Session 15 October 2016

Thank you for another interesting session. The 3 weeks up to the election are looking to be very interesting or even terrifying if a false flag involving dirty nukes materializes.
Stay safe and protected.
I am sorry to hear about your wonderful dog, Alana and Timótheos. :hug2: He is a such a lovely dog and greets every body when he comes out of car.

Big thank you to Laura and crew for the session. :flowers: It is interesting that C's are hinting at possibility of Trump becoming president. I suspect some thing serious will happen to Killary in between to expose her big time before election.

Mothman topic is scary for sure.

Laura said:
Session Date: October 15th 2016

(Pierre) What destroyed the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket when it was about to launch several weeks ago?

(Joe) Yeah, it's about to launch, and these 2 black dots zoom by the camera just before the rocket explodes on the launch pad. And Elon Musk was "confused" about it. One of the things they're looking into is that there's a competitor rocket launching company about a mile away that has a direct line of sight to the rocket.

A: Sabotage.

Q: (Joe) By a competitor. So what was this little black thing that flew by at literally 2000 miles per hour?

A: Drone type
Interesting they say "Drone type" instead of "Drone", at the same time they say sabotage. Makes me wonder whether this is out of this word Drone?
About a week ago, after dusk, my roommate and I both heard a screeching noise from outside. Both of us are outdoors people and we agreed that the noise was kinda like the noise that a raptor type animal would make. The dogs barked a bit but didn't seem to want to go out and investigate and bark furiously. We agreed that it was dark out so it wasn't likely to be any raptor type of animal. The screech did seem to be up in the trees and not on the ground. I did venture out onto the front deck for a smoke but was reluctant to go out from under the eve. The noise came from out back.

Well, I have heard most all of the animals that it could have been. This screeching noise was new to me.

Mothman? I did think about it, which is why I was reluctant to leave the shelter of the deck. What exactly do these guys do, other than hang around scaring people? Can they attack you?
A big thank you all for sharing the session!

Very sorry to hear about your dog Timótheos and Alana. :hug2:
Condolences for the loss and sorry for the horrible experience.
The information about the mismatch of energy profiles is intriguing. It has been discussed within the framework of a 2D creature living closely with humans making "progress". I wonder whether it may be extended to people to a certain extent.
Thanks, crew, for the latest session - thought-provoking, as usual!

And sorry for the loss of your pup, Timótheos and Alana. It is quite a fascinating topic of why we choose a particular dog over the other. My ex-wife brought a two-year old dog back from the pond a few years back. The dog was super-anxious and traumatised. I first thought "What disaster dog is this?". She would get totally panicked by the most banal things (little girls, rollerboards, other dogs etc.), but she started slowly to get more confidence, which was partly due to a lot of work we put in, being the leader of,the pack and thus giving her a secure frame of reverence. Today Zoey is very relaxed and self-confident and lovely to have around.

The point is, I would never have picked this dog, but my ex had intuitively picked the right one. So to try to do this process in a more conscious and informed way makes eminently sense to me.

As regarding Killary, I could envisage another scenario: Her being elected, but then "being disposed of" before the inauguration, thus making her Veep the new president. That would kill two flies with one swat - get Trump out of the game and a more "palatable" person POTUS. But that's of course merely a speculation.
I don't know if connected to the pet thing or not, i had a weird situation precisely last week where a deer got caught at one of the fences at my job,
The deer was going about life and somehow eneded up in this highly crowded area stuck in a fence at my job.

When the deer was freed, it was lying on the floor with seemingly only scratches from struggling at the fence when animal protection services were trying to free it, the told me to give it time to recover and they wouldn't sedate it to the pull the animal to a safer place.

I left it alone for like two hours, i then was asked by a customer to do something about the deer blocking his truck, i told him i was not going to upset the animal and he had to wait, but i walked outside to see how it was doing, it was moving trying to get up, as i apporached and looked at the deer.... It died in front of me.. Like i saw it actually "loose the life in its eyes".

I didn't want to think i killed the poor deer by just my presence, but while discussing it with people maybe it was a heart attack.

It was depresing since i was looking for it to get up and start walking and beeing a deer agin.

maybe just an unrelated insident, but thought it was weird this happened last week so randomly in an area where has never happened before according to previous emplyees, and now it is mentioned in the session, animals are more vulnerable to the changing effects of the world.
Timothéos and Alana, I'm really sorry for your loss... especially after how hard you must both have tried to make it work for your puppy. :hug2:

It's reassuring to hear that WW3 is by all odds off the cards, although I'm not excited about dirty bombs still being a probability. And even if Trump manages to get elected and is unable to change the trajectory of US foreign policy, It would still be a nice middle finger to the PTB that still think they can buy their own reality by controlling all the media and swamping social media with shills.

Thank you for the session. Excluding pragmatic breeds like for security, hunting, or herding, I've always wondered why people would go for more primitive breeds of dogs (which are less people friendly and need to be bribed with food more to change their behavior).
I am so sorry to hear about your Pup Timotheos and Alana, so sorry. I hope that someday soon the perfect puppy companion will find it's way to you and the wonderful home you will provide him.
excellent session if trump wins gonna build tht wall and if clinton wins will be our end so yes hope for everyone !!
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