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Follow-up of session 210 (~1:00:30 to the end). This part is more difficult to transcribe because they go back and forth to examine things.

- Akashic records can be seen as an hourglass at the point 0 which have been blowed. It's like the hourglass is turned and turned over so everyone always access to the same knowledge and stay into an imprisonment. If you're beyond this memorial information you're liberated. If you connect to it, you stay into the imprisonment. This is the hourglass, the time. You stay in the time.

- It's like if the Earth conscientiousness exponentially "expanse". Like 10% in 2 years and then 10% in 1 year and so on...

- It's like we can send by our feet (our roots) our love vibration from our heart to the heart Earth to help the elevation. No need to think about it. Just have to love Gaïa.

- Does the Earth really need that to evolve? No, but we don't know what will remain after. Instead if we hold hands... "We don't do anything just for ourselves. We do it first for ourselves obviously but then we also do it for the other essence, or the other essences, because we are all one.
And that it is this hand that we are going to offer to the other that is going to make all the difference because until now, there was the notion of 'I come back to me so I have to take care of myself'.
This importance of reconnecting to yourself, strengthening yourself and so on... And the next step is going to be 'You took care of yourself, now you're offering your hand, because you're ready to offer your hand'.
It's not just 'you're going to get back on your own'. It's not about saving someone, you just try to offer a hand. It's not the same thing."

- Look like it's necessary to be in what make us feel good, to know what is it and do it and all will follow. If you elevate yourself others will follow like a magnet. It's like a net and each hold a part.

- Its like that after the explosion of this weapon (the one mentioned at the start of the session), the space-time is a basin and we are in this basin. Others at the exterior examine and control the opposite camp more than helping us. They limit the interference (for the Ascension) and they want us to go up collectively to find back the harmony and to do this without the arms because some try to influence us to do the revolution.

- Tiamat was pure energy, something like water. A plasmatic planet. They sucked it up and like reversed it, densified (condense, concentrate) it and it was the weapon. This is a point 0. It's like the planet had gone 3 dimensions higher and then 3 dimensions lower to come back were it was and then exploded. On the other side, where the planet is no more here, it's the total dark like the universe had been absorbed.

- The asteroids belt is the fragments of this planet. Mars affected too. When this energetic plasma had been concentrated and then exploded, it become matter. The point 0 used as a weapon was the point 0 of a higher plan (a plan without matter, only energy). They destroyed all and by concentrated it and take it back into the other world, it created matter. Polarity inverted and matter created (those asteroids and all the mess).

- Planets rotation affected. Venus caught the energetic information. Like it had an intact part of this plasma. The energetic information stayed in Venus. Jupiter (Saturn ?) is a part of Tiamat, pushed. All planets orbits affected.

- Ice age on Earth.

- Venus like a fragment of Tiamat. Matter with energy around. Pure energetic information from this old planet.

- Orbit stabilisation was quick. Space time was shacked so it's hard to count when it happened. 300 000 years? Time slowed down. It was like a temporal aspiration, hard to give something. 35 000 years?

- Maya calendar linked with this space-time equation. The constant (of the equation) vary. The variable is the frequency field emerging from Tiamat.

- Last message for this session: collect of informations have to be paused and field of our knowledge put into action.


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I searched for Tiamat in the C's sessions and it point to Sirius. Supposing that Tiamat express the same concept in regression and in the question of the C's session.

Sirius being the brightest star in the night sky is perhaps not insignificant. A remains of this ball of energy which was used?

Hubble Space Telescope image of Sirius

Q: (L) I am going to give a list of planets written about in the Sumerian texts which Dr. Sitchen has interpreted. I would like for you to give me the true translation of these names. What was meant by : Mummu: Comet cluster. Lahamu: Venus Lahmu: Earth The Hammered Bracelet: Comet trail of Venus and cluster. Anshar: Jupiter. Anu: Moon. E
A: Sun. Gag
A: Saturn. Marduk: Mars. Tiamat: Sirius.

1995 09 02
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From the French Wikipedia:

According to the ethnologist Marcel Griaule, the Dogon, a people originally from Mali (as well as the Bambara, originally from West Africa, and the Bozo from Niger) would give great importance to this double system. In 1950, after returning from an ethnological expedition, he reported that in the Dogon tradition:
  • Sirius A is named Sigi Tolo (the star of "Sigi");
  • Sirius B is named Po Tolo (the star of "Fonio" or "Po"). It revolves around Sirius A and its revolution time is about 50 years. It would be the most important of all the stars, even before Sirius A, and they consider it the center of the stellar world. Po Tolo means "the Star of the Beginning". It is the egg of the world for the Dogon. They consider it to be the reservoir, the source of all things.
(Sirius is a binary star).


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- Orbit stabilisation was quick. Space time was shacked so it's hard to count when it happened. 300 000 years? Time slowed down. It was like a temporal aspiration, hard to give something. 35 000 years?

I did a bit of search in C's sessions and this 300.000 years gap appear here :
Q: (L) What happened to free will?
A: Brotherhood AKA Lizards AKA antichrist has interfered with free will for 309000 years. They are getting desperate as we near the change.

1994 10 16

In the same session there's this interesting part too, related to the kind of work they do in the regressions:
Q: (L) Can one do a spirit release on another after asking the higher self permission?
A: Too many conflicting thought patterns.
Q: (L) Can one ask the higher self for permission to do a cleansing?
A: Be cautious not to interfere with karmic learning assignments.
Q: (L) Do some people have attachments that are part of karma?
A: Yes.

1994 10 16

Another one about the 309000 years:
Q: (L) Regarding the "Fall" in Eden and the loss of the Edenic state, how long ago did that happen?
A: 309000 years ago approx.
Q: (L) What was the situation... what happened... what was the state of mankind?
A: Loss of faith caused knowledge and physical restrictions by outside forces.

Q: (L) The Sumerian story of the creation of human beings involves a story where they say they killed a god and mixed his blood and parts to mix with mud and then planted it in these female "gestation" goddesses and that this is where the human race came from. Now, this sounds an awful lot like what the "Grays" are doing at the present time. Did someone actually kill a "god", break his soul in pieces, and thereby make the human race?
A: Symbolism and not correct event sequence.
Q: (L) What was that story about? What was the real seed event?
A: Lizard beings genetically altering the human race after battle for their own feeding purposes.
Q: (L) When did these events that these Sumerian stories are talking about take place?
A: 309000 years ago, approx.
Q: (L) So, it happened so long ago that these stories have lost the truth?
A: Reflection passed down through psychic memory channel.

1994 10 07

Then there's this part of the C's session about the origin of the asteroid belt which match with the regression:

Q: (L) What killed off the major dinosaurs?
A: Comet impact.
Q: (L) What was the source of this comet?
A: Cluster.
Q: (L) How long has this comet cluster been with us in our solar system?
A: 890 million years.
Q: (L) What was the origin of this comet cluster? Was it originally a large planet?
A: No.
Q: (L) You said the other night that there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter that was destroyed and became the asteroid belt. Was this planet ever inhabited by sentient beings?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What caused this planet to be destroyed?
A: Psychic energy.

Q: (L) And where did the beings come from that lived on this planet? Did they evolve there?
A: No.
Q: (L) Were they also, like us, created beings?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Who created them?
A: Same.
Q: (L) The Cassiopaeans?
A: Yes.


Q: (L) Is the orbit perpendicular to the plane of the ecliptic? Or is it at an angle?
A: In between.

