Session 14 April 2018


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This isn't a verified account, just someone using Corbyn's name. Gotta watch out for that on Twitter with public personalities.

Thanks for pointing out it might be a fake Twitter account. I thought it was the real one.
His verified avatar is @jeremycorbyn.

A very interesting session full of gadgets. Thanks for sharing.


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Whoooa, what a session again! Many thanks to everyone involved and for the effort to put the transcript and the NO comments out.

(Artemis) Well, according to this book about neurofeedback that I'm reading, it can possibly potentially help people become immune to certain poisons, toxins, and possibly even sicknesses. Is this true?

May I ask which book it is?


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Thank you for the session. I felt down today hearing the endless propaganda on the Uk news. I’ve had to turn it off as it felt like it was drowning me.

We are in the throws of incredible changes it seems. Thanks to all much love.


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Thanks everyone for the session -- the genetic and historical questions were quite interesting. I'm toward the end of Bruce Fenton's book right now, and am eager to see how he interprets the African matrilineal L and patrilineal A/B haplogroups, since they are what are normally used by population geneticists to root the homo sapiens tree in African populations.

I thought this part was a fun reference to an earlier discussion about iodine:

Q: (Artemis) Well, according to this book about neurofeedback that I'm reading, it can possibly potentially help people become immune to certain poisons, toxins, and possibly even sicknesses. Is this true?
A: Yes and you need to continue!

Q: (Artemis) I knew it. Can it also possibly protect people against beaming and HAARP?
A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) And the flu and the plague? [laughter]
A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) And Ebola? (Artemis) Ebola? [laughter]
A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Well, this is great. It means it can help a lot of people with a lot of things.

November 21st 2015

Q: (L) So, let me ask you: Could iodine combat AIDS?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Ebola?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Plague?
A: Yes.

Q: (Artemis) Chicken Pox?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Measles?
A: Yes.

Q: (L) Well, why the hell didn't you tell us about this before?! [laughter]

The NO readings were also very interesting. When watching the embedded video, the greatest amount of activity (when looking at the chart posted by Approaching Infinity here) appears to be in the Theta range, including both "good" and "bad" Theta according to that chart.

Since I had my own NO session today, I thought I'd ask my practitioner about the data posted in this session. I told him that the readings weren't taken during a NO session, but rather during a conversation that was occurring in an environment that may have included a high amount of local energy (so take the below with a grain of salt).

First, he told me that in regard to this kind of data:

Session 4 3D.png

he tends to find it unreliable, and focuses more on the brainwave patterns (as displayed in the embedded video). He then focused almost immediately on this pattern:

NO data.png

He basically said that it "shouldn't look like that." He offered three possible explanations in order of decreasing probability: (1) the sensors weren't connected properly, possibly due to some hair being in the way, (2) electromagnetic interference from either nearby devices or something broadcasting in the near vicinity, or (3) some kind of pathology. He thought (3) was unlikely, and that (1) was the most likely explanation although (2) was not unlikely depending on what was going on in the local environment.

Anyway, as I said take the above for what it's worth since he didn't have the full context with which to evaluate the readings, but I hope his comments are interesting in some way.


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Thank you Laura and crew for an extremely interesting session; I must read it a second time! The world is indeed going mad and it's frustrating to watch while everyone is getting sucked into the lies and the madness! What an fascinating idea to hook Laura up to the NeurOptimal machine!


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Thanks a lot for this amazing session! And for the NO experiment, that was very very interesting!

Another thing is the entire gender fluidity and identification shenanigans that truly wants to make morality a relative concept where things are not wrong so long as "from my point of view" they're right.. the moral implications of that are immense, because it will eventually lead to (and I believe it's already going there and has been reported) things like pedophilia being consideres a simple "sexual preference"... pushing in a darker direction, the darker version of pedophilia can include things that are really shocking to think of and imagine those things being considered a simple sexual preference that is ok because morality is a relative concept.. It's truly scary stuff.

Considering the work of Samenow, Dionysus Syndrome sounds like a world run by criminals who are not afraid of being stopped and who find resonance in the high seats of power in the world. Some criminals know that their actions are seen as wrong by others... and that prevents them from going full blown insane... but what if they don't ever feel that anymore.

It puts a whole different light into the cleansing and why it's so necessary

Although it sounds a bit scary, it's true. And while thinking about this, I have in mind the painting The Garden of Earthly Delights and this one, The Eve of the Deluge by William Bell Scott:


The genetic surprise is fascinating, i wonder if the NO practice does in fact have a epigenetic effect on all of us and that's one of the ways (along with diet and knowledge and maybe even physical training) that Genes Save?

Very interesting suggestion! I didn't think about it in that way but it could be one possibility, I think.

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Thanks for the session.

I know Scott was wondering about those antique weapons taking out smart missiles. The S200's are for aircraft. Suppose Russia got a chance to test its shinny new Laser Missile Interception Device under live fire? Do ya think maybe?

My support is unwavering, keep up the great work.


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Thank you very much for the new session!
Is very interesting everything that the C's revealed about neurofeedback
We are going to have to study a lot on the subject and save to buy a machine:cool:
a big hug to all!


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Thanks for sharing the session!
And wow, hooking up the NeurOptimal machine and bringing out the Gauss meter was amazingly interesting!


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Not sure whether you replied to Thebull and quoted my text by mistake or you wanted to reply to me. Anyway, I follow the mentioned NO thread but my question was about the particular book Artemis is reading.

Sorry for the confusion, anka. I got the wrong person by mistake. I was replying to your question but thought it was TheBull who posted, so if you already follow that thread maybe someone else knows a book that would help.
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