Session 14 August 2016

Thank you so much for the session! There is so much information to ponder, and the crystal project sure sounds like it has amazing potential!
"A: Illusion is mostly self-generated; delusion is mostly induced from without."

Anyone (native;) can confirm that isn't mistake? I would bet it is opposite...
Thank you Laura and the crew for such an insightful session! It's interesting how lying can literally affect your physical brain. I remember reading about psychoneuroimmunology and how thoughts and state of being can affect both your immune system and endocrine system, but I didn't think it would apply to the mind of psychopathic characters who feel no remorse for acting in any specific way. There's always something new to learn.

mkrnhr said:
Q: (L) If that's the case, how was that possible?

A: The ancient world was quite "well connected".

E. Cline calls this inter-connectedness the first Globalisation. The empires at that time where so connected, some Egyptian artefacts were found in Scandinavia. But maybe connectedness here refers to connectedness to higher densities?

When the Cs talk about connectedness, I wonder if they are referring to better mobility, telepathic skills by druids and priests or ability by some to connect with higher densities, but it could very well be all of them too. I guess that the Crystal Project could be seen as some kind of revival of these past abilities of enhanced connection both between community members and with higher densities that were lost.
Thanks so much for this new session and sharing it with us. :hug2:

Nancy2feathers said:
I think the Crystal Connection Project is something bigger than what we can imagine. Thank you Laura and ladies for giving not only your time but so much of yourselves into this project. A real labor of love. Thank you so very much.

Ditto to that.
Thank you so much for another session. Much to ponder here.
I have been considering that doing the work on myself is important to the group, my family, my community, the entire universe.
But the end of this session, makes it clear to me that this is a profound responsibility.
(Galatea) One last question: So, when we all finally get our crystals and do our synchronized chanting or meditation, will that be able to cut off evil beaming from the evil STS people?

A: For some.

Q: (L) In other words, we can't do anything about the rest of the world, but we can do it for ourselves.

(Galatea) Is that what that means?
A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright. I guess that's it, so we will say...

A: Keep the project on track. There is more to come once the receivers are ready! Help is on the way!!!!!! Goodbye.

I had been thinking that requesting crystals felt selfish and that I must get "good enough" before I burdened you more on my account.
Now I'm thinking maybe that is not the way to look at it.

And, Galatea often brings up things that resonate very strongly with me, this exchange was one.
Q: (Galatea) So, let me know if I'm crazy or not, but am I able to read or feel the intentions or thoughts of others sometimes?

A: Very very often.

Q: (Galatea) What effect does this have on other people?

A: Light.

Q: (Galatea) Well then why do I react so strongly to what I read?

A: Emitting light.

Q: (Galatea) So that's why I react strongly... What does that mean?

A: Darkness abhors light.

Q: (Galatea) Oh, so when I read something it's like truth, which brings light, which fights off an illusion?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) Well damn! That's a heavy burden to bear.

I often pick up on others feelings/emotions too. sometimes when I'm just driving down the road and look at someone I am impressed by where they are, It can be very disconcerting and it has been very burdensome for me too.

Thank you again. what I read here and the suggested books have kept me on the "ladder"

Michał said:
"A: Illusion is mostly self-generated; delusion is mostly induced from without."

Anyone (native;) can confirm that isn't mistake? I would bet it is opposite...

Did you read Laura's response to the Cs definition of these two words?

Q: (L) I noticed you used the words "illusion" and "delusion". What's the difference between an illusion and a delusion, aside from our normal dictionary definitions?

A: Illusion is mostly self-generated; delusion is mostly induced from without.

Q: (L) So, if you create fantasies in your own head and believe in them, you're living in an illusion. If you're programmed to believe wrong things or induced into something by life circumstances or other people's words or actions, that would be a delusion. Well, that's a little bit different I think than the dictionary definition. It's interesting to get their view of why they use different words. Anybody else have questions?

So I'd say it's written as it was said by the Cs.
Laura said:
(Pierre) Talking about reanimated people, I wanted to ask about the Hillary Clinton episode where she did that weird thing in front of the reporters.

(L) Was she having a mini-stroke of some sort?

(Pierre) What happened? What was the cause?

A: Brain glitch.

Q: (L) Cause?

A: Brain damage. Lying takes its toll.

Q: (Galatea) So basically, lying can...

(L) Destroy your brain.

A: Yes

Q: (Niall) She took sick leave and supposedly had surgery on her brain.

(Galatea) Of course, I'm sure she lies a lot more than the normal person.

(L) I don't think she's capable of telling the truth. Is that true, even for like psychopathic individuals? If somebody is pathological and lying is their nature, does lying take a toll on them, too?

A: Indeed. It is entropic and chaotic.

Q: (Chu) That explains changes in some leaders like Obama and stuff.

(PoB) Soros is doing well. All the Rockefellers are doing well.

(Pierre) Kissinger.

(Scottie) I wouldn't call Kissinger, "doing well"...

(L) No. They're alive, but what's the quality of life? What is their quality of life?

A: Robotic and inability to experience true joy.

Q: (L) Okay, you say they can't experience true joy, but I'm sure they experience plenty of pleasure. Is there a difference?

A: Indeed. Pleasure is rooted in physiology and joy is of the soul.

Q: (Joe) So, would people who tell lies that they know to be lies have a worse effect than people who believe what they're saying even though it's not true?

(L) In other words, is conscious lying worse than unconscious lying?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) That's what I figured. Hillary Clinton has probably told tons of conscious lies. Other people are convinced... Like Niall was saying earlier on that Alan Foster Dulles' last words on his death bed were, "Watch out for Russia!" [laughter]

(Pierre) The boundary is not so clear, because I imagine some people might start out believing some lies, but then they get so engrossed in it that it becomes the truth for them.

(Joe) And people are programmed with lies from a very young age...

A: Delusions.

Thank you for another excellent session. Part of the session related to the influence of lies on the liar is definitely something to think about. If we look at the most of the western political figures they all look like they aged decades in few years. Putin is different story. ;)


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Thank you Laurs and Chateau Crew for sharing such invaluable knowledge in the face of such gloomy times - you're the light for us all.
Laurelayn said:
I had been thinking that requesting crystals felt selfish and that I must get "good enough" before I burdened you more on my account.
Now I'm thinking maybe that is not the way to look at it.

Well maybe we can think of it in terms of asking for the crystals as part of our efforts to be the best we can be, for the benefit then of all. It can help us, but that in turn helps us to better serve others, so it’s not a selfish act in that context.
Michał said:
"A: Illusion is mostly self-generated; delusion is mostly induced from without."

Anyone (native;) can confirm that isn't mistake? I would bet it is opposite...

It's not the dictionary definition, but it makes more sense since we're talking about personal illusions and delusions here. A person who is deluded, like "delusions of grandeur", has probably been exposed to life circumstances that created that delusion, and such delusions may be more entrenched because they are externally induced. A personal illusion could be something more temporary, something dreamed up by the self. My understanding of these words is that the word "delusion" or "deluded" carries more weight and is more serious when applied to a person than illusion. Compare, "he's under the illusion that..." and "he's deluded"
Thank you all for another fascinating session! :flowers:

The Crystal Connection project keeps surprising with its hard-to-estimate potential. Looking forward to what develops eventually with a new level of connectedness. Take care of yourselves at the chateau, as the powerful hyperdimensional STS forces really would not want a project such as this to succeed. So continue to be excellent to each other and watch each others' backs as you put so much effort and energy to help all others who ask, and especially the network.

Well said SeekinTruth! :)
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