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Is this not exactly what they are doing to people with those, so-called, vaccines? It looks like these spike proteins alone could be responsible for some covid symptoms, hence you could say that those vaccinated may spread covid.

Right, but the spike protein is always attached to a cell. The vaccines do not inject people with the spike protein, they instruct cells to produce it on their exterior. The spike protein is then recognized as a 'threat' and an immune response is mobilized. As I said, most cases of 'severe covid' are actually the immune response. It seems that for people with suppressed immune systems, an imbalanced immune response occurs, where too much of the inflammatory response occurs, which causes the symptoms of "covid" and in some cases causes death.


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Right, but the spike protein is always attached to a cell. The vaccines do not inject people with the spike protein, they instruct cells to produce it on their exterior. The spike protein is then recognized as a 'threat' and an immune response is mobilized. As I said, most cases of 'severe covid' are actually the immune response. It seems that for people with suppressed immune systems, an imbalanced immune response occurs, where too much of the inflammatory response occurs, which causes the symptoms of "covid" and in some cases causes death.

On the above, the following article Sex differences in immune responses to viral infection seems to support that point. They state that because females tend to launch a "stronger" immune system response to viral infection than males, they also tend to suffer from autoimmune conditions more than males; and, because of this, it's females who tend to suffer from 'long' Covid:

One person unsurprised by these differences is Sabra Klein, a biologist at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Klein has been studying immune responses to viral infections for more than two decades, and says that COVID-19 is helping to shine a spotlight on an important truth in infectious disease biology: that viruses and other pathogens don't equally affect women and men (for the purposes of this article, people with two X chromosomes and those with one X and one Y, respectively). And at least some of that difference can't simply be explained by differences in exposure or risk-related behavior between women and men — it comes down to biology.


Perhaps the most consistent result that researchers have found as they study functional variation in the mammalian immune system is that females tend to mount "stronger" immune responses to viral infections than males do, says Marcus Altfeld, an immunologist at the Heinrich Pette Institute in Hamburg. This difference is particularly evident in the cells involved in the innate immune system, which tend to respond faster in females to stimulation by viruses that binds to those cells' receptors and, once stimulated, launch a greater production of antiviral signaling molecules. "This is really the first step in the immune response against a virus," Altfeld explains.


Meanwhile, early studies of long COVID, a loosely defined condition involving symptoms lasting weeks or months after infection, already indicate a female bias. Although the condition is far from being understood, some researchers have speculated that the disease might be mediated by T cells and could involve attack against self-antigens — molecular markers on a person's own cells — just like an autoimmune condition.


Researchers who spoke to The Scientist also noted early research on other mechanisms involved in shaping male and female immune responses, including the regulation of certain genes on the Y chromosome, or even sex-specific biases in the composition of the microbiome. The picture that's emerging, says Klein, is one of a suite of biological mechanisms that provide females with stronger immune responses to viruses at the cost of a higher risk of autoimmune conditions, often later in life — a trade-off likely driven by natural selection. Sex differences in immune responses to viral infection --

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What?? Really? Quantum computing actually works? I thought it was impossible to cheat God in this way; Like magnet wheel perpetual motion machines, but with logic gates.

I've spent years on and off trying to figure out whether you could sneak a look at a quantum state without affecting it. It seems impossible no matter how I approach it the problem. Like pure wishful thinking. -I'd come to the conclusion that those Google machines were a funding scam, or a con that the computer techs were running on themselves. It's super easy to fall prey to that! -I mean, I just went through it last month in earnest, thinking I'd found something intriguing with water molecules and freezing and hidden energy, (which turned out to be nothing.)

But the C's confirm that Quantum Computers can actually do what is claimed? Wow!

Welcome to another episode of, "Big Things I Thought I Knew Are Actually Totally Wrong (Once Again)."

This changes everything.

I’m a complete newbie on this topic. Does quantum computing mean information can potentially be transmitted via quantum entanglement? The spooky action at a distance. That would be a way to bypass all the need for cables, wifi, satellites and such! I’ll read more about it. Extremely fascinating


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(L) Yeah. Get your official Zombie Apocalypse coffee mug. Keep Calm and Kill Zombies! I don’t know, it's been SO crazy that I don't even want to go outside anymore to tell you the truth. I don't want to go anywhere, I don't want to go to the store, I don't want to see people wearing masks. Look what they've done to my world! And it's just really pissing me off.

Amen. There is power in righteous anger vs narcissistic anger. We seem to be able to step up to the plate easier when it is for others than just ourselves. This is something that I found to be a repeating theme in the romance novels also where society or some circumstance pushed the characters to act rashly in defense of their loved ones. It's bravery.

It's been a blessing to be living in rural christian conservative America during all of this because there have been examples of people coming together to help out and stand up against the insanity. When the CDC changed their guidelines recently, 50% of the people dropped their masks seemingly overnight. It was as if they were all aware but trying to honor a sense of duty even if it was misplaced. Even though the conservative community has a lot of wrong ideas there is this resilience that comes from patriotism and Christianity. My hope is in communities banding together when push comes to shove. We should all be asking ourselves what would Jesus (Caesar) do?

