Iodine and Potassium Iodide


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Carl said:
I'm thinking of including probiotics and resistant starch to help combat the diarrhea. Do ya'll think this is a decent decision or is it just unnecessary messing with the protocol, adding extra variables?
If you have diarrhea, the probiotics should help with that.

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Because of the information from Divide By Zero, that Amazon sells 50 grams pure elemental iodine crystal, I want to make Lugol's Solution from this weight,
1. 350 grams distilled water.
2. 100 grams potassium iodide.
3. 50 grams iodine pure crystal.

But now, I realized that this weight is different than Laura's instruction on reply #85.

So I need to know,

1. What is my Lugol's solution percentage is?
2. How much mg of concentration is contain my solution in one drop?

Please someone help.

Laura's Lugol' solution is 10% and concentration is approximately 25.5 mg/drop.


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Carl said:
I'm thinking of including probiotics and resistant starch to help combat the diarrhea. Do ya'll think this is a decent decision or is it just unnecessary messing with the protocol, adding extra variables?
I still take probiotics every night with my magnesium.


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Casper, thank you for the link.

istina said:
Toda22 said:
If something has not changed in last couple years, purity you ask for should be P.A purity (pro analysis, that is grade foreseen for human consumption).
Thank you Toda for explanation about p.a., I wondered what it means. So those are potentially good products, if they are willing to sell it.
From site
Overall purity chemicals can be expressed as the classification system Fluke and Riedel-de Haen factory-like:
Puriss: purity ≥ 98.5%
Purum: purity ≥ 95.0%
Technical grade: purity ≥ 90%.

p.a pro analysis for Analytical Chemistry

Istina, please wait because there maybe is some important difference between purity of P.A and USP/EP.

Maybe someone could write – is there difference between pro analysis (P.A) and pharmaceutical grade stuff (USP/EP)?


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Toda22 said:
Istina, please wait because there maybe is some important difference between purity of P.A and USP/EP.

Maybe someone could write – is there difference between pro analysis (P.A) and pharmaceutical grade stuff (USP/EP)?
Thank you Toda, don't worry, just asking around for the future of possibilities.


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I will be recieving my Lugol 5% tomorrow and will join the Iodine club as well after I have finished reading the book :thup:

For dutch people: You can get Lugol 5% (1 drop ~ 6,25 mg) here for a cheap price:


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Laura said:
I would say it is not worth angsting over the percentages. If you have a lugol's solution of some type, just try a drop at first, see how you feel/react, and go from there. We've got bottles with 2%, 5%, 15%. Take more of the 2% and less of the 15%. The idea is to have about 12.5% per day for the iodine collecting organs, and about that much for the rest of the body, and then that amount again for detoxing the bromines/fluorines/metals. But approach that threshold slowly.

As noted, the Brownstein book is better than the "Iodine Crisis" book and explains what you need, why, what it does, etc. It also gives a lot of case histories showing how he treats various situations that can be used as yardsticks. As I noted, for a person dealing with a specific/chronic condition, about 50mg of combined potassium iodide as found in Lugols (add them together) is what he prescribes. For maintenance, obviously, it is somewhat less. I've already mentioned that those who can't get the book can send me a PM for "notes" and I'll send it to you.

Perhaps once some of you get some iodine in you you will begin to feel better and get some experience monitoring how you feel and that will help with finding the right dose for you. A little more once in awhile while you test out the product probably isn't going to hurt you, so stop obsessing over it.
hlat said:
When you see a Lugol's solution advertised to be a certain percentage, that percentage means how much elemental iodine is in it. There should be double the amount of potassium iodide in it.

For example, a 2% Lugol's solution should have 2% elemental iodine and 4% potassium iodide, and according to "The Iodine Crisis" a combined total of 2.5mg iodine per drop. A 5% Lugol's solution should have 5% elemental iodine and 10% potassium iodide, for a combined total for 6.25mg iodine per drop.

My initial target is 75mg of iodine a day. I have 2% Lugol's solution on hand, so I'm using 30 drops for my target!

If I wanted to make any percentage of Lugol's solution myself, say X%, I would use this formula below.
X grams of elemental iodine
2X grams of potassium iodide
(100-3X) mL of distilled water

This also means there probably is no Lugol's solution above 33.3%, so when I saw a 46% Lugol's solution, that's probably a scam.
Thanks Laura and hlat. Just wanted to know what % lugol's I had so others would know my intake when posting about my usage and also for my own reference. Wasn't concerned about taking too much, especially since ths C's said it would be "very difficult" to overdose in the 21 November 2015 session.

It seems I have Lugol's 5%, yielding (correct me if I'm wrong) 6.25mg of iodine per drop. My first experience with iodine was not long after initiating diet changes, back at the end of 2012. Started out with 1 drop a day for a few weeks, then 2 (one morning, one night). Adding 1 drop per week, eventually built up to 6 drops morning and 6 at night (so 75mg of iodine). Stayed at this dose for 2 - 3 weeks, then tapered back down to 1 morning and 1 at night. Consumed the whole 100ml bottle.

My curiosity with iodines possible benefits began after reading this post from beetlemaniac earlier in the thread -

beetlemaniac said:
An interesting personal account from a guy who went crazy on iodine. I really enjoyed reading this! I think it's wise to go slow on supplementing it. said:
Lugol's, Iodoral, SSKI... Everything You'd Ever Want To Know About Iodine Supplements And Thyroid Health!

