Session 13 May 2023

La explicación de esto es que saben que lo que dicen no es verdad, pero no importa porque la verdad no importa. Lo que importa es el poder. Para ellos, todo gira en torno a la idea de que toda interacción humana es un juego manipulador de dinámicas de poder.
Enlazo esta idea con un párrafo del libro de Łobaczewski:
Entonces algo sucede espontáneamente... el esfuerzo por poseer, el sueño por dominar. Sí, el sueño del poder se da entre los psicópatas en grupo porque se reconocen perfectamente entre la multitud. Se forma un grupo y dentro de ese grupo aparece casi como regla el sueño del poder... Son discriminados por la sociedad de gente normal en todas partes, realmente discriminados, y aquí hay que buscar una solución. Por lo tanto, se esfuerzan por alimentarse unos de otros.

Entonces, hacer que las personas sigan y acepten las ideas posmodernas y las pongan en práctica en sus vidas, entonces, es en realidad una forma de cambiar el FRV de las personas para que sean más STS, porque aceptan voluntariamente y ponen en práctica la idea de que todo lo que importa es tener poder. sobre otros. Ellos lo eligen. ¡Verdaderamente la Marca de la Bestia!
A esto yo agregaría que las personas (con alma) cuando siguen este juego psicópata son “forraje” y a nivel del alma saben que están constreñidas por la densificación y entropía que implica el desconocimiento y el compartir-expandir porque el fin de STS 4D es asimilarlos. Lobaczewski lo llamó "selección y sustitución": ... en las personas, hay una parte de su mente racional que sabe cuál es la verdad, pero porque no es aceptable para su grupo de pares, o su entorno social, o su origen y educación para aceptar esa verdad, la reprimen y suprimen y se explican las cosas de otras maneras. *Pero aún saben la verdad.” . Personalmente, tengo cierta aprensión al respecto.

todo el mundo es una pizarra en blanco en la que se puede escribir cualquier programa cultural.

Parafraseando lo que los Cass han dicho sobre los Oriones:
El objetivo de STS es localizar ciertos complejos mente/cuerpo/espíritu - (cuerpos humanos) - que vibran en resonancia con su propio complejo vibratorio, - (deseos) - y luego esclavizar a aquellos que no pertenecen a la élite - (a su genética) - como así los llaman los que no son de la vibración de Orión.

Me atrevo a decir que todos los programas culturales actuales son ponerología, la apertura para la aceptación de todo tipo de distorsiones biológicas humanas como "hibridación", (centauros, arpías...) llevando quizás a la eliminación de la maternidad-maternidad y la aceptación de androginia-falocracia que ya parece evidente (Macron, Biden, etc) como finalidad del inicio de lo que mencionas como tabula rasa.
Tener esclavos sin identidad sexual y cultural, sin linaje y sin reconocimiento como ser humano y también voluntariamente.

Siempre es bueno recordar y Laura lo dice mejor:
The Wave Capítulo 63: Asesinato de lo femenino
Las manipulaciones hiperdimensionales están diseñadas para convertirnos a todos en psicópatas.
Sin embargo, una predisposición a la conciencia y la ética puede prevalecer siempre y cuando también sea posible implementar el nivel más profundo de altruismo, haciendo que el objeto de su empatía sea el ideal superior de mejorar el libre albedrío en el sentido abstracto, por el bien de los demás, incluidos nuestros descendientes .
English Version :-)
The explanation for this is that they know the stuff they say isn’t true, but it doesn’t matter because truth doesn’t matter. What matters is power. Everything to them revolves around the idea that all human interaction is a manipulative game of power dynamics.

I link this idea with a paragraph from Łobaczewski's book:
Then something happens spontaneously... the effort to possess, the dream to dominate. Yes, the dream of power occurs among psychopaths in groups because they recognize each other perfectly well in the crowd. A group is formed and within that group the dream of power appears almost as a rule.... They are discriminated against by the society of normal people everywhere, really discriminated against, and here one must look for a solution. Therefore they strive to feed on each other.

So getting people to follow along and accept the postmodern ideas and play them out in their lives, then, is actually a way of changing people’s FRV to being more STS, because they willingly accept and play out the idea that all that matters is having power over others. They choose it. Truly the Mark of the Beast!

