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Kirschner is selling Humble's books, the "Buteyko Breathing Technique" and other "alternative healing miracles" on his website.

MMS verstehen

Gespräche mit Jim Humble

Endlich auch auf Deutsch erhältlich! Produzent Adam Abraham besucht Jim Humble in Mexiko und interviewt den Erfinder selbst, Ärzte, die das Mittel in der Praxis einsetzen sowie erfolgreiche Anwender. mehr

MMS – Der Durchbruch

9. Auflage

Ein einfaches Mittel wirkt wahre Wunder bei Malaria und vielen anderen Krankheiten. Das Buch, das eine weltweite Graswurzelbewegung ausgelöst hat. mehr


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Guardian said:
From Thomas Kirschner, editor of the German NEXUS Magazine:

Dear Bill,

Our team here spent a few hours analyzing the document, and I made a few calls to other "well-connected" friends.

It's probably too early to make a definite assessment, but my general impression is to be careful.

This document consists of two parts: 95% of it is a fantastic story, and my own judgment is that it isn't more than that. I could be wrong, of course, and some of my friends disagreed with me. Still, I would advise everybody to be extremely cautious. Besides that, this part of the book doesn't really contain much useful information (in the sense that the material could be related to anything in the "real" world).

It does make claims that bear similarity to certain Montauk-concepts (the author talks of a certain chair that can be used for remote viewing etc.) - but anybody could come up with such a story, having read the Montauk books and other far out material.

The physics section is something else, and it seems to me rather unrelated to the rest of the book, which makes it seem to me as if the author just copied it into his own story to gain credibility. But coming back to the physics:

One of my friends is a really, really well informed scientist, who is familiar with the work of Dr. Burkhard Heim. He told me that the material seems to be definitely based on Burkhard Heim's work, and he had the impression that it even goes beyond that - like a practical application. If that's true, then it would be really something.

I asked for my friend's opinion about the rest of the book, but he did not want to go into detail. However, he assured me that it is indeed "something". He also assured me that the Russian video documentary, which I have not seen yet, would be "very revealing".

So, that's really all I can tell you at the moment about this book. But I learned some other interesting things in that phone conversation:

My friend assured me that the information from Henry Deacon and Dan Burisch is absolutely head on, especially the claims regarding T1 and T2 [timeline 1 and timeline 2]. He said that there are two calculations regarding that fork-point: One says that it might come already this year. The other says that it will come right at the end of 2012.

I asked him: "Why do you think that it would come now? Do you think the Mayans made a mistake?" His answer was that the Mayans were surely right, but that our calendar system could be wrong, i.e. the "real" 2012 might be earlier than we think.

Then I asked him for the physical, scientific evidence for this [the timeline split], and he said that it would come from Burkhard Heim and from physicist Kip Thorne. He urged me to Google for "Thorne" and for "Vega".

He also said that for top-ranking scientists who work for the (shadow-) Government, Montauk is absolutely standard knowledge. Whether it happened exactly as in the famous Montauk books would be another question, but T1 and T2, as Dan Burisch describes them, are current topics of discussion.

I asked him about Planet X and if he thought that was a real danger. His comment was that it might only be for those who stayed on T2. Then I asked him how he imagined the transition from our time into T1 or T2, and he said that he imagined that we will go into some kind of tunnel, or enter a short sleep, that might only take seconds, and then we're in the new time.

To conclude: these are all exciting topics. But let's try to not get carried away. Remember, everything that I've just written is just human opinion, and each of us could be wrong.

The only "hard" evidence that can be checked out is that last section of the book, which contains scientific material. Whether that is real has still to be researched. And whether that author came up with it by himself or whether he just copied it from some book, is another unanswered question. I myself would tend to the second conclusion.

All of the above exposes this Thomas Kirschner guy as a disinfo agent, and conscious at that.


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Laura said:
All of the above exposes this Thomas Kirschner guy as a disinfo agent, and conscious at that.

Oh yeah...and I'm no expert, but the "reduced breathing" exercises he's SELLING (Buteyko Breathing Technique) look an awful lot like oxygen deprivation?

Evidently killing brain cells feels good? Maybe they're working their way up to Psychic Paint Huffing? :rolleyes:


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A freind just sent me this e-mail he got from the MMS/Humble folk. This is copied directly from his forward to me.

FDA-approved drugs cause death

225,000 people died last year after taking one or more drugs approved by the FDA and prescribed by a doctor. (Some agencies report a much greater number; depends upon what agency is reporting.)

