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Thank you for sharing the session. I was very curious about Gregorian chant, and there appears to be some pdf files of old books on this page. Gregorian chant books There is also a page for Gregorian chant sheet music: Gregorian Chant Sheet Music Downloads at

Regarding the unusual earth quake:
(Pierre) What was the cause of this monochromatic earthquake that lasted 20 minutes last month off the coast of Madagascar?

A: Grand chamber collapse deep underground. Like a deep sinkhole. And extremely large!!!

Q: (Joe) They were saying they thought it was an undersea volcanic eruption.

(L) So what caused it?

A: Combination of factors including crustal slippage and magnetic field anomaly. Check gravity graphic for the region for clues.

Q: (L) That must mean that globey thing they made that shows the shape of the Earth according to its gravity.

(Pierre) I would guess the anomaly shows a weak gravity so there'd be less binding force there.

(L) So it doesn't have anything to do with the sun...

(Andromeda) That trembling was on the 18th, and a week later the sun did the singing.

(L) The sun was singing.

A: Loosely connected by effects of the same general influences in the solar system at present.
There was this article from National Geographic Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why
Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why
Instruments picked up the seismic waves more than 10,000 miles away—but bizarrely, nobody felt them.
On the morning of November 11, just before 9:30 UT, a mysterious rumble rolled around the world.
The seismic waves began roughly 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte, a French island sandwiched between Africa and the northern tip of Madagascar. The waves buzzed across Africa, ringing sensors in Zambia, Kenya, and Ethiopia. They traversed vast oceans, humming across Chile, New Zealand, Canada, and even Hawaii nearly 11,000 miles away.
The article has this map:
The distance from Mayotte to Pemba in Mozambique is around 490 and straight East to Madagascar is 420 km
For comparison according to the Wiki, Lake Superior covers 82.000 km^2 that is 286 km by 286 km. The article continues:
These waves didn't just zip by; they rang for more than 20 minutes. And yet, it seems, no human felt them.

Only one person noticed the odd signal on the U.S. Geological Survey's real-time seismogram displays. An earthquake enthusiast who uses the handle @matarikipax saw the curious zigzags and posted images of them to Twitter. That small action kicked off another ripple of sorts, as researchers around the world attempted to suss out the source of the waves. Was it a meteor strike? A submarine volcano eruption? An ancient sea monster rising from the deep?
“I don't think I've seen anything like it,” says Göran Ekström, a seismologist at Columbia University who specializes in unusual earthquakes.
“It doesn't mean that, in the end, the cause of them is that exotic,” he notes. Yet many features of the waves are remarkably weird—from their surprisingly monotone, low-frequency “ring” to their global spread. And researchers are still chasing down the geologic conundrum.
Next the issue was to find a map showing anomalies in the gravity field around the globe.
Here is an introduction to the project investigating the gravity field of the Earth, where there are also links to videos, images and downloads.
Introducing GOCE

Launched on 17 March 2009, ESA's Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) mission was the first Earth Explorer mission in orbit.
This novel mission delivered a wealth of data to bring about a whole new level of understanding of one of Earth's most fundamental forces of nature – the gravity field.

This sleek, high-tech gravity satellite embodied many firsts in its design and use of new technology in space to map Earth's gravity field in unprecedented detail.

As the most advanced gravity space mission to date, GOCE data are realising a broad range of fascinating new possibilities for oceanography, solid Earth physics, geodesy and sea-level research, and significantly contributing to furthering our understanding of climate change.

Although invisible, gravity is a complex force of nature that has an immeasurable impact on our everyday lives. It is often assumed that the force of gravity on the surface of Earth has a constant value, but in fact the value of 'g' varies subtly from place to place.

