What is the second death?


The Living Force
Wow Wandering Star, that's quite a coincidence -- if it's only that...

The control system seems to double its efforts whenever someone attempts to awaken --even if just a little-- by inserting all sorts of synchronicities and 'agents' to lull them back to sleep. Laura gave several examples of this phenomenon in the Wave series and the C's have warned repeatedly for the manifestations of such if I recall correctly.

Conversely, the Universe and/or Divine Cosmic Mind seem to arrange 'confirmations' AFTER someone has made an important choice or decision on some subject.

The problem is to discern which is which... ;-)
Thanks for worrying Palinuro.

If someone is causing "synchronicities" to take me back to the fold ... well, they're doing their job, right?

For my part, I seek the truth and nothing else. Then you have to keep buying at the supermarket, helping the children with their homework, dealing with the peculiarities of the job, etc ...

The high strangeness is the backpack of the seeker of truth and ... for my part, if an alien parks an ufo next to my house, it does not serve much ... Well, unless the alien invites a beer .

Thank you.
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