Q: (L) What degrees of angle does it intersect the plane of the ecliptic?
A: Not correct idea structure. Picture a spirograph.


Q: (L) The planet that was destroyed between Jupiter and Mars, you said was destroyed by psychic energy?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) What was the source of this psychic energy?
A: Beings inhabiting the planet.
Q: (L) Do beings in this area of the galaxy just sort of destroy their planets from time to time? Is this getting to be a habit?
A: Close. Has been.
Q: (L) Did any of those beings leave that planet and come to earth?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Who were they? Were they humans like us?
A: Blond and blue eyed descendants.
Q: (L) Was that a colder planet?
A: No.
Q: (L) Was that planet much like earth?
A: Yes.
A: Blue eyes. Eye pigment was because planet was farther from Sol.
Q: (L) How did the people of that planet come to earth? Did they know it was going to be destroyed?
A: Some knew and were taken by Lizzies and they are the Annunaki.


Q: (L) What is the origin of the Aryan race?
A: 5th planet now know as asteroid belt.
Q: (L) When did they come to earth?
A: 80 thousand years ago? Difficult for us to use your measuring system.


Q: (L) Where do the Celts come from?
A: Same. Ferocious people. Came from fifth planet.
Q: (L) When was that planet destroyed?
A: 80 thousand years ago.

1994 10 07

So if I understand well, according to the sessions, the 300.000 years is related to the fall and planet explosion is only 80.000 years back.


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In tribute to Michel de Nostredame, here is the main points of Regression #45 - NOSTRADAMUS, understanding Astronomy and Time

- I'm the smallest among the tallest (telepaths saw him having the size of an ant).

- It's important to stay in our place, we are complementary, there is no one who is greater than the other

- The Nostradamus name have overpowered the work

- He did only his part which was to serve the light

- He found a way to calculate situations (measuring distances between planets for example). This is like, there is at precise moments, opening of temporal hallways.

- He studied the consequences of the smallest influences (the butterfly effect)

- The human body function in the same as the cosmos (aspiration and revulsion of energy, movements which absorb an reject).

- Smallest changes like a meteor which pass produce like a transformation, another movement and the consequence on the planet

- A meteorite shower on another planet for example. (frequency, radiation, equilibrium of the planet modified so the snowball effect and influence on Earth)

- Another example : the Japanese tsunami which modified the rotation axe of the Earth and so implies telluric, meteorological modifications

- He was too concentrated on what he have done, he did not realized the impact and did not enjoyed life, he was only in one direction, too absorbed in the contemplation of his mission, missed other things.

- Predictions could have been reliable but due to it (2012 predictions) shaked others convictions, it modified the future. Has been the end of something and the start of something else (the awakening even if it stared before). People have create a synchronicity. All changed. Like humans were a bit less lethargic. Several elements so the awakening a bit more pushed.

- Change of density due to more proton/photons (cosmic rays?). The change is assimilable with difficulty.

- Acceleration. The more difficult is to be in the give up because physically it starts to be complicated (acceleration of the perception of the 3rd density). All what appear us as heavy must be give up.

- Get more rest, don't make excuses, get more rest, that's the priority

Now Matthew ask about the global warning:

- You have to continue to take care of yourself and others and the earth and everything that is part of the whole, nothing is separate, but it is as if on the other hand, you should not take into account this global warming story.

- The Earth adapt, with or without us. There are like things that were foreseen, things that are predictable and then there is us and our individual behaviour can make the difference.

- Will have global warming on some parts of the planet but not on others. There is responsibilities of experiences (use of the upper atmosphere to communicate with submarines: 20%)

- We can plant tree to improve our air. Reconnection with the whole. In harmony with what happen.

- Make your future what you want it to be.

- Prediction for person can happen because of auto-realization

- More the level of conscientiousness is developed, more we can choose our future (like jumping from platform to platform)

- Our evolution can be fast if we use opportunities (to change our future)

- Past not fixed.

- About our past lives, it could very well be our life of now, it is as if it was a projection of something which we need to illuminate our present that is to say, at the time when we look at the past life, we illuminate a moment which requires it so that the present is more limpid.

- "You see something that has not been in the right way. It's as if I saw the inside of a clock, notched things that wind into each other and in fact there is something, there is like a dust in a wheel and it blocks and it's as if this dust grain had to be removed so that it continues to turn and in fact it turns in one direction but also in the other direction. There is not a movement like in an alarm clock that turns and that it advances only in one direction. It can move in many possible directions, there are cogs that are intertwined and it's just that when we look at a previous life, it's linked to the moment, to the moment we live and we need to remove this speck of dust."

- "Then you can only find yourself in front of a panel of possibilities, the field of possibilities. In fact it is to reconstitute oneself, it allows to find one's integrity, who one is and what one is capable of tending to in order to be a great creator."

- Get rid of the time. If we remove the time as a unit of measurement it is as if we were already lighter.

- "Saying to yourself, time is not what measures me, it is I who measure it. It's as if it's not time that decides your life, it's you who decides time. In fact you can decide to be on time even if you are late. It's a unit of measurement, you decide in fact, you set the intention of something, to shrink it, to enlarge it, to just say that it's adapting, it's a tool."

- At the time it was predicted, it was very very very far away and it has not been forgotten. Often, at the time when he predicted this, there were others who predicted things before and they were forgotten. But we still evolved strongly and did not forget.


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me, it is I who measure it. It's as if it's not time that decides your life, it's you who decides time. In fact you can decide to be on time even if you are late. It's a unit of measurement, you decide in fact, you set the intention of something, to shrink it, to enlarge it, to just say that it's adapting, it's a tool."
That’s a handy little snippet!


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Here is a new one of their videos. It's about the Freedom Convoy in Canada and the situation in Ukraine:

Ukraine: the ukrainian people wish to be independent from both Russia and Europe. Many there feel an attachement to Russia because of USSR + many are ethnic russians. They don't want war, just be on equal footing with everybody else, be considered as a country, not as a bargaining chip. This sentiment of independence arose during the COVID pandemic.

In the most probable timelines, they don't see war. They see attempts of igniting war from the globalists aka NATO. There will likely be a explosion in Ukraine, but it will won't be widely reported. It's like putting a cover on a fire.

- On the russian side: the energy of the leading group is chilling and extremely tense. They want to avoid war and defend their positions.

- On the globalist side in Washington : they are panicked and desesperate because they are loosing the narrative and their power is crumbling. They are ready to wipe out Russia and Ukraine off the map if that mean staying in power. They do everything they can to provoke a war.

The world is focused on Ukraine, but there are many events that are not reported that are bad news for the globalist side.

Freedom Convoy: They see that this movement is genuine and is born and carried out of love for the country, love for their families, love for freedom, fraternity and all the values that makes Canada a great country. Things will never be the same because what is happening is changing the psyche and mentality of Canadians. The mediums see a glowing pink-white energy that started in Vancouver and this spread all over the country, uniting all the states of the federation. This energy comes from the heart of the people, it create links, fraternity, solidarity. This Convoy will have long term repercussions as its energy is igniting other parts of the world.

Freedom Convoy in France and Europe:

France: France is a strategic country and thus, the dark energies here are extremely strong and violent. Paris, and all european capitals (including those outside of the EU ) are strongholds of the Deep State and the dark side. The energy of the french Freedom Convoy is not the same, it has more anger, it is glowing red as a part looks for confrontation and violence with the goverment. By doing this they only feed the darkness. The dark energies (whatever they represent) will fight to death to keep Paris. Same thing with Brussels.