No, these people do not die as a natural progression of their disease, whatever it might be. These human beings die as a result of taking prescribed drugs. The action of the drug kills them. The drug Vioxx, for example, killed 60,000 people before the FDA took it off the market. These death reports are on the internet. Just look them up under “Medical drugs and death.”

The public has brain-washed itself, with the help of endless commercials manipulated by powerful Pharmaceutical interests, into believing that drug deaths are a natural result of illness, and that the deaths are inevitable. The public so desperately wants to believe that these drugs will work that they are willing to risk death. The FDA wants to make money so badly that it puts millions of people at risk daily, taking drugs that have caused the death of hundreds of thousands each year. THESE DEATHS ARE NOT NECESSARY. There is not a single drug on the market that will heal; they only treat symptoms, and most often ineffectively. Sorry, I've just got to say it, that is murder, plain and simple. I must mention that if most people take better care of themselves by knowing the facts, these astronomical numbers would be significantly reduced overnight.

The FDA just recently issued a warning against MMS
They did not conduct tests, refer to the actual chemistry, or consult with experts. Instead, they listened to several reports from individuals who 'thought that they might have had a bad reaction from MMS'. The FDA did nothing more than respond to these allegations, according to their own report. What about the thousands of reports of benefit from MMS users?
What about the National Institute of Health Report done by Judith R. Lubbers, Sudha Chauan, and Joseph
R. Bianchine back in 1982 where, with double blind clinical trials, they proved that ingesting chlorine dioxide had no ill effects on the human body. Look it up yourself. Click here: _http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1569027/pdf/envhper00463-0059.pdf

More than 5 million people have tried MMS, and it is being used worldwide in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, and a thousand other places on earth. The FDA receives a couple of 'iffy' statements from “several” consumers, and now they are doing their best to take MMS off of the market!

Why is that? Why do you think the FDA wants to remove MMS from the market?




Years ago the FDA convinced the public and college students (those are the easiest to convince) that you need to have double blind and triple blind tests in a laboratory and that you needed to start out testing rats to prove that they get well first. By the time you finish with those tests you have spent a few hundred million dollars and a few years. And that is the way that they discourage most others from ever even trying to complete those tests. They are extremely expensive, and the prohibitive cost will most often result in a person giving up before definitive results are possible.

I proved, in the jungle, in the city, and anywhere people are sick around the world, that you don’t have to spend money. It is only the results that count. I know it is ridiculously simple, so much so that it scares me to mention it. When I needed to prove MMS2 and I had a sick person to treat, I myself took a little tiny bit, and then some more, and then more, and when it didn’t harm me, I gave it to the sick person to see if it would work. And guess what? Sick people everywhere got well. When I asked them, “How are you feeling", they told me, “Great.” Do you see? It’s so much easier to work with people because they can talk. You can’t ask a rat how he feels and it’s an expertise that I don’t have, finding out how a rat feels.

So I short circuited the testing program by millions of dollars and many years. Then, for the fun of it, I asked a few people who were cured of cancer if they would rather have risked dying while I performed the correct rat program with double blind and triple blind tests. Not one of them would have preferred to risk dying while we spent years completing those tests.

Just so you know, and not to brag at all, I have successfully given more than 5000 sick people MMS by personally handing the solution to each person. On the occasions when I had assistance, I was there on the spot supervising. Also, I treated 5000 more suffering humans by email and telephone. I can safely say at this point that I have seen more people cured of incurable diseases than anyone else has. And I have answered more than 30,000 emails and my secretary a similar number.

Now let me introduce myself to you once again. I am
Genesis II Church of Health and Healing.
I started the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing for the purpose of health and healing. It is legally formed. I was a Bishop first and then I created the Church. I started a few years ago as a Minister and eventually was consecrated as a Bishop in a lineage of Bishops leading back to Christ. This church I have formed is not a spiritual church, it is a church of Health and Healing for Mankind. That’s what we are doing now and that is what we will be doing --

That is a legitimate activity for a church. Our ministers heal as ministers should -- at no cost. For free. They depend upon donations to continue their Ministry. We don’t try to teach religious truths. We teach healing using our cleansing solution -- the solution that the FDA seeks to remove from the market. And we teach truths related to spiritual and physical healing and personal integrity.
We heal 98% of the diseases of mankind. Again, the evidence is on the Internet, and Bishop Jim (that’s me) has often been in Africa, healing diseases there. Most recently, in Africa, I treated 800 HIV/AIDS cases successfully. You might know that there are no tests to prove that HIV is cured because antibodies for the disease will always be present and antibodies are what they test for. However, what I did prove was that all of their symptoms were gone and they were back to work. Forty cases of cancer were gone, 50 cases of numb legs and feet were gone, 5 heart diseases were gone, a dozen cases of malaria that previously wouldn’t go away were now gone, Hepatitus C symptoms were gone, and all these cases were verified by the local hospital. And of course, there were several dozen other symptoms caused by HIV that were gone as well.

