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A description of the "falling down man" as a victim of Covid? More likely it was a vaccine reaction, as China commenced it mandatory adult vaccination law on 01Dec19, and we all know what happened after that.....
Actually, the below was what I was questioning as misinformation/disinformation:
Concerning the second paragraph below the list of original Wuhan symptoms - is this what Dr. Yeadon has stated as fact?

NO RESEARCHER of any stripe has proven that a ‘virus’ can be transmitted person-to-person.
Is the above being attributed to Dr. Yeadon? And I guess add the above to the "viruses don't exist" proclamations.


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More so than Australians? Surely Australians must be somewhere near the top. Literally imprisoned in their island in the middle of nowhere.
At least it's not as cold, and there have been some signs that the public is waking up. I've come to think that these draconian measures only last for as long as the people allow them to, perhaps until the people supporting them die. You cannot comply your way out of tyranny.


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True leaders don't lead by fear. Only tyrants resort to such measures. That's what they are.

Absolutely! They're leading us right over a cliff - which is why we don't trust or like them!

I think I can understand them, it's very frustrating..

It must be quite terrible for them. They have all the money, they control all the institutions, they regularly assure one another that they are the very best people, the wisest, the smartest, the most meritorious, the most deserving of power and respect ... and yet, more and more of the people simply tune them out, or when they do pay attention it's to mock and deride them.

Their position in life is based on nothing more than a consensual hallucination that they have that position, and increasingly, it is only them who participate in that hallucination.


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"We trust each other more and more, but in every single country the population trusts the elite less, so, we can lead, but...."

Are you so sure you can lead, lady?
As Boris Johnson's premiership unravels following the backlash from the 'partygate' revelations of illicit Downing Street lockdown shindigs, the Prime Minister has announced not only the end of Plan B measures from January 26th - including vaccine passports, work-from-home guidance and face masks - but his intention to end the remaining measures as well.

So, yeah - the elites, our dear leaders, are recanting and falling all over themselves to explain away their disastrous "leadership" decisions now that it's become quite clear that they over exaggerated the threat and generally had it all wrong. That's in addition to all the instances of the rules were only for us and didn't apply to them! An article on Sott speaks to this:
At the end of the Second World War, Gaullists and Communists insisted that the majority of the French people had played a part in the Resistance. Actual figures for those who actively opposed the Nazis vary between 400,000 and 75,000. Something not entirely dissimilar is happening now as the Government prepares to lift Plan B restrictions next week, and fervent advocates of lockdown try to distance themselves from its dire consequences. Scientists whose mathematical models persuaded anxious ministers to impose drastic restrictions on human freedom not even seen during the Blitz are suddenly keen to emphasise that these were merely worst-case "scenarios", not something on which you'd want to base actual policy.

Did they mention that at the time, I wonder? Or has the Eddie-the-Eagle reliability of their predictions given rise to a certain hasty revisionism? Sorry, that's unfair. Eddie the Eagle never predicted up to 6,000 Covid deaths a day this winter (actual number: 250).
Michael Gove, the Cabinet's most hawkish lockdown supporter, admitted last week to the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs that he was a "bedwetter" who got things badly wrong (unlike Boris) when he called for further restrictions over Christmas. Wes Streeting, the shadow Health Secretary, now says that we must never lock down again without explaining why the useless, No-opposition Opposition party not only failed to challenge any of the destructive rules, but continually called for them to be stricter.

Cracks are even opening up in the wonkish façade of the Behavioural Insights Team, the so-called Nudge Unit, which bears much of the responsibility for terrifying the British people into complying with measures so cruel that I predict future generations will refuse to believe we ever allowed them to happen. Simon Ruda, co-founder of the team, told Unherd: "In my mind, the most egregious and far-reaching mistake made in responding to the pandemic has been the level of fear willingly conveyed on the public." Eh? It's a bit like the kid who drops a banger in the tin of fireworks, claiming he never meant to start a fire. Honest, guv!

And so, it's been quite a "show", not that's it's over by any means. But, it does go to show (pun unintended) what the Cs have said in a totally different context - and this is where a photographic memory could produce the exact lines from the transcripts (sigh) - that people have to actually experience things in order to truly "get it". And as we all know by now, we can talk till we're blue in the face and it won't dent people's minds! But, once they've been subjected to these realities - seen it/felt it/suffered the pain and devastation - then it becomes real and their false illusions are blown away. IOW, tough love to the extreme! So all this horrid suffering has been necessary to break the spell of lies, deceit, and programming that's been inflicted upon the populace. A work still in progress.


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Locally here in Rhode Island the director of the Department of Health is resigning:

AND the head of the state's COVID response team is also resigning:

Given the timing of other changes being discussed in this thread I find the timing of these resignations very interesting 🤔

Rhode Island is one of the most vaccinated states (I think Vermont is #1 and RI is #2) but it has been dealing with a huge omicron surge since before Christmas with lots of trouble in the state hospitals because of staffing shortages caused by the governor's vax mandate that went into effect October 2021:

Of course the shortages are attributed to healthcare workers leaving "the workforce due to burnout from the ongoing pandemic" 🙄

I wonder if these resignations are a result of the mess the state is in right now, if the rats are jumping ship, or if its a combination of things.