However, in the eastern and central provinces of France, the same energy as in Canada has emerged. The inhabitants of those regions are somehow helping the other provinces to lighen-up. The mediums don't fully understand how it works, but the Canadians are helping the other peoples. It like a group-soul helping another.

Looking at other european countries like Germany, Switzerland etc.., the same dynamic operates, the provinces are rising in frequency, encircling the capitals.

One of the medium says that the ideal path would be to avoid direct confrontation and encircle the capitals, create networks in the provinces. The people participating in the french Freedom Convoy have for the most part their heart in the right place. The problem is that the other side is seething with hate and wants nothing but having them at reach to destroy them.

This will evolve in the coming days when the Convoys from different european countries converge in Brussels. They see that a unity will arise.


Padawan Learner
Freedom Convoy: They see that this movement is genuine and is born and carried out of love for the country, love for their families, love for freedom, fraternity and all the values that makes Canada a great country. Things will never be the same because what is happening is changing the psyche and mentality of Canadians. The mediums see a glowing pink-white energy that started in Vancouver and this spread all over the country, uniting all the states of the federation. This energy comes from the heart of the people, it create links, fraternity, solidarity. This Convoy will have long term repercussions as its energy is igniting other parts of the world.

Goosebumps while reading this. Ty @ryu for sharing this.


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Here is the transcription of Regression #77 - Mary Magdalene. March 23 2020. Matthieu direct the session and Diane being the telepath, call Mary Magdalene. I did a direct transcription excluding Matthieu comments, and then translation. Original French version in a following post.

(M) - First, what about the writings that present her as a prostitute?

(D) - So there is a set of things. First of all, how I see her, she is extremely, she is femininity incarnate, grace, intelligence, she is everything, she has everything, everything that a man can be afraid of I would say. She does not leave indifferent.

She almost doesn't even want to talk about it, it's like it's behind, it's not so bad, she was so much more than all that. She was one of the few who lived with men, it's as if she was in a man's world and the women are in the kitchen. And it's always a little bit the case, in the head of the women, it's difficult to get out of it. The problem comes from women. It's in the minds of women. Because, it's the day when it will gets out of women's heads - no, a woman isn't just behind a stove - the man will no longer have any hold. It's the woman's behavior that has to change first, and besides, there are good women who have changed but in the opposite excess. This creates a big problem at the moment because everything is confused and she shows me that she was just the companion of Jesus but she was not there to make waves but what she was, what she emanated, it provoked.

"You come from a society, from a world, from a civilization where everything is ultra-evolved, where they have already done the trick of what is useless, of what you can keep, of what allows you to be connected with the heart, that's the priority, etc... and you arrive in a place, you arrive on earth in a dimension, a density, of savages. It is as if you arrived in the middle of the savages, it is the same. At the level of the conscience it was not yet that, the woman was frightening. If the woman had a little more brain, of reflection, she often exceeded the behavior of the men."

(M) - Where was she before her incarnation?

(D) - Acturius. dimension of preparation, strategic point before the incarnation. The whole team is there. Next mission is this, so "Hop, let's go, OK". There is absolutely no stress, no apprehension whatsoever, it's preparation, it's to make it happen, that's it.

(M) - What was the plan?

(D) - To open hearts. That the men raise their heads. That Men with a capital M, remember that they are not alone, that they have their part to play and that they must not depend on someone else. They have lost their relationship with themselves, with the source.

The intention is to restore peace to the human heart. For it is when men bow their heads... - They all have their heads down, they are all... it's an image, it's the head down but look in the street, around you, everywhere, people lower their heads instead of looking at each other and smiling, they lower their heads, there is always another excuse not to look at each other, not to make the eyes meet and the heart touches the other heart through the eyes. And everyone goes about his business and as soon as anything happens, you are in your thoughts. In fact the man does not take time for himself to think about him and what worries him and therefore to settle it in privacy. And when he goes outside, if this work is done, he can meet the other and he can meet the look of the other because he has done his personal work. He is connected. He has settled his differences with himself but also with the rest, what is a problem for him, and so he can look at the other and see something beautiful in front of him.

Whereas if he is lost in his thoughts, if he lowers his head, if by chance he crosses the glance of the other, the other will send back to him his own reflection then instead of seeing... In fact it is necessary to put back love in the heart of the man, when the heart of the man is again filled with love and that he raises the head, what he sees in front of it is love, i.e. he looks at the other with the same love that he has himself inside. If he doesn't look inside, if he doesn't put love inside and he raises his head, what will he see? Everything that is inside him. He is going to see his problems, he is going to see aggressiveness, he is going to see hatred, he is going to see racism, he is going to see, I don't know what, sickness, he is going to see everything that he doesn't like inside him, he is going to see it outside of him.

And in fact it is exactly that in relation to "Love one another as I have loved you" and it is this passage, it is really very important because when we do this work of "for oneself", when we give ourselves the right to love ourselves and therefore to connect to all our beings and to say to ourselves "I have all the answers inside" and to take the time, all the time that is necessary. Besides Jesus went regularly on the mountain to take this necessary time to find himself, etc.. to reunify himself, because the earthly density is such that you disperse quickly, and at that moment, when you go to see the others, you just want to share, to take the other in your arms, because you are well.

And when you are not well, you bury your head in the sand or you attack or you do anything. That's what they came to do, to show, and they were so united in this closeness of love - I would say that Mary Magdalene was not erased like the others at the level of the incarnation. When she was incarnated she didn't have this veil of forgetfulness, she recognized Jesus, they recognized each other, they didn't have this problem of "I don't know who you are" like some apostles who took a long time. They took a long time until they recognized each other and until they knew that they came for that. It took the spirit to come upon them for them to realize, to remember.

(M) - Were they already a couple on Acturius?

(D) - I would tend to say yes.

(M) - OK, so she is incarnated and we can go to Earth when she will meet Jesus.

(D) - They recognize each other, it's at the level of the heart that it happens. It goes through the eyes, they recognize each other. The heart directly opens and it's as if the heavens opened, it's an image but it's your mind, everything opens. When you say the heavens open, it is your part, your spirit, your spiritual part that opens and you receive all the information at that moment.

(M) - At what point are we when they meet?

(D) - When she gets stoned, when they throw stones at her. She spoke. She just spoke and it was not a woman's role. It's as if she spoke in a men's place, she gave her opinion, she expressed something, it's not important what she said. It's the fact that she opened her mouth as a woman. I see a child on the ground, it's like he got kicked in the process, but a really, really nasty kick and she made a comment to defend that child. "Weren't you a child too?". And whoever gets the message or whoever did the kicking and hears this, will spread rumors.

(M) - She is with Jesus, can she bring us to a moment that she considers important in this life?

(D) - I have the impression that they had already seen each other before because I see them at tables, you know it's different, it's the Essene community, the women didn't mix with the men there either, and they were already crossing each other there at that time. They were in this Essene community so the women were doing the women's things and the men were with the men and I see that from time to time the eyes cross. Until the the moment when it's good, they stop separating the two, putting distances if you want, physical distances. There is no more time.

Now I see them both, half sitting and half lying against a tree and looking at the stars and Jesus talking to him and telling him things, giving him parables, telling him things. It's again the impression of the heavens opening, it's like their minds are receiving information and she hears it, it imprints that information. They really have such a closeness and like a couple of lovers, if you will, they're there but instead of saying 'you have beautiful eyes' and this and that, they're talking about deep things, which is why he came.

(M) - So finally his teaching begins, in any case, in the form of discussions long before all the disciples meet?

