Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?


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Sure! I'm sorry, should have noticed this :-[
Thank you for pointing this out!

Here is the corrected version.
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I don't know if it's possible but it would be great if one of the Moderators could edit the attachment in my previous post. Thank you in advance :-)
Thank you Lukasz, I thought it was you that made the original graphics but I couldn't find you on the forum- I didn't have the Ł on my keyboard! Great job, it looks lovely.


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And the Bizzaro world is full of surprises. From Wednesday, 8th of April in Macedonia we will have a curfew from 16:00 to 5:00 next day, and for weekends 24 hours lockdown. From 16:00 on Friday until 5:00 on Monday.
:curse: This is insane. I am so pissed off.
Can normal people somehow wake, up, organize and do something against this tyranny?
This is nuts, keep pushing to see how far they can go.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they've been doing this for decades. I think they're next plan is to roll it out onto everyone else.
No doubt, but were they so out on the open about it in the past? Yeah psycho gates is saying everyone has to be vaccinated so life can get back normal.

I wrote this end of february posted on Facebook 😉

Fear and panic
Sweeps the globe
emotionally react
Mass hysteria
empty heads
Lead into the wilds
Of there mind

Its the unknown
We all fear
Justify your panic
Anyway you like
Fight or flight
Media hype

Get your vaccine
Is what they say
It will protect
Is what they say
Its the only way
Is what they say

Oh the price
You will pay
If you give
Your power away
Many won't take heed
They will beg
And plead
For a vaccine

Attack each other
On the streets
Government feast
Dancing to there
Drum beat

Weak minds is
What they desire
You can only
Save you
Don't forget
Knowledge protects true news


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Is there a vaccine we could give to Bill Gates that would remove his maniacal obsession with vaccinating the entire world?


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This is a different situation then for the H1N1. Now it is planetary and the reality is totally different, we enter a new world where every country in the planet is in a prison, one prison. New reality, new laws, new government, I mean ONE GOVERNMENT.
I don't know how much more obvious, and what else the "world government" has to do, what restrictions to apply for people to see that they are living in prison, the current situation shows the true face of people in power for those who haven't noticed it yet. They have exposed themselves, but somehow only a few people notice it


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Fascist propaganda continues: (from UK Sky News live coverage)

I'm speechless. Are diesel and petrol cars next? What else they had on their list before this craziness? Maybe meat?
It is already happening in South Africa. Day 11 of no alcohol no smokes. But the lockdown and tough additional measures against the Corona virus seems to proliferate domestic violence, like in the UK? Tomorrow morning I am going to make a smoking schedule for my heets. I have 19 packs for 10 days which should be far more than enough. However, if the circus is extended with another month then ....
After reading the UK news, I’m thinking that it must have been a very high up directive from world lenders to the extent that governments were told you either do a, b, c, d or you will not see any money. We saw both Moody’s and Fitch downgrading SA in minute succession before weekend, while in lockdown. Programming is complete here and the virus related numbers are irrelevant. Only finances are relevant. Go figure banks are an essential industry. Lovely!
Holy crap! Just went out for a smoke an some crazy light show caught my eye, when I realised that it was Sirius. It's flashing green and red and whatnot frantically. I've never seen it like that. Can anyone take a look and confirm? It should still be visible all across Europe.


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All Is very calm around here, drove to the park good few people out. Family's out, people cycling, walking, playing football. Was like a normal day. Didn't see anyone in the park wearing masks. Still havent seen any check points, was talking to a work friend he said he's gone through checkpoints going to work and the shops and is sick of being stopped. They told him only one person should be in the car he was with his wife going the shops. One person in a car wasn't mentioned when government announced the measures.

Drove home from work yesterday morning 5 min drive saw 5 police cars driving around. Lots of sirens later in the day. Don't know what that was about. Chopper is not out as much the past few days. Went the shop yesterday for chickens for the cats, place is well stocked roads empty about 10 people in the shop. So all in all things are very calm, for now.

5364 cases
174 deaths so far in Ireland.
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