Please join us and help with this important work! See the links at the bottom of this page.

I made complete records, and I have 750 phone numbers of those cured. I can make some or all of these phone numbers available to anyone wishing to verify the actual cures of these people. They all have phones. They are in Malawi. Most of them speak a little English. Hospitals won’t give out data, but most of the people speak enough to say how they are feeling. You can call them if you want, but you will need to come here.

Now you can be protected against forced vaccination of yourself and your children, and against forced insurance. That will include dozens of other suppressions such as dangerous health-destroying, altered foods that the government and companies such as Monsanto are trying to force onto us. We will have health food stores in our churches that are not restricted by Codex Alimentarious.

To join, please see the links at the bottom of this page.

To belong to the Genesis 2 Church:

All you have to do is believe in GOOD DEEDS, HEALING, AND ALWAYS DOING WHAT IS RIGHT. The Genesis 2 Church will stand between those who want to kill us and the people. As time goes by, it will protect us from gigantic oil spills done on purpose, terrorist acts like diseases created in laboratories, vaccinations that destroy the health of children and adults, chemical trails in the sky, altered foods of all kinds, laws against home schooling of children, and the US government that confiscates 5 billion dollars’ worth of private property each year with no chance of its recovery (See the Civil Forfeiture Act of 2000, HR1658) AND OF COURSE, dozens of other evils too numerous to mention here.

Down through the thousands of years, churches have continually claimed that they are working to save mankind. But we are the first church that can in fact actually heal thousands of people and thousands of diseases. We prove it daily. If you are sick, let us heal you for free.
Here's how it might go:

Genesis II Minister: Would you like to be free of your (cancer, malaria, TB, HIV)?
Ill Person: Yes, I would. I’m tired of this pain and disability.
Genesis II Minister: What would it be worth to you, to be free of it, to be healed?
Ill Person: In terms of money? A million dollars!
Genesis II Minister: (grins) But could you pay a million dollars for your healing?
Ill Person: Oh. Well, no, but I could pay you fifty dollars and I’d be glad to do that if you actually do heal me so I can put my life back together.
Genesis II Minister: OK, then would you be willing to donate $50 to the Genesis II Church after you’ve been really healed?
Ill Person: Yes, I would, if my symptoms are gone and I feel good and I can go back to work.
Genesis II Minister: Right. Let’s agree then: I’ll heal you and you donate $50 to our Church after you’re healed.
Ill Person: Yes. It’s a deal.

But most important is that you join our church, the
Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.

If you join our church, you will receive our protection and our beliefs that you must not be vaccinated and all the other benefits of our Church. We train a new class of Ministers of Health every 60 days here in the Dominican Republic or you can choose to take our DVD ministers training course and work at home. People who take our training become Ministers of Health. They minister health to the world. Our ministers are the most unusual people that the world has ever seen. They leave here with the ability to heal more than 95% of the ills of mankind. The day will come that a Minister of Health will command a great deal more respect than a doctor and soon.

The DVD ministers training course is a home study course and we will make sure that you are fully trained before you receive your certificate. We do this by our unique training and testing plan. When you receive our test, we will know by your answers if you really know the data. If not, we will continue to train you until you do know it.You can’t fail because we will keep training you until you succeed. (See bottom of page for links)
Fifty percent of all the net income of the Genesis 2 Church is put into a protection fund to hire lawyers and other people to protect our members. We expect to have a really large fund for this purpose and all of the church's money of the church is accounted for. The church is run on a completely transparent basis with financial reports to our members. When our protection fund is large, governments will not be able to interfere in the rights of our people, because we will have the lawyers and other people to insure our rights.

Our Minister of Health Training Class
The next training course starts on the 20th of September, and the training course after that will be on the 25th of October. The cost of the first week of training is $1000, which includes room and board. (If you don't have the money and you need a discount in order to come, we will make sure you can afford it. Talk to us. You will be surprised.)