(D) - Most of the things he passed on were already 'passed on by the Essenes'. It's as if they already had a way of thinking and a way of living and a way of adapting their daily life, in a very precise, very methodical way, to the sunrise, to the sunset, it's a whole rite.

Everything was in the ritual we will say, so that the organism can always give the best of itself and in fact it is a kind of happy sobriety like the Pierre Rabhi one, but before the hour. A fraternity too, they shared everything, they were in fraternity, sharing, but also discipline and rigor because there was a kind of ritual of passage. It's like you prove yourself and then you can go to the next level and so on
because they were so not used to connecting "like that".

It wasn't the same density. It shows that it was not at all the same density and that to access what we can access very quickly today if you have understood, for example you start to meditate, you start to center yourself, to do mindfulness, etc. and you align all the levels, it goes really fast, while they, at the time, needed to do a lot of preparation work because it was much heavier and not at all the same thing. It's as if they went to bed in the evening with the knowledge of a day's teaching and the next day almost everything was forgotten, they had to start again and that it took time for it to become imprinted in the mind and that when once everything was good, it was like a kind of programming that was finally put in place in people's minds.

(M) - Can you give me more information about the Essenes? How precisely in practice could they put all this in place?

(D) - It tells me that they followed the teachings of Enoch. They did not eat what had two eyes. They did not eat another life, they did not take another life, because there was also a notion with the soul that is contained in the other being that you were eating. So they did not take the blood, the soul was contained in the blood so it was not possible, in their mind it was not right. They took the life that was contained energetically. That was what they wanted. It was to use the energy contained in the different things that surrounded them. The morning sun because it was the least hot but the most rich in energy. They washed in cold water because it had properties for the human body. The fact of being in cold water does something that everyone can also see for themselves. There was always gratitude and thankfulness, like prayers, they were grateful to the sun, to everything around them, everything was important, nothing was put aside.

(M) - Did they practice fasting? In what form?

(D) - Yes. All liquid. The duration depended, 7, 14, 21 days. Those who had the most capacity went up to 40 days.

(M) - Can Mary Magdalene take us to a moment with the disciples?

(D) - When they open the tombstone. They look, he's not there anymore, she's all happy because that means he's not dead. She knows what is happening. The life that was in the body has ceased. We can say that he has given up the soul and another part of him has taken over. It has worked so much and it refers to this way of feeding and behaving that the Essenes have, it's like paying attention to the planetary movements, etc... you know like when you cultivate, it feeds another part of an organism.

There's the physical body but there's the spiritual body, and actually, depending on what you value what you eat and how you grow it, you feed your spiritual body. And so, even when your physical body dies, your spiritual body is practically visible if you will. It is as if your physical body becomes a body of light and takes over. It is as if you do not die. You give life to a body of energy. But you have to feed it throughout your life. And so Jesus was constantly fed and his physical body had followed all the steps so that it was constantly regenerated, filled with energy, etc... And then he had all the time this permanent alignment with all these spiritual bodies, we will say that he never really died. There is just his physical envelope which gave up the soul, this part left and immediately he could take again in the continuation. This is what we call the transfiguration in fact.

Q: (L) Details about Jesus' extended "sleep" state.
A: He spent 96 hours in a comatose state in a cave near Jerusalem. When he awoke, he prophesied to his disciples and then exited the cave. 27,000 people had assembled because of mother ship appearance and he was taken up in a beam of light.

Session 1994 10 09

(M) - Even if it is indeed interesting, I would like her to show us something of herself.

(D) - It's as if she was erased, she erases herself all the time to show the others.

(M) - Why is she considered the first of the apostles?

(D) - Because she was always next to him, she was very very close and she was the first to hear the sound of his voice and the last to hear the sound of his voice. If he did not speak, if he was in a place of relationship with the father, she could transmit teachings instead of him and therefore she could preach. When Jesus was on the mountain, for example, or in a place where he was meditating, and it lasted for hours, and the disciples became impatient, she transmitted words to calm them down, to reassure them, to make them move on.

She was not cleared (TN: M.M. memory was not cleared when she came on earth), she did not lose... she remembered where she came from and what she was doing and what her role was with Jesus and with the other apostles, etc... She was always the link if you will, between the two worlds, between the two dimensions. She created the link between the two dimensions and she was always in the softness and the effacement and it was really her thing. And I understand better why it is written that every time she said a word she lowered her veil, because she made sure to efface herself because it was not her who said things. It was something greater, so it was not Mary Magdalene as a woman or as a human being or as an incarnation who pronounced these words. It was something greater that animated her to pronounce these words and she did not want her beauty, if you will, to distract the importance of what she was saying. It was not even necessary that she had an apparent eye because everything was beautiful in her. "I hide myself, it's what I say that counts, it's not who I am, it's what I am."

(M) - Can you take precisely one of the messages that she had perfectly well understood and that around her, it had not passed so well. A message to explain it to us today.

(D) - She talks to me about love.

"Love is like an eye that opens to life. Love sees all, hears all and that's it. It is like an eye that opens to life. If you look with love at what you see, if your eyes are filled with love, you don't see the same. It is what you put in what you see that gives another dimension to your life."

This eye is as if I were for example in a cave or in a hole in the mountain, and that the opening of the cave was the eye, and I am behind this eye and all that I see outside, according to what I see, indicates me the state of my heart. And so I am perched for example on this cave, in front of this cave, it is dark behind, and in front there is an opening, there is the light and "what do I do?". I go to the light and I look at everything on the horizon. And I put light everywhere. Or do I go back inside myself and let the darkness close my eye? That's kind of what I'm seeing.

(M) - I would like us to go and see the children that she could have had with Jesus.

(D) - I see a little girl and a little boy. The little girl is older than the little boy. I ask if it's the DNA of the two, of her children, did she not adopt them? No.

(M) - What happened to Mary Magdalene and her children after Jesus' death?

(D) - They returned to the community but not immediately, they hid. That it wasn't easy afterwards. She went through... I see that she goes from one place to another. I never would have believed this but I see them going to France. I see her with a kind of hooded coat that just goes on the floor and I see her go in with the little girl in her hand and the little boy in her arms, and they go into a kind of big building and it's not the same setting at all. And it told me "this is France". It's not at all the same setting as the nature and the place of Jerusalem, all that.

(M) - Why did they go to France?

(D) - It says "to escape" to me. Apostles and disciples wanted for execution.

(M) - Did they go to the south of France?

(D) - Yes.

(M) - Is she incarnated on Earth right now?

(D) - No. She is taking care of everything... she is the one who, with other essences, motivates or awakens, let's say, certain women to work in the direction of the sacred feminine. She is the last one. It is as if she was really doing something so that the woman is finally respected. Is finally respected by herself and by what is around. The mirror effect is what you see, who you are, that you project to the outside world and then what you project to the outside world if you assume yourself as a woman, and love yourself as a woman, that can only go well outside. And in fact she is doing this kind of transmission, it is her work. All this work on the sacred feminine at the moment, it's her work.

(M) - Precisely, she had quite hard words about women, saying that it was not necessarily the fault of the men the place that was put the kitchen. Is there any advice?

(D) - It's just an observation, she didn't say that to point the finger, to blame the woman. It's just files that are still in the minds of women. Files, programming, useless things and you hit the "toaster eject" button, snap, take out your files, dissolve it all and move on. You take care of yourself as a woman, you incarnate as a woman, you grow as a woman. If you want to be a man in the next life, you become a man, but now you are a woman, so you assume yourself as a woman.

