Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?


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I´m a little behind the thread, but I just wanted to share some observations.

I´m currently in Croatia; we arrived last Thursday night because on Wednesday grandma has died. 😭 Suddenly, she was not sick, she died in her sleep, coroner says it was a hard attack - I think she died from sorrow and decided it´s time to move.
That topic is a swamp-topic, so I´ll stick to the COVID theme here.

We´ve traveled from Bonn, with one-stop, no one asked us anything, only checked our personal ID on borders.
In Croatia, all restrictions were lifted from Friday last week, so we managed to have a normal funeral on Friday.
When I came here it was like another reality on several levels; from plandemic point of view - here when you walk through the city - like nothing ever happened.
No masks anywhere, people are sitting in the sun outside the bars, in the stores, no one wears the mask.
Only in some bigger stores, you can see clerks wearing masks. Only people I saw with masks are Asians, and it was 2 people in these 10 days.
At the funeral, people were acting normal; hugging, griefing, they were close to each other, no masks,...

People we used to hang out is quite an "alternative crowd" (don´t know how else to describe them). No one I talked to, thinks that this plandemic is a real thing. They are furious and basically this all topic ended after 2 sentences like: "Don´t even mention this c****p!" and "This is unbelievable!"
So I´m kinda proud of my little town and seeing 15-20 people in one place, not buying MSM. Ok, the sources they follow are questionable and we didn´t go much into that, but the point is that they are not complete sheeple. :-)

And then I had a video call with parents and teacher from my son´s 4th class; after cca 7 days completely out of this plandemic stuff, hearing the teacher and parents talking about social distancing and how we cannot plan a farewell party for the kids, it was like a cold shower.
At one point I told them that here in Croatia everything is normal, like nothing happened, and told them that it is still 3 weeks until the end of the school year and that the restrictions should/might be lifted by then.
They all were looking at me like I fell from Mars and just shook their heads in disbelief that stuff will change.
The teacher, of course, is allowed to do as the principal said and the principal is acting as the ministry says.😩

What to say....
I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Do you happen to know what the situation is in Bosnia? I've a friend who hasn't been able to get home, since her family live in Bosnia but her own passport is Croatian.

That's good that the Croatian people have seen right through this. Yugoslavs seem to have a better nose for bullshit than Westerners, and to be more willing to defy/ignore ridiculous government dictats. Here, trapped in a blue state with a Democrat governor holding us hostage in order to own the bad orange man, lockdown restrictions are only being very slowly lifted, with absolutely no indication that things will go back to normal. Masks are mandatory in stores, and not only does everyone go along with it, I even see people wearing masks on the street - even in the park! - where the masks aren't even mandatory.

Blue state Americans really are hypnotized sheep.


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Masks to be mandatory on public transit in the UK.

Even as the world's governments essentially admit that this is literally 'just the flu, bro', they're doubling down on the insane restrictions.

This seems somewhat similar to Vaclav Havel's characterization of communist propaganda as having the purpose not to convince but to humiliate. By forcing the people to go along with obvious absurdities, essentially saying 'lol we know this makes no sense and is utterly unnecessary in light of all the scientific evidence but we're doing this anyhow, losers', the state sends the message that the people are powerless slaves to whom the state can do as it pleases.

Face masks compulsory on public transport from June 15, government announces


I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Do you happen to know what the situation is in Bosnia? I've a friend who hasn't been able to get home, since her family live in Bosnia but her own passport is Croatian.
Thank you!

I honestly have no clue about situation in BiH but from what I could find is this:

Bosnia and Herzegovina will open its borders to citizens of all neighboring countries, including Croatia, as of June 1st without any restrictions related to testing (for coronavirus).

...all restrictions on passenger traffic with neighbors have been lifted despite the fact that some neighboring countries, namely Croatia and Montenegro, still retain restrictions on the entry of BiH citizens.

All airports will also be open for international traffic, so a complete resumption of air traffic is possible from 1 June.
I hope your friend managed to get home.....

