Session 21 March 2020

à propos Comets:

A: Reincarnation on a 3rd density earth as a "cave person" amidst rubble and a glowing red sky, as the perpetual cold wind whistles...

Q: Why is the sky glowing red?

A: Contemplate.

Q: Of course! Comet dust! (...)

Gradually gettered dust, colors the clouds. There is too little dust to color all the sky, but able to condense with drops of water (this is altocumulus cloud probably) of the clouds.


The photo is taken yesterday (at sunset) by me from the kitchen's windows.
There is also a supernova factor. Also not related to the Wave, but also happening at the same time. I was wondering how can all of them happen at the same time, but it all makes sense. They are all cycles within a cycles, and at the end of the biggest cycle, there will also be an end of all of the small cycles. I found a picture that describes it. It's like at the end of each year, it is also an end of the month, week, day, hour and minute.

Session 991204:

Q: We have been discussing the possibility of Rigel going
supernova as has been suggested in the past, and the arrival
of the optical effects being conducive to DNA changes in
human beings. Is this, in fact, possible or probable?
A: Yes.
Q: Are the optical effects of the supernova the same as The
A: Do not get ahead of yourself. The Wave will be apparent
when it arrives.
Q: Is this wave different from the optical effects of the
A: Yes.
Q: Is this wave related to the supernova in some way?
A: No.

As for the least of our worries, the outing of the OWO in its most perverted facets like debt based fiat, is sure to disrupt the 'spice', but then that's to be expected, especially since empires in decline go to war... Nuclear the C's said, right?


I am not sure the Cs say there will be a full-on "Nuclear" war. Many of us have lived for years in dread of that scenario so I suppose it is difficult to just push the thought aside. From what I have gathered there may be some "dirty nukes" and limited use of nuclear weapons but maybe not an all out global exchange of nuclear arsenals.

I can't say I have a lot to cheer us up but maybe a look at some of the possibilities will help put it in perspective.

Q: (L) If we move, does that just mean move from this house to another nearby, or out of the country?
A: France.
Q: (L) I thought you said France was going to get hit by a nuke?
A: Still possible but less probable.
Q: (L) Is the United States going to be hit by nukes?
A: No doubt.

(L) Well, I dunno... I mean, look at this John Bolton and Mike Pompeo. They're Neocon war hawks!

(Joe) Yeah, and they’re in there to ramp up the attacks on Russia.

(L) I think they actually think they're going to have a war!

(Joe) Russia is too smart for them. They can have a World War III with nukes, and everyone is dead. But short of that, they're going to have to accept the new reality.

(Ark) They can have a war to destroy Iran.

(L) That's what Israel wants.

(Ark) That's what they're preparing for. That will be the next one.

(L) Didn't the C's say years ago that that was the ultimate objective?

(Joe) Well, Iran, Iraq, Libya...

(L) The ultimate objective was Iran, but it would result in the destruction of Israel.

(Joe) They may be trying to go in that direction, but it's very foolish.

(L) Is there anything... I guess it's a stupid question to ask, but: Is there anything that can stop this madness?

A: No there isn't nor would you want to stop it!

Q: (L) Why wouldn't I want to stop it?

A: Cleansing.

Q: (L) It's a cleansing. In other words, these people...

(Pierre) You're going to end up with the destruction of the bad guys.

(Joe) Because the bad guys are going to get it in the neck. The problem is in the Middle East. That's where they're desperate, and Israel is desperate. And they see a major change in global power coming, and they'll be sidelined along with America. That's what they want to stop. If it's centered in the Middle East, then they're going to have to have a war in the Middle East, including with Iran. Russia's been quietly selling all sorts of weapons...

(L) I think Russia and Iran have been quietly arming themselves. One of the reasons they've been so patient is that not only does it exhibit their Zen consciousness, but it also gives them time to arm themselves to the teeth!

(Joe) Right. And the Chinese...

(L) They're building weapons and super-weapons like crazy while America and much of the West is piddling around.

