The Consortium, the Quorum, the alien interface, depicted in 'romantic' fiction - what the heck?!


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I just finished ‘Seduce Me’ book 4 of the Billionaire Banker series with a synchronicity. Last night we had watched Blade Runner 2049 and the first Blade Runner the night before. Interesting that the end of this book brought in the desire of the PTB to control humans by changing us through transhumanism and robots.

I felt lit up at the conclusion of this book. An AIM of growing into our Best Self. I’ve enjoyed the modern setting and how the story weaves the seen with the unseen workings of our world. Lana and Julie have been interesting studies in maturing. It takes particular people and circumstances to produce the alchemy. They had especially fortunate help. Do we all? I suppose it is an innate feature of this schoolroom called planet Earth. But reasons and opportunities towards positive growth can be easily ignored or not recognized. There are characters that act as very firm anchors for each other to help each learn. I have found this series uplifting in that respect despite the sex, which honestly isn’t as disturbing after so much of it. Maybe it’s sort of desensitizing but the attraction needed seems to be over the top to make the magic happen.

It is often stated how the visual factor is so important. The color of eyes, body type (hmm never brown) and the smells always at play. I couldn’t get a real image of Lana being so beautiful until the other day. There was a young girl working behind the counter of a fast food restaurant that was exquisitely too pretty for that scene. Black hair and thick lashes in a perfect heart shaped face with full lips and absolutely flawless porcelain skin. She had unfortunately marred the effect with facial piercings. I wish I had those kind of looks and it is hard to look away when you see it.

I’m glad that this series was recommended. I am feeling more solid in my convictions and reactions through this kind of reading. Greater emotional control for some reason is taking shape. I have been less reactive. I am thankful. A quiet space has settled in me that gives me a chance to observe myself more clearly and to appreciate and accept myself and responsibilities more graciously. Not sure how to really explain but I feel more of an AIM towards a better me. I hope it continues.

Thank you for all the amazing insights of this forum.


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I read first 4 books of The billionaire banker series. It's a easy read, Blake's don't-care mindset/ can buy any thing is understandable though it evokes caring mindset with child and his chemistry with Lana's temperament. Sex scenes are more reckless pornish but the message of elite's mindset is very accurate ( w.r.t what we know from this forums work and C's) and bold. Blake's statement of "Own nothing and control every thing" summarizes the PTB's mindset. Lot of illusions has to be created at nuts and bolts level ( paper money, federal reserve, education, controlling politics/business/media/MIC etc.) and ignorance has to be maintained by hook or crook for this to happen for so long.

For most of time in the 4th book, I wondered, why author even wrote this book until I saw few paragraph's of Blake's childhood trauma origins. In a way, this is a bold attempt to expose the truth that were ignored as conspiracy to unsuspecting wider audience.

Other day, we had a small discussion, whether this type of thing in real? - one woman triggering suppressed feelings in another elitist -almost psychopathic person(Not really psychopathic in clinic sense of alien reaction machine) can happen in real life? In my understanding, this happens lot of times despite all the genetic body dependencies, cultural programming from early childhood etc. The impression I got from the reading after life books is, 4D STS has no control over 5D soul's decision to born in specific genetic line. STS can cull the bad apples, but they can't prevent it from children with good soul to born.

Who becomes siren song to whom and when and to what end is completely different story. For example, Kissing as a trigger to sirens in the participants and some times it is bad end result. We can explain it in terms of , genetic background , programming , senses ( eyes, smells, walking etc.) , but it still feels me limiting. 4D STS can trigger with messing the body chemicals. I have to assume 5D soul ( desire to have experiences) triggers them according to its blue print. In a way, it is a complex pattern when we consider C's mentioning us as "Conscious units" and consciousness exist in different bodies ( genetic, ethereal, spirit etc.).

I thought other romance novel authors( in the list) would have dealt( much prosaic/emotional way) the scene of Blake meeting his child and every thing suddenly every thing makes sense and the enormous guilt that triggers. Author wrote some extra in the "point of View" section in the end, but I felt it should have done little better. It may be related to chapters are organized in the form of Narrations of the characters.


