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I just came across this excerpt from the book "New Lies For Old" by Anatoliy Golitsyn, where he talks about an OGPU operation called "Trust".


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This was posted in January 2021 from a website called Swiss Policy Research

“Q Anon” May Have Been an FBI Psyop A recent Reuters investigation may indicate that “Q Anon” was in fact an FBI cyber psyop.

The “Q Anon” phenomenon has generally been regarded as a hoax or prank, originated by online message board users in late October 2017, that got out of control. The “Q Anon” persona was preceded by similar personae, including “FBI anon”, “CIA anon” and “White House insider anon”.

“Q Anon” originally called himself “Q clearance patriot”. Former CIA counterintelligence operative Kevin M. Shipp explained that an actual “Q clearance leaker” – i.e. someone possessing the highest security clearance at the US Department of Energy, required to access top secret nuclear weapons information – would have been identified and removed within days.

However, in November 2020 Reuters reported that the very first social media accounts to promote the “Q Anon” persona were allegedly “linked to Russia” and even “backed by the Russian government”. For instance, the very first Twitter account to ever use the term “Q Anon” on social media had previously “retweeted obscure Russian officials”, according to Reuters.

These alleged “Russian social media accounts”, posing as accounts of American patriots, were in contact with politically conservative US YouTubers and drew their attention to the “Q Anon” persona. This is how, in early November 2017, the “Q Anon” movement took off.

But given the recent revelations by British investigator David J. Blake – who for the first time was able to conclusively show, at the technical level, that the “Russian hacking” operation was a cyber psyop run by the FBI and FBI cyber security contractor CrowdStrike – the Reuters report may in fact indicate that “Q Anon” was neither a hoax nor “Russian”, but another FBI psychological cyber operation.

Of note, US cyber intelligence firm New Knowledge, founded by former NSA and DARPA employees and tasked by the US Senate Intelligence Committee, in 2018, with investigating alleged “Russian social media operations” relating to the 2016 US presidential election, was itself caught faking a “Russian social media botnet” in order to influence the 2017 Alabama senate race.

If the “Q Anon” persona – similar to the Guccifer2.0 “Russian hacker” persona played by an FBI cyber security contractor – was indeed an FBI psychological operation, its goal may have been to take control of, discredit and ultimately derail the supporter base of US President Trump. In this case, the “Q Anon” movement may have been a modern version of the original FBI COINTELPRO program.


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Finally i'll post this in the Q thread, not the US election one.
As many here i'm puzzled and hardly waiting to see what is going to come in regard to US elections.

I wrote a text, an open analyse with open questions, notices and remarks on "Q", and compared to what I observed in France.

In summary : for France, whoever is behind "Q" (in fact, this finaly does not much matter), it brought an almost extremly positive output for at least french-speaking people (if we consider positive as STO oriented, meaning helping truth and true knowledge to be spread)
But in order not to make too much noise, I used the "spoiler" option of the forum for those who want to read a part of my brainstorming.
I recall that i'm (or at least i try to remain) neutral in regard to "Q"

We are in the middle of an information war, and the battle is on going at this moment.
I do not agree for many negative comments on the Q movement, it is like if any important movement or group that could form is automatically labelled as a PTB or deep state manipulation/psyop. I did not and will never say that this Q thing is the truth, is "STO", but nore the contrary too. And we have to differenciate the ones behind Q, and the ones which follow Q.

Here's from the session where Q is discussed, the C's answser is pretty small :

I just would like to point that the conclusion was quickly made. I mean the following : we all associated psyop to STS, then as C's used the word "psyop" then the conclusion drop : STS, disinfo, next question.
And it is maybe well a fully 100% STS disinfo, no problem to agree on this, I do not much care in fact, and from the last comments and insights I recently read, i would tend to answer that it's more probably the case, but aren't we living an exceptionnal situation with many tricks & turning ? Isn't it too rapidly concluded ?
Some open questions :
- Is this impossible to have an STO insider in and STS-psyop team ?
- Didn't trump took the hand on NSA which is, from what I know, at the center of the control of the communications
- Is it possible that the C's answered with the keyword "psyops" in order to test us, to test if we would directly classify this as STS when in fact it's STO but we have to discover this, and to learn that as we are all STS living in a STS world, psyops are just a tool that can be used for good purposes (similar to a cunning move from and STO confrounted to and STS person, but here at the world level) ?

About Flynn, could he be the one who started/piloted this secret movement ? As Flynn was rapidly discarded 4y before, could he have then engaged on fueling "Q" in order to slowly unify many normal people under what they name "digital soldiers" for the hot fights that we are now watching in this information war ?