(Pierre) That's why the US war hawks are desperate. They know that every day that passes, the gap between Russia, China, and the USA is widening. The US is lagging behind more and more. The more you wait for a war, the more you are likely to lose. But they've really passed the point of no return, I think. Today, if they wage war, they're going to lose.

(Joe) The gap is getting smaller.

(Pierre) To me, they're already past the point.

(L) That's why they passed that gargantuan military spending bill. Problem is, the US doesn't have the infrastructure or skilled workers for it anymore.

(Joe) If what the Russians said last night in Syria is true, all of America's fancy nice, new, and smart weapons were shot down with 1960's era anti-missile systems.

(L) In other words, the US smart missiles weren't so smart.

A: Just you wait! It is going to get VERY interesting very soon!

Q: Is the war drama merely a play being put on to keep us all distracted and in a state of fear?

A: More or less.

Q: Yet, you said the United States would be bombed, and on another occasion you said there would not be a nuclear war.

A: "Bombs" are not all "nuclear." And, there are "natural bombs."

(L) Alright, I guess we can say goodnight. Anybody got anything they're just DYING to ask?

(Joe) Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

(Windmill knight) Is the situation in Syria going to escalate to a third world war as some people think?

A: No. But there may be a terrorist dirty nuke or two!

Q: (L) And when you say, "terrorist", we assume that that should be in quotes?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Okay. Why do you introduce tonight's adventures with "US is headed for destruction"?

A: Passed the point when anything could possibly be done to change the outcome.

Q: (L) What is this outcome?

A: Increasing inner turmoil. Review what happened in Germany.

Q: (L) Well, what happened in Germany in what period?

A: Towards the end of the war. Hitler's madness and the hatred of the world towards Germany.

Q: (L) Wasn't a pretty picture, was it? (J) In Germany, the rest of the world bombed Germany...

A: Yes. Expect it in the USA ultimately.

Q: (J) Would that be nuclear bombs?

A: And more.

Q: (A***) Is it going to destroy the rest of the world with it?

A: Not exactly... but the cosmic stuff will take its toll.

Q: (L) Anything else on that topic for the moment since we have other issues we want to cover?

A: Be alert.

Besides staying "alert" our diet and DNA changes may help to stabilize us dealing with already existing radiation exposure from over 2000 previous nuclear explosions.

(L) Next question on the list: Is the fukushima radiation negligible compared to the radiation due to 2,000 + nuclear explosions that have happened since 1945?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) How badly will it affect people?

A: Cumulatively, it is already bad.

Q: (L) you mean cumulatively the 2,000 nuclear explosions? And now, this on top of all of that is like critical mass of exposure?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, what does that mean for us.

A: DNA changes and diet help to keep the frequency stable.

Q: (L) What about all the people who are vegetarians?

A: They are nuclear “toast” since so much of their energy must be expended to raise the vibrations of their food.

At some point, I wonder what kind of population will be left to "lockdown" or quarantine.

It is getting easier to believe "A: Just you wait! It is going to get VERY interesting very soon!"
Q: (L) Okay, I had a thought. Is it possible that this virus can infect some people and make them worse, as in make them bad people?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Why is that?

A: It depends on the inner makeup.

Q: (L) So it really depends on what's inside the person as to what transpires after they've experienced the virus. Is that it?

Maybe the following behaviors can be attributed to the virus and/or Wave?

I was doing a little research into Fort Detrick vaccine research and came across this article from August 2019. They were forced to shut down their prominent germ research lab in July 2019 because the center did not have sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater”. That could just be a cover story though.

The suspended research involves certain toxins, along with germs called select agents, which the government has determined have “the potential to pose a severe threat to public, animal or plant health or to animal or plant products.

The suspension was due to multiple causes, including failure to follow local procedures and a lack of periodic recertification training for workers in the biocontainment laboratories, according to Vander Linden.