That's good that the Croatian people have seen right through this.
I don´t know; I´ve mentioned before in this thread-o-saurus that there ARE a LOT of people buying this stuff, but from the circle of people I saw in last days and talked to - all are quite aware of the MSM propaganda..... 💪


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Still, nobody would be so evil as to want to kill the sick elders. Everybody is just preoccupied with their careers, and doing whats needed to not impact the career negatively. Some very informed intelligence must be involved to do the steering. So Phlebas, your story still needs conspiracy..
There might be a conspiracy to cull the population at some point, and that's really worrying to me. They already have the ability to completely lock the World down by scaring people into compliance.

I think as far as the elderly go, they were just more at risk. Plus, this whole Pandemic thing was handled in an incredibly inept fashion and the reasons why people are at risk are not properly understood.

One of the things that stood out to me is that health care workers are also more at risk. This may indicate that their immune systems are not as robust as the rest of the population - or they do something different from the rest of the population. This, excludes the inevitable increased likely hood of exposure from patients as a reason for increased risk of morbidity and mortality.


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Been so emotionally involved in the George Floyd debacle forgot about Corona!

Haven't seen this posted.

As was known, Moderna execs were cashing out which partly lead to the irregularities in the stock price when they announced their "positive" phase 1 trial results.

In the video above, they discuss the chief medical officer who has now fully sold all his shares (holds zero Moderna shares at present) and taken his winnings to the bank. They touch upon what this means when the chief medical officer doesn't appear to hold trust in the long-term position of the company.

In other news, the UK is now mandating masks on public transport. (In true Orwellian speak, they call them face coverings)

Also been noticing some tactics from the BBC regarding saying minorities are some sort of engendered species from this virus (that they say affects minorities more)

Maybe it's the whole George Floyd thing that made me take note of that... I have a question... If minorities are at higher risk, then how come they aren't falling over dead enmasse in Africa, Asia, South America like we'd come to expect? Don't understand what this narrative is about always portraying minorities as victims of everything..

According to Bill Gates, Africa was meant to be getting flattened right about now (June / July) by the virus and he was calling for a global response to rescue Africa (by selling them vaccines no doubt). His wife, when asked why numbers in Africa aren't as bad as Europe or the US then went to say its because they don't have testing (implying that in fact the situation is bad but they just don't know about it because they don't have testing).... Please it's like someone saying person A is actually deceased, but he's alive because a post mortem hasn't been carried out so he doesn't actually know he's deceased (hence why he's alive).


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Translated: Google Traductor

Marcelo Gullo es doctor en Ciencia Política y Profesor de la Escuela Superior de Guerra en la Maestría en Estrategia y Geopolítica. Es autor de numerosos libros, entre ellos La insubordinación fundante: Breve historia de la construcción del poder de las naciones, La historia oculta. La lucha del pueblo argentino por su independencia del imperio inglés y Relaciones Internacionales: Una teoría crítica desde la periferia sudamericana.

En esta entrevista, realizada por Kontrainfo, Gullo analizó la actual crisis mundial, bajo el contexto del coronavirus, los actores transnacionales en juego, los objetivos detrás de los mismos y el rol geopolítico de Hispanoamérica en el concierto mundial post-Covid19.

“Una vez producida la crisis, el Establishment mundial decidió pescar en río revuelto”, opinó Gullo, al explicar que el capital productivo ha quedado extremadamente dañado y a merced del capital financiero que podrá comprar empresas a precio de regalo. “Entre la negación absoluta e irracional de la cuarentena y la cuarentena total e irreflexiva, estaba el justo medio”, afirma. Sin embargo, “el Establishment mundial en cuyo centro está el capital financiero internacional, empujó a casi todos los gobiernos a la cuarentena total, a través de la OMS como instrumento. ¿Para qué lo hizo? Para empujar a los gobiernos a esta trampa, con un objetivo económico, un objetivo geopolítico y un objetivo cultural-antropológico“, sostuvo.

“El objetivo económico está muy claro: toda crisis en el sistema capitalista provoca la concentración del capital y profundiza la desigualdad, elimina las pequeñas y medianas empresas, que han sido aniquiladas. Las materias primas y las acciones de las empresas no valen nada”, expresó.