(M) - Was the woman put aside in this community with the disciples?

(D) - Of course

(M) - So why did she not manage, in this community, to cross the cultural barriers so that everyone was equal?

(D) - It was done little by little between them but it took a long time to tame the males. The behavior of the male. Boys are taught to behave in this way from a very early age. They are born, they are educated like that to mistreat the woman.

(M) - How did she react to the fact that some men thought that women did not have to listen to the teachings?

(D) - With gentleness and patience. She was never in the affront, she was always in the soft and deep words. She was always aligned the same way, so she spread messages. She was in peace and calm, she had no anger, no expectation of anything, she was just giving of herself and it was never her who defended herself in front of others, it was always someone next to her who took her side. She never justified herself, never defended herself, she was just herself. She wasn't going to do the opposite of what she was explaining. It was not possible.

(M) - Do you have a message for us about the troubled times we are going through?

(D) - May peace be with you.


From what we have from the sessions, the C's said Jesus was married with a women named Anatylenia and that they had children but that does not exclude he had children with Mary Magdalene too.
Q: The Rosicrucians? So, what does that have to do with this bloodline and Holy Grail business and Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene... I mean, did Mary Magdalene exist as a person?
A: Yes.
Q: Was she the wife of Jesus?
A: No.
Q: Did Jesus have a wife?
A: Yes.
Q: Who was his wife?
A: Anatylenia.
Q: Who was this person?
A: The wife of Jesus.
Q: What was her background, her nationality?
A: Nazarene.
Q: Does that mean that she was from the east?
A: Possibly, if viewed that way.
Q: Did they have any children?
A: Yes.
Q: How many?
A: Three.
Q: What was the family name?
A: Marnohk.
Q: What did his wife do when he ascended into the stat of hyperconsciousness which you have previously described?
A: Awaited her turn to transition.
Q: Did she continue to live in the same general area, or did she move to Europe.
A: Same.
Q: So, all these stories being made up about all these people and dramatic scenarios...
A: It is not the people but the message, the artifacts hold the key.
Q: What artifacts? Where are these artifacts?
A: France, Spain, Canary Islands and Morocco.

1998 05 02

Q: (L) Did Mary and Joseph, once together, subsequently have other children?
A: No. But Jesus did.
Q: (L) Jesus had children? Who was he married to?
A: Was not.
Q: (L) You mean he had illegitimate children?
A: Subjective institutionally.
Q: (L) Who was the mother of these children?
A: There were three women.
Q: (L) There were three women?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Are they mentioned in the Bible?
A: One is but not by name.
Q: (L) Who was one of them?
A: Alicia.
Q: (L) What was the name of the second one?
A: Rafea.
Q: (L) The third one?
A: Vella. Romans.
Q: (L) All three of them were Romans?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) And what happened to the children?
A: Survived and multiplied fruitfully.
Q: (L) How many children were there from the three mothers?
A: Three.

1994 10 05 (transcription verified by Laura)

About Jesus of Nazareth:
Q: (L) During a previous reading we asked several questions about Jesus of Nazareth known as the Christ. The question was asked: "Was Jesus special, that is, Christed, in some way?" The answer came back was: "Quick exalted; wars; civil entrancement. Zindar council." I would like to know the meaning of these references.
A: Quick exalted refers to a sudden boost of awareness level as related to your previous questions about knowledge. Sometimes that acquisition can occur in a surge and sometimes this is referred to as illumination. Jesus acquired his knowledge by having complete faith in his ability to acquire the knowledge from a higher source. This faith caused an equal balancing interaction with higher sources, which allowed him to gain supreme knowledge simply by having that faith. Remember that the resources for the acquisition of knowledge in the space/time ere of Christ were much more limited than they are now. There were few options open for acquiring true knowledge except total and complete faith. And this one was instilled with the awareness that total and complete faith would cause dramatic and spectacular acquisition of knowledge; also would cause dramatic and spectacular progression of the soul being. Therefore, the faith was felt, the knowledge was received.
Q: (L) What was the source of the knowledge?
A: The source was the sixth level of density which is where we reside and we also were involved in that as well.
Q: (L) What does the term "Civil entrancement" mean?
A: Civil entrancement is a complete balancing of one's useful energies to a level where there is no experiencing of over balancing on the positive or negative side which is preferable for meditation in a mass form.
Q: (L) What is the Zendar Council?
A: Zendar Council is a sixth level density council which spans both physical and ethereal realms and which oversees dramatic development points at various civilizational sectors in lower density levels.

1994 10 22


The Living Force
FOTCM Member
Regression #77 - French transcription - Marie-Madeleine

(M) - D'abord, qu'en est-il des écrits qui la présentent comme une prostituée ?

(D) - Alors il y a un ensemble de choses. C'est que d'abord, comment je la vois, elle est extrêmement, c'est la féminité incarnée, la grâce, l'intelligence, elle est tout, elle a tout, tout ce qu'un homme tout ce qui peut faire peur à un homme je dirais. (elle ne laisse pas indifférente)

Elle n’a presque même pas envie d'en parler, c'est comme si c'était derrière, ce n’est pas si grave, elle était tellement plus que tout ça. Ils ont voulu la salir.Elle était une des rares à vivre avec les hommes, c'est comme si elle était dans un monde d'hommes et les femmes elles, sont au fourneau. Et d'ailleurs c'est toujours un petit peu le cas, dans la tête des femmes, c'est difficile de sortir de ça. Le problème ça vient surtout des femmes. C'est rentré dans la tête des femmes. Parce que c'est le jour où ça sortira de la tête des femmes - non une femme c'est pas que derrière un fourneau - l'homme n'aura plus de prise. C'est le comportement de la femme qui doit changer d'abord et d'ailleurs il y a des bonnes femmes qui ont changé mais dans l'excès inverse. Ça cré un gros problème en ce moment parce que justement tout est confus et là elle me montre qu'elle était juste la compagne de Jésus mais elle n’était pas là pour faire des vagues mais ce qu'elle était, ce qu'elle émanait, ça provoquait.

Tu viens d'une société, d'un monde, d'une civilisation où tout est ultra évolué où ils ont déjà fait le tour de ce qui ne sert à rien, de ce que tu peux conserver, de ce qui se permet d'être connecté avec le coeur, c'est ça la priorité, etc... et tu arrives dans un endroit, tu arrives sur terre dans une dimension une densité de sauvages. C'est comme si tu arrivais au milieu des sauvages c'est pareil. Au niveau de la conscience ce n'était pas encore ça, la femme faisait peur. Si la femme avait un petit peu plus de cerveau, de réflexion, souvent elle dépassait largement le comportement des hommes.

(M) - Où était-elle avant son incarnation ?

(D) - Acturius, dimension de préparation, point stratégique avant l'incarnation. Toute l'équipe est là. Prochaine mission c'est ça, "Hop ont y va, OK". Il n'y a absolument aucun stress, aucune appréhension quoi que ce soit, c'est se préparer, c'est pour que ça ait lieu, voilà.

(M) - Quel était le plan ?

(D) - Ouvrir les coeurs. Que les Hommes lèvent la tête. Que les hommes avec un grand H, se souviennent qu'ils ne sont pas seuls, qu'ils ont leur part à faire et qui ne doivent pas dépendre de quelqu'un d'autre. Ils ont perdu leurs relations avec eux-mêmes, avec la source.