Thank you all for the session. It's been rough but I feel a sense of camaraderie with everyone who sees the injustices taking place. When things feel bleak I have to look to others to keep me going.


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What an amazing session! Thank you once again, Chateau Crew! I certainly have a lot of work to do.

I have definitely profited from the romance reading project. One thing I have noticed is that I don't feel nearly as much self-pity for myself after having read of the countless trials and battles our heroes and heroines encounter. Also, after all the insults, gossip, humiliation and spite our protagonists have endured, I don't take things quite so personally anymore, or get quite so offended by insults, which seems to indicate that my self-importance levels have decreased somewhat. A lot of characters do not take themselves seriously. They know who they are and accept themselves as such. They can laugh about themselves. That's something I have to work on. Also, putting others first! I have to read a lot more. I am aware of what a critical and judgemental person I am. I have my own grave faults and I project these outwards onto others, rather than facing my own reflection in the mirror. I also need to network much more.
sid said:
On the topic of collinearity, C's have stated an important point about doing certain activities together. Singing may not be possible without being together physically but the reading projects are extremely helpful in gaining a better understanding of how our machine thinks and hearing others' insights. Additionally, the wave reading project has been very instrumental is getting to know a few other members better and gaining greater clarity about the topics covered in the Wave collectively.
I could not agree more. I started watching the reading workshop recordings to help my own understanding of The Wave and found them enormously helpful and interesting! Also I was a bit relieved to realise that I'm not the only one who has problems understanding certain concepts, such as "unstable gravity waves", time itself, and all kinds of other things. I also love the EE workshops. We say prayers at the end and sing together, mics muted, to Laura's voice singing In the Garden.
Logos5x5 mentioned that they couldn't get hold of a physical copy of FPTM in Mexico. Maybe we could club together to send a couple of copies there as a way of saying thank you via a donation?


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(L) What is the group's main weakness?

A: Lack of true colinearity.

I don't know if my opinion may seem to you to be Polishenel's secret, but I see Cass talking about colinearity as the same understanding (right up to the butterfly wings) of each member of the group.
As always - thank you very much for the session!


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Thank you for the wonderful session. Thank you for asking the question.
(Seek10) How widespread are black fungus deaths from COVID vaccine deaths in India?

(L) Do we know that black fungus deaths come from COVID vaccines? Do black fungus deaths come from COVID vaccines?

A: No

Q: (Joe) A lot of the stuff that's coming up like black fungus in India and stuff... When you mass vaccinate people with a strong vaccination that is basically a part of the virus, you immediately suppress the immune systems of lots of people.

(L) Is that what's happening? The COVID vaccine is messing up the immune system and people are being made susceptible to other invasive pathogens?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Alright.
Here is some background on the question.

I was talking to my family in India. Since Middle of April this year, lot of people I know and work with, called sick. For the first time since the covid hysteria started last year, I started hearing people in 30's dying suddenly due to breathing problems. Companies and Govt. diverted oxygen ( generally produced for industrial applications like steel production) to hospitals. The general case I repeatedly heard is, people join the hospital, get cured, come back home and develop breathing issues die with in a day or two. It was blamed on what is called black fungus. Black fungus was heard before, but very rarely. Now, it is every where. they are talking about other colors( ex: yellow fungus )and other colors and even articles saying even young kids are getting it.

As usual, there are sensational videos that get forwarded million times to keep fear machine going. In April, there were some video's of constantly burring crematorium beds ( Hindu's cremate the dead), hysterical complaints of people leaving the dead bodies leaving at the mortuaries without attendance, some claims of some hospital staff harvesting the organs of covid patients and so on along with bed and oxygen shortage. After few weeks, somehow people started coming back to work.

It looks, my BIL and nephew also admitted to hospital for similar breathing issues. My father who tend to be paranoid with his minor health issues wants to join hospital, but he was strongly discouraged by hospital staff who are acquainted with us saying, Hospitals are full, mostly dead bodies are going out of the hospitals and people are getting bankrupt( for the medical bills - $500 to $1500 per day- a LOT for average person and few had health insurance). So they are discouraging people to join hospital unless it is essential. As usual, Hospitals are recklessly looting the patients who are desperate now.

I tried to get some information on general case conditions, but couldn't get much other than breathing problems after hospital visit and probably weak immune system. There are some reports of reckless steroid usage may be the cause of deaths.

When I was in teen, I RARELY heard word cancer, though people died for all sorts of conditions like, Asthma, diabetes, Blood pressure, malnutrition and their complications etc. Now, it is hard to find household without a victim of cancer in middle ages. With decent Industrialization, more available money, people are started eating all sorts of junk food and it is reasonable to assume immune systems are weak even before covid. All the lockdowns in many states, continuous media hysteria, it seems to break the will of the people to live and fight too.


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(L) Information field... The medium in which consciousness resides...

A: Vice versa.

I think that in consciousness, information is in a state of chaos and only when observed, information acquires a certain structure. Things become things when an observer enters the game.
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