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I just finished reading the Billionaire trilogy. My impression, while reading the books you are given a glimpse to the way of life the Qonsortium gang may be leading. Considering what has been discussed here on our forum plus what's being revealed through these books regarding the modus operandi of the PTB one has the opportunity to look at the darkness from a distance thus realizing how dangerous it is if one let's his guard down when facing the sts beings and at the same time understanding and accepting a simple fact, that the darkness is part of all that exists as well, actually without it there will be no existence at all. In the end all that exists is One and One is all that exists.

Obviously at the same time you realize that if your true nature is of an STO orientation than it is your duty to exercise your free will, the most important law in all the existence in order to act in favor of your true nature and fear nothing. And that implies interacting with and giving to everyone it's due according to their actions and their nature without the blink of an eye.

Now back to reading the next book from the series.


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In this book. Blake discusses the following (nothing new here on the forum, yet will leave it out for people who have not read the story):


The others are full of hope, zeal, and innocence. They have never met the enemy. Only I know how depraved they are. It is almost impossible to tell the others about them. They will wither away in shock. The human mind cannot conceive of the pure evil that lurks in the true psychopath. He is actually insane. He looks totally normal, he functions perfectly, and can blend into society seamlessly, he may even be considered charming, but he is criminally and irresponsibly insane.

And that is the kind that rule our world.

Of course to rule, they need followers, which are plentiful these days.
Finished this the other night, and oh boy, it packs some ugly things into it.

Blake's mother (Helena) also factors with an appearance. She takes the cake.
I just finished reading this book this afternoon, and found it to be the darkest one yet in the series. In this one, I did begin to skim the sex scenes. There is much more description of the system of the elite original families in "The Russian Millionaire", not to spoil any of the story.

I'm starting to see how perhaps these books could open some people's eyes to this dark reality if they haven't been exposed to this information before. It is unsettling, yet truthful.

Helena was jarring, but a good description of a psychopath.


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I jumped to read "ridi t the wave 1" again and started on "Owned, Forthy 2 Days, Bestotted". Hmm, it's interesting that reading these books from a different perspective, paying attention to little things as well as the whole, can be perceived in a completely different way. By default, I will probably read slowly to "digest" and give myself time for what I read.

I wonder in how many movies, books, comics there are little tips, and how many people want to look at them, not only from the perspective of "relaxation" but also from the perspective of a "small" change in looking at our reality, implementing it in our lives, other looking at the relationships and interactions that surround us.

Sometimes I miss 24 hours a day to be able to read the books I have, step by step.

Again, I can only thank you Laura that you drew attention to another interesting item and that we have the opportunity to take part in another project. A small lantern in the big "chaos of the world" which is.

"It seems, according to the Cassiopeans, that the coming of the Wave is parallel to the increasing of awareness of a small number of human beings." page 181 Riding the Wave
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I finished "The other side of Midnight" and I am going on break with those books for a while and get back to romance novels. Rocco's arc story broke my heart. To see your people descent into savagery and not being able to change anything to it, to see how low they fell and still try to do his duty by them, while choosing another path is nothing short of admirable.

This book is also disturbing in a way the others weren't. Here we get the not-so-subtle hint that we are clueless and powerless about the state of our world and the forces that drive it. I cried at the end for Rocco and for humanity as well. I truly felt desperate.

The Cs told us about the E.T., the civilization of the third eye, the enslavement of humanity thanks to the A.I. but this book makes this all the more real.

We have a note of hope at the end and it seems Autumn's mission was at least a partial success.

One thing I am wondering is for who does Rocco's people stand for in real life? Anyone has ideas?


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Is it better to water a plant with too much water for fear that it will dry out, at the risk of drowning it, or to see that it starts to dry out before watering it?

Again, I can only thank you Laura that you drew attention to another interesting item and that we have the opportunity to take part in another project. A small lantern in the big "chaos of the world" which is.
A few days ago I finished "The Russian Billionaire", more than at the end of the "Lana/Blake saga", I felt something quite similar after reading a novel by Mary Balogh and the other authors of the romance thread.
This very possessive/predatory side of the other, to some extent I encountered it in Madeline Hunter's "The Rothwell Brothers" series, while I got used to it and even found it sometimes humorous, in these dark novels I often skipped lines, even pages.