This is a couple quotes from the article which make me wonder if there's a connection with what the C's said about the COVID10 virus escaping Fort Detrick. Could this article be a direct confirmation to what the C's were talking about?
This is a couple quotes from the article which make me wonder if there's a connection with what the C's said about the COVID10 virus escaping Fort Detrick. Could this article be a direct confirmation to what the C's were talking about?

I think that these articles are even better:

But there is the HAARP a very powerful antenna in Alaska and we don't know exactly what it does. We are told that it is used to study the Ionosphere with 3.6MW power in the 2.8-10MHz range. But there are articles on the web that questions this.

HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare
Atmospheric physics: Heating up the heavens

The C's have mentioned that the HAARP is actually being used to dumb down the Americans. If I remember correctly the C's have said that only 12% of Americans can actually think for themselves, maybe because of the HAARP? Am still looking for that transcript and will post it. I hope this is in line with the discussion here.

What are the extremely high (1500-2000+ feet) used for? I couldn't locate any info on an internet search except how one of them had crashed and OSHA was investigating. The reason I bring this up: I have seen "regular" size cell towers around where I live, about 200-300 feet usually. But while going to another location in Central Texas last Saturday, I saw an antenna so high it was reaching up into a low cloud! It even looked as if something was dropping down from the cloud. From appearances and comparing to the other cell towers, this antenna must have been over 1500 feet or more. This was on a country road, not near any big town. A few miles later, there were more of them, about 7 or 8. Another oddity on this stretch of road: many, many cows were lying down, more than I have ever seen before. Some were up, grazing normally, but the others just seemed to be "resting". I had noticed the cows first and was amazed at that. Then I saw the huge antennas. Don't know if there is a connection, may be just a coincidence. Anybody know about those kinds of antennas?
From the session of August 11th 2018, we can read:
(Pierre) About this recent drop in UFO sightings: Over the past month, sightings dropped drastically. I would like to know why?

A: Programming is complete.

Q: (Artemis) So they don't have to come here anymore, or as often?

(L) I don't think they've gone anywhere. I think their job is done, and they're just sitting back and enjoying the show!

A: Yes

I'm re-reading "Wave 6". It's really interesting to reread a book by Laura right now knowing everything that's happening on the planet about Covid 19.

Here is in Wave 6 what I read yesterday from the August 9, 1997 session:

Q: Not an invasion?

A: Yes.

Q: So, it will just be inciting people to frenzies of speculation...

A: Invasion happens when programming is complete...
I was doing a little research into Fort Detrick vaccine research and came across this article from August 2019. They were forced to shut down their prominent germ research lab in July 2019 because the center did not have sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater”. That could just be a cover story though.

This is a couple quotes from the article which make me wonder if there's a connection with what the C's said about the COVID10 virus escaping Fort Detrick. Could this article be a direct confirmation to what the C's were talking about?
The original incident was in April 2018 when they had a flood of their out dated water decontamination system. Leaks were found the following day. The CDC suspended their operations and later shut them down.
From the session of August 11th 2018, we can read:

I'm re-reading "Wave 6". It's really interesting to reread a book by Laura right now knowing everything that's happening on the planet about Covid 19.

Here is in Wave 6 what I read yesterday from the August 9, 1997 session:
In the words of "Yoda" (paraphrasing): There are always two, a teacher and an apprentice.

You will never be completely sure, but the teacher shows poise and confidence, while the apprentice ... Well, he is learning.

It is "interesting" to look around us.;-)
I was going through the sessions from the past few years, looking for more info about viruses. And I collected the most important quotes. First is the part about the relationships between DNA and information field:

(L) Alright. Next question: I've been reading this book called Darwin's Black Box by Behe - and then The Edge of Evolution. I read them one after the other. Great books! He basically uses a sharp razor and clinically and efficiently eviscerates Darwin's theory of evolution by random mutation and natural selection. He talks about Intelligent Design, but he doesn't say much about a designer. Well, that is, he says plenty about the designer, but not like in specifying the kind or what or who. He stays strictly scientific right to the very end. But what I was thinking as I was reading through this was that it makes an awful lot of sense particularly in view of the Cassiopaean cosmological perspective, which is that of dimensions, densities, 4D (STO and STS), etc. You've talked many times about genetic manipulations that have been ongoing and about the fact that traveling back and forth in time to do these genetic manipulations has been one of the tricks that is used on the human race by 4D STS types. You said that there are 4D labs where these genetic manipulations take place. You've talked about how an abduction is done, that it happens like soul extraction: the soul is taken to 4th density, a body is molecularly reassembled in 4D “matter”, the work is done on the reassembled body there in 4D and then that body is disassembled and the soul or consciousness is sent back through the realm curtain. It then carries with it the pattern of the manipulation which then causes those changes or manipulations to come into effect within the body on 3D Earth. So, I have some idea of how that works, but maybe this isn't a question I should ask, but... I really have to ask it: How does that happen? How do they do that?!

A: Recall that 4D is a realm where thought has the power to create. If a mind, and here we mean much more than you understand as mind, thinks about a structure or something that needs to be accomplished, it assembles itself, more or less. Then when the structure is sent back through the realm curtain, the "idea" is the attractor blueprint that draws to itself the matching elements from your reality and they proceed through the process of organic assembly. This occurs because even inanimate matter has a minimal level of matching consciousness.

Q: (Andromeda) I think I'm gonna have to read that a few times...

(Artemis) Could that same method be used to get rid of a cold?

A: You are not in 4D yet.

Q: (L) So, let me repeat this back and see if I understand it. So you're saying that, say, some 4D geneticist gets somebody and they do what in abduction accounts appear to be nonsensical activities. But yet, in 4D reality, they are possibly doing something that has a certain thought and intent behind it that may not be apparent to us. Whatever minor thing they may be doing that makes no sense to us, is actually causing something to happen according to what they're thinking. If they want to change somebody's DNA, they think it, and it kinda changes. And then they do a molecular disassembly from the molecules of 4D, which are different. They behave differently, they ARE different. Then the body comes back and...

(Andromeda) This is a full abduction, body and consciousness?

(L) Well, I think it doesn't have to be. They've said that rarely are there full abductions where they take the body, too. They put a timelock on, they take out the consciousness, and the 3D body's left there frozen. So then they send the consciousness back through, and then because there is a certain amount of consciousness in inanimate matter - that is, in chemicals of all sorts - somehow these chemicals frequency match themselves to the idea structures?

(Joe) It's a blueprint.

(Pierre) The way I understand it, the directing thing is the idea in 4D. The blueprint. For some reason, since in 3D molecules or elements have a bit of consciousness, there is a kind of resonance between the blueprint (the mind of 4D) and the elements in 3D. So they coalesce and finally the 4D idea materializes within the 3D world.

(Joe) Well, it doesn't necessarily materialize. It can change the structure of something material.

(L) Yeah. The idea materializes itself by just activating laws of physics and chemistry.

(Joe) So that idea can basically impress itself on matter in 3D, and change the structure of it.

(L) I suppose there are no limits to the applications. But of course I'm thinking particularly about living things.

(Andromeda) It's kind of like the experiments with water where it changes structure when you focus on it. It's like that, but the next level up.

(L) But we're not able to do much more than change a bit of water. They're talking about literally changing DNA and possibly more.

(Joe) But they said that in 4D, thoughts are things, basically. Thought has the power to create. So they said that when someone there thinks about a structure or something that needs to be accomplished, it assembles itself more or less. Does that mean it's assembled in a material, physical way?

(L) In a 4D material way, which is semi-material in comparison to our 3D material world.

(Joe) There's no physical thing that's sent through the realm curtain, right?

(L) No.

(Chu) It's almost like the way receptors work on cells. You need a minimal level of consciousness, and that matches the thing from 4D the way a receptor binds to a biochemical - things just "fit".

(Andromeda) But then does the consciousness have to be removed for that to happen, or is it restructured in the body?