You know, for some reason one day I got possessed with the idea of consuming iodine. I'm not really sure why, but often the body knows exactly what it needs (especially with respect to an iodine deficiency) and communicates in "weird" ways. Kind of like when I was a child I had this desire to eat raw hamburger meat when my mom was preparing it in the kitchen. There would be this big, ceramic bowl filled with several pounds of hamburger meat and I would have this urge to eat it - it smelled so good! But there was always this fear being spread by my mom and the "adult world" that eating raw meat would give you trichinosis or worms - or even kill you! Of course that is all nonsense, and as an adult I discovered a book by this guy named Alexander Vonderplanitz and I began a raw meat-eating binge for a while... I never got sick once. :)

Iodine consumption was a lot like that for me. Everyone tells you that an iodine supplement rendering over 150mcg/day is poison and you'll end you up in the ER or with a "basketball" in your throat. It simply isn't true. I started my journey by buying this book on iodine by some acupuncturist who lives in Brazil (probably near a "termas" lol). It was in this digital book of his that I learned about Magnascent natural iodine, Iodoral by Optimox, Lugol's and SSKI. Later I learned about kelp iodine in seaweeds like arame and kombu.

Here is breakdown of what they are:

Iodoral Iodine Tablets Are A Hot Item These Days, But Which Iodine Supplement Is Right For You?

- a very expensive "nascent" form of elemental iodine. I don't really know what "nascent" means but it sounds impressive. The idea according to the site is basically that the human body has the easiest time assimilating it. I bought a huge glass bottle of it for around $200. Expensive as anything, but I really like it. You can feel the power of this liquid iodine VERY fast. Chances of getting a swollen thryoid when scaling up daily dosages are high with this product. I believe it is because the stuff is indeed extremely usable to the body.

- The most famous iodine tincture in the form of iodine drops. A mix of elemental iodine and potassium iodide. Comes in 2% and 5%. The government doesn't allow higher concentrations and limits the quantities you can purchase of the 5% because apparently those who cook crystal meth use it in the process. I haven't watched enough episodes of "Breaking Bad" to know the details. ;) I have used Crow's 5% and I like it. Probably the best value for your money. Order it along with "Folk Medicine" which is a few dollars (literally) extra for an amazing book. But if you are sick of information overload, here's the jist of the book: basically consume as much apple cider vinegar and raw honey as possible in addition to the lugol solution. My favorite honey BTW is this korean deer velvet honey that costs $40 a bottle but tastes heavenly and gives you sexual super-powers.

Iodoral by Optimox - Lugol's in tablet form. Comes in different strengths. I always go for the strongest! Expensive, and it is much cheaper to take Crow's lugol solution at 5%, but when I travel I use Optimox Iodoral because they don't let you take liquids in your carry-on anymore and I never check luggage.

SSKI - Good old potassium iodide. Not to be sniffed at! People associate this stuff with anti-radiation tablets and they are correct! I buy this iodine supplement on ebay from a guy called "trapperkcmo" who is also a moderator on the iodine forum at He makes high quality, strong stuff and is the coolest dude. He sells wholesale as well. Anyway, there was a nobel prize winner back in the day who consumed 700mg of KI as a daily maintenance dose his whole life and lived into his 90's in perfect health. He went as high as 1,000mg (1 gram) when sick. It is also interesting to note that the famous H*xsey tonic had around 600-700mg of KI as the main ingredient. The rest of the herbs were basically to aid with detoxification. Nowadays most of the H*xsey-style tonics are lacking SSKI, so it is no wonder the formula is derided as quackery unless you get the real stuff from their center in Tijuana. I've actually been there, and personally know 3 people who apparently were all "misdiagnosed" back here state-side. ;) LOL! For those of you whom are thick, they were cured of terminal cancer at that Mexican clinic. What I am getting at here is that no matter all the talk about Magnascent, Iodoral or Lugol's, it is historically SSKI that was responsible for all the "legendary results." So if you want results, my attitude is "why not repeat what the winners did?" Some say that you also need natural, elemental iodine. I would tend to agree, but your body has a "thing" for potassium iodide (SSKI). WARNING: KEEP READING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUSH THE ENVELOPE LIKE I DID. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THESE SUPER-HIGH DOSAGE LEVELS.

Arame and Kombu - How do Japanese (specifically Okinawans) get so much iodine in their diet? Seaweed or kelp iodine! But these two types (arame and kombu) in specific. They are expensive, hard to get, and a bit annoying to consume. Of course things from nature are always the best, if not the most expedient.

It is possible that the reason certain Japanese can take such dosage levels is because their iodine is in natural form. There is someone online selling Kombu Balls but they are expensive. Nonetheless, if one wanted to pursue super-saturation of the body with iodine, organic is the safest route to go. Followed by SSKI. Magnascent, Iodoral and Lugols are NOT recommended for such sport!

Betadine Solution
- A 10% solution of povidone-iodine in water used for disinfecting wounds and to paint on a patient's skin before surgery. There is also a mixture of povidone-iodine and detergent for use as a hand-wash and pre-surgical scrub. DO NOT DRINK!
White Iodine - This is elemental iodine that does not stain the skin. People use it to strengthen fingernails and prevent hair loss by putting on the scalp. If you consume enough iodine, your fingernails will get very strong so I don't see a point in painting them, however white iodine is awesome for other topical applications besides the hair. For example, there are stories of people painting wounds and scars religiously with elemental iodine and the skin completely regenerating. Obviously, this is easier to do with white iodine then to run around town with iodine stains on your skin.

What Do You Need To Take Along With Your Iodine Supplements?

