We've all heard the reports from individual Italian or Spanish doctors in specific hospitals in specific areas of their respective countries telling horror stories of inundated emergency rooms and ICUs, not enough respirators and people 'dropping lie flies' etc.

You'd be forgiven for seeing this as evidence that this pandemic is nothing like we've seen before and that it justifies entire countries being locked down. And you'd be wrong, on both counts.

The key point here is 'individual doctors in specific hospitals in specific areas of specific countries'

Every single winter season, in at least one country (usually several) there is a 'flu pandemic'. Further, it is not across the entire country/countries. There are specific 'hot spots' where an alarmingly large number of cases inundate hospitals, require tents to be set up, emergency supplies of respirators to be shipped in, ambulances to be diverted from other areas.

Now, the reason you don't know about this is because governments and the media essentially IGNORE it. Why? Well, apart from their standard acceptance of the fact that every winter season large numbers of the sick elderly choose to 'move on', there is the vaccine factor. In most Western nations, upwards of 75% of the over 65s are vaccinated against the flu. To widely publicize that so many such people are, nevertheless, dying as a result of "complications from flu related illnesses" might undermine faith in the almighty flu vaccine (and the profits derived from administering it).

Now, back to those Italian or Spanish doctors. One question: have those doctors ever been in a hospital during one of the yearly flu pandemics that hit specific hospitals in specific areas of specific countries? I'd wager not.

I've said it many times already, and I'll say it again, much of the entire world is being deliberately and cynically hystericized, with entire countries locked down, police state measures imposed, and livelihoods and lives placed in unnecessary danger, over what is, essentially, a rather common bad seasonal flu outbreak.

Years ago I went to see a homeopath on a regular basis and she told me that homeopathy can also help counter the damage caused by vaccines. Perhaps we can find some articles to that effect?
It was discussed to some extend in these threads:

My wife and I enjoy the free time. It's just a shame that the shops are closed. But because of me, there could be a virus every year.
Yeah... I tough so too.... Like: Great! I´ll have time to clean my apartment and spend time with my kids!
Only I still haven´t done the first part because I spend my days working from home and teaching kids.... It´s quite fun actually, helping kids make science and lierature projects and spend time with them.....
Dutch Sott published an article recently, reporting that Gates resigned from Microsoft as a board member, because he wants more time for 'philanthropy'. The article also stated that it is likely he will resign from investor Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway as a board member, but I find that hard to believe. Interesting timing, however (the article was written on 13 March 2020).

After watching his recent interviews and seeing that smirk on his face, I'm convinced Bill Gates will be a key cog in what's to come

Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft’s board of directors last week, pretty much ending his official ties to the company he co-founded. He says he’s still available as a technology adviser to CEO Satya Nadella and other Microsoft leaders, but otherwise he’s devoting himself completely to his other pursuits, like philanthropy
Now this: yesterday, the Minister of Finance of Hesse (a German federal state and economic powerhouse which includes Frankfurt), committed suicide. He left a letter, of which a few lines were published initially in an article in a major newspaper, but then the passage was almost immediately deleted! The deleted passage said: "According to reports, Schäfer is said to have spoken of a 'hopelessness', which he sees socially, but also in relation to the economic situation of the country. This hopelessness was, among other things, specifically related to the current situation, which had obviously 'created problems' for him."

Here's the article by someone who took a screenshot before it disappeared:

Sooo.... Statistically speaking, another death due to virus?
And now this! Why are we not surprised???

And this:

I swear to God, it really does seem like they are using this virus scare to cover up something much bigger.
I just see a bunch of imbeciles trying to clumsily cover up a huge mess of what they have already done and what they also intended to do in the near future.
Another thought came to mind in considering the unprecedented global reaction including shut/lock-downs and citizen evacuation flights

There is also a fine line between not caring and caring a little too much. After all, internment camps and forced vaccinations and so forth are there to protect and serve the citizens.

During WW2 in some countries, residents/workers/people who were originally from 'enemy' countries were sent to internment camps, even if they had nothing to do with the military or war. The global resetting right now, getting everyone back to their homes literally, including expats, basically reorganizing the distribution of people throughout the globe and preventing tourists from travelling - one of the biggest differences between now and WW2 was mass tourism and civil aviation. It could be a prelude to a greater geopolitical battle - by ensuring most nationals of each country have returned home, thereby limiting the need for commercial aviation, the stage is set for conflict.
Yeah, my mother was having trouble getting her ventalin prescription filled so a friend has given her some.

Can anyone advise what is the best stand in for ventalin should she not be able to fill her prescription after that runs out?
Ventalin? You mean Ventolin? (dci salbutamol)
If yes, she can greatly benefit from nebulizations with MgCl, SB and DMSO which are efficient in asthma.

How long covid-19 can survive on a paper? I wonder how many people won't touch it even with a stick :rotfl:
I hope they've put the stamp "Coronavirus" on the envelope in order to warn people :rotfl:

Q: (L) How can we protect ourselves and our children?
A: Inform them. Don't hide the truth from children.
Q: (L) How does truth protect us?
A: Awareness protects. Ignorance endangers.
Q: (L) Why tell children such horrible things?
A: Need to know.
Q: I don't know how knowing this helps. This is awful. Why tell children such things?
A: Must know - ease pain with meditation.
Q: Why are you telling us this? It's awful!
A: We love you.

