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Apparently 50K Chinese troops were killed by bunker-buster bombs in Maine - according to the Q anon people on twitter.
This kind of outrageous, one-source claim is super common all over the Web. I saw that on Twitter several days ago. The only source was a right-wing radio host I'd never heard of, who was then quoted on a few dubious "tabloid" web sites including GodLikeProductions, DarkOutpost, etc. To be fair, unless I missed something, this one had nothing to do with Q.
Seems like some dirty laundry of the owner of 8Chan (the platform where Q was originally publishing) is coming to the fore, with allegations of the owner also owning a hosting domain service that has hosted sites with names linked to or highly suggestive of child pornography.

If QAnon is a psy-op, this connection may have always been something its handlers have been meaning lean on for hatchet jobs such as this. It's interesting how many MSM and far-left platforms have accusing them of actually worsening the child trafficking situation by subverting these movements - nevermind the fact that a lot of the upsurge in interest in (and donations for) the subject has been caused by the greater awareness of the elite pedophile rings. All that gets smeared as "QAnon" in the MSM these days, and suddenly believing in the Dutroux scandal means you think Trump is the second coming of Jesus or the Chinese military is coming to take away your freedom or something silly like that.
This recent speech seems to refer to Q : ...

Question I wonder : Is Pence finally a good guy ? Note that i don't know well what was discussed here about Pence, just that if what the guy mentions as one of the most complex military operation ever done and, in the same sentence, thanks Pence as being a mentor in all of this, this makes me wonder.
How so? Because of the reference to 'some of the most complex military operations ever'? Well, the US is always performing complex military operations around the globe, so I think the Q people may be reading too much into that.
How so? Because of the reference to 'some of the most complex military operations ever'? Well, the US is always performing complex military operations around the globe, so I think the Q people may be reading too much into that.
Yes, it's short, but looking at the actuality, it's remains worth to relate, keep the info somewhere, and wait & see :)
What say you Q anon believers to this?

Apparently 50K Chinese troops were killed by bunker-buster bombs in Maine - according to the Q anon people on twitter.
Occasional Q observer here. I’m not a true believer, but I’m interested in it enough to peek in sometimes. It resonated with me as possibly true. Here’s why: in mid-1970s (high school for me) I was talking to a psychic (just in a conversation) about what was ahead. The man spoke of a Chinese invasion here, that large numbers of troops would be settled underground, prepared to take over the country when the time was right. The motive was to gain quality land for food and their people. The underground bases were near the coasts, and were accessed and supplied through underwater transports. It could all be nonsense, of course. But the memory stayed with me. I always think of this when reading about DUMBS and especially when seeing Ice Age Farmer reports.
Since that time (in the last 5 years or so), another friend has spoken to me about underwater bases. Conversation context: I wanted an underground safe room, but was concerned about the high water table here, and risks for it flooding. He gave me some details about how common these places were, and that it was no problem to seal anything from water problems. I asked him how he knew this, and he clammed up. I was very surprised that he mentioned it because he enjoys calling me a conspiracy theorist. FWIW, he is highly placed in the communications industry.
Again, possible nonsense, but the information seems to fit.
I’ve also been told stuff about the size of the China Army, and how expendable are even large numbers to them.
What say you Q anon believers to this?

Apparently 50K Chinese troops were killed by bunker-buster bombs in Maine - according to the Q anon people on twitter.

50K Chinese!
As we say in blighty - complete 'poppycock'

I also don't follow Q. More interested in Phil, Bill and Will
50K Chinese!
As we say in blighty - complete 'poppycock'

I also don't follow Q. More interested in Phil, Bill and Will

I must be true :-P it even shows up on a Duck Duck Go search as we discuss it on the forum. Shows how we can be seen so easily even forum members names show up.

50,000 Killed.png

Although it is a hot find "Steve Quayle Says there are more than 700,000 Chinese troop at the US/Canada border that were planning to attak us next week. He says we killed 50k of them on American soil with a luster bomb. And they shot down the fighter jet in Michigan."

Maybe Steve Quayle is the source I don't know...

Not very verifiable it seems.
I stumbled upon this curious video concerning the wildest claim about Q, which is that they (and the cabal) have access to something called Project Looking Glass, which is allegedly reverse-engineered alien technology that allows views into possible timelines based on those present (and other inputs) during its use, which has been to vet PTB decisions and actions to keep them in power. FWIW. It's not the kind of thing I would want to try to research for any verification. So, just entertainment for me. It does remind me, though, of the C's statements that the time-travel involved is natural to 4D.

Finally i'll post this in the Q thread, not the US election one.
As many here i'm puzzled and hardly waiting to see what is going to come in regard to US elections.

I wrote a text, an open analyse with open questions, notices and remarks on "Q", and compared to what I observed in France.

In summary : for France, whoever is behind "Q" (in fact, this finaly does not much matter), it brought an almost extremly positive output for at least french-speaking people (if we consider positive as STO oriented, meaning helping truth and true knowledge to be spread)
But in order not to make too much noise, I used the "spoiler" option of the forum for those who want to read a part of my brainstorming.
I recall that i'm (or at least i try to remain) neutral in regard to "Q"

We are in the middle of an information war, and the battle is on going at this moment.
I do not agree for many negative comments on the Q movement, it is like if any important movement or group that could form is automatically labelled as a PTB or deep state manipulation/psyop. I did not and will never say that this Q thing is the truth, is "STO", but nore the contrary too. And we have to differenciate the ones behind Q, and the ones which follow Q.

