Session 8 April 2023

(Adobe via Zoom) Where are we when we are dreaming, what, where exactly is that state of our being? Is it in a dimension, is it in a density or somewhere else? Where, in other words, am I seeing and learning from: a density, a dimension or somewhere else? Where is our dream state?

A: As has been said, it taxes the soul to be embodied. As to where "consciousness" goes, it can vary according to need and capacity. As to a "location" there is no real restriction. But imagine an inner space coordinate.

Q: (Joe) Same place you go when you meditate.

(Adobe) So it's essentially anywhere.

(L) I guess so. According to need and capacity.

I've always wondered about this. My question here would be, do these "dream lives" continue living after we wake up?

I remember in a previous session something mentioned about the "playing field being leveled" when moving from 3D to 4D; and I am now seeing in real time that the US dollar is being rejected by many countries in world trade...are we seeing a new reality emerge where countries conduct trade between themselves using their own currencies without using the dollar; and could this be the end of the old US dollar world? Could this actually materially and/or spiritually affect other levels of reality?

I've watched US officials state that countries using their own currencies to pay debts without using dollars would result in the US not being able to sanction them. That does seem like a 3D "leveling" event to me, potentially opening the way to higher-dimensional financial interactions in a much more open manner. I never thought that such a multi-dimensional "leveling event" affecting realities from 3D to 5D could come from a 3D "money" construct, but I'm personally seeing evidence of such change happening because of it.

Well, the Dollar as the Worlds Reserve Currency is about or is past due (give or take) in relation to other countries in the past. (See chart)

Part of the agenda (for central banks) simply seems to be destroying the current status of the dollar and the old legacy markets to usher in and institute CBDCs (digital control) over all financial transactions, of which all of these countries have their own plans for and are connected.

Once instituted, this “currency” will be programmable. Meaning, it can be “airdropped” to peoples accounts to “jump start” the economy, with the stipulation that it can be dictated when, where and how you can spend it. And if you don’t spend it, then they can delete it from your account until the next distribution. Basically, UBI.

In other words, no more savings. Think of the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar, which seems to be a foreshadowing/allusion to this plan.

To me this seems to be the prelude to a more un-even playing field rather than a leveled one OSIT.

I would strongly recommend giving this channel a listen for a day-by-day recap on what's happening and to connect the dots:

Just my 2cents.


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The question about the World's Fairs of the 19th century revealed that there was something strange going on with these buildings. There is a lot of puffery and probably a good bit of 'pattern recognition run amok', about Tartaria, It's like a mini-UFO craze, and probably has some of the same highly-crafted dis-info.
(L) Now, wait a minute. Let's back up here. These World Fair expositions are very anomalous. Why are they very anomalous? Where's LQB? I wanna understand this. LQB, where are you?

(LQB) They were built in very short periods of time. Very large structures and current contractors don't believe they could ever do that today.

(L) Wow. Okay. Did some of these massive structures exist prior to the expositions?

A: Partly and expanded.

Q: (LQB) Was some form of alternative energy used in their construction?

A: No.

Q: (LQB) Were these expositions used to program the masses and impose false history?

A: Not exactly as the question is composed, but yes, there were nefarious systems involved. This topic could be more carefully analyzed for clues.
Do we attempt to wade through all the 'woo-woo' stuff on the conspiracy sites? Are they trying to cover something up?

This article debunks the Tartarian, conspiracies, there are quite a few. There are a good many old photos of various buildings and cathedrals - they are beautiful.

"There were nefarious systems involved", used for what purpose? Where they trying to cover something up? Something about Tartaria, or the people who designed and built the buildings? Or is there something else?

This portion of a paper, implies a connection between Sumeria and Tartaria.

There is a Reddit thread with 28K members, not sure how much truth will be in there.
Q: (Lainey) In reflexology, do different points on the feet really correspond with parts of the body?

A: Yes

Q: (Lainey) If so, how does manipulating the points on the feet affect the corresponding part of the body?

A: Lines of energy connect.

Q: (L) So I guess if you stimulate the point, it stimulates the energy.

A: Yes

(Caesarea) In the previous session, you said the World Economic Forum would achieve 80% of their plans in the USA. What percentage have they currently achieved?