And it has been a very lively experience reading these stories so far, a wise man is ...wise, and even more wise in anchoring the information received through this reading technique.

In this thread, as I read these lines:
Laura: "And now, with the plandemic, the vaccines, and the info about Transhumanism, I think we have a better idea of what "amalgamation" may actually mean."
I saw myself at the age of 8, I think, lying in a dentist's chair with unanswered questions, repeating to myself what I came here to do and when and where it will end, with that truck headlight making me squint , with a young and kind dentist practising filling my cavities, with other children in the same situation around me.
But the following is made of a different wood:
Amalgam, alliance, alloy, aloi

In a few centuries, amalgam has passed from the vocabulary of alchemists to that of dentists. The origin of this name has long been debated; it was first linked to the Greek malagma, "softening". But, like alchemy, this word actually comes from Arabic. Littré wondered whether it should be linked to amal al-djam'a, "work of carnal union", which is the etymology commonly accepted today, or to al modjam'a, "consummation of marriage": the alchemists compared the union of mercury with the other metals to the union of bodies and, for them, mercury was the husband and the other metal, the wife.

Mercury is indeed the basis of amalgam. Unlike other metals, it is liquid and therefore very mobile at room temperature. This is what gave it its current name: Mercury is in fact the god of merchants and thieves, but also the messenger of the gods. This elusive metal, which used to be called quicksilver because of its colour and mobility, was named after this character who is always on the move.

Medieval Latin texts explain how to make an amalgam of mercury and gold: Accipe uncias V boni auri foliati et fac amalgama cum IV unc[iis] Mercurii ... et super ipsum amalgama pone octavam partem uncie salis alkali. "Take five ounces of good gold in the form of leaves and make an amalgam with four ounces of mercury ... and on this amalgam add an eighth of an ounce of alkaline salt."

The analogy between the union of bodies and metals is found in other terms. The verb allier also participates in these two worlds, since it is from it that the nouns alloy, i.e. the action of combining metals by fusion, and alliance, one of whose particular meanings is that of marriage, are derived. It should be remembered that the wedding ring is also the wedding band, which in the past was symbolically formed by two rings joined together, each of which was made of a different metal.

Allier comes from the Latin alligare, "to bind, to unite". It is also from the latter that we get the Old French alloier, a doublet of allier, which has survived in the English forms alloy, "alloy", and to alloy, "to make an alloy", and in the French aloi, i.e. the alloying of the metals that formed a coin, and which has hardly remained except in the expressions bon aloi and mauvais aloi, which first described coins in which the proportion of precious metal was or was not respected, and which is used today as a synonym for "good quality" or "bad quality"
Amalgame, alliance, alliage, aloi | Académie française

Combinded to the following, will it be bad or good "aloi"?
Or it will be other kind of "aloi":
13 Sept 2009 said:

Q: {...} (Perceval) There's that question that you wanted to ask for the people on the forum about soul smashing? (L) Oh, the soul smashing! Can you frame a question around it? Or you, you're the expert on that topic Keit. Make a question. (Keit) Well, basically is what I said was close...?

A: Pretty darn accurate. An example of "getting smarter!"

Q: (Perceval) Does that mean Keit?

A: Yes

Q: (Perceval) What was your theory? (L) She was talking about Illion's Darkness over Tibet and the descending spiral and that it's a choice and you have to...

A: We couldn't have explained it any better!

Q: (Mr. Scott) Did you write about this on the forum? (Keit) Yeah. (Mr. Scott) How did I miss that?? (A***) Yeah. (Keit) I have some more to say about this. (Perceval) So that was about trying to smash all these souls back into primal matter, was that it?

A: Yes

Q: (Burma Jones) Could you just explain it, because I didn't read it.