“Desde el punto de vista geopolítico, uno de los objetivos ha sido la desindustrialización completa de España e Italia. Se ha elegido que el motor industrial de Europa debía ser Alemania, dejando a España e Italia como parques temáticos para el turismo, sin poder”, explicó Gullo.

Y añadió: “La pandemia también está siendo utilizada por el capital financiero internacional, para golpear a los sectores patrióticos de EEUU, de Rusia y de China. También China está dividida entre sectores patriotas y globalistas. Los sectores patrióticos de China son los que no quieren negociar y entregar al capital financiero internacional el sector financiero estatal”.

A nivel cultural-antropológico el profesor Gullo explicó: “Hay un artículo de la página oficial de la fundación Open Society que plantea la destrucción de la familia tradicional. Porque la familia es el último núcleo de solidaridad en el que puede refugiarse el hombre, que va quedando solo frente a la estructura del poder mundial. El coronavirus ha hecho que prácticamente veamos al prójimo como a un enemigo del que hay que estar distanciado, es un golpe mortal al humanismo, a la solidaridad“.

Marcelo Gullo is a Doctor of Political Science and a Professor at the War College in the Master's Degree in Strategy and Geopolitics. He is the author of numerous books, including The Founding Insubordination: A Brief History of the Construction of the Power of Nations, The Hidden History. The Argentine People's Struggle for Independence from the British Empire and International Relations: A Critical Theory from the South American Periphery.

In this interview, conducted by Kontrainfo, Gullo analysed the current world crisis, in the context of the coronavirus, the transnational actors at play, the objectives behind them and the geopolitical role of Latin America in the post-Covid19 world concert.

"Once the crisis occurred, the world's establishment decided to fish in a troubled river," said Gullo, explaining that productive capital has been extremely damaged and at the mercy of financial capital that can buy companies at a gift price. "Between the absolute and irrational denial of quarantine and the total and thoughtless quarantine, there was a middle ground," he said. However, "the world establishment at the centre of which is international financial capital, pushed almost all governments into total quarantine, using the WHO as an instrument. Why did it do this? To push governments into this trap, with an economic objective, a geopolitical objective and a cultural-anthropological objective," he said.

"The economic objective is very clear: every crisis in the capitalist system causes the concentration of capital and deepens inequality, eliminates small and medium enterprises, which have been annihilated. Raw materials and company shares are worthless," he said.

"From the geopolitical point of view, one of the objectives has been the complete deindustrialization of Spain and Italy. It has been chosen that the industrial engine of Europe should be Germany, leaving Spain and Italy as theme parks for tourism, without power," explained Gullo.

And he added: "The pandemic is also being used by international finance capital, to hit the patriotic sectors of the US, Russia and China. China too is divided between patriotic and globalist sectors. The patriotic sectors of China are those who do not want to negotiate and hand over the state financial sector to international finance capital.

On a cultural-anthropological level, Professor Gullo explained: "There is an article on the official website of the Open Society Foundation that calls for the destruction of the traditional family. Because the family is the last nucleus of solidarity in which man can take refuge, leaving him alone in the face of the world power structure. The coronavirus has made us practically see our neighbor as an enemy from whom we must be distanced; it is a mortal blow to humanism, to solidarity".
By forcing the people to go along with obvious absurdities, essentially saying 'lol we know this makes no sense and is utterly unnecessary in light of all the scientific evidence but we're doing this anyhow, losers', the state sends the message that the people are powerless slaves to whom the state can do as it pleases.
I think that's exactly what's going on at this point.

At the beginning of the 'pandemic', you could somewhat think, 'Well, maybe they're trying their best and failing because they're clueless', but that doesn't work anymore. The governments have no excuse for being clueless this far into the game.

Your neighbour, your boss, or your grandma can be forgiven for being clueless about the effects of lockdown and mandatory masks on society. There's no reason why they'd have to figure things out, so it's OK if they don't get it. It's not OK for the governments. It's their fkn job to figure things out and understand the situation. And since millions of people worldwide clearly have figured this out, there's no excuse for the gvt not to.