In practice, i can only base on what i see, means the French Q community : what they did until now. Then ask the following honest question : did they do something good for manking (in the way of STO oriented) or not ? Or simply for french people ? And the answer is a BIG yes. Because of Q, a lot of people got together, shared information, learnt a lot of truths ... and of course some lies, but in comparison it's really here the truth which won. They created a new community that is much active at this moment. And this community is active to what ? To spread truths to even more french people and they are actively fighting the PTB and more directly the GAFA censorship which we are right now experiencing. We can realy state that they fight for the truth, for free information and they are right now doing it, fighting against the PTB's censorship. The terms "digital soldier" is really a adapted to the actual situation.

If their hopes are broken because in final, let's say that the Q plan fails ! Fails because :
- it was fake since begin and it was piloted by PTB/deep state
- because PTB succeeded to counter it
... will this community then dissolve and it's over ?

Answer is NO, certainly not, this movement helped to plant seeds in many countries, and people who regrouped under this are really good people who are now quite more awake from the average, who now see quite better the reality of our world, the truths, say otherwise, the horrible reality we live in, many people now in France have now a better knowledge of the situation of our worlds than just 10 months before. They succeed to achieve this "eyes opening" for a large number of people in just a few months, isn't it a great disclosure and something good ?

So, saying that Q is STS or PTB's operation remains possible, but the output, the results, are strongly positive. Or it's just in France (or french-speaking community), because here in France I can state that i'm much impressed on how they united and how they handle this, they really do a good job until now. This would then mean that the PTB's "Q" finally produced something good, and this would not be the first time that STS plans kinda backfire. So i tend to think that Q is whether a kind of neutral or STO oriented operation, it has not to be taken as a psyop giving free lunch to all because from what I learnt this "Q" did not serve everything on a platter as some too rapidly concluded here, they in fact acted much like the C's did during these last 24 years, they asked people to network, regroup and study various information, work together, discuss, make asumption, errors, re-discuss and so on.

I would even be tempted to say that Q could be seen a kind of source of information coming from the C's, but spread in the world in another manner, more broadly, in comparison to the C's here were the community is much more structured and where all the subjects are discussed/digged quite more deeply.
C's said that they do not communicate only with this community (SOTT one), and it would be logical that in the future, these different communities regroup.

Woud it be possible that the STS forces knows about the various STO communities around in the world and that they are trying at all cost that these communities unify ? Or get on the same FRV ?

I would assume that yes, 4D STS will try to prevent this, meaning that they'll try to make them looks like STS when they are STO, so we reject them.

Would then it be here a kind of "community lesson", the one which is to spot & accept other STO sources & communities, and that the main difficulty here is not to too rapidy see STS everywhere ?

I think these are good questions to ask to ourselves.
edit:please open the spoiler part, its the main quote I intended, thanks.
Wanted to keep this post relevant, IMO, clear and level headed post. More in tune with taking out the weed wacker and not throwing baby out with the bath water. Also does not have my personal bias and aim talk, which I cannot help myself 🤭. Emphasis on the matter that we keep steering away from, and which the meat of @dredger post is about. Nothing about the q psyop/disinfo/info was handed on a silver platter. I would also like to verify that this is whats happened in the US as described by @dredger for France. A lesson about discernment and seeking truth, in a network/community for the MASSES/sheep, Imho. My hope will always be that the truth seeking and evil upturned will eventually lead them to where this amazing network/community is. Which at least should include psycopathy, psychology, world "hidden" history, and eventually spiritual quest ie OP's and sts/sto. They may be a long way away, but weren't we when we started as well?
Wishful thinking: "to be able to see only what one wishes to see". If one tries to see anything from a standpoint/biases of fear, judgment, unwillingness, one is prone to not see all the other possibilities besides the envisioned outcome. And, considering that these possibilities have variable probabilities, this is one of the reasons why the STS hierarchy fails again and again.

If one wishes to regard any referential through and from a biased perspective, one is bound to see things filtered through that kind of lensing, hence being unable to see every other possibility, every other possible outcome. Besides, taking into account that "whatever is is, and what is not cannot be", that is to say, that the truth is — even if it is not believed or accredited — and the lie is not — even if it is believed or accredited — it matters little what one might think or believe in regards to any referential; it matters most what actually is: the Whole Truth.

However, if one is prone to wishful thinking (as human beings are STS designed), wouldn't it be wise to broaden, to enhance the breadth as much as possible of one's perceptional biases in regards to anything?

In other words: if someone regards something as inherently bad or good, one is prone to the so-called confirmation bias. Why not stick to the Truth instead?

In this sense, to regard Q (or anyone) with a label is of little use compared to the work that analyzing and making good use of the contents of what is conveyed has.

