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X-22 Report had some interesting things to say about Corona Virus with respect to world financial system. This is a segment from a recent video. Just opinion.


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Howdy all! I'm new to the forum, and new (a little over a year now) to The Work - higher-dimensional, as far as I understand it, connection, a bit of channeling, and a bit of Gnosticism, I guess - knowing. I'm still working out the kinks and my ego-self gets in the way some, so I can't be completely sure what I have received isn't just random ego-inserts from my brain level Me.

I have a back ground in US Army PSYOP - former tactical team chief and then I taught the course for a few years. Contrary to popular mythology, service-level PSYOP is nothing special. It's marketing and kid's play in comparison to Intel Agencies, Dept of State, DOD, not to mention the alphabet soup of NGOs and private entities. However I have a good foundation of how such things work, at least compared to your average lay person... FWIW. I'm also an avid reader and researcher and can hold my own with anyone in the Conspiracy world quite well. I'm suspicious of everything and everyone - myself included, to say it succinctly.

In some of my channeling work I've bumped into Q references - nothing major, just a few quick snippets of references that seemed to come at me when I was having a good connection and downloading. It annoyed the hell out of me at first, and then it came up a few more times in the last couple of months, so I was forced to do some deep work on the subject and came to the following conclusions:

1. Trump does definitely seem to be involved. The time stamps and references line up more than by chance, IMO. However, this doesn't make it one thing or another, it just means he's part of it.

2. The Occam's razor explanation is this is an elaborate misdirection; a LARP as they say in the deep conspiracy community. This is the most rational and obvious answer because so many things these days are designed on purpose to misdirect and confuse us. Rabbit holes abound, in other words. Based on history alone, this is most likely yet another rabbit hole.

3. That said, I really do hope there is some "there" there. We need something to break the back of the control structures, and Q group could very well be this thing we need - specifically disclosure, of both alien and high technology, but also disclosure of things like the Federal Reserve, the real Deep State and what they've been doing, the dark, dark manipulations, the dark worship, the pedophailia, and the incredible corruption that we live in today. So I, like Charlie Brown with the football, I know Q might pull a Lucy on us, so I am NOT giving them all my focus and energy, but I am giving them some energy and manifestation focus... Not so much for the Q groups per say, but for the overall message and idea that Q promotes - disclosure and cleaning up of corruption.

That said I also firmly believe that if we are to fix the world, we need to do it ourselves, so I have no illusions about some group of White Hats riding in to save the day. Child's fairy tales of saviors and good guys doing the right thing tend to keep us oppressed and disempowered, so I do worry I put too much stock in Q.

However, after getting a taste of manifestation work over this past year, I can also see that something like a Q awakening COULD manifest, if we put our energy behind it... Regardless what it's called, disclosed and some cleanup needs to occur before we can have any kind of solid foundation where we can guarantee we don't annihilate ourselves for the foreseeable future, so I just try to put my energy and focus behind that as a more generalized "direction" of how we go forward, while hoping a little bit that Q pans out to be something.

Peace & Love to all!


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2. The Occam's razor explanation is this is an elaborate misdirection; a LARP as they say in the deep conspiracy community. This is the most rational and obvious answer because so many things these days are designed on purpose to misdirect and confuse us. Rabbit holes abound, in other words. Based on history alone, this is most likely yet another rabbit hole.
Welcome to the forum! I saw your newbe post as well. There was a C's session where the C's stated Q was an "insider psyop." Not sure if you were aware of that.

That said I also firmly believe that if we are to fix the world, we need to do it ourselves, so I have no illusions about some group of White Hats riding in to save the day. Child's fairy tales of saviors and good guys doing the right thing tend to keep us oppressed and disempowered, so I do worry I put too much stock in Q.
Let's run with that!


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Hi All,

Had to post this newest X22 special interview with Harley Schlanger, really info packed and exemplary analysis on recent current events. I found Harley and his larouche pak info very down to earth since finding his info years ago. Dave I have always trusted as also a down to earth type individual. Besides me mentioning q, their is actually zero mention in the interview. But I think the way the conversation goes, it is extremely clear they see the writing on the wall. anyway, it is an great opinion piece and thought if anyone else would find this informative and give me your take if they have a good read on their gathered info.

Watch "JFK Went After The [DS] In The Shadows, Trump Is Doing It In The Light: Harley Schlanger" on YouTube