Here's from the session where Q is discussed, the C's answser is pretty small :
(Approaching Infinity) There's been this phenomenon on the internet: QAnon. It's an anonymous 4chan and 8chan poster who alleges to be an insider in some government structure who gives predictions and vague cryptic statements that are often then looked back on and confirmed by real events - at least in interpretation if not in actual fact. It has become a semi-popular phenomenon, but Google Analytics says it's not so popular. Then the Washington Post did a poll in Florida that found that 58% of Floridians were familiar with Q, and 25% held favorable opinions on the Q phenomenon. So, this gets back a question on forum as to the identity of Q. So, first question: Who is behind Q?

A: An "insider" of psyops.

Q: (Niall) It's a disinfo program.

(L) The very fact that the Washington Post is pushing it is a big red flag...

(Niall) It's like a Cyber Bell Witch!

(L) And truth and lies, truth and lies, truth and lies... Well, well, well. Next question.

I just would like to point that the conclusion was quickly made. I mean the following : we all associated psyop to STS, then as C's used the word "psyop" then the conclusion drop : STS, disinfo, next question.
And it is maybe well a fully 100% STS disinfo, no problem to agree on this, I do not much care in fact, and from the last comments and insights I recently read, i would tend to answer that it's more probably the case, but aren't we living an exceptionnal situation with many tricks & turning ? Isn't it too rapidly concluded ?
Some open questions :
- Is this impossible to have an STO insider in and STS-psyop team ?
- Didn't trump took the hand on NSA which is, from what I know, at the center of the control of the communications
- Is it possible that the C's answered with the keyword "psyops" in order to test us, to test if we would directly classify this as STS when in fact it's STO but we have to discover this, and to learn that as we are all STS living in a STS world, psyops are just a tool that can be used for good purposes (similar to a cunning move from and STO confrounted to and STS person, but here at the world level) ?

About Flynn, could he be the one who started/piloted this secret movement ? As Flynn was rapidly discarded 4y before, could he have then engaged on fueling "Q" in order to slowly unify many normal people under what they name "digital soldiers" for the hot fights that we are now watching in this information war ?

In practice, i can only base on what i see, means the French Q community : what they did until now. Then ask the following honest question : did they do something good for manking (in the way of STO oriented) or not ? Or simply for french people ? And the answer is a BIG yes. Because of Q, a lot of people got together, shared information, learnt a lot of truths ... and of course some lies, but in comparison it's really here the truth which won. They created a new community that is much active at this moment. And this community is active to what ? To spread truths to even more french people and they are actively fighting the PTB and more directly the GAFA censorship which we are right now experiencing. We can realy state that they fight for the truth, for free information and they are right now doing it, fighting against the PTB's censorship. The terms "digital soldier" is really a adapted to the actual situation.

If their hopes are broken because in final, let's say that the Q plan fails ! Fails because :
- it was fake since begin and it was piloted by PTB/deep state
- because PTB succeeded to counter it
... will this community then dissolve and it's over ?

Answer is NO, certainly not, this movement helped to plant seeds in many countries, and people who regrouped under this are really good people who are now quite more awake from the average, who now see quite better the reality of our world, the truths, say otherwise, the horrible reality we live in, many people now in France have now a better knowledge of the situation of our worlds than just 10 months before. They succeed to achieve this "eyes opening" for a large number of people in just a few months, isn't it a great disclosure and something good ?

So, saying that Q is STS or PTB's operation remains possible, but the output, the results, are strongly positive. Or it's just in France (or french-speaking community), because here in France I can state that i'm much impressed on how they united and how they handle this, they really do a good job until now. This would then mean that the PTB's "Q" finally produced something good, and this would not be the first time that STS plans kinda backfire. So i tend to think that Q is whether a kind of neutral or STO oriented operation, it has not to be taken as a psyop giving free lunch to all because from what I learnt this "Q" did not serve everything on a platter as some too rapidly concluded here, they in fact acted much like the C's did during these last 24 years, they asked people to network, regroup and study various information, work together, discuss, make asumption, errors, re-discuss and so on.

I would even be tempted to say that Q could be seen a kind of source of information coming from the C's, but spread in the world in another manner, more broadly, in comparison to the C's here were the community is much more structured and where all the subjects are discussed/digged quite more deeply.
C's said that they do not communicate only with this community (SOTT one), and it would be logical that in the future, these different communities regroup.

Woud it be possible that the STS forces knows about the various STO communities around in the world and that they are trying at all cost that these communities unify ? Or get on the same FRV ?

I would assume that yes, 4D STS will try to prevent this, meaning that they'll try to make them looks like STS when they are STO, so we reject them.

Would then it be here a kind of "community lesson", the one which is to spot & accept other STO sources & communities, and that the main difficulty here is not to too rapidy see STS everywhere ?

I think these are good questions to ask to ourselves.
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Other thoughts on Q, assuming at the base it's an STS initiative.

They created this in order to attract all truth-seekers in the wrong direction. It's like the IT security tactics to create an honey pot and let hackers loose their time on it (see Mr Robot series, first season). And that's all. And with their wishful thinkings, they did not anticipate what this manipulation of the people could bring in finality. C's often say that they are blind on the things/output they do not want to see, or even they are unable to see.
But as said previously, if there is well a fact that we can all see/find out : they much helped truthseekers to regroup and network, to unify & cooperate, and I would be really astonished that they made such an error. So it's :scared: but in finality it's :wow:
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