The second week of training includes 3 days in the local villages or at a clinic on the Haitian border and this training includes your Doctor of MMS certificate (see below). The cost is $500 for the second week which includes room and board. If you spend at least 3 days helping the people of the villages (Mark will be with) you will also receive a certificate of Doctor of MMS if you pass the MMS training course test. You have unlimited time to pass the test. But you must know the data in order to pass the test.
CERTIFICATES: These are the certificates that you will receive for completing the training given here:
1. Certificate of Completion of the course.
2. Certificate of Minister of Health you can use Rev. in front of your name legally
3. Certificate of Membership in the Church
4. Certificate of Authorization to open your own Chapter of the Church
5. Church Plastic ID Card
6. Those completing the second week of at least 3 days ministering to the local people will Receive a Doctor of MMS Certificate and you can legally use Doctor in front of your name or Doctor of MMS after your name. Also you can use Rev. Dr. in front of your name. You must also past the questionnaire for MMS training.
DVD Minister of Health Training Course
The DVD Minister of Health training course includes all of the above certificates when completed. The cost of the course is $350 plus. It includes transcripts of one complete training course, and complete DVDs. However, at this time, all Dr. of MMS certificates will be issued only to those who complete the 3 days of treating local villagers. The cost is ½ price for those who are taking or have taken the DVD course which is $350. It should be done here in the DR, but could also be done in other parts of the world where you may live. To qualify, it must be a third world country.
Prices PRICES:
DR Training week one ------------------------------------------$1,000
DR Training Week two includes DR. MMS Cert. ------$500
DVD complete MMS Training (from two seminars) -- you get all certificates except Doctor (for which you must come to DR and treat villagers in a third world country) -- $350
Genesis 2 Church Membership with ID card -----------$20

To come to the one or two week training course in the Dominican Republic, please email gmark777(at)gmail.com or mmsforhispaniola(at)gmail.com

Or you can call Mark Grenon at 1-809439 3698 (country code required from the US)

For details on the training course, please go to _www.mmstrainingcourse.com

To join our church, please call Mark at the above phone number or email him at gmark777(at)gmail.com

Jim Humble’s book and DVD -- _www.miraclemineral.org

If you would like to speak to Jim Humble, please call Mark Grenon at the above number and ask for Jim’s phone number. It’s OK.
Project Green Life (_www.projectgreenlife.com/) has opted to bow down to the FDA
and recall all the bottles of MMS that they have ever sold.
There is no reason for this, as it has already been proved in double blind tests that MMS does no harm. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.
But Project Green Life has chosen to frighten thousands of Americans
and other citizens of the world by claiming that they believe what the FDA has NOT proved.
I am sorry to report this. But people who have saved thousands have now chosen to betray them.
However, the fact still remains that MMS has been used by millions.
Hundreds of thousands have improved their health
and hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved.

As always with love
Jim Humble

Looks like the flies are really buzzin'. Might be some good stuff here for the sott team to sink their teeth in.

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Jim Humble said:


classic Jim :)


Jedi Master
GRiM said:
Jim Humble said:
classic Jim :)

Good catch. It is interesting that later in his email, we see the following:
The cost of the course is $350 plus.
DR Training week one ------------------------------------------$1,000
DR Training Week two includes DR. MMS Cert. ------$500
DVD complete MMS Training (from two seminars) -- ... -- $350

He does make it easy to "follow the money".


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See: http://www.sott.net/articles/show/213718-Jim-Humble-Nexus-Magazine-and-The-MMS-Mafia


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Classic sales pitch with doublespeak - I can see the AD:
"As Seen on TV!" or "One time TV offer!" with the count
down clock on the lower left corner... then a slow sincere
discussion about the potential benefits for 6 minutes, followed
by super-rapid fire rundown of disclaimers for 6 seconds: "...
may cause deafness, blindness, dizzyness, nausea, heart
attacks, loss of brain function & limb functions, [a really long
list], ... and at the very end, a 6 second emotional message:
"Live just a little longer to be with your loved ones", with a
crescendo of Gaither music and loved ones gathered together
in embrace.

Snake in suits, or so it seems, and by the way - This
is just my opinion, which clearly does not amount to
hill of beans, none at all...


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Here is the latest Humble e-mail assault on folks:

The data and regulations of the FDA prove
that MMS actually works!