Now this is important: if you are going to start taking iodine/iodide at levels that get results, you MUST take selenium every day. But here is the problem. Most selenium is not organic and hence toxic. You REALLY do not want to overdose on selenium. The only selenium you can go crazy with is this and I am not recommending this vendor I just randomly pulled them from the search engines. Anyway, this particular organic selenium can be consumed at dosages of 800-2000mcg/day! For the purposes of iodine super-saturation, you need at least 200mcg and should go as high as 500mcg. Please note: a pill from this company is only 50mcg so this can get expensive.

DO NOT THINK you can use ANY other selenium product and exceed 200mcg/day. You will get -flicked- UP!

You will also need magnesium in the form of magnesium oil that you rub on your skin.

I Am Concerned About My Low Iodine Diet, But Isn't Iodine/Iodide A Poison And What Dosages Can You Safely Ingest?

Next let's talk about the fear of iodine poisoning. In my experience (and the experience of many others on forums like everyone who has attained success with an iodine supplement like lugol's, or a natural iodine supplement like Magnascent has either been really disciplined and/or "pushed the envelope." I know people who have consumed 1,000mg of SSKI and they are not dead or sick. The average daily consumption of natural iodine in Japan is 12mg/day. In some areas I have heard it approaches 200mg/day!

Of course, I am not saying that a conservative dosing regimen will not generate results. Doctor Brownstein in his book, recommends 50mg Iodoral pills with selenium and waiting 1 year to see results. There are indeed benefits to such an approach, as ALL your health problems are NOT a result of iodine deficieny. It is easy to see results with iodine supplementation and then go crazy. Kinda' like fat chicks who lose weight on raw vegan/fruitarian diets and then think this is the right way to live until their gallbladder stops working one day or they suddenly age at an accelerated pace or else run out of energy.

In other words, to be successful with iodine supplementation you have to push through certain fears and side-effects and take it every day for the long term. To be successful with iodine supplementation does NOT require super-saturation dosages, but my story is one of extremes. :)

Anyway, people are so mind-controlled by fear of iodine that they start to have side-effects from pathetic dosages of iodine/iodide. They literally believe that they are drinking poison and so their mind manifests symptoms. This is what is behind most failure with the usage of iodine supplements. They get a slight headache and run to Google to perform a search for "iodine toxicity signs." Google returns pages of crap written by other brain-washed idiots that scares the -shite- out of them. C'mon!

Does this mean you should go out an consume 200mg of elemental iodine? Only if you are a suicidal idiot who wants a trip to the ER! Japanese people are used to consuming mega-doses of iodine and you are not. They are also consuming it in an organic form. It's the same like Eskimos can eat the liver of a seal or polar bear and not die from vitamin A toxicity. You are not so fortunate! Personally, I have consumed 50,000 IU of Vitamin A every day for years and I feel incredible. My eyes never falter and I am on the computer or reading all the time. But the Vitamin A I consume is from No palmitates or beta-carotenes or synthetics or anything other then cod liver oil. That brand is also the only brand that doesn't have synthetic -shite- added to it. Most other brands do. They get busted all the time but you'll never hear about it! Still, I wouldn't eat the liver of an Alaskan sled dog, a seal or a polar bear. Your liver won't handle 1,000,000 IU in one shot! Death will ensue! I mean, I'm a die-hard Weston A. Price fanatic who got braces at 39 years of age to obtain massive dental arches that would make the late Dr. Price proud. See, I wasn't breast-fed, didn't get cod liver oil as a child PLUS had childhood orthodontics that totally -flicked- up my teeth. Once I began to consume the type of Weston Price diet that they feed racehorses, fixed my -flicked--up dentition and started going crazy with the iodine my life changed.

But I digress...

Originally I started with Magnascent. Consuming the equivalent of 20mg a day of elemental iodine. Went great for days until my throat started to feel swollen. I got scared and backed down. But I came back within days. Started consuming 20mg of natural iodine in the form of Lugol's from Crow's 5% formulation. This gave me a lot of potassium iodide (SSKI) as well. About twice the amount of iodide as iodine. Everything was fine. Never had a "side effect" again. Why did my throat swell up? I'm not a doctor, but my guess is that my iodine-starved thyroid got a little shocked by the sudden fuel pouring in. No problemo!

After some months of this I discovered that all the real insane results occurred in history with 600-700mg dosages of SSKI per day. The H*xsey peeps broke that dosage down over 4 doses during the course of the day. So I began to take the same dosages - but in one shot!


But I couldn't achieve this target dosage with lugol's! To get the equivalent of that much iodide from lugol iodine tincture I would have to consume a LOT of elemental iodine along with it: If I were taking Crow's 5% about 300mg worth of natural iodine! Not a good idea!

So I made my own mix: I mixed 600 mg of SSKI with 20mg of elemental iodine from Magnascent into a tall glass of water every morning. Took it on an empty stomach with my minerals. Skipped breakfast, only ate lunch and dinner.

I did this for months...

What Were My Personal Results With These Dosages Of Liquid Iodine And Iodide (SSKI)?

1. Allergies disappeared completely! Around 14 years of age I had become massively allergic to cats and dogs. Around 30 I had started to suffer during allergy season. It was worse year-after-year. Now I can play with cats and dogs all I want!
2. I have the sexual energy of a teenager and never tire after an ejaculation.
3. Scars on my face began to soften and fade. I have acne scars on my temples and forehead. Uncorrectable via surgery. They are much less now!
4. I feel so -flicking- good! Seriously, I feel magical, even when I am miserable. Hard to explain unless you experience it.
5. My hair got thicker and new hair grew back where it had fallen out.
6. My gut melted down! Went from a 36" waist down to a 32" waist.

It took nearly a year from when I first started supplementing with iodine to get to the results I listed above.

There WERE bumps along the road!