To this I would add that people (with soul) when they follow this psychopathic game are "fodder" and at the soul level they know that they are constrained by the densification and entropy implied by the lack of knowledge and sharing-expanding because the end of 4D STS is to assimilate them. Lobaczewski called it "selection and substitution", in people, there is a part of their rational mind that knows what the truth is, but because it is not acceptable to their peer group, or their social environment, or their background and education to accept that truth, they repress and suppress it and explain things to themselves in other ways. *But they still know the truth.” . Personally, I have some apprehension about this.

…everyone is a blank slate on which can be written any cultural program.

I dare to say that all current cultural programs are ponerology, the opening for the acceptance of all kinds of human biological distortions as "hybridization", (centaurs, harpies...) leading perhaps to the elimination of motherhood-maternity and the acceptance of androgyny-phalocracy that already seems evident (Macron, Biden, etc) as a purpose for the beginning of what you mention as tabula rasa.
To have slaves without sexual and cultural identity, without lineage and without recognition as a human being and also voluntarily.

It is always good to remember and Laura says it best:

The Wave Chapter 63: Murdering the Feminine
The hyperdimensional manipulations are designed to make psychopaths of us all.
Nevertheless, a predisposition to conscience and ethics can prevail if and when it is also possible to implement the deepest level of altruism — making the object of its empathy the higher ideal of enhancing free will in the abstract sense, for the sake of others, including our descendants.
Thank you for the session. As always your hard work is appreciated.
The world is changing very fast now but the psychopaths in the west will cling on and no doubt try to implement their crazy plans. God knows what's coming next but I'm sure our lighthouse will keep the light shining.
❤️ :hug2:
Finally, caught up to the end of this thread. Thanks for another great session and discussion following the transcript posting! Well, most of my thoughts have been expressed already, and especially after reading the Egregore book I had the same thoughts as were confirmed.

We are going to have continuing interesting times all around - which doesn't have to be a Chinese curse, but a real adventure with the best support network.
Kore and Apples

This reference to apples reminds me of this exchange with the C’s in the Session dated 16 August 1997:

Q: I noticed in Genesis Chapter 33, verse 11, it says that Jacob, who wrestled with the angel the previous night and was on his way to see his brother Esau, who he had tricked into giving up his blessing years before, “gave Esau the blessing”. What was this? The birthright from his father or the blessing Jacob received from the angel?

A: Trampled leaves of wrath.

Q: This is what Jacob gave to Esau?

A: Yes, and what is the "core" meaning there?

Q: I don't know. What is the core meaning?

A: Leaves are of the Tree of Apples, from whence we get the proverbial "grapes of wrath," the Blue Apples incarnate!

Q: Why are these leaves 'trampled?'

A: Removes chlorophyll.

Q: What is the significance of the chlorophyll?

A: When the chlorophyll dies, the autumnal equinox is at hand.

Q: Did this signify something about the autumnal equinox?

A: Discover what the significance is, my Dear!

Hence, the C’s are making a clear link here between Hagar/Kore and the ancient Mother Goddess, as depicted in the attributes and powers associated with the goddesses Kore, Athena, Demeter, Persephone, Artemis and Brigid etc., including the death of nature at the Autumnal Equinox and its subsequent rebirth in Spring. The reference to “Blue Apples incarnate” might also signify the connection between the perceived “blue blood” of royalty (special hybrid genetics) and Kore’s royal heritage.​

Hmmm maybe we should investigate what effects are produced during the autumn equinox. From the astronomical point of view we know that it is when the length of the day is equal to the length of the night. That is to say that sunlight is evenly distributed over both hemispheres. I have the odd idea and I am not sure if it involves some aspect of hyperdimensional physics but I think it is a time of the year when the energies are balanced and allow the passage from one reality to another:


View attachment 39010

The Brú na Bóinne prehistoric landscape in the valley of the River Boyne in Ireland is recognized as one of the great Neolithic treasures of the world. It is best known as the site of the largest and most richly decorated of the Neolithic structures known in archaeology as the Passage Tomb. These are very large structures built by the Neolithic civilisation which existed in Ireland about 5000 years ago (according to results of radio carbon dating). The most famous of these is the Newgrange (irish Gaelic: Sí an Bhrú ) passage tomb which is located on a small hilltop on the south bank of the Boyne. Newgrange is familiar to many due to the fact that its sole passage was aligned to the sunrise on the winter solstice of the Northern Hemisphere, a phenomenon that can still be observed today by those present inside the chamber on the five days around the shortest day of the year.