The following picture is from Figure 1: | Scientific Reports found on Earth tectonics as seen by GOCE - Enhanced satellite gravity gradient imaging
Curvature components at GOCE satellite altitude
Figure 1 shows the main curvature components and for comparison the vertical gravity gradient at satellite height of 225 km. In all components, the oceanic and continental domains are clearly differentiated. Within the continental areas the main tectonic elements, such as cratons and their boundaries and major orogenic belts are clearly imaged. The mean curvature shows the same features as the vertical gradient, as expected (see formula in the Methods section). The minimum and maximum curvature, however, illustrate the internal structure of the continents and oceans more clearly than the vertical gravity gradient. For example, internal differences within the continents are more readily apparent in the maximum curvature.
I still have not understood completely what for instance "minimum Curvature" is, but at least the maps convey that the Earth is much more uneven place then we learn in the classical high school book on physics.
Figure 1
From: Earth tectonics as seen by GOCE - Enhanced satellite gravity gradient imaging[/QUOTE]

Global plots of curvature attributes. (a) Vertical Gradient (b) Minimum Curvature, (c) Maximum Curvature, (d) Mean Curvature. A: Andes, C: Cordillera, CC: Congo Craton, EE: East European Craton, HI: Himalaya, K: Kaapvaal Craton, SL: Slave Craton, WA: West African Craton.
The more detailed structure within the continents is even better illustrated in the shape index shown in Fig. 2a. The values of the shape index can be expressed as dome- to bowl-like structures that the equipotential surface follows as an expression of a mass surplus or deficit at depth17. Bowl-shaped mass deficits correlate, in general, with orogenic belts and cratonic areas. For example, in the continental US, the cratonic core features a smaller mass deficit compared to the Cordillera in the west. This is expected, as for orogenic belts isostatic support in form of a crustal root is often observed (see also Himalaya). In contrast, mountain ranges associated with recent subduction zones like the Andes feature valley-like shape index structures, likely due to the mass surplus of the subducting slabs.
Below is Fig 2a

Notably, our new curvature products and especially the shape index vary quite significantly between individual cratons. Cratons are the oldest part of the continental crust and their seismological signatures are in general relatively similar, as expressed in the tectonic regularisation18 and crustal thickness maps19 (Fig. 2b,c).
Perhaps the above maps can help to locate the issue the C's mentioned? One may have to take a close look at the maps and perhaps find out if there are some old extinct vulcanoes possibly super vulcanoes in the area,


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I thought it interesting that the Cs insisted on unity - and it's not the first time - when the common denominator of what we observe on our world at the moment is division, often fueled by hysterical passion: left vs right, east vs west, globalists vs nationalists, gender wars, civil wars, protests, brexiters vs remainers, etc. Divide and conquer on a global level!

Unity makes contact, any kind of contact. I was thinking about this today doing the EE and listening to the voice of Laura I felt a real union with all of the crew. All of you, in fact.The only way to survive is to be united, spiritually and physically. If not physically, spiritually is as strong or more. And also this union inside us.


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Потрясающе! Сейчас поймал себя на том, что чуть не сказал: как всегда. Но ведь каких то там два с небольшим года назад я был вне этого. И хоть я был " недалеко" в некотором смысле, но все же вне этого, а теперь мне кажется, что я был с этим всегда.
(Artemis) Thank you, son of Jor-El!
Хочется думать, что "он" где нибудь в районе пра-пра-деда для Jor-El :-D

Amazing! Now I caught myself that I almost said, as always. But after all any there two with small years ago I was out of this communication. And even though I was "close" in a some sense, but still outside of it, and now it seems to me that I was always with this.
(Artemis) Thank you, son of Jor-El!
I would like to think that "he" is somewhere in the neighborhood of the great-grandfather to Jor-El :-D


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A: Kalineaea of Cassiopaea at your service!
I first thought of the Russian Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad. It was founded by the Teutonic Knights (and we all like Knights here;-D) in 1255 and became the capital of the 'State of The Teutonic Order' for a while under the then Prussian name "Konigsberg" Kaliningrad - Wikipedia