Has anyone else noticed anything similar locally?


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An article on Sott speaks to this:

"With the UK set to be one of the first countries to come out of the pandemic, I thought it was worth starting to compile a list of the most lunatic measures. Lest we forget."
Oh my! The list is both hilarious and horrifying! Talk about mass formation psychosis!

1. "Church yesterday. Wafer but no wine for communion. Service followed by wine and biscuits to mark the vicar's retirement."

2. "The one where you could work in a control room with multiple people for 12 hours then be breaking the law if you sat on a bench drinking coffee with one of them."

3. "Forming a socially distanced queue at the airport before being sardined into a packed plane with the same people, two hours later."

4. "Swings in our local park put into quarantine or removed - even though children were barely at risk from Covid as swings were outside."

5. "No butterfly stroke allowed while swimming."

6. "Pubs with no volume on the TV."

7. "Not allowing people to sit on a park bench. My elderly aunt kept fit by walking her dog every day, but she needed to rest. Since that rule, she stopped going out. She went downhill and died last April."

8. "I got thrown out of a McDonald's for refusing to stand on a yellow circle. I was the only customer."

9. "Yellow and black hazard tape across public seats and benches outdoors."

10. "I'm stuck in the infant in-patient ward with my nine-day-old sick baby, post C-section, unable to look after him. My husband (same household) is not allowed to be here with us. I'm having panic attacks, which is preventing me from producing milk for the baby."

11. "I was advised by a council worker to keep my dog on a lead because people might stop to pet her and congregate too closely."

12. "My bed-ridden mother-in-law with dementia in a care home where only 'window visits' were allowed. Mum was on the first floor. Had to wait for someone to die on the ground floor so she could be moved down there and finally seen by her family. After 12 months."

13. "Two people allowed to go for a walk on a golf course. If they took clubs and balls, it was a criminal offence."

14. "The one-way system in my local pub, which meant that to visit the loo you had to make a circular journey through the building, ensuring you passed every table."

15. "My dad was failing in his care home. We weren't allowed to visit him until the doctor judged he was end-of-life care because of one positive case in the home. We had 24 hours with him before he passed."

16. "People falling down the escalator on the Underground because they were frightened of touching the handrails - even though you couldn't get Covid from surfaces."

17. "Rule of Six. My wife and I have three children so we could meet either my wife's mum or her dad, but not both at the same time."

18. "Nobody solved an airborne virus transmission with a one-way system in Tesco."

19. "How about not being allowed for several months - by law - to play tennis outdoors with my own wife? We'd have been further apart from each other on court than in our own home."

20. "On two occasions, I was stopped and questioned while taking flowers to my mother's grave. One time, a police officer even asked for my mum's name. No idea what he would have done with that information."

21. "Birmingham City Council cutting the grass in two-metre strips - so the weeds could social-distance?"

22. "Northampton police checking supermarket baskets for non-essential items."

23. "All the children at school were asked to bring in a favourite book, but it had to be quarantined for two days before being 'exposed' to the rest of the class."

24. "Dr Hilary on Good Morning Britain advising people to wear masks on the beach - and that it would be a good idea to swim in the sea with one on, too."

25. "Gyms and exercise classes forced to close, but fast-food outlets remained open."

26. "They taped off every other urinal in my workplace."

27. "Sign on the inside of work bathroom door: close toilet lid before flushing to prevent plumes of Covid-19."

28. "We held our carol service in a local park, but had to send out invitations by word of mouth, rather than email, so we'd have plausible deniability if stopped by police."

29. "Having to wear a disposable apron and gloves while visiting my mother in a care home, while she was on the other side of a floor-to-ceiling Perspex wall."

30. "Scotch eggs. You couldn't drink in a pub unless you also had a 'substantial' meal."

31. "Testing of totally healthy people and making them stop work based on a questionable positive test result, when they have no symptoms, creating NHS staff shortages, cancelled operations. Things that, you know, actually kill people..."

32. "My son works in the NHS on the Covid ward and could go to the local Sainsbury's for his lunch. But when we were ill and isolating at home, he had to isolate as well - for 10 days."

33. "My eight-year-old granddaughter telling me they weren't allowed to sing Happy Birthday at school for her friend's ninth birthday."

34. "It was illegal to see your parents in their back garden, but legal to meet them in a pub garden with lots of other people."

35. "I had to abandon my weekly choir practice - but my husband was allowed to sing as a spectator at a football match."

36. "They removed all the bins in Regent's Park and Hampstead Heath."

37. "Having a flask of tea or coffee on a walk meant it was classified as a picnic - and thus verboten."

38. "Bring your own biro to a dental appointment to fill in a form declaring you do not have Covid."

39. "My neighbour refused to hang the washing out to dry - they thought the sheets might catch Covid and infect them."