For example, just before my allergies went away forever I got this dizzy feeling one morning after taking my "cocktail" and I got pretty scared. I needed to lie down. I felt FIRE shooting through my arms. Like boiling water was moving around inside my body. It felt good, but was also scary as hell, I won't lie. :)

The good news is that sodium ascorbate is the antidote to iodine poisoning. Take 10 grams, dissolve in water and drink. Lie down and rest. 10 grams may cause diarrhea, but you'll be fine soon enough. Now I am NOT saying I was poisoned although I was scared enough to drink the vitamin C! LOL!

The thing is right afterwards my allergies were gone.

So, I kept my Magnascent dosages at 20mg of elemental iodine a day while DROPPING my SSKI to 100mg. Then slowly I built back up to 500mg and kept it there.

The interesting thing is I ended up in the ER around this time because I was allergic to anesthesia that an oral surgeon had given me and they checked out my thyroid while I was there and they said everything was perfect! Across from me was a woman with her foot rotting- off due to diabetes. It was black from decay. They were going to amputate it. I started to cry. All unnecessary, as you will see later on...

But before you go off and take such mega-doses, I ADVISE AGAINST IT! Here is what happened to me:

I had a tooth drilled (first cavity of my life at 39 years old) and after the filling (composite - no mercury) I didn't feel so good. Pain in my thyroid, somewhat dizzy, pain in my stomach and spleen meridians, lots of weird -shite-.

First thing is I dropped my potassium iodide dose from 600mg to 300mg. Still something not right. Signs from the universe: almost out of iodide, iodine bottle mysteriously cracked... Then one day after the gym things didn't feel right, so I went to Bellevue ER. Nobody wanted to do any work, so I went next door to NYU ER and told them some -shite- about my swollen throat and lied that I'm afraid I have a MRSA bacterial infection so they wouldn't make me wait. lol!

They sent me right in!

When the doctors interviewed me, I brought up my "family history of thyroid problems" to steer them in the direction I really wanted them to go. ;) They did a ton of blood work, and I'm a picture of perfect health except for one thing. My TSH hormone levels were totally outrageous. They were at "10" and the upper limit of the healthy range is "4." =^_^=

The doctors were totally perplexed. How could I be exhibiting symptoms of a hyperactive thyroid when my TSH levels indicate extreme hypothyroid symptoms? It was as if on paper, my thyroid was not making any hormones at all yet physically it was working itself to death!

It probably was... :(

So I told the doctor (and they are never thrilled to be outsmarted by their patients) that the thyroid manufactures hormones FROM iodine, and if I drown my thyroid in ridiculous amounts of iodine it will go into overdrive making hormones AND simultaneously send the signal it is not producing enough because quite frankly, it isn't when it's got 700mg worth of KI coming in every -flicking- day. Hence, the apparent "conflict" between my symptoms and the lab results.

The doctor was a bit flabergasted to say the least!

But here is where it gets REALLY interesting...

As I said above, I have never had a cavity in my life and I am 39 years old. A few months ago my thyroid tests were normal despite mega-dosing for almost 1 year. Suddenly I get a cavity, right on the tooth that is connected to the thyroid as well as the spleen and stomach meridians. To be honest, I had reflexive pains months ago in hand reflexology points and blood in my eye in an iridology point that is connected to the thyroid and stomach, respectively. But I ignored them under the assumption that the iodide was just cleaning up shop. Also, my thyroid tests were normal at the time, why not endure? Hmmm...

Well, having studied Chinese medicine as a hobby for 20 years now, I have finally concluded that the teeth are apparently the FUSES for the acupuncture meridians! My thyroid was working so much (extreme yang), it blew the fuse on the meridian by making a hole in my tooth. The moment the cavitation got filled, the fuse was replaced but without capacity to blow (I filled it with composite which is non-conductive)! So the entire meridian got overloaded and burned! Hence, my symptoms...

I feel pretty smart to have figured this out while lying on a bed in an ER listening to a baby scream for 2 hours straight. ;)

David Brownstein in his book recommendeds dosages as high as 50-100mg Iodoral a day for 1 year, then dropping to a much smaller dosage. He also recommended regular thyroid tests... Based on that Nobel Prize winner who discovered vitamin C, the Hoxsey Clinic and the Japanese, I opted for a more "old-school" dosage experiment of 600-700mg of potassium iodide.

Consequently, I pushed out all the halogen-class metals a lot sooner then normal, and with all the halogen-class metals out-of-the-picture and my endocrine system "rebooted." Now there was nothing left for my thyroid gland to do with all that iodide but go crazy making hormones. After all, I was pouring tons of fuel into the factory! Obviously way too much, in retrospect...

Which brings up one unsolved issue...

Why is it that the old-timers took 700mg/day for their entire lives and never had problems like I now do? Well, my theory is that the old-timers, and the present-day Japanese, had/have stronger thyroid glands due to their iodine-rich environments from the womb on out into the world. There was also limited exposure to halogen-class metals to weakend the thyroid in its' developmental stage which would account for this. In the same manner, testosterone levels and penis sizes keep going down while breast sizes keep going up as we march forward in time.

Consequently it my contention that they had "12-cylinder" thyroids back in the day whereas we probably only have "6-cylinder" models today.

I'm feeling pretty smart again... ;)

I guess Dr. Brownstein was right: slow is fast. But I like to go fast. ;) I guess if you want to go fast, you should have your doctor check your levels every month.

So what will I do now? Stop taking iodine, obviously, and in 1 or 2 months wander into the ER for another free exam. LOL! After that, I will go back to a "tame" Lugol's dosage like 3 vertical drops of J. Crow's a day or something like that. How boring...