Even dis-information, for this matter, comes from a source. Even dis-information has a certain algorithm of creation, and this algorithm reveals much of the agenda of the ones behind
Of course I can agree that knowledge protects and ignorance endangers. Disinfo bad for playing the game of life perfectly. BUT I think its hard to ignore that we were fed with disinfo from pre-&post birth. Actually made me who I m and the way I think, lots of hard lessons along the way. I still think this way which is: all info is retained until proven otherwise, disinfo included, or else I would most likely not have learnt my lessons the way it was meant. fwiw.
This is from Wikipedia so use your discernment. Makes me wonder if this is where the FBI might have gotten some of their ideas from. It's called Operation Trust (Trust the plan?)

Operation Trust (операция "Трест"[1]) was a counterintelligence operation of the State Political Directorate (GPU) of the Soviet Union. The operation, which was set up by GPU's predecessor Cheka, ran from 1921 to 1926, set up a fake anti-Bolshevik resistance organization, "Monarchist Union of Central Russia", MUCR (Монархическое объединение Центральной России, МОЦР), in order to help the OGPU identify real monarchists and anti-Bolsheviks. The created front company was called the Moscow Municipal Credit Association.[2]

The head of the MUCR was Alexander Yakushev (Александр Александрович Якушев), a former bureaucrat of the Ministry of Communications of Imperial Russia, who after the Russian Revolution joined the Narkomat of External Trade (Наркомат внешней торговли), when the Soviets began to allow the former specialists (called "spetsy", Russian: спецы) to resume the positions of their expertise. This position allowed him to travel abroad and contact Russian emigrants.

MUCR kept the monarchist general Alexander Kutepov (Александр Кутепов) from active actions, as he was convinced to wait for the development of internal anti-Bolshevik forces. Kutepov had previously believed in militant action as a solution to the Soviet occupation, and had formed the "combat organization", a militant splinter from the Russian All-Military Union (Russian: Русский Обще-Воинский Союз, Russkiy ObshcheVoinskiy Soyuz) led by General Baron Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel.[3] Kutepov also created the Inner Line as a counter-intelligence organization to prevent Bolshevik penetrations. It caused the Cheka some problems but was not overly successful.

Among the successes of Trust was the luring of Boris Savinkov and Sidney Reilly into the Soviet Union, where they were captured.

The Soviets did not organize Trust from scratch. The White Army had left sleeper agents, and there were also Royalist Russians who did not leave after the Civil War. These people cooperated to the point of having a loose organizational structure. When the OGPU discovered them, they did not liquidate all of them, but manoeuvred into creating a shell organization for their own use.

Still another episode of the operation was an "illegal" trip (in fact, monitored by OGPU) of a notable émigré, Vasily Shulgin, into the Soviet Union. After his return he published a book "Three Capitals" with his impressions. In the book he wrote, in part, that contrary to his expectations, Russia was reviving, and the Bolsheviks would probably be removed from power.

The one Western historian who had limited access to the Trust files, John Costello, reported that they comprised thirty-seven volumes and were such a bewildering welter of double-agents, changed code names, and interlocking deception operations with "the complexity of a symphonic score", that Russian historians from the Intelligence Service had difficulty separating fact from fantasy.

Defector Vasili Mitrokhin reported that the Trust files were not housed at the SVR offices in Yasenevo, but were kept in the special archival collections (spetsfondi) of the FSB at the Lubyanka.

In 1967 a Soviet adventure TV series Operation Trust (Операция "Трест") was created.[4]


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Before the great "Reset" and the inauguration. I just want to factor in this "Q source" factor. I hope I don't miss any contributors to this thread.

I am listening to what is for me a great post which ties together a bigger picture.

The Final Hours of Donald Trump This site's video is a link posted here by @Mark7. It is an interview with Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson.

I think @Joe's instincts were very prescient about how this psyops works. Q is an ""insider" psyop" (notice my quotes) as the Cs said.

I was trying to stay neutral because the "insider" adjective caught my attention.

I hope that this intended psyops has been at least been somewhat mitigated due to the "keyboard warriors" who actually searched out the clues offered by Q but now I think most likely it was a plan gone awry.

To resolve this in my own mind I would connect it to that higest level of deception which I think is 4D STS but vectored "through" any 3D minion available.

I think the "Q" factor was very well planned but we are moving into 4th density which may change the rules.

Keep in mind what the Cs said in the following session:

Session 18 March 2000:
Q: Whitley Strieber and Art Bell have published a book about a "global superstorm." Is any of the information they have given in this book fairly accurate?

A: Derived from non-human sources known for stark accuracy, when convenient.

Q: What makes it convenient at the present time for them to be "starkly accurate?"

A: Fits into plans.

Q: Plans for what?

A: Do we not know already?

Q: In other words: world conquest and the takeover of humanity?

A: Not as simple.

Q: What would make my statement more accurate?

A: Call it amalgamation.

This is not exactly "black and white" but if you find it "close" and I hope it helps.