So the governments know this makes no sense and is utterly unnecessary, just like you said. And they do it anyway, so yeah, it's just harassment. The interesting part that people (meaning the general population) should be noticing but clearly aren't is the 'central planning' aspect of it, or the 'one world government' looming behind these actions. If 150 countries were doing the same thing and it made sense, there wouldn't have to be any conspiracy. But if they're all doing the same things that do not make any sense, then there has to be someone somewhere telling them to do so and directing this whole shit show. If people at large noticed this one thing, it could lead somewhere. But I'm not holding my breath, at least not until things get much worse, I'm afraid.

Have you thought about the fact that these toxic people you describe may consider you to be a toxic person?

I mean, most of my siblings won't look at or believe anything that I post or say. They all think that I have gone completely off my rocker. They condemned me for going Keto 10 years ago and are still having a hard time accepting the fact that I lost 150lbs, despite being seriously overweight themselves. But, they know what is best for me. Or they say, that may have worked for you but everyone is different.

They all are Trump haters, believe in vaccinations are Church goers(mostly), believe in Jesus and don't think aliens exist. They are closed minded about anything that I try to say. They consider me a black sheep.
I've always been a black sheep. Well, not really a sheep, but definitely something black.

When I was a teenager, I naturally tried to argue with people and point out things that were wrong, but I soon learned that it was pointless. 99% of the time, people simply do not want to think. So I learned to accept that that's just how it is and stopped caring about what people think, whether about me or about anything else. If they want to believe nonsense, fine. I let them. And I'm fine with being a black sheep. As long as others don't push their nonsense on me, we can get along just fine. If they do, then I minimise my reactions, and they soon get bored with me and go away.

As for toxicity, of course I'm probably seen as toxic by others. It only makes sense that it would be mutual.

I think we can say that STS is toxic to STO and vice versa. It's a matter of non-matching FRV. Just like there's environment you can thrive in and environment you can't, there are people you can thrive around and people who make it very difficult. It doesn't necessarily mean there's something wrong with them. There's just an incompatibility of frequencies.


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I think we can say that STS is toxic to STO and vice versa. It's a matter of non-matching FRV. Just like there's environment you can thrive in and environment you can't, there are people you can thrive around and people who make it very difficult. It doesn't necessarily mean there's something wrong with them. There's just an incompatibility of frequencies.
Good insight. Similarly, the atmosphere of the early, pre-photosynthetic Earth would have been toxic to life now; conversely, the oxygen produced as a byproduct of photosynthesis was toxic to the anaerobic archaea that dominated the early biosphere.

Lucius Lu

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Yesterday polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said at the parliamentary session:
"- Dear President, Madam Marshal, High Chamber! A New World Order is being made before our eyes, the world after coronavirus. We know perfectly well that what is happening today will affect Poland, Europe in five, ten years".

I think he's got something dangerous out of his mind.


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I don't think this has been posted yet here. Facebook has already taken it down. This lady describes her experience in Covid-19 Tracer training for California. Tracers are also being used here in New York State to keep track of and monitor potential outbreaks as we slowly open up in four phases after the total lock down. This is chilling and well worth contemplating the ramifications of what is really happening in the name of protection for all. This runs about 22 minutes.

WHOA! This is certainly worth 20 minutes of your time. This woman has been through the official Contact Tracing training course and is certified in California, US. She explains how it works and walks us through the fine print and the laws! Very scary and that a bill to be voted regarding Contract Tracing is numbered 6666 is just too weird. Check it out.


This just in:
Multnomah County, which contains Portland and is the most populous county in Oregon, finally submitted its plan to start reopening. It is the last one one Oregon to request reopening. Most other counties applied for reopening on May 15. What's the hold-up? Contact tracers! Not just any contact tracers, but tracers that match demographics so that they can "deal with minority and underserved populations being disproportionately impacted by the virus." This is beyond the state's requirements for opening up.

