Stories of Covid vaccination side effects or worse

It was very hard for me just a few weeks ago to accept that some close folks of mine took the C shoot.
My first neighbours said 'we wouldn't do it anyway but it is only way we can travel to UK to visit our doughter this year..
It breaked my heart cause I'm a parent too... And some other folks did it (like my bosses wife) just because she strongly belives she is saving lives.. So be it.

I was so sad and dissapointed but then it hit me 'You will only look with your eyes and see the faith of the ignorant and unaware..'
and then I realized it is all good, it hurts but it's the way it has to be for everyone of us - free will.
Everyone has different circumstances and priorities.
Some of them got very bad side effects after second dose but thankfuly all of them are still alive.

Last week we also got recomendation from the company where I work to vaccinate and very few people applied so far.
Most of them don't want to hear about it.
I hope we wouldn't come to the stage where we must choose between to get the shot or get fired...
My husband and the rest of closest family are also 'antivaxers, conspiracy theorists' category as well.

Mostly I'm trying to have in mind 'enjoying the show' as Cass said cause there is nothing that I can and should do in respect of other peoples choices.
Only my understanding, compassion and help if needed.
Take care everyone :hug2:


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I have a friend who’s mother was taken to ER the day after getting the Moderna vaccine (don’t remember if it was first or second). She was experiencing severe vertigo and couldn’t walk well. They kept her for a few tests and couldn’t find anything wrong. Her symptoms subsided and that was that. No link to the vaccine, of course.
My friend has another friend whose mother had to go to the ER for respiratory issues after vaccination as well. Don’t know which vaccine she got. Again, no apparent relation to the vaccine. Though these friends didn’t fail to notice the strong correlation.
My parents are both fully vaccinated now. They haven’t noticed any symptoms at all. My mother has a non-functioning thyroid due to hashimotos, and my dad has type 2 diabetes.
My mom wouldn’t notice any “side effects,” because she seems to feel awful most of the time. She told me today (a month after the second dose) that: “I used to be able to just do things, and feel good doing it. And now everything is just hard.”

I caught her and my dad talking a couple of weeks ago about his blood sugar levels. He struggled to control his sugar for a long time, but has been pretty good and steady since his retirement. Apparently, he woke up thirsty in the night. While he was up, he checked his sugar and it was around 450.
Normal for him has been 110-120, and he’s known to go low enough to need orange juice on days when he’s active.

Again, none of this has anything to do with the vaccines. Also, I need to get one or I will die of covid.

Outside of those stories, I don’t hear much besides how proud and relieved and happy folks are after receiving vaccination.

But I assume it is similar to my mother’s situation: they probably can’t remember what it feels like to feel “good,” and loss of brain function can easily go undetected by the person experiencing it.

What a bummer.

On a brighter note, the J&J blood clot news has gotten much attention from my blue collar coworkers. Even some who had signed up for appointments are now planning on skipping it. Only the office crowd is waving the jab banner.

Just two weeks ago, the office had to call an ambulance as one of the higher-ups suffered a seizure shortly after clocking in. I don’t know if he got vaccinated or not, but I could take a wild guess.
Latest news is that his doctor is still working on his case. They can’t seem to find any reason for this disturbance. He’s never had a seizure before.

An update - my father's symptoms continues to go downhill. He now has lactic acid build up when he wakes up, in addition to the fatigue and thirst. Situation doesn't look stable but rather a gradual but accelerated decline I'd say.

He seems caught between a realisation that something isn't right and that it'll all sort itself out.

He's been referred to a specialist by the GP but the waiting list is 3 months. He's re-raising the issue with his GP but I'm not sure what will come of it.

He thinks it's all related to the diabetes medication he's taking as opposed to vax. I don't bring up the vax anymore to him as he made his viewpoint clear. He's due his next shot in May.

I don't hold much hope if he takes it. To be honest I think he's in trouble right now and the situation may not be reversible.

I've accepted whatever will be. There's nothing I can do anyways. If it's this vaccine, God knows I tried my best. I don't see why else his situation would escalate when it was stable before.

I hope your dad has a better time of it @pinkfreud

Nightmares do happen and people are living through it. This is an example of one I read yesterday



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SOTTREADER, I’m very sorry to hear the news. You and your family are in my prayers, along with the rest of humanity 😞
Friends, this is and will continue to be hard to observe.

I'll be honest. I'm surprised by how much I don't feel other than a sense of foreboding anger.