1. MMS kills 95% of all diseases: It may surprise you that there is one point concerning MMS that all people agree on. At least all government agencies that are involved, universities, scientists and even my critics all admit to it. The chemical chlorine dioxide, which is what MMS generates, is one of the most effective killers of disease pathogens known to man. At this late time in the game, no group argues against the point that chlorine dioxide kills at least 95% of all disease pathogens upon contact. It is simply a known scientific fact. There are plenty of scientific papers on the Internet giving this data. Just google “chlorine dioxide.” FDA 21CFR173.300 is just one of many FDA regulations authorizing the use of chlorine dioxide to kill pathogens. Google “FDA chlorine dioxide” for more evidence. You can read 21CFR by putting it in your browser.
Note: (For information about MMS Seminars, video course or Genesis II membership, please contact us at MMSforhispaniola(at)gmail.com)
2. Chlorine dioxide does no damage to the human body: The next argument was that chlorine dioxide goes forth and kills everything in its path including good and bad bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungus and also damages human body parts. But that is not so. There are thousands of industrial corporations listed on the Internet that use chlorine dioxide for the very reason, because it can be very selective in what it destroys (oxidizes). When properly used at low levels of concentration it can select pathogens and not affect body parts. For a list of companies using chlorine dioxide because it is selective, Google “chlorine dioxide selective.” Here is a quote by the US Gov EPA _Http://www.epa.gov./ogwdw000/mdbp/pdf/alter/chapt_4.pdf 4.1 Chlorine Dioxide Chemistry: Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced to chlorite (ClO2-) (Hoehn et al., 1996). 4.4 – Chlorine dioxide is a strong oxidant and disinfectant. Its disinfecting mechanisms are not well understood, but appear to vary by the type of microorganism. 4.4.1 – In the first disinfection mechanism, chlorine dioxide reacts readily with amino acids cysteine, tryptophan, and tyrosine, but not with viral ribonucleic acid (RNA) (Noss etal., 1983; Olivier et al., 1985) It was concluded that chlorine dioxide inactivated viruses by altering the viral capsid proteins.
Do you See? These quotes and hundreds of other quotes I didn’t have room for prove conclusively that MMS can be selective and is indeed selective. Now one more thing: _www.lenntech.com/index.htm#ixzz0wGcRVcfM This data written by Lenntech is often quoted around the world by universities and in scientific papers. This company, along with others, proves that chlorine dioxide does not harm the human body in low concentrations such as those used by MMS. This is the quote:
• “As an oxidizer chlorine dioxide is very selective. It has the ability due to unique one-electron exchange mechanism. Chlorine dioxide attacks the electron-rich center of organic molecules. One electron is transferred and chlorine dioxide is reduced to chlorite (ClO2).” Then the chlorite attracts four more electrons which rips a hole in the side of the pathogen, killing it.
There is no dangerous liability to ingesting chlorine dioxide over an extended period of time. The next argument was the concept that taking MMS might be dangerous when taking it for a few days. But that has also been proven not true. Back in 1982, the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC conducted an extended double blind clinical trial to determine that very fact, whether there is a liability in taking chlorine dioxide over a period of time. They also tested the chemicals sodium chlorite, and sodium chlorate at the same time. The tests were conducted with humans and not with rats, thus one does not have to try to extrapolate to show that rats can equal humans. The tests conducted showed that no adverse conditions resulted in human bodies. Here is the link to the report. Read it for yourself and decide. _http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1569027/pdf/envhper00463-0059.pdf
4. Save your life or that of a loved one within the next 5 years. Commonly quoted statistics say that either you or one of your loved ones will have a life threatening sickness sometime within the next five years. If you have a bottle of MMS in your medicine cabinet, chances are it will save your life or that of whoever is sick in your household at that time.
5. MMS leaves no dangerous chemicals behind to cause side effects: The final argument generally was, “MMS may leave dangerous chemicals behind when it deteriorates.” But that is not true either. The chemistry of chlorine dioxide proves that it cannot leave anything dangerous behind as it deteriorates into its component parts: sodium chlorite, sodium chlorate, and table salt (sodium chloride). They are all gone from your body within several hours.
6. MMS destroys at least 95% of the diseases of mankind: MMS destroys cancer and all the rest of the diseases that you or your loved ones might ever get. More than 5 million people have used MMS. More than 150 thousand books have been sold in Germany alone and it has been translated to over 18 languages, including Russian, Japanese, and Chinese, and is selling in most European countries. More than 50 thousand books have sold in the US. More than 5 million free MMS books have been downloaded. At least 200,000 lives have been saved to date.
Note: (For information about MMS Seminars, video course or Genesis II membership, please contact us at MMSforhispaniola(at)gmail.com)
7. So the FDA has decided that they will take MMS away from the people. They are forcing the MMS stores to recall every bottle that was sold and now they want to watch while the owners destroy everything in their shops. This is also happening in Japan, no doubt instigated by our FDA. This is the start, but they want to take it all away from the world, and they will do their best to use their authority to see that the world does not have MMS.
Can you possibly believe that 220,000 people died last year after taking an FDA-approved drug prescribed by a doctor? Well that is a fact and it is well documented on the Internet. Not one person worldwide died from taking MMS. The critics like to name a couple of cases worldwide where someone died, but in each case there was no logical connection to MMS.
The FDA intends to send the owners of the MMS stores to prison as examples for the world to see that no one must ever again be able to cure themselves of disease. Do you see? MMS, a chemical that has been discovered to cure the diseases of Mankind, is in danger of being disregarded for all time. We cannot let this happen. Those of you who cannot believe in MMS should still stand against making MMS illegal. What if, on the off chance, I could be right? Will you take the chance of losing something that might save you or a loved one? Why take the chance? If nothing else, insist that it be tested in Labs throughout the world.