The June 12 "reopening" is nearly three months since the 15-day lock-down to "flatten the curve" started. As a result, there are fewer businesses around to reopen. The reopening requirements are such that it will be difficult for some businesses to reopen. Meanwhile, the head of the state's unemployment division has been fired due to a huge backlog in claims. A large number of unemployed workers haven't been paid, or even had their claims processed.
Crises, like pandemics, don't break things in and of themselves; they show you what's already broken. — Patrick Wyman
Thought I would reply in this thread as it only relates to the plandemic.

Good to hear you got some gamers back together. My lot have not met in person since the 2nd week of the UK lock down. We are still only meeting on-line. Not meeting in person is certainly not the same and I do miss a few hours a week of daft, fun social interaction, creativity and escapism.

I have repeatedly said they are all free to come to our house whenever they wish, but they are still not willing, even now that these gatherings of 6 outdoors is allowed... They do not really refuse, there is more of an uncomfortable silence. I wonder if this is a reaction of shock that I would make such a suggestion, or if they just do not know how to react/decide for themselves? I don't really try to urge them, just assert that my house is perfectly safe and I do not believe any of them are bearing a plague...

Most of my group work or have worked in the same lab as me. You would think at least one of them (other than my partner) would take a little interest in what is really going on and maybe a little science! But no - people are dying, got to stay safe, the rules say... I'm am sure a couple of them would willingly get a vaccine too.

One member of my group is involved in R&D here, but even he will only look through data and studies provided by big pharma, not even large university studies and certainly not private, independent labs... I am interested to see his reaction as more of the data used to justify this whole farce is revealed for what it is. Unfortunately, for now it does not matter what data is shared with him as he can be quite arrogant about his belief in the mainstream data he uses and is provided, rather than really delving into it.
Hi lain! So, you are a gamer as well? My group was using Zoom to play on-line too (a card game, "Magic the Gathering"), but I won't bother unless I have direct, physical interactions with live people. I play more for the direct social aspect than anything else.

That's interesting that you met most of your group in the lab you worked in. I've not met a single soul where I work that wants to do any of that stuff. And I've definitely encountered the same laziness re: science. Every single one of the people in my lab will insist that ALL of us get vaccinated for COVID once one becomes available.

I've even had one co-worker tell me she'd sue me for endangering her and her child's life if I don't get it (she is newly pregnant). I've tried showing her a summary of 325 medical journal abstracts that reveals the damage that vaccines can do, but it doesn't matter. She's been programmed, and that's all there is to it. That, more than anything else, has finally convinced me to give up the campaign. I am now looking at ways to extract myself from this place ASAP. Not sure I will be able to before the SHTF, but I will at least try.

You are in the UK? I wonder if the programming is stronger there than here, in some ways. Maybe that's why your group members are still reticent. But keep making overtures. And keep a stack of printed COVID articles from SOTT nearby. My stack is now 6" high! When my group met the other night, they were all against the lock down and the curfew, but they STILL had fear of the virus. So I just pointed to that stack and told them right off that if they were to read them all, they would feel as I do about this HOAX. I was quite literally wielding the weight of evidence!! But STILL they didn't want to let it go. I kept trying to tell them: "Just go through them and read the headlines!" But they reacted like I was a waiter trying to force an after-dinner mint down Mr. Creosote's gullet. "Come on, just one little headline? Just one!!"

The mainstream data trap is deadly indeed. I've tried showing people Venn diagrams that reveal the overlap between the CDC and the vaccine industry, for example, but you know what comment I got when I did that? "Well, thank GOD that people who understand vaccines are in charge at the CDC!!" No matter that many of them carried patents with them that make them a lot of money, and that they won't do vigorous studies on them to see what harm they may do - which was supposedly the mandate of the CDC to begin with. The concept of the "fox guarding the hen house" escapes them.

But as frustrating as all that has been, I'm done with the lessons. Let THEM have 'em. At this point I will only react if they try to force their crap on me - which is probably coming. But I will deal with that when it happens. I can't live worrying about it.

Good luck with your friends, and do find some outlet for creativity in lieu of them.
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