(L) I think it's easier for them to do it in 4D. They take the consciousness into 4D SO they can do that! Because they have reassembled a body around a consciousness that is a 4D body that's made out of 4D matter which behaves apparently quite differently from our matter. It's much more malleable. And then those changes get kind of "imprinted" into the consciousness. Then they dissolve that 4D body, send the consciousness back into its 3D body which then, because it has been changed... And that tells you a little bit about how powerful your own consciousness is! If you could effectively change your own consciousness at those same deep levels, you could probably effect changes in matter! And of course they're working with things that we don't have. They've got toys we don't have.

(Pierre) And the mind as well.

(L) Yeah, that was the one thing that impressed me the most reading about the nature of the cell and the little mini machines that exist in it in Behe's book. I mean, just think about the mind that has to think up all that stuff!

(Pierre) Yeah, there's a level of complexity that's mind-boggling!

(L) We're talking about SCARY intelligence! Especially if it is STS intelligence.

(Pierre) And it's fascinating, too. It's not necessary to have nefarious purposes to create something like that.

(Joe) Well, you can extrapolate I suppose if you look at modern technology and the detail involved, like with microprocessors. That's made by humans, right?

(L) Exactly. And look at some of the genetic engineering our scientists can do. But regarding 4D minds, I mean, come on, if 4D battles manifest in our reality as Earth changes and cosmic changes and volcanoes and weather and giant storms and so forth, what the hell kind of reality is that? What kind of intelligences are those?

A: And notice that it can appear as if "life" exists in the individual organs when in fact it is merely the antenna-like function of the protein.


(Ark) What I want to know is: Where is the software which is SO powerful and so universal?! It's crash-proof! Where does it come from? Is it in the genes? Or after the butterfly is born, it downloads from somewhere this software? Where is it?

(Pierre) It's the information field [makes patented Pierre Information Field Gesture].

(L) Information field. So, your question is: Where does the butterfly's software come from?

(Ark) Yes.

A: As Pierre said, it is information fully and freely given/received via the antenna of the proteins.

(Pierre) About DNA and information... A salamander that loses a limb grows exactly the same limb. Is it right to think that this organized cell differentiation cannot only be due to the DNA within the cells?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) There's an external factor. This external factor is the information field?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Information field and DNA of the salamander for example, do they interact?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Okay, how do they interact?

A: DNA is a sort of receiver.

Q: (Pierre) Is it right to assume that the information field can therefore modulate DNA activity?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) Okay, so DNA is an intermediary between the information field and the organism.

(L) That's why there are people who can have terrible genetic mutations and yet manifest no symptoms...

(Pierre) Yeah, because DNA is a kind of toolbox. Only some of them are activated because of the connection, because of the information received from the information field. Two cells right next to each can do totally different things even if they have the same genetic code because the information field modulates what part of the DNA is activated and which part is deactivated. So, there is a tremendous potential in every cell.

(Chu) That's why they also said previously that viruses are thoughts made manifest. The way I understand it is that they can manifest a thought but you have to have the receiver. So not everyone will catch the same virus. Same with any disease really...

(L) Yeah, some can have the virus in their body and it's completely inactive. And other people can be taken down in no time at all. Reading these genetics books is just mind-boggling.

(Pierre) In previous sessions, the Cs mentioned that some of us (Laura and Joe) were growing additional strands of DNA. In that session, it was mentioned that the Cs were not referring to physical strands of DNA. So, can the Cs clarify what kind of additional strands they're talking about?

A: DNA codons that are otherwise truncated. Think transposons that jump and restore original or new codes.

Q: (L) So, basically you're saying that DNA can be changed? Well, we know it can, because I read the books. But in other words, you're saying that it can be changed by changes in your thinking, understanding, and level of knowledge?

A: Information is the most important factor.

Q: (L) You mean gathering information, researching, and learning is the most important factor?

A: Yes and applying what is learned.