(Keit) What I said is that... I brought this in quotes and quoted from Darkness Over Tibet. The author mentions that there are two possibilities in development: upward and downward. And there is a possibility of losing one's soul, but it should be a conscious decision, it's a choice. And it can't be taken by force.

(L) But they can make you choose by wearing you out.

(Keit) Exactly, and I gave my personal example where I felt that traumatic experiences in our lives kind of manipulates us into choosing the downward development. And we basically choose something that is against our own level of being. And it's so traumatic for the soul, that it twists the soul and puts it in a downward position. The eventual outcome of this event is basically smashing the soul, even if the final smashing event is relative small. And that's why there is so much suffering and pathology in the world, where they force and manipulate souls into choosing.

(L) Against their own nature.

(Pierre) And Illion said that the worse thing for a human being is the sin against their own soul.

(Keit) And sinning against the soul is going against your own level or nature of being. So, like narcissistic tendencies and everything, that's why for our own sake we need to clean ourselves.

(Rabelais) Is this why they've injected so many drugs into the culture to just weaken people?

A: Yes and remember also transmarginal inhibition principles.

Q: (L) One of those principles is that even strong dogs that could not be broken in ordinary ways, if they subjected them to physical trauma like surgery, or illness, or something like that, that that would weaken them to the point where they could be turned. So torture is also part of this process.

A: Yes

Q: (L) And we live now in a culture of torture which is basically a soul-smashing culture.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So there are souls that are being twisted and deformed to the point where they will... I mean, a lot of these people think that they will be going to heaven because they're imposing their god's will on other people, and they think that whatever they have to do to bring in the rule of their distorted version of Jesus Christ on Earth or whatever - ya know, these fundies - that basically they themselves are putting themselves in the position of being soul smashed because they are completely going against not only the teachings of Christ, but also against their own natures. I think many of them really mean well, but they have been so gradually and so incrementally twisted by pathological individuals in positions of power and in high positions in Churches, and pathological individuals that create doctrines and theologies that are twisted, that they are essentially agreeing to the sale of their own souls to the devil.

(Perceval) I wonder if it extends to people who aren't directly involved in it, but are just ordinary members of the population whose minds are so twisted that in their own minds they sanction it or they agree with it. Even when they're faced with the facts, they're not being lied to so much, but they realize the whole thing about torture and the CIA and torture camps...

A: Silence in the face of "evil" is equal to participation unless there is a good reason for the silence that serves a higher goal.

Q: (Perceval) That's really interesting because it kind of explains the whole debate over torture, and how they've been trying to get people to accept torture. And more and more facts coming out about the reality of the CIA having tortured and trying to twist that around to get people to accept that as something that is conscionable.

A: Acceptance of torture is the "mark of the beast."

Q: (Rabelais) That's why there's the popularity of television shows like "24". (Perceval) Conditioning people. (Rabelais) It's wildly popular. (Perceval) I mean, you get all these people who are faced with the real life torture of another human being, and they actually cheer it on. And if that's the same as participation, then these people are all being put on that downward spiral.

A: Remember the "lake of fire" in the Book of Revelation? Remember that those who live by the sword will die by the sword?

Q: (Keit) What's "lake of fire"? (Burma Jones) In Revelation where all those who didn't accept Christ would be thrown in... (Perceval) Hell, basically.

A: Soul smashing.

Q: (L) Creepy. (Burma Jones) I'm thinking about all those people who don't necessarily think torture is okay, but they still... like they abhor torture but they're still kind of accepting it because it's necessary, or maybe they just try to not think about it at all.

(Perceval) Well, people who think it's necessary... (L) They're already lost. They've already bought it. I mean, the scientific evidence is that if you need information or whatever, if there's some justifiable reason, that is NOT the way to get it. The records of the inquisition which are extensive - I mean, tens of thousands of people were tortured and confessed to the most outrageous lies just to get it over with. Just get it over with and let me die! I'll tell you anything you want me to say! And they confessed to flying on broomsticks, to mating with devils, to dancing naked in the moonlight, to kissing each other's backsides... I mean, you name it, and they confessed to it just to get it to stop. And it was ALL horse-hockey!