I'm pretty sure my thyroid will calm down now that I've stopped giving it so much "gasoline" and the TSH levels will be inside a normal range in a month or two.

Anyway, it's been fun! I had a great time drinking iodine/iodide like water for the last 1.5 years and got great health benefits. Not many people, with the exception of the moderator of the iodine forum over at and I, had the guts to explore the topic of iodine consumption to the limits. You learn a lot when you've got so much skin in the game. Seems like I pushed it too far, but that is my nature. Like the Oracle at Delphi said: "never enough." :)

Why Is Iodine Supplementation So Controversial And Why Do You Have Stuff Dripping Out Your Nose When Taking Iodine Supplements?

Here is the back story:

Your whole endocrine system runs on iodine. Iodine and iodide are like gas for your endocrine system. Some years ago, some "illuminati genius" decided it would be great to make everyone weak by lowering testosterone. Why not make them stupid and sick as well with cancer and diabetes? From their point of view, it was a good plan. After all, they saw what people with strong endocrine systems did when they got fed up with bullshit (research the NYC Draft Riots of the 1800's). So they removed iodine from bread and milk, told everyone that to supplement with iodine was tantamount to poisoning yourself - and then they did something even worse: they FLOODED our environment and diet with halogen-class metals such as fluoride, bromide, mercury, chlorine, etc. These metals "plug" themselves into the same receptor sites that iodine would normally occupy. Total carnage resulted! Today we have a nation of obese, low-testosterone, borderline-diabetics whose brains are in such a fog they don't even suspect they are on the road to c*ncer.

Did you know that the poison fluoride was first put into the water supply in soviet gulags to make prisoners docile and weak? If fluoride prevented cavities, how come everyone has a mouth full of them? Duh!
Did you know that the poison bromide used to leaven bread (they used to use iodine to leaven bread) was originally sold as a "tonic" to make skinny children fat?
Do you think it makes sense to fill a person's dental cavitations with the poison mercury from a thermometer?

Are you uncomfortable with conspiracy theories? So start calling them conspiracy facts!

Anyway, that clear fluid dripping out of your nose when you take a lot of iodine/iodide is all this toxic garbage being pushed out of the body. It will stop eventually. It took almost a year for my endocrine system to "power up" again after years of starvation and toxic abuse.

What's The Story With My Mom, Her Thyroid Health - And Her Dementia?

My mom was not only suffering from iodine deficiency, she drank a certain brand of antacid the is laden with aluminum on a daily basis for over 30 years. The first sign of trouble was her thyroid problem which we ignored. We let those moron doctors put her on synthetic thyroid hormones. We didn't know better back then. I was too busy to do the research. :( They took out her uterus, and we fought the butcher doctors not to take out her ovaries at the same time. This could all have been prevented with iodine and iodide supplements, but we just didn't know any better. Over the years the utter iodine/iodide starvation combined with the synthetic hormones turned her into an idiot. They call it dementia, brain fog, whatever... it's totally horrific.

I originally started researching iodine supplements on a hunch because I had a feeling iodine would raise my testosterone levels and that was my goal at the time. I just knew there HAD to be a SIMPLE explanation as to why testosterone levels were dropping all over the place. It HAD to be more then JUST the estrogen-mimicking chemicals that filled our environment. And it was: the whole "remove iodine from the environment and replace it was a flood of assorted halogen-class metals" IS the most ACTIONABLE reason testosterone levels are dropping worldwide. I say "actionable" because there is really nothing we can do about the drinking water being shipped in plastic bottles (the opaque water bottles you can't see through easily are the worst), or the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, etc... But you CAN do something about your body and brain being starved for iodine which it needs to defend itself from a flood of toxic fluoride and bromide, etc. It is also my speculation that iodine and iodide can protect you from a lot more or those things we think we can do nothing about, but that is just speculation.

Anyway, as I carried on with my iodine research, EVERYTHING about my mom just fell into place as did everything about my particular situation. It was all clear as day for me, including our nation's battle with obesity, diabetes, c*ncer, etc.

I am afraid sometimes that it may be too late for my mom, but my father dutifully gives her the same regimen that worked for me every single day. We both started on this regimen at the same time, 1 year ago. While her dementia hasn't gotten any better it hasn't gotten any worse either. As a matter of fact, she is really happy most of the time and full of energy. Before supplementing with iodine she was always tired and falling asleep. Not any more! Her thyroid tests are now PERFECT, and I just hope that over time the potassium iodide will feed her brain and regenerate it.

But while my father is often times negative about the whole situation (and who can blame him as he has become her "seeing eye human" and is drowned daily in the misery that is dementia), I am relentless by nature and have taken further steps. First, I had a heavy metal toxicity analysis done on my mom. Ironically, despite consuming a shitload of aluminum over the course of her life, she has no issue with aluminum toxicity! Mercury and lead, however, are a -flicking- nightmare! How did this happen? Well, I am not sure about the lead unless there is something seriously wrong with either the drinking water in NYC, or the pipes in the building she lives in. The Mercury is easy to explain: my mom had a mouthful of mercury fillings and a few years back she had them removed. All at once. With no detox regimen in place before-or-after the procedure. The dentist who removed them was probably clueless as well. :( Either way, it was after this that things started to rapidly deteriorate.

So I am currently working on chelating the mercury and lead out of her. Easier said then done since most things that are advertised as chelators just don't work. But I'm working with something now that does. It isn't easy, but I figure everything is ultimately simple, we just can't see it. If my mom has mercury and lead toxicity, then I remove it. If her thyroid is broken, I fix it (I did). If she is deficient in minerals, I flood her with them. If I find she is deficient in MCTs and Ketones, I give them to her... Where most people fail in life is they don't follow the advice one of my ex-girlfriends kept parroting: "what gets measured get's managed." If you do real testing of the blood chemistry, and act to correct anything that is off, you are bound to reap boundless benefits.