8. So let me tell you about the attack on me. Hope you don’t think I am paranoid. Anybody who does anything will develop a few critics. So when I developed a few I thought, well that’s normal, and I took the time to answer some of them. But instead of them listening to what I had to say, they attacked again, totally destroying what I had to say, but it wasn’t logical. They just said everything and anything that came into their heads that they thought sounded like it refuted my answers, even if what they had to say had no reason or no logic.
Then something else that was funny -- I developed dozens of critics, if not hundreds of critics around the world. And then one more funny (peculiar) thing showed up. All the critics seemed to be attacking the same logical points. Of course these points were the logical points to attack, as many people who have only an apathetic interest in health and healing might see them as uninteresting and then say, “Of course. That stupid Snake Oil Humble is only out for our money.” (That’s the favorite name for me nowadays as far as critics are concerned.)
Those sheep then walk into their living room, pick up their TV control, hit the on button, click down to American Idol, and never again consider that their Hepatitis C could be cured, or their child’s HDD, or their wife’s breast cancer. It’s exactly what the people controlling the FDA want: sheep who never question a thing from the government. The point was that all the critics were questioning the same points as if someone had told them all the same things to say.
9. MMS is now at a critical turning point in History. Whether the MMS wins out and we wind up with the ability to treat ourselves, or the FDA wins and MMS remains just a memory in most of our minds depends on you, the reader, at this time. MMS is no longer freely available. I am sure most of you understand that the FDA is there, and has been there for all these years, to protect the income of the drug companies. The executives at the FDA are all personnel from the pharmaceutical companies and always have been. Go ahead and Google: “how many former FDA employees now work at Big Pharma?”
It could now be a small fight with ProjectGreenLife winning (that’s all of us against the FDA) or they lose, at which point we would have a much larger fight. Daniel at ProjectGreenLife.com has been the first that they have hit, but hit hard. They now want him to destroy everything in his shop while they watch to make sure he does it. In the past they came in and destroyed everything before they arrested the owner, but now they are learning to force the owner to do it, and that gives the impression that he thinks he is guilty (or of course he wouldn’t do it.) So without making any threats or promises of any kind they just ask for your cooperation but you know if you don’t cooperate they will hit you harder. They no doubt intend to send everyone to prison. So we must win this one case.
Note: (For information about MMS Seminars, video course or Genesis II membership, please contact us at MMSforhispaniola(at)gmail.com)
10. A Precedent to Invade Our Homes. Also let me point out that if we lose this one case, the FDA will then have set a precedent to invade the privacy of our homes. They are saying that the use of MMS and how it is mixed and combined in the home is within their jurisdiction. You have no idea of the power that they are trying to garner. If they win this one case they will have set the precedent that will allow them to come into our homes and decide what we can mix and do. That would certainly kill MMS, as we are working on a way to produce MMS by electricity in our homes. The FDA would be able to come into our homes, break in and confiscate anything that they think might be used in making MMS even for our own use -- and on top of that, they would be able to charge us with a crime.
So at this point, we need help with the money to beat the FDA. But we have a unique offer. This could be a big fight or a little one. We want to make it a little one. We have a little-known strategy that has won many times against the U.S. government and that has been upheld by the Supreme Court each time it was questioned. This strategy will require an unknown amount of money. It is not cheap, but in terms of legal battles, it is cheap. We need your help. Earth needs your help, mankind needs your help.
“Evil only prevails when good people do nothing!”
The results of this first case will determine how much the FDA will be able to control your nutrition and the destiny of your health and your drugs and healing in the future. If we let them win by default, we will never again be able to use anything but drugs to treat our diseases, because that is what they have said and it is what they intend. It has been said many times, “Follow the money.” In this case, follow the money to where they want it to go and that is exclusively for drugs.
So this is our unique request. It’s my unique request. Please donate what you can and as much as you can, and whatever money is not spent directly on this one case, I will refund. If the fight is over at that point we will refund all of the money not spent in that same proportion. In other words if 50% of the money is not spent, we will give you a choice of being refunded 50% of what you donated or of allowing us to save it for the next FDA fight. It will be your choice. I hope you understand it is your fight.
I have never made a dime from the sales of MMS. I have volunteered my time treating people and answering questions. Now I ask for your help to fight this fight. Please Help, it’s for you and your loved ones. If we get enough money, it is very likely that we will win. Then I will tell you the entire story, and how the playing field has completely changed in the USA as far as nutrition and substances like MMS and even drugs are concerned. We will be on our way to a new US much faster and sooner than was ever thought possible.
I am sure that you know that if I don’t either deliver on this and fail to return your money, my reputation would be gone forever. So this cannot be a scam. It’s got to be the truth.
11. Now let me tell you what we are still doing: We are still doing the Seminars. It is the Minister of Health Training Course. Those who finish this course know how to cure 95% of the diseases of mankind. They receive a Minister of Health Certificate from the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. (It’s not a religious church, but rather a church formed to cure the diseases of mankind. That is a legitimate function of a church, and our church is completely legitimate).