40. "My 12-year-old had to sit alone at her grandfather's funeral - her first experience of one - even though we drove there together and hugged outside. There were three officials watching us all to ensure we didn't break the rules."

41. "We could only go outdoors once a day for exercise."

42. "In pubs, wearing a mask to get from the door to the table, and the table to the toilet - but not wearing a mask while sitting down."

43. "People in a Tier 3 area walking two minutes down the road for a pint in Tier 2."

44. "In Wales, supermarkets were allowed to stay open, but the aisles containing children's clothing and books were taped off. Because buying a baby's jumper is so much more perilous than picking up a pint of milk."

45. "The pallbearers all but threw my mother's coffin in the grave and ran away. They had her down as a Covid death, but she died of cancer."

46. "The one-way systems around supermarkets that led to people being forced into parts they didn't want to be in, making them spend more time in the shop - while Covid simply circulated over the top of the shelves."

47. "Children abandoned by social services and left in the clutches of terrible parents."

48. "Police breaking into our student house and pinning my girlfriend by the neck up against the wall. I said: 'This is England - you're not allowed to do that.'"

49. "Residents of care homes forgetting who they were during the long months when family were not allowed to visit them."

50. "Dying alone. How many died alone? How many?"

What does this say about us as supposedly intelligent beings and the level of brain-dead compliance?! The Masters of the Universe sure knew what they were doing!


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Oh my! The list is both hilarious and horrifying! Talk about mass formation psychosis!

What does this say about us as supposedly intelligent beings and the level of brain-dead compliance?! The Masters of the Universe sure knew what they were doing!
I read that article and it was on my mind, (among other things.)

The one about being thrown out of McDonald's for not standing on a yellow circle made me laugh.
The one about the scurrying pall bearers made me roll my eyes.
The ones about children having to be alone and scared because of adult stupidity made me sad and then angry.

I also read a bunch of articles about 5G. -About how not all sorts of walls bounce the waves away. Concrete works nicely, but if you live, as I do in an apartment complex with mostly just wood and plaster separating apartments, then every blithe fool with a wifi box, modern TV or laptop means I'm getting irradiated, while most of those hobbits don't even know the device is turned on half the time.)

I had a rough morning, (headache), and I spent a lot of time silently complaining to nobody about "All The Stupid People Ruining Everything And Why Should The Rest Of Us Have To Live In The Stinking Disaster They Have Created?"

I got over it. I still believe the basic truth of the matter, but I'm not particularly angry about it now. Maybe it's the 5G rays frying my last two working neurons.

At least I don't shop at McDonald's and have to stand in a yellow circle.


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It's a pity they don't know how accurate or inaccutate these tests are. Some of them (PCR tests) are run at such high cycles that there are many false positives. This is what was used to justify lockdowns in Victoria and pushing, and then mandating the "vaccine" here.
They know and have known. In the New Normal lying is the way to do things with the help of the police/jail/fines/ and if that fails brute force.

There is already plenty of research studies/articles that go way back to 2020 warning about potential mistakes that would result from misusing the test results. I believe the WHO had addressed this in 2021 in some forgotten now information release. Their method is to say the truth but ignore it at the same time.

As more intelligent people look at data the criminal dirt starts to see the light of day. Oh how they would love to be able to "lockdown" data from the Public for 100 yrs. That they are fiddling with numbers in order to lie, I think most of us would agree with little resistance.

this is the essence of bayes. it’s how you measure and aggregate real relative risk and outcome. but the definition of “vaxxed” as “dose 2 +14 days” which breaks this utterly.

it attributes the risk of running across the field to “staying in the foxhole.”

if you get sick or hospitalized or die in that period, you get called “unvaxxed.”
the increased risk you face due to immunosuppression should be associated with vaccination. instead, it gets attributed to lack of vaccination.

this is frightfully dishonest.

it’s also frighteningly effective if you seek to lie about efficacy.

i laid this out as just a basic walk though on the math. the numbers were thought experiments. but they clearly show that you can make a vaccine with zero efficacy and actual net harm from early immunosuppression look highly effective with just this one definitional game.

i could not quantify it. joel did. the numbers are eye popping and the 2 week period of greatly accelerated vulnerability is plain for anyone to see.

it’s outright glaring. it might well be a 5X accelerator for hospitalization and 3-4X for deaths over that 2 week period vs prior base rate. it might well be 10X in cases.
By transferring all the bad things that happen to people that get the clot-shot within 2 wks. to the "unvaxxed" category, results in making the clot-shots look better than they actually are.


Rest is found here,

Now for an insider look of what is happening in schools. We can safely extrapolate this world wide to places where these criminal measures were/are rigidly practiced.
When we were physically in school, it felt like there was no longer life in the building. Maybe it was the masks that made it so no one wanted to engage in lessons, or even talk about how they spent their weekend. But it felt cold and soulless. My students weren’t allowed to gather in the halls or chat between classes. They still aren’t. Sporting events, clubs and graduation were all cancelled. These may sound like small things, but these losses were a huge deal to the students. These are rites of passages that can’t be made up.
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