Q: (L) So information is like filling up the gas tank, and applying what you've learned is like starting the engine and pushing on the gas pedal?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) That makes me think of something. The key for DNA transformation, the most important factor, is information. At the same time, DNA is the intermediary or the receiver to the information field. It evokes to me some kind of mirroring where the individual gathers information in the world which then improves his connection to the information field and allows him to gather even more information? Like a circle?

A: Yes. It is like building an antenna.

Q: (L) So the more knowledge you gather, your antenna changes. But it depends upon using it because building the antenna is a product of using what you've learned.

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's what makes the changes.

(Artemis) You can't just sit around and read and do nothing about what you're learning all day. You have to do something.

(Approaching Infinity) So how does the first cell manifest?

A: Partly correct, pair.

Q: (L) Well, what is the other part of it?

A: Genome manufactured in 4th density and sent through realm curtain in a manner similar to how virii are transmitted.

Q: (L) So the elements were developing, were present, and jostling around together in the primordial soup or whatever... But then the genome was manufactured.

(Pierre) It goes both ways: downside up, molecules reaching critical mass, and from top down - from 4th density down to 3rd.

(L) So in a sense, that's the basic thing about intelligent design. There is a lot of parts to it that rely on the nature of the physical world itself and how all the different elements - which themselves come into being via information - accumulate or gather or interact. And then a direct intervention is added. That's what it amounts to.

A: Yes indeed!!!

Q: (Joe) Who sends it through the realm curtain from 4th density?

A: Transient passengers
. Perhaps the term will have more meaning now?

Q: (Approaching Infinity) It's almost like in the Bell Witch case when there were direct manifestations of things. I would imagine that if there's this information being sent through the realm curtain into 3rd density, if you were an observer watching in the sea water with a microscope, it might appear as if the cell just manifests. It just takes form and looks like it came out of nowhere.

A: Very close indeed!

Q: (L) Has this sort of direct intervention happened more than once? Like when major changes of DNA have occurred, or when there were major changes in the so-called evolutionary record?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So basically we are indeed surrounded by an intelligence that is more than we can even comprehend.

A: Yes. We have been saying that!

Q: (L) Okay, we have a question that Psyche and I have been thinking about. After reading this book about viruses, we have the idea that viruses may be the means by which genetic manipulation {as in intentional coming from other densities} has taken place on this planet for millions, if not billions, of years.

A: Yes

Q: (L) Does that mean that a virus is a transdimensional manifestation?

A: Yes. Thoughts made manifest! Compare to some crop circles!

Q: (Psyche) Some viruses in the atlas DO look like crop circles. [wind noise muffles Ark's question] (Ark)...of course virus is just pure DNA, or what? (Psyche) It can be both DNA or RNA depending on the type of virus, and usually coated to protect itself. There are so many types of viruses; it can be just a piece of genetic code. (Ark) Okay, so my question is whether there is a particular part of the virus that has the property that is not just described by normal quantum physics or quantum chemistry and so on, or its the whole organization of virus that has this property?

A: Yes. Information field aggregates matter.

Q: (talk of thought vs. information) (Belibaste) Does information command or direct the aggregation of different proteins or amino acids to form a virus? Materialization?

A: Yes.

Q: (Psyche) It's very interesting because they have found in our "junk" DNA, properties of viruses that are close in location to those of stem cells, and also cells that end up producing cancer. It is quite interesting. (Perceval) That means our DNA is thought made manifest?

A: More or less!

New viruses can also be very deadly:

Q: (Joe) What caused the 50 cows to drop dead in coastal India around December 22nd? According to first reports, five cowmen of the village were looking after hundreds of grazing cows in the morning. All of a sudden, their behavior changed and about 50 unexpectedly and instantly dropped dead.

(Andromeda) All at the same time.

A: Virus.

Q: (Pierre) That quick?

(Joe) That's a pretty serious virus.

(Artemis) How long did they have the virus for?

A: 3 days.

Q: (Joe) Aggressive virus! All at the same time?

(L) If they all contracted it at the same time, that would make sense.

(Joe) 50 just fall over? Weird.