Kaliningrad is of "kalina" meaning "guelder-rose" in Russian. Kaliningrad literally means "guelder-rose city". The flower is white and is sometimes nicknamed the "snowball tree" (which I thought quite apt because the session was held on 1st December: the official start of winter in the Gregorian calendar.)
The Latin name of the guelder-rose is Viburnum opulus Viburnum opulus - Wikipedia

Some interesting and compelling things about the guelder-rose. The plant is unusually hardy and also nicknamed "cramp bark":

"The term cramp bark is related to the properties of the bark's ability to reduce smooth muscle tightness. It is called cramp bark as relieving this type of muscle tightness is most often associated with relieving women's menstrual (period) cramps. However, this can also be used during pregnancy for cramps or pain and general muscle cramping"

Its cultural meanings particularly grab me:

"In Russia the Viburnum fruit is called kalina (калина) and is considered a national symbol. Kalina derived in Russian language from kalit' or raskalyat', which means "to make red-hot"'. [Like volcanoes and lava!]

But my favourite is defo this:

"Its symbolic roots can be traced to the Slavic paganism of millennia ago. According to a legend, kalyna was associated with the birth of the Universe, the so-called Fire Trinity: the Sun, the Moon, and the Star".


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Потрясающее исследование, BlackCartouche, однако в него необходимо вставить одну важную ступень. Город Калининград назван в честь советского деятеля, М. И. Калинина, занимавшего при жизни ряд высоких постов в госуправлении. А вот фамилия этого человека безусловно происходит от этого растения, о котором вы пишете.

It's an amazing study, BlackCartouche, but it needs one important step. The city of Kaliningrad is named after the Soviet leader, M. I. Kalinin, who held a number of high positions in public administration during his lifetime. But the man's name certainly comes from this plant, about which you write.


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Yeah, crazy, isn't it? But come to think of it, their actions on the global scene and at home do make it rather believable.

Questions about psychopaths were also asked before and it looks like there are very few places we can go to hide from them:

And there's also this post with specific calculations: Session 30 January 2010

That in itself is enough to give me the 'chills', never mind any other chaos and disasters that are/will happen.:shock:
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Thanks for the session, Laura and crew!

Interesting point on healing with sound, that Gregorian chant comes closest. I wonder whether singing bowls (from Nepal or thereabouts) are working as well, or if that is just a corruption of some ancient technique. They only emanate one basic tone, but then they also emanate the harmonics of this basic tone, but not sure if that is enough to have some meaningful impact.


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A: Kalineaea of Cassiopaea at your service!

Hooly Dooly,

Ever get the feeling that the 'C's are speaking directly to you?

After days of dreams / pondering and synchronicities on a 'C's related topic, 'Ka lin eaea' is like a direct answer to a gut feeling and in 3 different ways...........:umm:

According to a legend, kalyna was associated with the birth of the Universe, the so-called Fire Trinity: the Sun, the Moon, and the Star".

That's a beauty too mate, reminds me of our 'Nemesis/paean' conversation.

(Artemis) The Hawaiians say that their home is where their mana is - their strength, their power. They feel healthier and happier in their homeland.

Although I think Artemis may have nailed it, 'EA' in Hawaiian meaning-

  1. Sovereignty
  2. Life, breath
  3. To rise (as in sea)

So one meaning of the reduplication 'Eaea' would then be - High Wave :cool:.


eāʻeā - Interj. at end of verses in some chants that maintains rhythm and affords pleasure in repetition"

A bit like -

A: Gregorian chant.

Gee they're clever!!!

Thank you for the session team and I hope you had lovely birthday Chu :flowers:



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Thanks for another great session.

In the first half of November, one evening, there was a huge up-and-down shock that lasted barely a second. I've been through a few earthquakes when I was a young child, and have never felt anything like that. I was wondering if it had anything to do with that lower crust collapse mentioned in this session....
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