But how many know about its sister site called Knowth (irish gaelic: Cnóbha) located in the northwest of this prehistoric landscape? It may come as a surprise to many but the complex at Knowth, dominated by what is the largest passage tomb in Europe and which is surrounded by at least nineteen smaller passage tombs, is even worthier of the fame which Newgrange has gained over the years. Such was the extent of the rich archaeological features uncovered by the excavation team under the guidance of state archaeologist, Prof. George Eogan, that it took almost forty years to excavate. Those excavations uncovered evidence for at least twelve different phases of human activity at Knowth. These extend from the late Neolithic and early Bronze Ages to the post medieval periods with a major exception being the remainder of the Bronze Age and early Iron Age for which there was no evidence of human activity discovered. I don’t wish to get into detail about all of these discoveries (and there is a lot!) but rather focus on one phenomenon which can be observed at the entrance to the western passage of the great mound at Knowth at the time of the Equinoxes, days of equal day and night.

The two passages at Knowth are aligned due East and due West, back to back, but they do not meet inside the tomb. Each passage terminates with its own chamber, the western chamber is of a type known as undifferentiated, basically a much simpler box type chamber. The eastern passage, which is 40 metres long, ends with the more complex cruciform style with side recesses familiar to many visitors to Newgrange. Unlike the single passage at Newgrange the two passages of the great tomb of Knowth are not accessible to visitors. But I’ve been fortunate as a guide working there to have the incredible privilege to be allowed once inside both of the passages. The journey inside to the great Eastern chamber is not for the faint-hearted. To reach the chamber you have to squeeze through with your body on the ground turned sideways due to the partial collapse of some of the large stone orthostats lining both sides of the passage. Inside is a truly amazing sight including the most beautifully carved basin stone in the right recess. The western passage is less of a challenge but no less awe-inspiring.

Both passage entrances have a large kerbstone which has different rectilinear megalithic art to the other 125 kerbstones lining the base of the tomb at ground level. Each entrance stone, as they are called, is inscribed with a vertical line grooved into the stone and it aligns with the center of the passage behind.

Laid out on the ground are stones of smaller size including quartz and water rolled granite stones. But right in front of the Western entrance stone stands a 2-metre-high standing stone or menhir made of red sandstone. Due to the position of the menhir in relation to the other smaller stones Professor Eogan believes that this stone was raised for special purposes at certain times of the year or for ceremonies around the monument. He found the socket of the stone and positioned it in its upright position. This is in line with the vertical groove in the entrance stone and the Western passage. At the time of the Equinoxes in March and September, and only at this time, these two large stones combine to present a phenomenon that I and other guides have often observed.

Around 6pm in the afternoon, as the sun begins its slow descent to the western horizon, the shadow of the menhir travels across the face of the entrance stone. It starts to the left of the entrance stone and moves to the right. After about half an hour its shadow is at its most prominent over the vertically incised groove in the center of the entrance stone. After about an hour it moves away from the face of the stone. The journey of the evening shadow is most clearly seen around the day of the Equinoxes, usually 21st or 22nd of March and September. The shadow can be seen in the days after the Equinox and then it moves away as the days become shorter or longer, as the case may be.

View attachment 39011

The photographs of the shadow of the Autumnal Equinox at Knowth are my own, so you can see what I’ve just described. Is it just a coincidence or by design? Considering George Eogan is satisfied that both these large stones are in their original positions I tend to think it’s by design.

View attachment 39012

There’s something else that’s worth noting about this menhir. The surface of the stone on all four sides is rough. But it is smooth on both sides and on the back at about the three-quarter height stage, roughly corresponding to shoulder height. George Eogan believes that this smoothing was achieved by human hand rather than by environmental action on the stone.