I was going to do another q update, but the writing on the wall is really starting to become clear. Durham skipping long drawned out reports and going straight for indictments! I can hardly believe the news coming out anymore, not like literally. It's actually 'habbening' and we get front row seats! I find the day to day news reports blurring the line between, what q has mentioned, ds work, patriot work, actual news, trump tweets, etc...because they all cross connect at some point. especially trump tweets, anon tweets, ds tweets, and digital warrior comms, etc...so much to follow live. hi new joiners to thread! @CME
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hi all, so major development I think in the q community and probably way beyond, as the way the msm tends to just be outright blatant in their propganda on q and virus outbreak right now, etc,. They ds will give one last big hoorah with the "pandemic" push from every possible angle, and as hard as they can to try and stop what is coming. I will give a brief overview, but the newest x22 daily succinctly sums up what I do believe is likely to play out, OR finally out the most fantastical larp episode ever played on mankind, imho.
so the play goes something like this: q has been silent for 12ish days now, but 3 tweets over the weekend made by 3 trump admins relate specifically to q comm. one stands out from Dan Scavino, WH dir of social media, has a meme of trump playing violin/ and the line spec is "Nothing can stop what is coming", which in q speak is incredibly related to the gathering storm, that is the white squall(?) of a perfect storm. and more specifically this relates to the 10 odd tweets that q has made, out of 3k+ so far, of the mentioned quote. the titles of each one of these all has the ingredients for this "perfect storm" which will be unstoppable, because NOTHING can stop what is coming...I hope. Even though I m fully onboard with the 'carry out justice' and everything. the ten were clinton foundation- clinton used blackmail-french protest against macron-maccabe lying/treason-fakenews on q-fakenews attack on q relate to crazies-fakenews intensifies bc q has source:juliange assange!-declas chain of command-ukraine and dnc framed trump-epstein investigation ongoing and deep. that is a really rough sketch, I think Dave does a great job and could be the first or one of the first to point this out, but it will be explosive nonetheless. no way any serious sane critical thinking person would stick around after this, no excuses or "pandemic" or whatever cards the ds supposedly has left. this specific case of innumerable cases, it's very essence, simple or not, is exactly how q is able to keep the following so strong and growing exponentially still, I believe. I guess I will be expected to be surprise when and how this happens lol



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In my humble opinion there are far too many affirmations and predictions for the messages of q to be pure coincidence.
Even if a psyop is created to thwart our beliefs and to question what we believe to be true in order to manipulate the population, it becomes very difficult to ignore a phenomenon that seems to be fighting against the deep state and the PTB.
Isn't that what we all want ... justice and the end of tyranny?
Is that an integral part of the psyop to deceiving us in the end? Maybe it's the hook!
But anyway MSM has already been controlling the narrative for a long time. It is certainly inspiring to follow this battle.
It may be nonsense but some believe that the technology used by q could come from the looking glass project (reverse engineering of a star gate device) allowing them to see some probable future which would explain in a certain sense the truthfulness of their predictions.
Let's not be naive and stay cautious but unlike many I do not reject the whole of q and I wait to see and I appreciate the show.


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hehehe, it's going to sound ridiculous and hilarious, but I do need honest opinion. I m near integrated into the movement on Gab.com with the qanons, bc I do not and have not really done social media, but interesting NETworking tool made by net neutral/ free speech fellow Christians/patriots. I'm having really interesting conversations and 'networking' our knowledge base here, not directly; but more principles, and getting much positive Networking and feedback in return.

The near Palpableness of the situation right now from the aspect of this q "Storm" is absolutely bonkers.[ Please ref any of the previously links I have used or ask me for more direct info. ] I maybe a little wrapped up in this, but my critical thinking functions have honestly never worked better at sifting through the MSM filters, truly amazing how the years of help from this network has helped honed our assets in such times. More synchronous than my own realizations, are the ones all the anons themselves seem to be having as they NETwork in such close quarter lockdowns, and Coming Together to weather this storm. Overall tone is good, common sense seems to be the call of the day, and a positive outlook for our future as we all hold and help our love ones transition.

Once again I m not able to compilate a good assortment of q phenomenon, there is literally SHTF environment of "news" and info/disinfo. I think the least sentiment that is being carried out is: be cool and calm, stay indoors as much as possible, hygiene, everyone is here to help each other transition, vigilance!, call out bad actor, etc,. Besides not knowing the true underbelly of what is taking place, arrests and/or military ops habbening, qanons have gone back through the q post in a "future proves past" scenario play out.

I do not take using the word 'synchronous' lightly in this case, bc of the nature of the C's communication in the first place. The q phenomenon has very much use the word 'coincidences' in the posts and general usage for confirmations and such. My pointing this out has truly biblical connotations. The so called "the great awakening" of the q group, the conciousness leap of the accensioners, and on and on; seem to be coming to a heads. The common enemy of the hidden hand in history is panicked behind the curtains, and our Father has foretold the spilling of truth and justice for the righteous...when we are ready to receive it.

I m def not a doom and gloomer, or hopium pusher. I've been saying "I m finally 50% done with my "work" for this life!" for over a decade now, and I still say the same. So really, I cant push someone either way. I just leave this post with some of the more familiar quotes that's helped me form my aim over the years.

C's Five Facts
Awareness is key
Even playing field

God bless us all, and stay safe everyone. Really like Trump making last Sunday our Prayer day. Thank you POTUS!

ps, anyone know the simple way to pull the C's quotes? been meaning to ask, also mostly on mobile now. thanks
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Way to keep the faith, Nel-Li!. WWG1WGA. And thanks for taking over the reins of this thread. You seem better fit for it than I do at the moment.

I think a convergence of worldviews is pretty imminent and there really shouldn't be much conflict among the ones that are so close as to be venn diagramming each other over on one 'side' compared to the huge gulf separating them from the other 'side'. There might be one or two sticking points to be worked out, but it looks like that will happen on the individual as well as the cosmic level.

P.S. latest Q drama is Baby Q. *enjoying the show*


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I was wondering about the Q source and can't help but think it is yet another COINTELPRO. This whole idea that there are some white hats that will bring justice to humanity seems very STS to me. Did anybody asked them to do it? To me it resembles very much the Men-In-Black movie. Like those MIBs telling us to sit back and enjoy life and let them handle the aliens. All it does is to make people complacent and comfortable and do absolutely nothing, cause the white hats will handle things for them. What a great way to make a mass of people docile. Or so it seems to me. I remember the C's saying that the forces at play here can be stark accurate in their predictions if it fits there agenda.
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