any brand, regardless of price and what country they are from, would have to obtain non-GMO vitamin C from the Ireland manufacturer in order to obtain the raw ascorbic acid (which is created from non-GMO corn). To my knowledge there is zero global suppliers for ‘organic’ ascorbic acid, since there would be no real benefit, because of the elaborate filtration process used by the company in Ireland there is zero pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides in the resultant ascorbic acid sold. I purchase my vitamin C from the NutriBiotic brand, because to the best of my knowledge they are one of the cheapest non-GMO resellers of vitamin C produced by the Irish company , which produces Non-GMO vitamin C. Hope this helps.

article said:
Another wake up call about ascorbic acid – it is synthesized from corn syrup. If you take a supplement with ascorbic acid, you guessed it, you are likely consuming a supplement with GMO origins (unless the corn was certified organic) without even knowing it!

Which is why you should check the brand! Regarding the rest of the article, I recommend: The Health & Wellness Show: IV Vitamin C: The Miracle Cure You're Not Supposed to Know About. If you check the previous pages in this thread, you'll also find lots of benefits of (isolated) ascorbic acid. Hope this helps :-)
I haven't seen it quoted yet (at least in the last 2 pages) so just to note what the C's had to say about the vitamin C - GMO issue mentioned above:

(PoB) I have one. It's about the GMO food. My question is: How deep the modification goes? When you have for example a GMO corn, and it will go through chemical processes, and we get alcohol or vitamin C from it. Is it affected by the modification?

A: Unless you consume the DNA bodies there should be no problem.

Q: (L) So does that mean that when products are made out of some kinds of genetically modified things that if the product is made in such a way that it excludes the DNA bodies and it just extracts a chemical or something from it, then it should be generally safe?

A: Yes

Q: (PoB) And when we eat meat of an animal that was fed with GMO corn or crops?

A: That is different!

Q: (Pierre) If we consume DNA bodies directly, it's harmful for us. The animal consumes the DNA bodies, and then we consume them. That's the same. There will be toxins, and maybe DNA migrations.

A: Yes

So, if i'm understanding the above correctly, at least according to the C's, it would appear that Vitamin C derived from GMO corn should be fine because the DNA bodies should no longer be present due to the chemical processes involved in making it.
I was wondering on posologie/dosage matters about VitC (normal in powder) :

- is there any problem to prepare like 300ml of water the morning, put in 5gr of VitC, then drink a little bit during the whole day ?
I mean, having it in water during 1 day is ok or does it reduce the strenght of the solution the more time passes ?
If someone would ask me to give my opinion about, I would answer that ... it should be ok, but im not sure.

- linked to first question : do someone know how many time it can be conserved diluted in water ? For instance, if you want to take 5gr/day, can someone prepare a 1,5L bottle, add 35gr of VitC, and drink 1/7 every days ?

- as i have a water distillator I was wondering if using distiled water for VitC would be a good idea or not ? (btw I read a bit about drinking distilled water but not enough to have an opinion)

- at least, as I have also a coloidal silver generator, I was wondering the following, giving an example of "recipe" for 2 days :
500ml bottle, + add a spoon of colloidal silver + add 10g of VitC, shake it, drink 10 sip by day during 2 days from the bottle.
Anyone would see a problem of proceeding like this ?
I would do it only if ill, or would put more VitC and maybe 2 spoons of C.Silver - by default it's better to "take" colloidal silver using an atomizer, but for some people it help them a lot to drink it for transit and digestion, one of my cousin who has crohn's disease had miraculous results drinking it, and she still now drink a little quantity of AC every evening.

I have more questions in mind as I also have Mg in powder here, but it tastes so bad that I prefer to quickly drink it in a minimum quantity of water ^^
Hello everyone,
'mada 85' I have been following your posts with all the answers about vitamin C and I feel that is necessary to bring in some new details into the story.
All the confusion is about the name that allopathic medicine is using, vitamin C is not ASCORBATE ACID but NATRIUM ASCORBATE or SODIUM ASCORBATE .
Ascorbate acid is just one fragment of vitamin C but not a complete vitamin and so useless for the body. Vitamin C need following components to be complete: next to Ascorbate acid, needs, Ruthyn, Bioflavonoide, Factor K, Factor P, Factor J, Tirosinaze and other trace minerals. You are right about all the health benefits from vitamin C but you are making crucial mistake mixing ascorbate acid with natrium ascorbate.
There is a lot of good material about work from Dr. Frederick Klenner and also Dr. Linus Pauling who have committed all his life researching on vitamin C and without any doubts proved that high usege of vitamin C(natrium ascorbate) till 18 gr per day can cure or prevent many health problems but our allopathic medicine is working in the favour of pharmaceutical industry and had never revealed the truth about vitamin C and all benefits from it.
So please for the highest good of everyone do some research on subject and make sure that everyone gets the right informations.
Here some useful links:
I was wondering one thing :

We know from the C's that our ADN was degraded and some DNA strands removed.
Knowing the importance of the Vitamine C & knowing that most of the animals produce their own Vitamine C but not the humans, I wonder if the human body is/was originally able to produce its own Vitamine C, but that it was removed (among other things) in other to better control us ?