Obviously don't really know what's happening so just playing an observer role. Who am I kidding... I'm pretty certain my father will do well to see the end of this year should he take that 2nd jab. Heck, he'll do well to see the end of the year now that he's taken the 1st jab. Miracles happen though so there's hope.

I repeat again, there's nothing much to do other than observe. We don't really get on, we've never really got on but it doesn't mean that one doesn't care. Out of all my family members I know I tried. And speaking of family members, most are taking this thing. Treating it as if it's the elixir of life. Again, not sure what to say or do. I've resorted to just being an observer now who keeps their mouth shut.

My mum thus far is holding strong. I don't know why. Maybe she has some common sense in her. She admits though that she's coming under increased pressure from all corners. I told her she needs to be mentally strong and that she needs to expect the pressure will be increased and that my father and siblings will be used as vectors. She seems to sense something is off and she's standing firm. I have to admit I worry about my father to the extent him not being there will affect my mother. My mother is the one person I truly worry about for who / what she is. So I'm glad she's standing strong now against this propaganda onslaught.

But the future isn't set in stone so I guess we wait to see what happens. I've already made my choice. I'm not taking any jabs and I don't particularly see "not living" because of that choice as scarier than the prospect of having to live knowing I violated my soul and principles by taking that poison and aligning with the likes of Bill Gates and his ilk in their quest to maximise their STSness and level of evil. Luckily I've had opportunity to truly confront the depths of depression on and off during my earlier years such that thoughts of mortality don't necessarily hold much in the way of fear. The way I see it, you live until one day you can't and when that day comes there's nothing you could have done about it anyways (as that moment will be there, staring in you in the face) so you might as well live and not let such fears unduly restrain you especially when it comes to matters of your soul and the integrity of your spirit on things that you truly consider to matter to you.

I don't expect this whole covid lockdown and vaccine situation to end well. There will be big prices to pay. My only hope is the final bill comes from mother nature as opposed from the likes of Bill Gates and his kind. I'm not sure I'm ready for certain men to take on the status of gods just yet but I'm sure these men are going for that mantle. Money, power and their ability to control the thoughts and actions of other men is giving them this sense that they are within touching distance.


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The insanity continues down under From the Australian Paramedics Association FB page.
If you have run out of sick leave or you are almost out of sick leave and need to take time off due to vaccine side effects or isolation due to COVID-19, you are entitled to additional sick leave.
No doubt they're aware of the problem but still they promote it.
Just in case... I was really crook (sick) after mine and out of sick leave. Union said special leave applies for the 2 shifts I had off.
One of the comments from a mother of 3 not yet forty, she got really sick but still they take it.

Was talking to the care home operator today, he says that pretty much all the residents getting the AZ jab are testing positive for C19 later. He's given up, just watching the world go mad, like me.

One of my colleagues came down with a mystery illness and shared an image of his cannulated arm. He won't tell us what happened but he's very pro-jab. My friend, who worked in hospitals (and REAL pandemics) all over the world for over four decades said that one of the first things they do in the advent of an adverse vax reaction is to put them on a saline drip rich in vitamins and minerals.

This will end badly, very badly.
I saw my parents just recently, probably a month after their 2nd injection--it was either Moderna or Pfizer. They had no side effects, even from the 2nd vaccine. I don't know what it was but it just felt like their life force had diminished. They seemed paler and older. They are both in their mid 70s. Fauci is now talking about a third booster shot.


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I saw my parents just recently, probably a month after their 2nd injection--it was either Moderna or Pfizer. They had no side effects, even from the 2nd vaccine. I don't know what it was but it just felt like their life force had diminished. They seemed paler and older. They are both in their mid 70s. Fauci is now talking about a third booster shot.
Sad, very sad. If nothing else, even if it has not had a physical effect on them I suppose willingly giving up your free will would sap your life force. Sorry to hear candasiri, my dad just keeps quoting lame MSM articles to justify the vaxxes, he's a scientist!
Sad, very sad. If nothing else, even if it has not had a physical effect on them I suppose willingly giving up your free will would sap your life force. Sorry to hear candasiri, my dad just keeps quoting lame MSM articles to justify the vaxxes, he's a scientist!
I think for the very first time in my life I have experienced seeing the "Programing Complete" up close and personally for those who are the most near and dear to me. It's so sad and so weird to be on the other side of it. I used to think the national news was actually "news." I'm so glad that I am no longer brainwashed but it is miserable sometimes to be on my own island seeing through the deception/lies.