Those who finish the first week of training can legally put the title of Reverend (Rev) as a prefix to their names. Further activity here at the next week treating the local villagers will earn you a Doctor of MMS Degree and a Certificate stating that. It will be legal for you to use Dr. as a prefix to your name. You can frame your certificates and hang them on the wall. These certificates will eventually be more respected than most certificates of our civilization.
• The cost of Week One is $1000 dollars US. This is the Minister of Health Degree and you become a Rev.
• The cost of Week Two is $500 and it includes the Doctor of MMS Degree. In both cases the money includes room and meals in a dormitory (air conditioned and all that).
Note: For more information about the MMS Seminars, please contact us at MMSforhispaniola(at)gmail.com
12. If you cannot come here we have a video course for $375 that will teach you the same things. Once you have completed our examination successfully and provided us with documentary evidence of your MMS treatments, we will authorize you to teach your own seminars and create Ministers of Health using the same Videos. We will teach you how. You can order the Video Course now. The courses will be ready to be delivered to you in less than a month.
Note: For more information about the MMS Video courses, please contact us at MMSforhispaniola(at)gmail.com
13. You can become a member of our church, the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing. This will give you many benefits including protection from forced vaccinations. We will also help you get Governmental papers that guarantee no vaccinations. The cost of Membership is $10 for children under 13 years old, and $20 for all those 13 and older. You will receive an I.D. card and membership certificate.
NOTE: The Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing is working on a 24/7 Help Desk. You will be able to call any time and get your questions answered by one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members.
Note: For more information about joining the Genesis II Church, please contact us at MMSforhispaniola(at)gmail.com
14. Debunking the FDA: The FDA has decided that they can lie about anything and everything that they want to keep the public in the dark about and keep people from knowing the truth. They talk about using the 28% solution of sodium chlorite in MMS bottles now being sold. Well, here is the truth:
• The bottles do not contain 28% sodium chlorite but rather 22.4%
• You only take 3 drop doses at any one time
• The three drop doses are diluted with ½ glass of water or juice, so in fact it is only a 0.0015% dose
• The three drop dose is about one thousand times less than the FDA claims
For those who don’t understand percentages very well, that is only 0.015 of a one percent dose. Which means about one hundredth of one percent. That’s not very much.
The FDA lies a lot. More than 220, 000 people, perhaps as many as 900,000 (depending on your source) died last year after taking an FDA-approved drug. No one died from MMS. Have you watched the commercials for FDA-approved drugs? After the long list of side effects, they even, in passing, mention: “and sometimes death”. They are telling you on TV that you can die from those drugs. Hopefully you realize that they are not killing. People do die from those drugs. No one has died from MMS world wide. Yet the FDA attacks legitimate legal sellers of MMS attempting to make it illegal because they claim someone has complained.
MMS sells for less than 2 cents a dose and FDA-approved drugs often go for several hundreds of dollars a dose, or even $1000 dollars a dose and more. For example, the leukemia drug Sprycel costs about $8,000 or more (according to your dosage) every month. So something that replaces their fantastic income scares the FDA and Big Pharma a lot.
15. If you don’t have the money, or can’t part with it, we still need your help. And I’ll say it again: America and Mankind still need your help. There are many things you can do that don’t cost money. First and foremost, please send this newsletter out to as many people as you can. Just hit “forward” and add a bunch of addresses of people you know. Include a small message of your own, if possible, at the top. This is serious. Don’t spend a few minutes on it; spend a few days doing this, sending it to everyone you know.
Please also distribute this newsletter to as many other places as you can think of, such as:
• Health organizations
• News organizations
• Churches
• Health food or vitamin stores
• Community groups
• Hospices
• After-school organizations
• Officials in the U.S. government and other governments around the world
Remember all the ways you can distribute it on the internet:
• Post it on blogs and websites
• Link to your postings from other websites
• Link to it or paste it on Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, and all other social networking sites
Print it out and then:
• Nail it to telephone poles
• Pin it on bulletin boards
• Post it in shop windows
• Hand it out to neighbors, telling them you can get them more data if they want it.
Please don’t stop. Keep it up. Do your best to get it out around the world. The health and suffering and even the life and death of many people now depend on you. Keep the thought in mind: “I can make a big difference”, because you can.
Every time you send this newsletter to a new person, you will, in the long run over the next year, have an extremely high chance of saving a life. That is in addition to helping with the fight against the FDA. That is because many of the people who you send this newsletter to will at least now have heard of MMS, and when they or a loved one becomes sick, some of them will check MMS out and find that it does work. So each newsletter you send out has the chance of saving a life, or hundreds of lives, or even thousands. If you ever thought it would be nice to save someones life, well in this case send out 10 of these Newsletters, and the chances are, over the next year, you action will have saved at least one life, if not hundreds.
Tell everyone and anyone the story of the FDA and MMS. Keep in mind: we must win this fight or forever be slaves to the FDA and Big Pharma because they say legally only drugs can treat diseases and finally only drugs will be available to treat diseases. It's not my idea, they have said it plenty of times.
It could be a wonderful world As always with love Jim Humble
P.S. For information about MMS Seminars, video course or Genesis II membership, please contact us at MMSforhispaniola(at)gmail.com.
MMS Training Seminar Schedule for the rest of 2010:
1. Sept.20th-29th
2. Oct.25th-Nov.3rd
3. Nov.29th-Dec.8th
4. Dec.27th-Jan.5th, (Christmas vacation seminar)