Another thing I want to add here, is that most people give up waaaaay too easily on everything. This is what your masters want - so you stay a slave forever! You need to be relentless above all things. I know how hard it is to keep going - my life has been all about it! It's like when I climbed Mt. Hua in Shaanxi Province (I climbed it twice and hope to climb it a third time before I die): the first time I climbed was at night and I wanted to make it to the highest peak before sunrise. I climbed 8 hours continuously. Can you imagine 8 hours on a stairmaster? Where you have to observe the "3 point rule" of a rockclimber in many stretches unless you want to fall to your death? This is what life is mostly about if you want to change your fortune... :(

Just know where you want to go, hatch a plan how to get there, write down your goal and plan to achieve it, then every day you keep asking yourself "have I really done everything I can today to get closer to my goal?" Arnold Schwarzenegger used to ask himself: "Is it really true that I cannot do another rep?" This is not a joke! Felix Dennis, in his classic "How To Get Rich" writes that getting rich is just endless action requiring near limitless endurance. Michael Phelps is the greatest swimmer in the world because he swam for ten hours a day, 365 days a year, for ten years. NOBODY worked as hard as he did. Hence, he became the champion! There's obviously more to success then hard work, though, like doing good deeds and maybe that is one of the reasons I put this site up - to help others.

Hollywood and TV have been brainwashing you for years in order to turn you into not only a wisdomless slave without a clue, but one who believe instant gratification and a one-minute attention span are the keys to success. Now, there are some people who are just born rich and beautiful but they paid for it in a past life. Believe me. Everything in life is "paid forward." The universe doesn't take credit cards! So start your journey and don't give up!

Let Me Tell You Some More Secrets While I Am At It...

One of the most important reasons to consume iodine is because it is the fuel for your endocrine system and your endocrine system is the root of your spiritual power. You can't activate your pineal gland and become enlightened if it is calcified from all the fluoride you consume in drinking water, toothpaste and mouthwash! But if you really want to change your fortune in life one of the things you need to do is to change your bones. The Chinese are fond of saying, "Your face is your fortune." Taoists say that you cannot become an immortal if you don't have the bones of an immortal. This concept has numerous off-shoots: For example, did you know that the most attractive thing about a man in the eyes of a woman is the man's facial and physical symmetry? Women can even SMELL the symmetry when blindfolded! Other scientific studies have shown that beauty is not relative, but is hard-wired and that the most attractive women have the same mathematical ratios in the face. Ever wonder why Pamela Anderson and Tila Tequilla are the most downloaded women on the internet no matter how banged up they get? Want a good laugh? A bodhisattva in China once told me that you can tell a person's fortune by how straight their penis is! LOL!

Why is this so? The human body has many energy channels. Only a few of them are listed in acupuncture books. Two big ones are the left and right thrusting channels which are power-cables of energy running up and down the core of the body from perineum to crown on the left and right sides, respectively. One could say that the flow of energy in these two channels relative to one another determine how each of our bodies processes male and female energy. In our modern culture, female energy is spat upon by both men AND women.

Women these days all reject their feminine energy because they view it as a handicap when attempting to compete against males in a "feminist" world. Can you imagine a woman in a top corporate position breaking down into tears in the middle of a boardroom? So she represses her feminine side. She does it long enough until her polarity is so destroyed men no longer respond to her. Consequently she can't find a partner, and therefore stays "married to her job" while the top corporate hierarchy pimps out her feminine powers of manifestation to step their game up to multinational levels. Finally, her ovaries and cervix get so used up energetically they need to be cut out by a surgeon. Eventually, she is discarded. She never knew what it was to be a woman...

Men are also in trouble because they have been taught to hate feelings. When was the last time a man crying was looked upon as a sign of strength? Genghis Khan cried all the time - was he a faggot? If a man can't tune into feelings, how he find his own power and use it to make love to a woman in such a way that she will become HIS manifestation vehicle instead of a -jezebel- for a big corporation that will end up pimping him out as well in the end? He'll never know what it was to be a man...

People are afraid of the feminine because it is the physical body, the raw, unadulterated life force that powers it and your connection to the planet. Masculine power is the conscious mind that is aware of the experience of this power and shapes it via thought like a divine spark-plug. Energy and matter always follow thought, even if it is not immediately apparent or a lot of time passes between the cause and the effect.

The powers that be don't want you present in your body with full access to your power. They want you stuck in your head where you are so easy to control with a steady diet of anti-depressants and television. They've taught you to be afraid of yourself just as they did your parents. You are scared of your sexual energy, your desires, your feelings - the fact that your body needs to cry as much as it needs to -shite-. You've been taught that you need to control yourself in order to survive, and like someone who has held a full bladder for far too long you find that when you are at the toilet you just can't let go and piss. And you wonder why you feel disempowered?

This is all accomplished through traumatic births and traumatic childhoods that condition you to be an energetic eunuch as an adult. These traumas cause you to twist your physical structure into all sorts of ugly postures. You twist into these ugly postures so as to control the flow of energy in your body. To make matters worse, millions of children in western society are subjected to "dark ages" orthodontics where teeth are extracted, faces collapsed, and jaws misaligned. And you wonder why you have "low self-esteem?"