A: 60
At the supermarket, there was a hand palm scanning device next to the credit card reader. I asked the cashier how many people pay using the hand palm scanner, and she estimated 40%. Who knows if that's true.
This portion of a paper, implies a connection between Sumeria and Tartaria.
There is a Reddit thread with 28K members, not sure how much truth will be in there.
This JSOTR paper is interesting. It dates the Romanian tablets (supposed to belong to Tartaria) 1000 years before Sumerians of 5000 years old. thus making 6000 years old, though it is estimation. If we look at all the arguments Tartarian proponents compare it with C's , it is like pattern recognition amok. We have this PTB ( and other so called "Science") that promoting "There is nothing to see in the past" and any body questioning are categorized nut case "Conspiracy" theorists. Tartarian proponents desire to have coherent story seems to based on 1754 map of Asia by Jean Palairet.

What is happening in 6000 years back in Eurasia? The Steppes Aryans are migrating all over the place. May be these so called buildings are from that time, cleaned up and expanded for the sake of Fairs? May be they are even Atlantean or combination? 5000 to 6000 years back, Sky was busy with comet Venus perturbances, Giant comet disintegration event. Probably its a question to C's?
Here is another potentially useful supplement for increasing the colonization of Bifidobacteria:

Human HT-29 intestinal cells were exposed to a bovine colostrum fraction (BCF) rich in free oligosaccharides. The adherence of several commensal bacteria, comprising mainly bifidobacteria, to the intestinal cells was significantly enhanced (up to 52-fold) for all strains tested which spanned species that are found across the human lifespan. Importantly, the changes to the HT-29 cell surface did not support enhanced adhesion of the enteric pathogens tested.

There are currently no commercial products available that aid or increase the attachment of health-promoting bacteria to intestinal cells. This crucial step in probiotic applications has been largely overlooked. In this context, a new player, represented by milk-derived IgG, may present a means by which the maximum benefit from consumption of probiotics can be achieved through influencing probiotic colonization in the gut. Understanding the influence of IgG on host-microbial interactions at the molecular level, in terms of both host glycan structures and bacterial adhesion capabilities, will be paramount for future applications. Further studies are required to elucidate the exact sugars and monosaccharides of IgG which are acting on the intestinal cells. Overall, this study highlights the potential of bovine IgG as a nutraceutical for conditioning the intestine to reinstate health-promoting bacteria in subjects with reduced levels of these microbes as observed with various gastrointestinal disorders including inflammatory bowel disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

…..Did some of these massive structures exist prior to the expositions?
A: Partly and expanded.

Q: (LQB) Were these expositions used to program the masses and impose false history?
A: Not exactly as the question is composed, but yes, there were nefarious systems involved. This topic could be more carefully analyzed for clues.

I have been seriously pondering this. The more obvious questions to ask are:

1. Who really built the preexisting structures of the Worlds’ Fairs and “WHEN”?

2. There is no record or seemingly no knowledge of their pre-existence - was this an effect of the “nefarious systems involved”?

3. Did the nefarious systems involved primarily impact the Mental, Psychic, Genetic, Physical, Temporal or Environmental realms? Or some combination? Was humanity changed in some fundamental way as a result?

Regarding: Program the Masses and impose false history = Close but no cigar. Think more about it.

IF the minds of the masses and/or their history had been erased or manipulated in some nefarious way, (potentially by some kind of a population reset, a psychic reset, a DNA reset, or a series of cut-and-paste time line manipulations, a nefarious intervention of Biblical proportions, or all of the above), you don’t need to program the masses or impose a false history; you just need to educate or re-educate people.

4. Was education the primary purpose of the Fairs? (which was needed after the impact of the "nefarious systems involved" upon humanity?)

If time line manipulation is involved, the history being taught isn’t exactly false, since changing the time line makes different things true “now”, (not really false), AND the old timeline is as though it never was.

Except for ……. the old buildings? (and, perhaps, all the folks shoved into the lovely massive insane asylums who remembered too much/were too severely traumatized by whatever was done. Yes I realize this is perhaps a bit outside the scope of World’s Fairs. But, Incubator Babies were a part of the Fairs and I am not bringing that one up, so, count your blessings!)

