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(CRW Am-EU) What temporary schedule is best for you?

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Hello everyone,

Here's the video of the last meeting (The Wave chapter 65 part 4)

The audio.

And the folder.

Great job, Turgon.

We'll continue with chapter 65 from this paragraph:

E-group member wrote:

But I read NOTHING about the joys and absolute beauty and wonder of this earth and being alive. Since reading C’s I’ve been going around especially noticing the incredible beauty of one flower, a redwood forest, theincredible awesomeness of all nature in sync, the magnificence of our bodies,the awesome ‘STS’ human contributions & inspirations in the creation of art and music, the propensity of human beings to celebrate and seek the feeling of being in joy together. And it feels so right and so good to LAUGH and play with my children, share the deliciousness of the earth in the company of friends and admire the stunning beauty around me.

See you tomorrow!


The Living Force
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Thank you everyone for a lively meeting and the lovely surprise of redrock12 joining us.
It just felt as if the circle was complete. Some great points and insights were raised. Thank you Logos5x5 for keeping us on track and looking forward to our next meeting.
Thank you everyone for being there after a prolonged stay in the hospital a number of days without any contact with the Fellowship. Its hard to describe what it meant to me when Turgon, anartist, and Voyageur went thru herculean efforts to find my whereabouts and get in touch with me. The reading workshop is like an oasis of sanity after being stranded in a world of ignorance, fear, and lies.
I am truly blessed to be part of this Fellowship.:hug2:
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