The only solution is to go back in time and correct what went wrong. Go back into the iodine-rich, primordial oceans of your feminine energy. Unleash it through courses like _ which will un-twist your physical body by liberating what you repress, and go get your skull as mathematically perfect as the great pyramid in Egypt with therapy like Neuro-Cranial Restructuring so it can carry the resonance of the now iodine-enriched pineal gland inside and attract the energy of heaven down to the earth that is your body like the sun shining on a naked beauty lying on the beach in an orgasmic wave. Learn real tantra from Shantam Nityama so YOU can be that sun putting the women in your life into orgasmic waves via your mere presence alone. Finally, if you desire perfect facial symmetry so as to attract the woman of your dreams then check out my other insane public service website _ and enjoy!
This guy had an interesting experience, thats for sure! Especially noted his claim of no more allergies.

My own results were uneventful. Perhaps didn't use high enough dose for long enough. Noticed the "throat swelling" feeling that many who use iodine report. This was apparent when increasing the dosage, but normalised in a day or so.

Can't be certain (going on memory only), but may have been taking the iodine during the only season when I didn't suffer from pollen allergies, which started in my early 20's. Thought the diet changes were responsible at the time, but the problem has been with me ever since. Can't wait to try iodine again when allergy season comes around to see what happens.

Back on 2 drops a day at the moment and definitely feel better, less body aches/stiffness.


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A post mainly about the cofactors and why they are so important:

The entire body uses iodine, not just the thyroid. Various tissues and organs are designed to concentrate large amounts which are necessary for their normal structure and function. Conversely, low iodine levels are associated with autoimmune thyroid disease, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, goiter and fibromyalgia, as well as cysts and nodules of the breast, thyroid and ovaries.

Iodine researchers Drs. Abraham, Brownstein and Flechas tested 35,000 people – and 96% are deficient in this nutrient!

So why do so many people state that they cannot take iodine due to a reaction?

The answers may lie with what are termed the “companion nutrients”, which was coined by Lynne Farrow of the Iodine Workshop group. Each of these nutrients are critical to the success of the Iodine Protocol, and thus is essential to the proper working of your body. Those companion nutrients are as follows:

Selenium – 200 – 400 mcg per day
Magnesium – 400 – 1200 mg per day
Vitamin C – 3,000 – 10,000 mg per day
Vitamins B2/B3 (ATP CoFactors) – 100 mg riboflavin and 500 mg no flush niacin, inositol hexanicotinate form, 1-2x per day
Unrefined Salt (Celtic) – 1/2 tsp. or more per day

[Note: the above amounts are recommended dosages given in the writings and lectures of the iodine researchers listed above. They are not to be used as medical advice. For your particular health concern, you should consult an iodine literate practitioner – one who uses high amounts of iodine in their practice regularly and has read the research published at and in Dr. Brownstein’s book “Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It”.]

Here are the reasons why each are so necessary…


high amounts of iodine without selenium induces AIT (Auto Immune Thyroiditis) and goiter.
selenium + iodine reduces goiter and inflammation of the thyroid gland.
selenium supplementation reduces TgAb that may be elevated by taking iodine.
TPOAb antibody levels were inversely associated with selenium levels (if you have high selenium, you have low antibodies and vice versa).
selenium + iodine increases the regulatory immune cells which prevent the development of autoimmune diseases.
necessary for the body to produce glutathione peroxidase, which detoxes pesticides, mercury, chlorine and bromide.

Analysis of the medical literature is clear: selenium plus iodine is the best combination for thyroid health. When iodine has been shown in studies to be damaging to the thyroid, it appears that concurrent selenium deficiency is the true culprit.

Not only that, if you are iodine deficient, selenium supplements “induce a dramatic fall of the already impaired thyroid function in clinically hypothyroid subjects”.

Therefore, if you are already hypothyroid, taking selenium supplements while iodine deficient will make you MORE HYPOTHYROID.

Please note that Brazil nuts are not a reliable source for selenium. You have no way of knowing if the soil they are grown in is sufficient in this mineral.


necessary for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.
along with 100mg of iodine per day, improves patients self reported fibromyalgia scores.
along with iodine, improves autoimmune goiter, atrophy and fibrosis.
essential for the production of ATP, which is used for maintaining body temps and as a source of energy.

The iodine researchers found that what leads to development of autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s, Graves) is magnesium deficiency together with low iodine, low antioxidants, and high calcium. Sounds like a description of the standard modern diet, heavy on the dairy and processed foods, doesn’t it?

Vitamin C

heals the iodine transporter system which may be damaged by toxic halides.
aids cellular uptake of iodine.
key antioxidant that supports detox.

The iodine researchers found that some of their patients were excreting large amounts of iodine which was not being absorbed by the body. Since these patients had known iodine-deficiency disorders, the doctors’ theorized that that they couldn’t possibly be iodine sufficient. This was thought to be due either to a “defective cellular iodine transport system”, or due to a body load of large amount of environmental goitrogens such as fluoride and bromide that prevented the iodine from entering the cell. Clinical improvements in their symptoms, and enhanced iodine uptake, was reached with 3 grams (3000 mg) or more of vitamin C in sustained release form.

[Author Note: If sustained release is not available, I split my daily dose and take with breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I always take it with bioflavonoids such as amla, camu or acerola powder.]

Vitamins B2/B3 (ATP CoFactors)

supports production of adrenal hormones.
stimulates mitochondria to produce more energy.
aids proper oxidization of iodine in thyroid for AIT patients.
clears brain fog, chronic fatigue, pain and other symptoms associated with fibromyalgia.

It is no surprise that the protocol improves fibromyalgia. The “striated muscles contain 33% of the total body iodine”. If the muscles do not contain a high amount of the natural mineral iodine like they are meant to – it would make sense to me why they would not function well. Perhaps iodine deficiency is the key to the mystery of this disorder?