5. (Bonus Question) The attendance figures of the World’s Fairs and expositions seem tremendously over-exaggerated. Are they? If so, why was this important?

Questions are continually asked about the mechanics of various paranormal and hypothetical and psychic phenomena. There are very few questions asked about time loops and time line manipulation and how those work and what the implications are both for our lives and the understanding of history.

eg, could an event happen “relatively recently” and then have a story about it be inserted in the distant past to make it seem like it happened in much more ancient history so as to be dismissed, glossed over and thought about in an erroneous manner? Like perhaps the story of the Tower of Babel? That is just a hunch of mine. Crazy, I know.
Thank you all for another great session. Always above and beyond.
Q: (Ursus Minor) How many Bigfoot or Sasquatch are there in the US and Canada as of today?

A: They are transdensity and some come and go. But close to 1000.
From Idaho State University Kathy Moskowitz Strain (with a B.A. in Anthropology (in 1990) and M.A. in Behavioral Science with emphasis Anthropology in 1994 from California State University, Bakersfield). And author of Giants, Cannibals and Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture.

Her research examines the Pictographs at Redrock on the Tule River Indian Reservation, also known as the Yokuts (east of Porterville, California).

There she investigates MAYAK DATAT: THE HAIRY MAN PICTOGRAPHS and the legend of the Tule River Indian Tribe and their battle for survival 1000 years ago Hairy Man, also known as Mayak datat or sunsunut told in traditional Yokuts Indian folklore.

Painted Rock, also known as CA-TUL-19, is a rock shelter associated with a prehistoric village.
ABSTRACT. The purpose of this article is to examine the association of prehistoric pictographs with contemporary
stories told by the Tule River Indians about Hairy Man. Located on the Tule River Indian Reservation, the Painted
Rock Pictographs are approximately 1000 years old. According to members of the tribe, the pictographs depict how
various animals, including Hairy Man, created People. Other stories tell why Hairy Man lives in the mountains,
steals food, and still occupies parts of the reservation. Since the Tule River Indians equate Hairy Man to Bigfoot, the
pictograph and stories are valuable to our understanding of the modern idea of a hair-covered giant.

Also from Idaho State University:
Dr. Jeff Meldrum is a Full Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology at Idaho State University (since 1993). He teaches human anatomy in graduate health professions programs. His research encompasses questions of vertebrate evolutionary morphology generally, primate locomotor adaptations more particularly, and especially the emergence of modern human bipedalism. His co-edited volume, From Biped to Strider: the Emergence of Modern Human Walking, Running, and Resource Transport, proposes a more recent innovation of modern striding gait than previously assumed. His interest in the footprints attributed to sasquatch, was piqued when he examined a set of 15-inch tracks in Washington, in 1996. Now his lab houses well over 300 footprint casts attributed to this mystery primate. He conducts collaborative laboratory and field research throughout North America, and the world (e.g. China, Russia), and has spoken about his findings in numerous popular and professional publications, interviews, television and radio appearances, public and professional presentations. He is author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (Tom Doherty Publishers), which explores his and other scientists’ evaluations of the contemporary evidence, and also affords deference to tribal people’s traditional knowledge of this subject. He has also published two field guides, one focusing on sasquatch, the second casting the net more broadly to consider the potential of relict hominoids around the world (Paradise Cay Publishing). He is editor-in-chief of the scholarly refereed journal, The Relict Hominoid Inquiry.

And last from Lake Tahoe California:
Apr 28, 2022 #TheProofIsOutThere
Ron Morehead describes his experience with a whole family of Bigfoots in California, in this bonus clip from Season 2, "Sasquatch Sounds & Undersea Alien."

Q: (Obi) How close are we to the rebound of the Ice Age?

A: Soon. Wait and see.

Perhaps the onset of the coming Ice Age of what is to come.
My neighbor (a semi-pro woodcutter), is moving an exceptional amount of pre-orders this year. 🤔

Tourmalet snow on the ground this morning from 1700m, and still showers on the program today before a very mixed and unstable weekend



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A further angle regarding questioning the C’s about the Wolds Fairs:

In what way were the systems nefarious? I can only assume it involved a massive violation of free will which would make any intervention truly nefarious.
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