(Burma Jones) And I'm sorry, even if scientific evidence doesn’t show that, even if we said, "Oh yeah, torture actually works for getting information," you're still torturing human beings! It's still abhorrent. It's like, how can you do that?!

(Keit) The thought I had is that pathology, what is done to children of narcissistic families, it's like torture.

(L) It IS torture!

(Keit) And what happens is kind of like it poisons them and basically allows them to accept the torture environment. Because they already experienced it, they were like touched by evil.

(L) Torturing another human being to force them to say or do something that is against their principles is wrong no matter what your perspective. They are, each individual, entitled to their principles, to their ideas, to their politics whatever. And if you want to change that, or if you think that there is something about their point of view that is threatening to you, then the way to change that is by discourse, by education, by sharing information and data. NOT by trying to force them to go against what is rightfully theirs, at the soul level, by torture! To try to force somebody like that is basically a kind of soul killing of its own. Jesus even said in the New Testament that whoever is a stumbling block to the least of these, it would be better for him that he had never been born. And when he said, "never been born", that's almost like a way of saying his soul is going to be smashed. It's just really astonishing.

(Rabelais) What happens to a soul after it is smashed?

A: Primal matter. Start the cycle over. Millions or billions of years acquiring consciousness.

Q: (Rabelais) So you start out as like a hydrogen atom or something. (Perceval) You become a rock. (Pierre) Is there a link between a “smashing year” that was announced by the Cs early this year? It was mentioned, and now we're talking about soul smashing...

(L) Well, it's kind of interesting because this insight that I had about soul-smashing, when I woke up that particular morning is that that is what they are trying to do: they actually think that they can smash souls and turn them into primal matter. And it was such a shocking thought to me, and just now I'm realizing that this insight came through in the year they called a "smashing year". This insight kind of came smashing through into my consciousness - to even think of that; that's almost unthinkable.

(Pierre) If they smash the soul of human beings, then aren't they losing because we are their cattle? So it's more like that... (Perceval) The whole thing starts again...

A: It isn't going to happen to all.

Q: (Keit) Oh, that's what I wanted to ask: Is it going to happen on an individual level, or to everyone? (L) Yeah, so it would be individual.

A: Yes

28 Nov 2009 said:

A: The wave is coming, you are teaching people to surf it instead of being dragged under and out to stormy seas.

Q: (L) You once said that the wave was something like "hyperkinetic sensate". And I've often wondered if that means that it's something that massively amplifies whatever is inside an individual? And if that were the case and they were full of a lot of unpleasant, painful, miserable feelings, repressed and suppressed thoughts and so forth, and something that was hyperkinetic sensate amplified all of that, what would it do to that individual? I mean, can you imagine any of us in our worst state of feeling yucky and then having that amplified a bazillion times? If it was bad stuff inside you, you would implode!

A: Soul smashing!

Q: (L) So it is really important for people to go through this process of cleansing to prepare themselves for that?

A: Yes, then they will "rise up with wings as eagles"!

Q: (L) So even people who - or maybe particularly people who - engage in a great deal of what Lobaczewski called "selection and substitution", there is some part of their rational mind that knows what the truth is, but because it's not acceptable to their peer group, or their social milieu, or their background and upbringing to accept that truth, they repress and suppress it and explain things to themselves in other ways. But they still know the truth. What would it be like if you have all of this suppressed, twisted truth locked up inside you that you never allowed yourself to look at and acknowledge?

(Ark) But you see this is not a separate phenomenon because when there is this amplification, there are these fears that you said, they will also explode. So the individual will be able to... the little devil will become the big devil, so it will be easier to choose, because, you know, choices will be amplified. It's not just little dark here, little this there - it's hard to choose - but they will have to decide this time where to go, and the decision will be...

(L) Extremely painful.

(Ark) It will be painful, but on the other hand, it will be clear.

(herondancer) But what if you're so overwhelmed it isn't clear?

(L) What if your fear is so big that...

(herondancer) You're blinded?

(Ark) Well, then you are lost.