Strangely, you won’t find any mention of the Equinox shadow of Knowth in official literature but, from these photographs taken during the Autumn Equinox and from my own observations, you can be sure that it’s quite real.

Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is on Tuesday, 22nd September 2020 at 13:30 UTC.

A special time for Éiriú Eolas.
Hmmm maybe we should investigate what effects are produced during the autumn equinox. From the astronomical point of view we know that it is when the length of the day is equal to the length of the night. That is to say that sunlight is evenly distributed over both hemispheres. I have the odd idea and I am not sure if it involves some aspect of hyperdimensional physics but I think it is a time of the year when the energies are balanced and allow the passage from one reality to another:
Yes, this last session made me wonder about megaliths too, their location and orientation. Maybe there was some knowledge (discovered ? given ? if so by whom ?) that is now lost.
Solidarity and Understanding.

This session reminded me of recent years when this Forum was like an oasis (it still is) of calm in the face of the uncertainty caused by the consumption of medicines and doubts about their effectiveness with the consequent claim to Big Pharma.

The medical experts in the forum, either through their studies like Gaby, others contributing in many ways from their own experience like Laura who, for her, saw diseases as a challenge and experimented with her body and took care not to eat noodles or crispy pastries, I hope now you can do it once in a while. Never say Never.
Everyone cared (and cares) to encourage others in an exemplary solidarity, which is very present in this session.

Many coincidences between what I was thinking throughout this week and the issues that were discussed in this session. that's why i write this.
The fasts as discussed here are the same as the ones I have been doing for months; I do it by drinking something liquid in the morning like coffee with milk or liquid oatmeal and I can last perfectly until three or four in the afternoon, which is when I eat and then eat dinner until 9 or 10 at night, and I feel quite energetic.

Something really interesting is happening with people who are experiencing more and more frequent synchronizations in their daily lives.
There is no doubt that Genes communicate with invisible threads of light.
And, in this way and with these elements, to achieve true union in this Forum as a fortress.
Fascinating session, thank you to everyone who participated. Shame about Nietzsche, if not exactly surprising - I'm quite partial to him, read him extensively as a teenager, and thought he had a lot of valuable insight. That said I found Thus Spake Zarathustra extremely difficult to read, confusing and opaque - quite different from the poetic clarity of his earlier works. I wonder if this 4D STS influence was a corruption that took control towards the end of his life, as his mind was already breaking? Or if it was precisely that contact that broke him?

The clarification on egregores is also immensely useful. I've noticed a lot of people talking about this concept lately. Albeit, usually without much direct connections to its occult origins, and very much in the flavor of 'imaginary entities created by human groups'. Instead, it seems that the entity itself is pre-existing, and the egregore essentially emerges in its interaction with the group - it draws energy from them, strengthening itself, and using those who resonate with it to extend its influence through the physical world. It seems quite clear that communications technologies are an incredible boon to such entities....
Haven't had the pleasure of reading "Thus Spake Zarathustra" but interacting with the Parsis (Fire worshippers who fled Iran and settled in India) here in Bombay revealed that the Book had nothing to do with their beloved Zoroaster or the Zoroastrian faith . . . 😟

Nietzsche made a Mickey out of millions of innocent Parsis who bought the Books en masse and after reading it tossed it in the can and wished he was alive so they could wring his fat neck . . .

(Not connected with this thread but IMHO the Germans Philosophers have a serious comprehension problem . . . for instance, my favourite, Immanuel Kant, has debated "is it ethical or not to commit suicide" which would get him lynched (and me - as his disciple) out here at first opportunity . . .

'nuff said 🙈🙊🙉Fire Temple - 2.jpg

a Zoroastrian Fire Temple - Banaji Limji Agiary is the oldest Zoroastrian fire temple in Bombay and was constructed in 1709.
But every day I had the feeling that I still had to write/say what bothers me about this, if not because of you, then at least because of some other perspective/view of the situation, since it was said in the session that the disorder is quite persistent.
I'm so happy that you listened to your inner voice. Any knowledge is highly appreciated.