Ok, even if the answer is "yes", we won't be much able to do something about, but I felt useful to post this reflexion here

A more practical information or at least a first response to one of my question posted above, the question about preparing 1L of water + vitamine C and use it for 1 or 2 days. The advise of my uncle (retired biologist/chemist) told me that as the VitC degrades in presence of oxygen, he confirmed that in water, it looses rapidly its properties, thus he recommanded to divide what you take during one day in 2 batches of water + VitC. In practice, if you take 5g/day, the early morning you prepare a bottle of like 200ml, put 2,5g of VitC, mix it then drink it during the first part of the day. And prepare again the same for the second part of the day, and drink regularly one or two sips. He also recommanded not to mix the bottle in-between because this would accentuate the loss of VitC properties.
If I'm taking vitamin C, whether half a teaspoon (2.5 g) or one teaspoon (5g), I just mix the powder in half a glass of water, stir it up with a spoon, and drink the whole thing right then.
I've only read half of this fascinating thread, but felt I should share my experiences with it. I've been taking Ascorbic acid for I think 2 weeks now and wow! am I feeling the difference. I seem to tolerate 6-7g a day.
My aches and pains have almost disappeared, as well as what felt like
bruising on the inside of my legs. I have more energy, my anxiety has
lessened and my mind is a little sharper, so is my eyesight. Fantastic!

I've ordered Lugol's 5% and I'm increasing my intake of the Vitamin Bs, so I wonder what changes may take then.
Hello all,

Was discussing with my cousin about VitC, and he sent me the following link, from belgium main state french official media named "RTBF" (Radio Television Belge Française).
In summary : after 20y of investigation from a Chilean group of searchers, the Vitamine C would in fact create a kind of a shield which protects the cancer cells ... kinda the contrary of what is observed by many.
Here's the link to the french article :

I noticed that the information is coming from the French AFP, well known here to be the headquarter of oriented information of the French MSM.

Here's the link to auto-traduction from google

Anyone here has whether the right knowledge to comment the details of these researches, or the good skills to search for more information about this Chilean team of experts, of this doctor named Coralia Rivas, or about the university and who finance it ? Or any other comment about ?
To me it simply seems to be a new big disinformation attempt to protect their juicy cancer business by finding (true or semi-true) facts which discourage to use Vitamine C.
You may find your happiness in this thread High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C (and other vitamin infusions), #35 and #36 Gaby's posts.

Started this practice with my naturopath doctor (ND) as he was introduced to some of Gaby's writing (Health Matrix and SOTT) initially, and then found a naturpathic group out of Vancouver who was providing this treatment to their clients. My ND immediately studied it and adopted it. IV's start lower for some and additional cofactors can be adjusted. There are tables used to gauge dose, and I started at 15g. that takes about 40 minutes to take-up into the body through the IV's slow drip.

Gaby's post link above evaluates much of this, so will make adjustments myself over time (or rather the ND will as we discuss). So, if you have an ND who is not providing this treatment, perhaps some dialogue might help, as most are pretty understanding and are looking for new ways to bolster their own practices, especially now.

Iron. This is also something to be kept in balance, and although I've not started with the ND on this (there are limited other options here for me), he is now way more informed after reading from what Gaby had also written in 2013 The iron elephant - The dangers of iron overload, and the book (which is the basis of the article) of near the same title by Roberta Crawford, is a must read. I ended up giving my old copy to a physician who then moved away years ago, and hope that he was able to put it to practice (it amazed me that they were so unaware); I know my ND was startled by the implications.
Please! Great idea to break this thread off. It would reduce the endless surfing😀😀 I will post in the swamp about my struggles the 3 weeks. With it covid ????
Hello, here's my experience with Vitamin C and what's working for me. I'll keep it short and sweet.

All my life I've suffered from rhinitis, sinus problems and ear infections, I acquire them after being infected with a cold or flu.
Last November I came down with a curious sort of 'flu, it was probably the dreaded plague and I recovered in a few days except for a dry nagging cough I couldn't shake. My brother suggested this brand of liposomal vitamin C. There were no side effects but a bit of anal leaking but nothing happened so he gave me some of this brand, 2 grams a day and the cough cleared in 4 days! I now take one gram a day and I'm finding that small cuts on my extremities are healing like they did when I was 35, I'm 55 now.

The side effects for me of more than one gram a day is a mild and temporary tummy ache and mild case of the runs. No anal leakage.

I gave some to a friend who has suffered from sinus trouble for decades, her nose runs constantly and antibiotics provided only temporary relief. It cleared in 4 days! She stopped taking it the problem returned in 5 days, resumed it, cleared up and no further problems, takes one gram per day without side effects. She takes it in powdered form and it's a brand that I can't find online but it's available at Priceline Chemists in Australia for less than $20.

Two other friends takes this brand. Their in their 80s and and it's improved their sinus problems dramatically with no side effects.

Since I began taking these powders I've been trying to catch a cold to see if they reduce and shorten the symptoms. I can't do it no matter how much I try! If I do I'll let you know and I'll share the results, I'm also snorting colloidal silver nasal spray every time I'm exposed to an infected person so maybe that's acting as a prophylactic.

Happy days!
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