(L) I mean, people that believe lies against all evidence are the ones that really baffle me. I mean, they don't baffle me in the sense that I don't understand why they do it, because I understand the psychological and brain mechanism, and I understand that's it been thousands of years, little by little, gradually, pathologically encroaching until now we live in this world where it's just literally -everything is dirty - it's just really horrible. And I can't imagine what... I mean, what about a psychopath? What about a psychopath who doesn't have emotions? How is a hyperkinetic sensate {wave} going to affect a psychopath?

A: They do have a sort of "emotion". Hunger for darkness.

Q: (L) So what it is an amplified hunger for darkness?

(Bubbles) More darkness.

(L) But what would it do if it were amplified in that way?

(Burma Jones) Ravenous!

(L) They'd devour themselves, wouldn't they?

A: More or less. What do you do when at your center there is a big empty hole?

Q: (Ark) But I can see how it's gonna happen. You see separately, there are these psychopaths. At the same time, there are a lot of people who are becoming very unstable. There are a lot of people who go completely crazy, that psychopaths can see something is happening - new opportunity, right? So, new victims. "They're mine!" "No, they're MINE!" And so psychopaths will start to fight with each other.

(L) Because they're more and more hungry. And then their masks will fall away, and people will see them for what they are.

A: Yes

Q: (L) It's gonna be ugly. But, we are embarked upon a new world.

As shown and demonstrated by Lana/Julie/Raine, when faced with monsters, we must more than ever remain human and not become one ourselves in our struggle.
The importance of knowing oneself.
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Just finished The Russian Billionaire. Boy, they really lay it all out in the Epilogue!!! :shock: Forcing us to take the chip or "the injection," we have to agree to our own enslavement but they can trick us by fear, being split into two classes of people (vax and unvaxed?) etc. I see it was copyrighted in 2021, so it surely is pertaining to the current scamdemic. I have the Kindle app on my tablet and I noticed that some paragraphs, where they are giving this "telling" information, seem to be underlined. There is a faint gray dotted line under those sentences and I didn't put it there. :huh:

The order should be: after "Loves Sacrifice"

The Russian Billionaire
The Other Side of Midnight

You Don't Own Me
You Don't Know Me: The Russian Don

And last, Redemption.
So according to this, my next read should be "The Other Side of Midnight." However, "Blackmailed by the Beast" isn't mentioned here but it's on Seek10's sheet.


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I have the Kindle app on my tablet and I noticed that some paragraphs, where they are giving this "telling" information, seem to be underlined. There is a faint gray dotted line under those sentences and I didn't put it there.
That's showing what other readers have highlighted. Usually there is also a number that signifies how many readers have highlighted the passage.

A Jay

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So according to this, my next read should be "The Other Side of Midnight." However, "Blackmailed by the Beast" isn't mentioned here but it's on Seek10's sheet.

It wasn't included in her post you quoted, but Laura included the book in her initial post so it was put on the list. Laura never said to remove it or not read it so I'm guessing it's still worth reading. I haven't started this project just yet so I can't say one way or another about it. (I'm finishing the Bedwyn saga before tackling these books.)


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Based on what Laura has said and based on the above, I think Blackmailed by the Beast should be in the Billionaire Bankers - Extras series (as number one according to Laura's original designation), You Don't Own Me 1+2 and You Don't Know Me should be in The Russian Don series, and Redemption should be at the end as a standalone. Like so:

BookIDAuthorSeriesBook NbrBook Name
285Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker1Owned
286Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker2Forty 2 Days
287Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker3Besotted
288Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker4Seduce Me
289Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker5Love's Sacrifice
290Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker- Extras1Blackmailed by the Beast
291Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker- Extras2The Russian Billionaire
292Georgia Le CarreThe Billionaire Banker- Extras3The Other Side of Midnight
293Georgia Le CarreThe Russian Don1You Don't Own Me 1+2
294Georgia Le CarreThe Russian Don2You Don't Know Me
295Georgia Le CarreRedemption
Yeah, it's worth reading, regarding the information on artificial intelligence, the revelation is both very short, but makes the difference in what we can see on this subject in the cinema for example.
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