So, after having a couple of days to digest things, I decided that I'd read out loud to my family, from a book I read a while back, after breakfast and dinner. I've found certain topics have been awkward to address with our children, more my issue it seems on reflection, yet this seems to be the perfect time to move up a couple of gears and get them mentally and physically prepared.

My 12 year son and 7 year old daughter weren't particularly enthusiastic about to it to start with, but I've now got my daughter standing over my shoulder, reading along and my son actually listening, things are definitely getting strange! :-)
:-POnly a page or two at a time though, as this seems enough to stimulate them into asking questions or coming up with ideas of their own. They're both competitive, so it does turn into a battle of who's better at whatever it is that they're doing, which gets things going pretty quick. A couple of night's ago for example, they were arguing over who could tie the best knot and then who could make the best slingshot!
We started with the psychology of survival and why we need to understand fear, particularly how dangerous it can be. Because of what is going on, there are loads of examples to highlight, so they can get the gist of what we / the book is explaining to them.

I'm guessing for some stuck indoors with their family, it could quite easily turn hostile, so doing our best for that not to happen here, my wife and I want to keep us all involved in something together that's beneficial (lots of great tips throughout, such as "you can use hand cleaner for helping to start a fire" for starters :-D ).
Ok, so the book is Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook
(I couldn't see it on amazon...)
"Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook" The portable guide to getting out alive. Captain Mykel Hawke has a great sense of humour throughout, keeping it light, but to the point...

"When I encounter people who don't want to chop a small tree for their shelter or cold, or they don't want to kill a small mammal for their meal, then I hand them a pencil and paper. I ask them, "Who is the most important person alive on this planet that you love and care for?" Then I tell them to write this letter:
"Dear XXXXXXX, I love you very much, but I love this tree or this critter more than you, so, I refuse to kill it. Therefore I will lay down here and die. But know that I love you, very much, just not as much as this rabbit or bush."
They always chop or kill after that...

I'm not so much doing a review of the book itself, because it seems like there's quite a few on that topic.

Although, as I'm typing this, it is dawning on me that with being stuck at home, it might be something to fill the day with for others and it's certainly applicable to the potential situation, maybe a little extreme, I don't know yet, but we're not going to slip into a false sense of security, just because there is food on the shelves and a roof over our heads now. Getting out of your comfort zone and learning something new is ideal to keep busy.

With our children, fortunately they aren't carrying nearly as much emotional baggage as the adults within our family do. Attention spans can be short, but that appears to be boredom, so stimulation is the key here. Most children I've come across, love building things. The ones that haven't, need to be coaxed away from the screen until they're bored enough that they just want something to do, rather than sit there, arms crossed and bottom lip stuck out. A grunt and a quick shiver is a usual response to attempt at conversation. I'm speaking from my own experience here. Yep, I used to do just that very thing!

During the day we went through all the clothes and sorted them out. My daughter loves fancy dress and was happy to try everything on and we certainly didn't realise up until now, how much just doesn't fit her anymore! Our son is deperate to go on his XBox and play with his friends and we're ok with that, as it gives him a chance to chat with them, which at the moment he isn't able to do. They're playing a football game together and it's funny listening to my son's excuses when his team loses or a goal is scored against him (apparently it keeps glitching...:-P), He knows when he's told to come off, it's in his interest to, otherwise the XBox might disappear for a while!

They don't want to go back to school and it's only been just over a week! In conversation with parents whose children are at different schools to ours, the schools aren't making much of an effort with making any contact and helping keep the children stimulated with basic school work, we're just forwarding the said parents any work that our children get. Keeping the children busy, gives us a chance to get things done around the house and just talk.

When I got back from the shops yesterday, the first thing I did was ask our children if they knew how long 2 metres is, they were pretty close, far closer than the people queueing outside the supermarket. Since when has 2 metres become 5 metres? Whilst actually inside the shop, just before it was my turn to be served, making sure I was adhering to the 2 metre rule, the sales assistant told me to move back, apparently I was too close and to move back to where she was pointing, 5 metres again! There was an element of enjoyment in her eyes as she embraced her newly found authority. It was a good lesson in self control, not to give her both barrels!
Twitter video from 27th March showing a woman arguing with suited men putting letters under people's doors claiming a man died from coronavirus in their housing complex when this woman knows he has not; she gave him food just a few hours ago and saw the police take him to the hospital, he was clearly able to speak and move.

She accuses them of spreading fear in her community. On hearing what she has to say they basically say "oh, we were just following orders, now we know".

It's interesting because clearly some people are becoming tired and angry of how this situation is being handled and the lies are being revealed bit by bit - for some anyway:

Some of what she says is (not verbatim): 'when were you told a fatality happened? Because the man you say just died, we saw the police take him to the hospital, he is not dead, he spoke to the police and a homeless man on his way out who had asked if he was alright and he replied that he was fine. And now you're coming up here spreading lies and telling me he is dead but he is not dead. Until you find out and can prove that that man is really dead you need to stop posting these letters. You are liars, you are spreading fear for no reason'

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