Unrefined Sea Salt

supports adrenals and reduces oxidative stress.
kicks bromide out of the body through the urine.
relieves symptoms of bromide detox.
helps get iodine into the cells via the NIS (sodium iodide symporter).

Unprocessed salt is a necessary nutrient for many reasons – but on the iodine protocol, it can also be a real life saver! The chloride in salt competes with bromide in the kidneys, so a person who is low in salt will hold on to more body-busting bromide. At 6-10 grams per day, salt can increase the urinary excretion of bromide by up to 10 fold!

Salt Loading Protocol – Optional

From Dr. Shevin, based on the U.S. Military’s salt IV protocol for bromide intoxication. Relieves side effects that can result from bromide detox such as headache, acne, fatigue, etc.

Drink 1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon unrefined salt dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water, then followed immediately with 12-16 oz pure water.

Repeat in 30-45 minutes if needed. May repeat again until copious urination begins, or until symptoms are relieved.

On a final note, if you are having reactions, try Pulse Dosing.

This means that taking a break from iodine, while continuing to take companion nutrients and salt each day, can allow your body to clear toxins more efficiently.

Recommended by Stephanie Buist ND if having reactions to iodine: “Take iodine for 5 days with 2 days off while continuing to take the companion / supporting nutrients along with one of the other liver supporting products (such as Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root Extract, and Liver Cleansing products like Pure Zen Health TLC, Metagenics, Ultra Clear Plus.”

References and more information

The term “companion nutrients” was coined by Lynne Farrow!

Clinical results and research of Dr. Guy Abraham, Dr. David Brownstein and Dr. Jorge Flechas

Iodine and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis by Mario Renato Iwakura – Part 1 & 2

Salt Your Way to Health by Dr. David Brownstein

Iodine Yahoo Group

Iodine 4 Health Facebook Group

STTM Iodine page, plus more in the Odds and Ends Chapter of the STTM book.


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Iodine and Bromine Detox With Unrefined Salt by Jeffrey Dach MD

Here are the symptoms which can be avoided with the Bromine Detox Protocol with Celtic Sea Salt:

Symptoms of Bromide Detox From the Guide :

Cherry Angiomas
Sluggishness / Lethargy
Impaired Memory/Concentration
Bromoderma (acne) on face and hands
Disturbance of color perception
Impaired Memory/Concentration
Abnormal pigmentation
Slurred Speech
Emotional Instability
Hair loss
Vision changes
Runny Nose
Reflex changes
Schizophrenic-like actions
Metallic Taste
Sensitivity to light
Diarrhea / Constipation
Eyelid twitching
Dream changes
Increased salivation
Extensor Plantar Responses
Kidney pain
Dry mouth
Body Odor / Sweating
……This list is quoted from “Gulflink Military document – Chapter on Bromism”

Discussion of Symptoms of DermoBromism – Dermatology_Colour_Handbook_Rycroft_Manson_2010

See p.172 in Color Handbook of Dermatology by Rycroft and Manson.

These are the dermatologic manifestations of Dermo-Bromism:

“urticaria, acneiform papules and pustules, tense haemorrhagic bullae arising on plaques of erythema, and hypertrophic
vegetating masses” Quoted from Rycroft.


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Worth reading:
Strange detox symptoms from iodine protocol


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Laura said:
Worth reading:
Strange detox symptoms from iodine protocol

I'm getting mild acne-like lesions in my skin. Will cut down the dose to see if it clears up, then slowly build up again.


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I started protocol with my old stock of 2% Lugol ( little less than 100 mg) and Vitamins. Slight cold symptoms ,mild irritation and occasional mild headache are the signs as of now. I will see how it goes.


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Gaby said:
I'm getting mild acne-like lesions in my skin. Will cut down the dose to see if it clears up, then slowly build up again.
How many mg/day have you been taking? And for how long?

I've been taking 12.5 mg/day for 5 days, the first 3 days without the co-factors. I have all the stuff now, except milk thistle extract. Of the detox reactions Laura listed, I've had the frequent urination, itching and a slight rash that cleared up overnight. Since the cofactors, I haven't had any thing new, then today, the cold sore that cleared last week is starting to erupt again. :mad:

The Brownstein book is supposed to be here Friday. I may up it to 25mg/day and see what happens, but need to do more reading before going whole hog. Worse case scenario with the cold sore, and I'll just take some antivirals.


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FYI people in the US cannot buy at retail Lugol's over 5% and over 1 ounce due to DEA recordkeeping regulations.

Lugol's Solution is a 5 percent aqueous solution of iodine in combination with 10 percent potassium iodide.
Because of the numerous legitimate uses and small quantities involved, DEA is adding a provision to this final rule that will exempt Lugol's Solution when packaged in bottles/containers of one-fluid-ounce (30 ml) or smaller, and involve distribution of only a single package per transaction.
I am getting discouraged in making my own Lugol's because I am not finding a supplier with a certificate of analysis for USP grade iodine and potassium iodide. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions in finding such a supplier?

As an alternative, I am considering buying a 5 gallon container of 2% Lugol's. That's $689.95 for 640 ounces, or $1.08 per ounce.


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I added an excel sheet for those who want to prepare their own Lugol's solution. It's easy to use, just put the % strength and volume you want to prepare and it will tell you how much KI and iodine you will need. It also calculate the total iodine per drop. Play with the % and volume to have the mg/drop you want.

It also works if you have an already prepared solution, just put the % and volume and it will tell how many mg of total iodine/drop.

It is based in % mass/volume that is the easiest and more practical way to use it. The use of mass/mass percentage is uncommon in preparative chemistry and for our purposes it is not justified in my opinion.


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