If your melanoma is on your arm, possible questions are:
Do I feel helpless?
Did I do something I can't forgive myself for?
Am I doing something now, which is against my beliefs?
Do I hold a grudge/resent against someone else, what that other person does?
The 2 items mentioned are items that I'm aware of. The first is one is not that I can't forgive, it's that I can't forget. Such memories keep firing up the shame that is only human. I keep reminding myself that being human comes with all its baggage.

The second point, is not that I hold a grudge but I feel that someone holds a grudge against me. The pattern of constant negative backlash after any success is something that has been increasing over the past few years. Such as when I was recognized for a big volunteer project, the next day I was hit with $3,000+ car repair. I knew something would happen but was surprised by the high price of the backlash. The melanoma indicates that this is the last payment that I have to make. Shylock needs his pound of flesh.

I agree that this melanoma is a karmic recompense for someone who needs me to suffer. It is all part of the dance of life and once paid then all is well with my nemesis.

Rencontre avec Matthieu Monade
Il est question d'egregore à 29.35 mn...

Meeting with Matthieu Monade
It's about egregore at 29.35 mins...

J'ai eu accès à cette information par Nadia des Etoiles sur VK... Merci à Elle.
I had access to this information by Nadia des Etoiles on VK... Thanks to Elle.
someone holds a grudge against me

Dr. Thomas Hora wrote a number of books including Beyond the Dream and One Mind in which he discusses the perfect nature of Reality and the obstacles we suffer to realizing it. His methodology is not simplistic, mechanical or operational. He is not religious. He is not charismatic. He has no standardized list of things to do or not do that will achieve wanted results. He draws on the bible, zen, and a few philosophers to illustrate his findings and he uses the terms "God," "One Mind," and "Omniactive Love-Intelligence" to depict Divine Reality. There is an organization managed by his prior students ( and several advisors of his works (e.g., He states thought is the basic stuff of our existence; the body is a communication system that illustrates our thinking; healing of thought is healing of body. Below is an excerpt from Beyond the Dream regarding voodoo:

"In order for therapy to be effective and valid, we must help our patients to transcend the 'five gates of hell*' and find that perspective which is the fountainhead of existentially valid thoughts. These, in turn, through the process of transmutation of energy, manifest themselves as healing. And that is how health comes into being. The Bible puts it very simply: "As he [man] thinketh in his heart, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7).

To be healthy, happy, effective, and successful we need to learn to think right. Right thinking must not be confused with positive thinking. For while right thinking is always positive, positive thinking is not always right. Right thinking is existentially valid thinking. Other phenomena worthy of consideration are witchcraft, voodoo, black magic, hypnotism, cursing, and so on. Since all thoughts — valid and invalid ones — seem to represent energy, they can transmute themselves and create phenomena. For instance, voodoo is perhaps the best known system where, in the context of religious superstition, certain destructive thoughts are suggested to individuals, or expressed about individuals either in their presence or their absence. These thoughts often manifest themselves in some tragedy concerning those individuals. There have been cases reported in medical literature where certain individuals, upon whom a voodoo curse had been pinned, actually died, in spite of efforts of physicians in a hospital trying to save them. They just died and no one could explain it medically, so powerful is a voodoo curse upon those who believe in it.

Voodoo, cursing, witchcraft, and hypnotism each have power and impact on people as long as they believe in it, or on people who disbelieve it. If we believe that a curse has power, we are vulnerable. But if we disbelieve it, we are vulnerable as well. To believe or to disbelieve is the same. In both instances we are involved in struggling against a power. When we disbelieve in something, we are fighting against believing in it; therefore we are honoring it as a power. There are two interesting relevant lines in the Bible which say: "But I say unto you, that ye resist not evil" (Matthew 5:39) ... "but overcome evil with good" (Romans 12:21), which means if we are resisting evil, we are honoring it as a power. But if we understand that only the good of God is real and has power, then we do not get involved with evil either in a positive or a negative way."
*Five Gates of Hell: sensualism, emotionalism, materialism, intellectualism and personalism

I also recall reading U.G. Krishnamurti telling a pregnant student of his to get an abortion. He said her child would be debilitated due to the woman's karma and it would be a noose-hold on the remainder of her life. He basically said to her, "'to hell with karma.' Be wholesome, healthful, joyful. Live."
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