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This is an addendum. Alex Jones said in the previous interview that Jared Cushner was a "bad actor" so the idea that Alex Jones is a Zionist agent for Mossad does not exactly describe the true Alex Jones. He may have some of the same programs we are all infected with as we go through this "show". I think he may be more aware of what is really happening than some have given him credit.

Alex jones: "This is not a fricken game man".


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Wasn't expecting to post something till after this week plays out, but it sure feels like the plunge into darkness before the drop, of my own making. I really should not attach my'self' so closely to emotions of my fellow man, but certain things resonate and seeing the suffering does not help. What this has done is my trust in God/Universe has steadily clear up much ambiguity in many of the underlying illusions of our matrix.
The Aeschylus quote rings more and more true, and I may forever relate it to Laura's profile quote then the man himself lol.

"He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."

I know I m a fool at heart, I would not have choosen to come here again and again doing the 3d sts ride, ah. I have a bit better understanding why I was hardwire with such hopefulness inspite of near impossible odds and very much a hard-core pessimistic optimist.
It just dawned upon me that the 'split' choice for humanity and the Organic Portal, may have been accelerated by 'after' todays events(2am pst here), and have been happening this whole time. I would have at least thought that the psychopathy issue would be at the forefront before man can tackle that issue. Just comes to show that God's plan stumps all calculations and speculations. I see more now with hindsight of the past years events, an amalgamation of things to cause or the wave energy itself, the effects of, for those aware of the "choice".

Just wondering if anyone else feeling these same energies/frequencies effecting from "what you see that counts" aspect of the wave?

I m guessing I will be marching this catch22 of self until higher frequencies can stabilize for more of humanity. Although man still does not seem adequate to be labeled human to the fullest sense yet, ah, I gotta stop catch 22 myself in thought. Good nite.

Not sure how AJ is now, he was always too erratic and emotional for me, lol. I still think he has been in this game for far too long to not have been compromised by mossad or other int agencies. I will give the vid a view, for perspective if nothing else.


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Wasn't expecting to post something till after this week plays out, but it sure feels like the plunge into darkness before the drop, of my own making. I really should not attach my'self' so closely to emotions of my fellow man, but certain things resonate and seeing the suffering does not help. What this has done is my trust in God/Universe has steadily clear up much ambiguity in many of the underlying illusions of our matrix.
The Aeschylus quote rings more and more true, and I may forever relate it to Laura's profile quote then the man himself lol.

"He who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."
Well said.

And thus we can conclude that QAnon was COINTELPRO, brought to its useful and ripe conclusion on January 6th, when protestors - some agents, but many sincere activists - were led into (almost literally-speaking) the lion's den (the Senate floor inside Capitol Hill), unaware that they were effectively 'programmed' or tricked into being there and providing the media/deep state controllers with the optics they needed to implement swift, terminal conclusion to the 'political revolution' we can loosely call 'the Trump years'.

That's not to write off the possibility of future organized political activity against the regime, but I think that's all she wrote as far as successfully challenging the system via the ballot box are concerned. With no procedural recourse available to them, I imagine that people, going forwards, will instead engage in sporadic (and likely messy) acts of rebellion.

There's talk now of Trump starting a new independent political 'Patriot Party'. Look to the UK and how the regime there handled the UK Independence Party, Brexit, then the Brexit Party for evidence of how an entrenched Western regime ruthlessly and masterfully handles democratic threats to its hegemony.

In fact, if the US regime wishes, it can tamp down the risk of militant revolutionary activity by allowing Trump (or 'Trumpism', if he himself does not lead it) a certain amount of leeway (though never enough that it could actually win office), thus channeling the QAnon 'hopium' into a new 'false' or dead-end opposition.
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...but I think that's all she wrote as far as successfully challenging the system via the ballot box are concerned. With no procedural recourse available to them, I imagine that people, going forwards, will instead engage in sporadic (and likely messy) acts of rebellion.

I'm not giving up on voting reform. Once upon a time, all the goodthink Liberals hated the FBI, CIA and the Voting Machines. With a mad passion. Trump Derangement Syndrome was real, 4-years of eating their own brains. Now that Creepy Uncle Joe is back, a few will return to their roots. The security and programming profession (even the accounting) are severely handicapped by cowardliness, but deep in their brains they know this is wrong. Closed source, unverifiable voting is a crime in itself. They will begin to push for reform, and it may not be too late.


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An alert here but can't find a corresponding article on disclose.tv.

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I just checked out 8kun. Boards are still there, though there was chatter on gab earlier. Complaint was made to owner of 8kun (Jim Watkins) about some funny business which one of the mods was getting up to....banning people, deleting posts, allowing CP to stay on the breads, etc. As of 7pm ish EST the problem mod was banned and the damage done was being reversed.
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