L'intention c'est de redonner la paix dans le coeur de l'homme. Car c'est quand les hommes baissent la tête... - Ils ont tous la tête baissée, ils sont tous en train de.. c'est une image, c'est la tête baissée mais regarde dans la rue, autour de toi, partout, les gens baissent la tête plutôt que de se regarder et de se sourire, ils baissent la tête, il y a toujours une autre excuse pour pas se regarder, pour ne pas faire que les regards se croisent et que le coeur touche l'autre coeur à travers le regard. Et chacun vaque à ses occupations et dès qu'il y a quoi que ce soit qui arrive tu es dans tes pensées. En fait l'homme ne prend pas de temps pour lui pour penser à lui et à ce qui le préoccupe et donc à le régler dans l'intimité. Et au moment où il va à l'extérieur, ce travail s'il est fait, il peut croiser l'autre et il peut croiser le regard de l'autre parce que son travail personnel il l'a fait. Il est relié. Il a réglé ses différents avec lui-même mais et avec le reste, ce qui lui pose problème, et du coup il peut regarder l'autre et voir quelque chose de beau en face.

Tandis que s'il est perdu dans ses pensées, qu'il baisse la tête, si par malheur il croisait le regard de l'autre, l'autre allait lui renvoyer son propre reflet alors au lieu de voir... En fait il faut remettre de l'amour dans le coeur de l'homme, quand le coeur de l'homme est de nouveau rempli d'amour et qu'il lève la tête, ce qu'il voit en face c'est de l'amour, c'est-à-dire qu'il regarde l'autre avec le même amour qu'il a lui à l'intérieur. S'il ne regarde pas à l'intérieur, qu'il ne met pas de l'amour à l'intérieur et qu'il lève la tête il va voir quoi ? Tout ce qui est à l'intérieur de lui. Il va voir ses problèmes, il va voir de l'agressivité, il va avoir de la haine, il va voir du racisme, il va voir je ne sais quoi, la maladie, il va voir tout ce qui ne lui plaît pas à l'intérieur de lui, il va le voir à l'extérieur de lui.

Et en fait c'est exactement ça par rapport à « Aimez vous les uns les autres comme je vous ai aimé » et c'est ce passage, c'est vraiment très important parce que quand on fait ce travail de "pour soi", quand on se donne le droit de s'aimer et donc de se relier à tous ses sois et de se dire "j'ai toutes les réponses à l'intérieur" et de prendre le temps, tout le temps qui est nécessaire. D'ailleurs Jésus il allait régulièrement sur la montagne pour prendre ce temps nécessaire à se retrouver, etc.. à se réunifier, parce que la densité terrestre elle est telle que tu te disperses rapidement, et à ce moment-là, quand tu vas voir les autres, tu as juste envie de partager, de prendre l'autre dans tes bras, parce que tu vas bien.

Et quand tu vas pas bien, tu fais l'autruche ou tu agresses ou tu fais n'importe quoi. Voilà c'est un peu ça qu'ils sont venus faire, c'est en fait montrer, et ils étaient tellement unis dans cette proximité d'amour - je dirais que Marie-Madeleine elle n'a pas été effacée comme les autres au niveau de l'incarnation,
quand elle s'est incarnée elle n'a pas eu ce voile de l'oubli, elle a reconnu jésus, ils se sont reconnus, ils n'ont pas eu ce problème de "Je ne sais pas qui tu es" comme certains apôtres qui ont mis du temps. Ils ont mis du temps jusqu'à ce qu'ils se reconnaissent et jusqu'à ce qu'ils sachent qu'ils sont venus pour ça. Il a fallu que l'esprit arrive sur eux pour qu'ils se rendent compte, qu'ils s'en souviennent.

(M) - Est-ce qu'ils étaient déjà en couple sur Acturius?

(D) - J'aurais tendance à dire oui.

(M) - OK alors elle s'incarne et on peut aller sur Terre au moment elle va rencontrer Jésus.

(D) - Ils se reconnaissent, c'est au niveau du coeur que ça se passe. Ca passe par les yeux, ils se reconnaissent. Directement le coeur qui s'ouvre et c'est comme si les cieux s'ouvraient c'est une image mais c'est ton esprit, tout s'ouvre. Quand tu dis les cieux s'ouvrent, c'est à dire, c'est ta partie, ton esprit, ta partie spirituelle qui s'ouvre et tu reçois toutes les informations à ce moment la.

(M) - A quel moment sommes-nous lorsqu'ils se rencontrent ?

(D) - Quand elle se fait lapider, quand ont lui jettent des pierres. Elle a parlé. Elle a juste parlé et ce n’était pas le rôle d'une femme. C'est comme si elle avait parlé sur une place d'hommes, elle a donné son avis, elle a exprimé quelque chose, c'est pas important quoi finalement. C'est le fait qu'elle ait
ouvert la bouche en tant que femme. Je vois un enfant au sol, c'est comme s'il s'était pris un coup de pied au passage, mais vraiment, un vraiment méchant coup de pied et elle a fait une remarque pour défendre cet enfant. « N'étais-tu pas un enfant toi aussi ? ». Et celui qui reçoit le message ou qui a donné le coup de pied et entends ça, va répandre des rumeurs.

(M) - Elle est avec Jésus, peut-elle nous amener à un moment qu'elle juge important dans cette vie ?

(D) - J'ai l'impression qu'ils s'étaient déjà vus aussi avant parce que je les vois à des tables, tu sais c'est différent, c'est la communauté essénienne, les femmes elles ne se mélangeaient pas aux hommes là-bas non plus et ils se croisaient déjà là à cette époque. Ils étaient dans cette communauté essénienne donc les femmes vaquaient aux occupations des femmes et les hommes étaient avec les hommes et je vois que de temps en temps les regards se croisent. Jusqu'au
moment où c'est bon, ils arrêtent de séparer les deux, de mettre des distances si tu veux, des distances physiques. Il n'y a plus de temps.

Maintenant je les vois tous les deux, moitiés assis moitié allongés contre un arbre et qui regarde les étoiles et jésus qui lui parle et qui lui raconte des choses, qui lui donne des paraboles, qui lui raconte des choses. C'est à nouveau l'impression des cieux qui s'ouvrent, c'est comme si leurs esprits recevaient des informations et elle, elle l'entend, ça imprime ces informations. Ils ont vraiment une telle proximité et comme un couple d'amoureux, si tu veux, ils sont là mais au lieu de se dire « t'as de beaux yeux » et ceci et cela, ils parlent de choses profondes, ce pourquoi il est venu.

(M) - Donc finalement son enseignement commence, en tout cas, sous forme de discussions bien avant la rencontre de tous les disciples ?

(D) - La plupart des choses qu'il a transmises étaient déjà 'transmises par les esséniens'. C'est comme s'il y avait déjà une façon de penser et une façon de vivre et une façon d'adapter leur vie quotidienne, d'une façon très précise, très méthodique, par au lever du soleil, par rapport au coucher du soleil, c'est tout un rite. Tout était dans le rituel on va dire, pour que l'organisme puisse toujours donner le meilleur de lui même et en fait c'est une sorte de sobriété heureuse à la Pierre Rabhi mais avant l'heure quoi. Une fraternité aussi, ils partageaient tout, ils étaient dans la fraternité, le partage, mais aussi la discipline et la rigueur parce qu’il y avait une sorte de rituel de passage. C'est comme si tu fais tes preuves et après tu peux passer à l'échelon suivant et ainsi de suite
parce qu'ils avaient tellement pas l'habitude de se connecter "comme ça".