(L) Think about it. You’ve got a bunch of cows. They're all probably pretty close to genetically identical in a herd. They're using the same bull and probably the same two or three female cows to produce them. So, they're not gonna be that different genetically. If you think about viruses and probably something coming from outer space...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) So it wasn't your common garden variety virus, then. There was something unusual about it?

(L) Yeah, and especially if you have something that is newly introduced to a biosphere and to which there is no immunity...

A: Yes, exactly!

Q: (Artemis) Is this only the beginning?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Is this kind of thing gonna start hitting people?

A: Possibly. It should certainly make people take notice.

Q: (L) But it won't. They'll just blow it off. They won't think about the implications of it.

(Artemis) The Russians did it! [laughter]

(L) Yeah, Putin did it.

The intention of STS guys is to use viruses for nefarious purposes:

Q: (Pierre) Another question: Years ago in a previous session, you mentioned that Nazi Germany was a rehearsal. Next time, who is going to play the role of the Nazis, and who is going to play the role of the Jews?

A: That should be obvious by now. The objective, as we have said, was/is to eliminate true Semites from the gene pool.

Q: (L) Well... The question I have - and I'm not sure that I ever really asked it in such a direct way, or if it was ever really answered - is: What is a Semite?

A: Central Asian genetic type formed from two main lines.

Q: (Chu) Which lines?

A: Kantekkian and Homo Sapiens.

Q: (Artemis) Didn't they say that Kantekkians were the ones most filled with light and superpowered energies inside them?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) So they want to get rid of superpowered energy?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Evil!

(L) Okay, next question?

(Artemis) Are we Semitic?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) So we're going to be the Jews?

(Artemis) We are.

(Joe) None of us have Central Asia in our DNA, do we?

(L) I think we all come out of Central Asia ultimately.

(Joe) Not in our DNA results...

(L) Uh-huh! If you do all our mitochondria and stuff, you always end up there.

(Joe) Pierre asked about the trial run and who will be the Nazis and who will be the Jews this time. They said that should be obvious by now, and the objective was to eliminate true Semites from the gene pool. Does that have anything to do with the radical leftist ideology that's taking over in the Western world?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) The true Semites, do they have the extra moral taste buds?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) I knew it!

(Joe) Are they really suggesting that this whole radical leftist ideology is going to go to an extreme in Western society?

A: Like the Nazis, they will try.

Q: (Pierre) Will they succeed?

(Joe) No dice!

(Pierre) A cataclysm will stop them.

(Joe) Well, it wasn't a cataclysm that stopped the Nazis. It was Mother Russia.

A: Wait and see!

Q: (L) Can we change the topic? I've been reading a lot of evolutionary biology, genetics, paleoanthropology, etc. I'm about 50 pages away from finishing a very long book on the topic of... What are you... (Cs begin answering before question is finished):

A: Genetics are about to be hot topics too!

Q: (L) Well, can I finish my question? Just...

A: Genes will (hesitates before selecting word) save for lack of a better term.

Q: (L) So you ARE telling us something... So, anyway...

(Artemis) Do you want to ask...

(Andromeda) They're trying to tell us something.

(Joe) I know what they're talking about: some kind of genetic warfare!

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Viral weapons! Resident Evil! Ooooh! I knew it!

(Joe) Are the Americans getting SO desperate that they're going to use some weapon that they developed after they collected those Russian genes last year?

A: Close

Q: (Joe) Something along those lines.

(Pierre) They say it will save, so it doesn't sound like the US will destroy Russians from their ethnic specific weapons. It sounds like it will backfire...

A: Yes. Big time!

Q: (Pierre) No way!

(Chu) So everybody's going to turn Russian!

(Artemis) We'll all speak Russian.

(Pierre) It sounds like they're developing an ethnic-specific weapon in haste which should not be used because...

(Joe) Maybe it's more along the lines of: Will they be caught trying to spread something along those lines?

(Chu) Wait and see.