Sorry to hear candasiri, my dad just keeps quoting lame MSM articles to justify the vaxxes, he's a scientist!
The scientists or university educated are the worst I’ve noticed. I have a science background but left due to the bureaucracy. I stayed in contact with my friends I’d studied with, they’re all zombies now. Either they’re like ostriches with their heads in the sand saying nothing or they’ve turned into propagandists. My cousin who is a doctor in the States has been the worst, her three year old son was born with half a heart, and so she’s become intolerable about masking messaging. She goes on long rants about “The Science”, like it’s a religion, it’s become her job to educate like she’s on a soapbox. It’s the main reason I deactivated my fb, just permanent fear propaganda. The ones who didn’t go to university appear to be more immune to the zombification however it’s the “educated” ones brow beating them into submission.

I think for the very first time in my life I have experienced seeing the "Programing Complete" up close
Yes I agree. This last year of the covid madness, the BLM absurdity and the election skullduggery has really made me realize what “programming complete” means. It’s really a shock to the system and to think this is just the beginning.

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I have never heard of excessive water drinking as a symptom but learned in dogs at least there are multiple possible symptoms of drinking too much water. I do know from personal experience that when a dog drinks a lot more than usual, vets think 'kidneys'. I looked up what Dr. Karen Becker (wholistic vet) has to say. May seem strange to turn to a vet on this but I've come across this in our dog, not in any humans. I wonder if this was noted by any vaccine trial participants and not included in trial notes.

"Dogs with pancreatitis, parvovirus, or leptospirosis tend to not drink enough water, but an underlying bladder infection or another type of infection, a metabolic problem such as Cushing's disease as well as diabetes can cause excessive thirst and water consumption."

and from same article by Dr. Becker"

"The medical term for the desire to drink too much water is called psychogenic polydipsia. Symptoms of water intoxication include staggering/loss of coordination, lethargy, nausea, bloating, vomiting, dilated pupils, glazed eyes, light gum color, and excessive salivation. In severe cases, there can also be difficulty breathing, collapse, loss of consciousness, seizures, coma, and death."

Dr. Becker's page on dogs and water. Is Your Dog Drinking the Right Amount of Water?

I've looked around as long as I could take the time just now and find one headline in Times of India saying a side-effect of Covid-19 vaccine is drinking too much water but clicking on the article could not find one word about it. Strange. Continuing to look for this as an after-effect yielded nothing.

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[USER = 11549] @ Ant22 [/ USER] todo lo que puedo decirte es que hagas lo que sea que tengas que hacer para que no te inyecten esta cosa. Si eso falla, aún así no se inyecte a menos que esté dispuesto a asumir el control total de las consecuencias resultantes, tanto visibles como invisibles.

He visto que hay suficientes personas dispuestas a luchar con uñas y dientes para que no se inyecten. Por lo tanto, no estamos solos y tenemos que mantener nuestra posición / líneas, de lo contrario, no solo nos decepcionaremos, sino que decepcionaremos a aquellos como nosotros al reducir su número y hacerlos presa más fácil de los lobos voraces que rodean a la humanidad. Además, hacemos que el otro lado sea más fuerte al aumentar sus números.
trastornos de la coagulación, trastornos capilares, demasiados órganos comprometidos, demasiadas cefaleas normales, cuadros sistémicos.
me defendería de recibirla como gato panza arriba


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My uncle got the Covid jab 2 weeks ago and bam, got hit by a really bad fever. I spoke to him couple of days ago (after finding out) and he said that he has never felt that heavy in the head ever before and regret taking the jab. He almost died from the the way he was sounding. I advised him to take plenty of Vitamin C tablets which he promised he will. He is also a vegetarian so, the jab has likely done a lot of damage to his terrain and mental health.


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My brother in law had Covid. He was hospitalized for almost three weeks. After a month from being discharged his lungs were functioning at 50% capacity and he did a ten sessions of hyperbaric chamber treatment plus breathing exercises. He has recovered to almost normal levels for his age of 57. Recently he did the first and second Pfizer injections, and he seems OK. He needs to do the third one in six months and thereafter he must repeat it every year.
We asked him jokingly that when he starts catching radio signals or growing scales on his skin or developing any other ‘marvelity’ to let us know. We all had a good laugh.
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