Ce n’était pas la même densité. Ça montre que ce n'était pas du tout la même densité et que pour accéder à ce que nous on peut accéder très vite aujourd'hui si tu as compris, par exemple tu te mets dans la méditation, tu commences à te centrer, à faire la pleine conscience, etc.. et tu alignes tous les étages, ça va vachement vite, tandis qu’eux, à l'époque ils avaient besoin de faire tout un travail de préparation parce que c'était beaucoup plus lourd et pas du tout la même chose. C'est comme s’ils se couchaient le soir fort de l'enseignement d'une journée et le lendemain presque tout était oublié, il fallait recommencer et que ça prenait du temps pour que ça s'imprime dans l'esprit et que quand une fois tout était bien, c'était comme une sorte de programmation finalement qui était mise en place dans l'esprit des gens.

(M) - Est-ce que tu peux me donner plus d'informations sur les esséniens ? Comment justement dans la pratique ils pouvaient mettre en place tout cela ?

(D) - Ça me dit qu'ils suivaient les enseignements d'Enoque. Ils ne mangeaient pas ce qui avait deux yeux. Ils ne mangeaient pas une autre vie, ils ne prenaient pas une autre vie, parce qu'il y avait aussi une notion avec l'âme qui est contenue dans l'autre être que tu mangeais. Donc ils ne prenaient pas le sang, l'âme était contenue dans le sang donc ce n'était pas possible, dans leur esprit ça n'allait pas. Ils prenaient la vie qui était contenue énergétiquement. Eux c'était ça qu'ils voulaient. C'était utiliser l'énergie contenue dans les différentes choses qui les entourait. Le soleil du matin parce que c'était le moins chaud mais le plus riche en énergie. Il se lavaient dans l'eau froide parce qu'il y avait des propriétés au niveau du corps humain. Le fait d'être dans l'eau froide ça fait quelque chose que tout le monde peut aussi constater par lui-même. Il y avait toujours de la gratitude et de la reconnaissance, comme des prières, ils étaient reconnaissants envers le soleil, envers tout ce qui les entourait, tout avait une importance, rien n'était mis de côté.

(M) - Est-ce qu'ils pratiquaient le jeûne ? Sous quelle forme ?

(D) - Oui. Que du liquide. La durée dépend, 7, 14, 21 jours. Ceux qui avaient le plus de capacité ça va jusqu'à 40 jours.

(M) - Marie-Madeleine peut-elle nous emmener à un moment avec les disciples ?

(D) - Quand ils ouvrent la pierre tombale. Ils regardent, il n'est plus la, elle est toute contente car cela veut dire qu'il n'est pas mort. Elle sait ce qui se passe. La vie qui était dans le corps a cessé. On peut dire il a rendu l'âme et une autre partie de lui a pris le relais. Il a tellement travaillé justement et là ça me renvoie à cette façon de s'alimenter et de se comporter qu'on les esséniens, c'est comme si de faire attention aux mouvements planétaires, etc... tu sais comme quand tu cultives, ça nourrit une autre partie d'un organisme.

Il y a le corps physique mais il y a le corps spirituel, et en fait, selon ce que tu donnes comme valeur à ce que tu manges et comment tu le fais pousser, tu nourris ton corps spirituel. Et du coup, même quand ton corps physique meurt, ton corps spirituel il est pratiquement visible si tu veux. C'est comme si ton corps physique il devenait un corps de lumière et il prend le relais. C'est comme si tu ne mourais pas. Tu redonnes vie à un corps d'énergie. Mais il faut l'alimenter tout au long de ta vie. Et donc Jésus il était alimenté en permanence et son corps physique il avait suivi toutes les étapes pour que justement il soit sans arrêt régénéré, rempli d'énergie, etc... Et puis il avait tout le temps cet alignement permanent avec tous ces corps spirituels on va dire qu’il n'est jamais vraiment mort. Il y a juste son enveloppe physique qui a rendu l'âme, cette partie-là est partie et tout de suite il a pu reprendre dans la suite. Ce qu'on appelle la transfiguration en fait.

(M) - Même si effectivement c'est intéressant j'aimerais qu’elle nous montre quelque chose d'elle.

(D) - C'est comme si elle était effacée, elle s'efface tout le temps pour montrer les autres.

(M) - Pourquoi on la considère comme la première des apôtres ?

(D) - Parce qu'elle était toujours à côté de lui, qu'elle était très très proche et qu'elle a été la première à entendre le son de sa voix et la dernière à entendre le son de sa voix. Si lui ne parlait pas, si lui il était dans un endroit en relation avec le père, elle pouvait transmettre des enseignements à la place de lui et donc elle pouvait prêcher. Quand Jésus était sur la montagne par exemple ou sur un endroit ou il était en méditation, et que ça durait des heures, et que les disciples s'impatientaient, elle transmettait des paroles pour les apaiser, pour les rassurer, pour pour les faire avancer.

Elle n'était pas effacée. Elle n'a pas perdu... elle s'est rappelé d'où elle vient et ce qu'elle faisait est ce qu'elle était son rôle auprès de jésus et auprès des autres apôtres, etc... Elle était toujours le lien si tu veux, entre les deux mondes, entre les deux dimensions. Elle créait le lien entre les deux dimensions et elle était toujours dans la douceur et l'effacement et c'était vraiment son truc et je comprends mieux pourquoi c'est écrit que chaque fois qu'elle disait une parole elle baissait son voile, car elle faisait en sorte de s'effacer parce que ce n'était pas elle qui disait les choses. C'était quelque quelque chose de plus grand donc ce n’était pas Marie-Madeleine en tant que femme ou en tant qu'être humain ou en tant qu'incarnation qui prononçait ces paroles. C'était quelque chose de plus grand qui l'animait à prononcer ces mots et elle ne voulait pas elle, il ne fallait pas que sa beauté, si tu veux, détourne l'importance de ce qu'elle disait. Il ne fallait même pas qu'elle ait un oeil apparent parce tout était beau chez elle. « Je me cache me trouve c'est ce que je dis qui compte, c'est pas qui je suis, ce que je suis ».

(M) - Peux-tu prendre justement un des messages qu’elle, elle avait parfaitement bien compris et qu’autour d'elle ça n'avait pas si bien passé. Un message pour nous l'expliquer aujourd'hui.

(D) - Elle me parle d'amour.

« L'amour c'est comme un oeil qui s'ouvre à la vie. L'amour voit tout, entend tout et c'est tout. C'est comme un oeil qui s'ouvre à la vie. Si tu regardes avec l'amour ce que tu vois, si ton regard est rempli d'amour, tu ne vois plus pareil. C'est ce que tu mets dans ce que tu vois qui donne une autre dimension à ta vie. »

Cet oeil c'est comme si j'étais par exemple dans une grotte ou dans un trou dans la montagne et que l'ouverture de la grotte c'était l'oeil et moi je suis derrière cet oeil et tout ce que je vois à l'extérieur, selon ce que je vois, m'indique l'état de mon coeur. Et donc je suis perché par exemple sur cette caverne, devant cette caverne, c'est sombre derrière, et devant il y a une ouverture il y a la lumière et "qu'est-ce que je fais ?". Je vais vers la lumière et je regarde tout ce que j'ai à l'horizon. Et je mets de la lumière partout. Ou je retourne à l'intérieur de moi et je laisse les ténèbres refermer mon oeil ? C'est un peu ça c'est ce que je suis en train de voir.

(M) - J'aimerais que l'ont aille voir les enfants qu'elle aurait pu avoir avec Jésus.