A: More like finding out that your ancestors were not what you thought. No more on this. Wait and see!

(Niall) They're building a weapon based on assumptions that are wrong.

(L) So that kind of goes to my question. Anyway, there's this battle between the Recent Out of Africa thing because of this mitochondrial Eve business...

A: False!

Q: (L) Meanwhile, there is this multiregional development with gene exchange going on at least to some extent between all different human groups that are developing in different regions. And what that means is that there can be a whole lot of things in a person's DNA that they don't know about or that they don't expect because genetic drift can send a false signal. And...

A: Exactly the problem. They believe the ROOA theory and structure their chemistry based on that. Big surprise coming.

(Joe) I have a question about the US Air Force's request for 12 samples of Russian RNA in July of this year. They specified in a FAQ that they couldn't be Ukrainian, they had to be Russian. And Putin commented on it not so long ago in a speech. So, I'm wondering if there's some devious plan...

(L) Are they up to no good?

A: You can say that!

Q: (L) So they're up to no good...

(Joe) The idea was that they're trying to create some kind of bioweapon that's genetically specific...

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) ...against Russians.

A: Yes

Q: (Mikey) Why not just get samples...

A: Unfortunately, since most Caucasians are related to Russian forebears, this is a dangerous and delusional undertaking.

Q: (Joe) No doubt! They're trying to specifically isolate something that specific to only Russians? And it's not going to affect anyone else?! Maybe some kind of airborne pathogen or something...

(Ark) It doesn't make sense! If they want DNA they can have Russian DNA as much as they want without anybody knowing it.

(Joe) That's what Putin said. When he commented on it, he said that there were people inside Russia collecting samples of DNA.

(Ark) Massively?

(Joe) He didn't say. And he referred to this Air Force thing. So, I don’t know. Would you need lots of samples? It's a stupid idea.

A: There are many activities at present being driven by 4D STS to further their aims of preparing a suitable population for their benefit in numerous ways.

Q: (L) So, they want a slave population, they want soldiers, they want maybe bodies that they can incarnate into themselves?

A: Yes. All that and more.

Q: (Pierre) For this purpose, they're trying to fine-tune and select the proper genetics of human beings - to design the best vehicles?

A: Yes

Q: (L) And all being done via their human agents who think they are doing it for other reasons.

So from all of this I can conclude that viruses can be a good thing, which can make living beings evolve into something else, or a bad thing, if they are designed by the STS guys, or simply a random new virus that came from cosmos. And the 4D STS are planning to use them to genetically modify or 'purify' the population.

But if the STO forces managed to somehow modify the coronavirus, perhaps they will also be able to modify the next virus made by the STS guys, or even the plague.
I was going through the sessions from the past few years, looking for more info about viruses. Acollected the most important quotes. First is the part about the relationships between DNA and information field:

So from all of this I can conclude that viruses can be a good thing, which can make living beings evolve into something else, or a bad thing, if they are designed by the STS guys, or simply a random new virus that came from cosmos. And the 4D STS are planning to use them to genetically modify or 'purify' the population.
I hardly dare to think so, but, it may not be random weather a person picks up the corona or not?
Just like when you are not conscious of it, you may be influenced by propaganda, it slips in subconsciously, hypnotically. The virus connects to a pre arranged field of fear and separation. The virus matches with something in you and it will be taken in, or it does not match and makes you sick. Like Judy said teach the virus to enter the cell without killing it, is the gain of function process that makes the virus able to enter the body without being injected, The fear spread under the population enhances the seating into the dna, consolidating the "new normal". But, for some who are more self aware, they can understand, recognize in themselves, and reject the idea of the virus, and can creatively, purposefully use the enhancement to open up the other door, choosing towards connection with positive consciousness.
Sorry if i can not explain it clear enough for now, it still needs work, for what its worth..
The Bat origin of the virus, the bat-ness, bad-ness, may also not be a random choice, as 4d Dracula would infect his victims to steal, misdirect life force, the virus was intended to "dumb, slow down and make fearful"
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