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FOTCM Member
Looks like Duncan and the gang are raking in the dough as fast as they can.


FOTCM Member
All you have to do is believe in GOOD DEEDS, HEALING, AND ALWAYS DOING WHAT IS RIGHT.


Holy jaw dropper, Batman. This is so ludicrous. Just believe and do what is right? :O Like ply yourself with poison and push the stuff on your family, friends and those you hardly know!

Sounds like Bishop Jim Humble is feeling the pressure - from above as well as below.

The Genesis 2 Church will stand between those who want to kill us and the people. As time goes by, it will protect us from gigantic oil spills done on purpose, terrorist acts like diseases created in laboratories, vaccinations that destroy the health of children and adults, chemical trails in the sky, altered foods of all kinds, laws against home schooling of children, and the US government that confiscates 5 billion dollars’ worth of private property each year with no chance of its recovery (See the Civil Forfeiture Act of 2000, HR1658) AND OF COURSE, dozens of other evils too numerous to mention here.

Sheesh. This guy is getting way too frantic with his message. (Not to say there aren't a lot of persons who might fall for this not-too-subtle sales pitch because they desperately want to believe in a savior, a magic potion, or find the "perfect" organization rather than do some hard work on themselves, garner some critical thinking skills, and network with others for a better future.)

If the Genesis 2 Church is the FOTCM's doppleganger, I'm not impressed by the presentation. Over the top and smacking of desperation.

Mountain Crown

The Living Force
Humble has got to be nuts. Everyone knows this is our real savior:

Bishop Popeye of the Church of Spinach

Bishop Popeye battling Big Oil Spills


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"Bishop" Humble is misleading his flock. Protections provided by churches DO have limits and you have to have certain legal things in place before you can even claim those protections. Lord Knows, we are learning about all this as we go along and thank the Universe for a good attorney.


FOTCM Member
I got this email today

Over the last month H2O Air Water Americas
has been converting to a 1st and 14th Amendment
Private Membership Association.

What does this mean for you?
Well simply put it means that as a member you will
be allowed to purchase and use MMS without
government interference. It also means that we will
be able to discuss the fellow member health benefit
experiences of MMS with you in a more open and
candid manor.

One major difference is that you will have to fill out
the member application at the time of purchase.

Why do you need to apply? Well simply put, we
have to document who is and who is not a member.
There is a $10 fee to join, however, we will credit
your next purchase $10 so that your total out of
pocket is nothing.

You will also notice a slight difference on our
website. As you near the end of your purchase the
site will ask you to fill out the membership application.
Once you have filled it out and we have it on record,
you will be free to purchase.

We are incredibly excited to learn of this option and
see Private Membership Associations as a fundamental
right to assemble. We encourage you to read up on it as
you are sure to hear more about it.

If you are ready to purchase your MMS, then click here.

If you have more questions, give us a shout.

Yours in health,

Dr. Ron Neer
Member, H2O Air Water Americas
Private Membership Association

Private membership to keep out the prying eyes.
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