(D) - Je vois une petite fille et un petit garçon. La petite fille est plus âgée que le petit garçon. Je demande si c'est l'ADN des deux, de ses enfants, est-ce qu'elle les a pas adoptés ? Non.

(M) - Que sont devenues Marie-Madeleine et ses enfants après la mort de Jésus ?

(D) - Ils sont retournés dans la communauté mais pas tout de suite, ils se cachent. Que ça n'a pas été facile après. Elle a passé... Je vois qu'elle passe d'un endroit à l'autre. Je n'aurais jamais cru ça mais je les vois aller en France. Je la vois qui a une sorte de manteaux à capuche qui va juste parterre et je la vois entrer avec la petite fille à la main et le petit garçon dans les bras, et ils rentrent dans une espèce de grande bâtisse et ça ce n’est pas du tout le même décor. Et ça m'a dit « c'est la France ». Ce n’est pas du tout le même décor que la nature et l'endroit de Jérusalem, tout ça.

(M) - Pourquoi sont-ils allés en France ?

(D) - Ça me dit « échapper ». Apôtres et disciples recherchés pour être exécutés.

(M) - Est-ce qu'ils sont allés dans le sud de la France ?

(D) - Oui.

(M) - Est-ce qu'elle est incarnée sur Terre en ce moment même ?

(D) - Non. Elle est en train de s'occuper de tout... c'est elle qui fait en sorte avec d'autres essences de comme motiver ou réveiller on va dire, certaines femmes à travailler dans le sens du féminin sacré. C'est elle qui est la dernière. C'est comme si elle faisait vraiment quelque chose pour que la femme soit enfin respectée. Soit enfin respectée par elle-même et par ce qu'il y a autour. L'effet miroir, c'est ce que tu vois, de qui tu es, que tu projettes à l'extérieur et du coup ce que tu projettes à l'extérieur si toi tu t'assumes comme femme, et que tu t'aimes comme femme, ça peut que bien se passer à l'extérieur. Et en fait elle est en train de faire ce genre de transmission, c'est son oeuvre. Tout ce travail sur le féminin sacré actuellement, c'est son oeuvre.

(M) - Justement, elle a eu des mots assez durs sur les femmes en disant que ce n’était pas forcément que la faute des hommes la place qui était mise la cuisine. Est-ce qu'il y aurait des choses des conseils ?

(D) - Ça n'a rien ne dure, c'est juste une constatation, elle n’a pas dit ça pour montrer du doigt, pour blâmer la femme. C'est juste des fichiers qui sont encore dans la pensée des femmes. Des fichiers, des programmations, des choses inutiles et tu appuies sur le bouton "grille-pain éject" tchac, tu sors tes fichiers, tu dissous tout ça et tu passes à autre chose. Tu t'occupes de toi en tant que femme, tu t'es incarnée en tant que femme, tu te fais grandir en tant que femme. Si tu as envie d'être un homme dans une prochaine vie, tu deviens homme mais là tu es une femme donc tu t'assumes en tant que femme.

(M) - Est-ce que parmi toute cette communauté avec les disciples la femme a été mise de côté ?

(D) - Bien-sûr

(M) - Alors pourquoi justement elle n'arrivait pas à, dans cette communauté, franchir les barrières culturelles pour que tout le monde soit égal à égal ?

(D) - Ça s'est fait petit à petit entre eux mais ça a été très long d'apprivoiser on va dire, les mâles. Le comportement du mâle. On enseigne aux garçons de se comporter de cette façon depuis tout petit. Ils naissent, ils sont éduqués comme ça pour maltraiter la femme.

(M) - Comment elle réagissait au fait que certains hommes pensaient que les femmes n'avaient pas a écouter les enseignements ?

(D) - Avec de la douceur et de la patience. Elle n'a jamais été dans l'affront, elle a toujours été dans les paroles douces et profondes. Elle était toujours alignée pareil donc elle diffusait des messages. Elle était dans la paix et dans le calme, elle n'avait aucune colère, aucune attente de rien, elle était juste dans le don d'elle-même et ne s'était jamais elle qui se défendait devant les autres, c'était toujours quelqu'un à côté d'elle qui prenait sa défense. Jamais elle ne se justifiait, jamais elle ne se défendait, elle était juste elle-même. Elle n’allait pas faire le contraire de ce qu'elle expliquait. Ce n’était pas possible.

(M) - Un message par rapport aux temps un peu troublés que l'on est en train de traverser ?

(D) - Que la paix soit avec vous.



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There was another session of this team which I found interesting. They did a session on the so called "3 days of darkness".

In many ways, it matches what the Cs said about the transition from 3rd to 4th D. Here are the main points.

- 3 days is a symbolic period of time. The team didn't saw any obscurity. Apparently, a bit before the transition happens, unusual events such as Aurora Borealis, giant lighting, new stars etc, will be observable around the globe. Some events will be perceived by some and not others. The mediums saw a wave of energy traveling through space and time.

- This period will be experienced differently by each individual. The more work a person has done on himself, the easier it's going to be. Some people, whose soul knows they will not be able to cope, will fall into a sort of coma for the duration of the process.
It will be fightening, because the veil between worlds will be lifted and we will see and hear those on the Lower Astral.
In the Bible, they said to close the doors and windows and to not look at was was happening outside, because seeing dead dudes and nasty entities is scary. Those negative entities feel when one is scared and it attracts them, so it's better to stay quietly at home...

- It will be a one of time experience, because matter itself will be changed and become less material. For humans, it will strip away everything that is fake. Some people will flourish, because they will have access to their true Self. Others, who have only an embryo of a Soul or no Soul at all will disappear. The team don't know where they will go, they just see people disappearing.

- They said we would have to be careful, as some beings would probably appear as the saviours of the human race and take as many people as possible in their spaceship before the transition. Their real goal is not to help, but to maintain as many humans as possible under their control.

- After the transition, humans will have a body which will be less dense. This transition will mark the death of the little "I", the social "I". We will perceive the 2nd sun and yet unknown planets of the solar system with ease. The Earth will be washed of impurities. It will be a new Earth and a new Heaven. They also perceived that many beings wanted to assist to the transition of our species, some as observers, some with the intend to help, some with the intend to control humans. A whole sector of space, with many planets and beings, will experience this shift.

When asked as to why many mediums were channeling announcement of those 3 days of darkness, the team answered that it was because now it was a very real possibility in the near future and people needed to psychologically prepare themselves. They couldn't fix a date, or how it was going to happen. Some timelines are experiencing a shift throughout many centuries, but the most "probable" timelines they saw showed a transition that would be sudden and short.


At about 28:30 she says that the earth (Gaia) does not need us to raise its frequency, it's taking care of itself.What Gaia is interested in is that we are able to receive this coming wave and if we are not as high in vibration as she is we will be swept away. She sums it up by saying that the earth is simply asking us the question "do I take you or do I not take you? Do you want to come with me or do you not want to come with me?Gaia's advice would be: anchor yourself, align yourself: aligning yourself is essential.Open your heart, refocus on yourself, work on yourself.
I'm trying to understand Gaia advice and my opinion here is tht yeah at the end the people who are awakening and in the frequency with the WAVE they we'll be able to ride the crest of the WAVE and the people who is still sleep they gonna go under the WAVE, but I think the real problem here are the 4D STS beings, because as we know in several sessions of the C's they have told us that the intention of the 4D STS beings is to control humanity in fourth density and they have it planned when the Earth moves to 4D density i guess?
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