Some animal weirdness here. I saw how several people mentioned the lack of birds and such. I've got a large front yard with some 25 trees and it's teeming with life. Just now, I wanted to report how the birds here seem as happy as ever, when I hear the flutter of wings and I see a few birds flying low behind a shrub. I look to see what they're doing and one smacks into my car and then just stands there on the ground. It was an owl and it seems that two crows were going after it. It then managed to fly off, but keeping low, and went to sit on my fence. The crows were doing flybys over her head, like they're trying to intimidate it but they seem to be more afraid of the owl than the owl is afraid of them. The owl is still sitting on the fence (10 mins now), probably trying to recover from smacking into the car, while the crows went up on the roof of my neighbour's house, staking her out. I'll stick around to see where this is going.
For some reason, today, off an on, I keep getting the strong feeling of something big waiting in the wings. Like the other shoe is going to drop.

I got behind on this thread yesterday and just got caught up. FWIW I started getting strong feelings yesterday. I woke up yesterday morning to a dream that I was being taken away from my wife, being drafted somehow or taken away to work in a labor camp, or forced to go look for work or something like that. I heard the word "prophesy" spoken several times before I woke up. To put it lightly it was not a nice dream! Last night I was restless again but I don't remember my dreams.

The weather here changed drastically from Saturday to Sunday overnight. On Saturday it was in the 60s F and sunny, yesterday it was in the low 40s and raining. Today we have the same kind of low overcast rainy weather and the forecast and it looks to stay this way for the next 2-3 days. The change in weather may be causing the emotional shift I am experiencing.

Here are the latest updates from Rhode Island:
  • 3rd person has died
  • 55 new cases; total of 294
  • All out-of-state cars to be stopped on southern border; will be told to quarantine if staying
  • Non-critical retail stores must close Monday
  • 3 nursing homes have cases
  • Child care centers closed for one week
  • Stay-at-home order/advisory in effect until April 13th
Hier soir, une amie m'a appelé pour moi dire qu'elle avait eu une bronchite désagréable début février et qu'elle était tombée et s'était fracturée l'épaule. Elle a été emmenée à l'hôpital et a attendu qu'un soignant vienne la chercher. Elle a entendu le secrétaire annuler toutes les opérations. Il n'y avait personne à l'hôpital, les couloirs étaient vides. Ils ont traité sa bronchite (suite à des complications) puis ont opéré son épaule 3 semaines plus tard. Elle m'a dit que les deux fois, il y avait des chambres vides réservées aux cas de coronavirus (elle l'a découvert par une infirmière) La deuxième fois, il n'y avait personne dans les couloirs (comme dans la vidéo proposée par Konstantin). ce n'était pas un hôpital de campagne. Cela s'est passé en Haute-Savoie, France
Did my message go well in English ?
Your message is on France. You can use DeepL Translator to translate your posts from French to English if you need it.
At this time the Duran is having a live stream. Not a particular fan, they do occasional drop some gems. There was an interesting comment from and RN in Pennsylvania, she related that hospitals in the area are not even busy! Let alone filled with COVID patients. Travelling ICU nurses are being offered $5100 a week.
At this time the Duran is having a live stream. Not a particular fan, they do occasional drop some gems. There was an interesting comment from and RN in Pennsylvania, she related that hospitals in the area are not even busy! Let alone filled with COVID patients. Travelling ICU nurses are being offered $5100 a week.
Forgot to add she lives in Pittsburgh
Here is a follow up by Ken suggesting that what is going on might have similarities to the takeover of the Nazis but this time on a much broader and effective scale. He draws parallels to the times shortly before and after the Nazis took over and that this Virus hysteria presents a perfect tool for just such a thing. In fact it seems to be more effective then anything else that was tried by fascists/elites before. He also reminds the listeners how germans used to wonder and ask their grandparents how it was back then when the Nazis sized power and how it felt and makes the point that now we basically know it because what is going on is pretty similar. In a brilliant sort of exaggerated and hyperbole way he is describing what is happening and how it feels to people both verbally and with his body language. He also describes the Milgram experiment and what he learned from books about the tendency of humans to follow authorities among other things.

He also draws attention on how effective and easy the whole campaigning has been so far and how scary and incredible it is how many people are now actually begging for more government control, imprisonments, rules and punishments. Remember how many people nowadays seem to think (especially germans) that something like back in Nazi germany could never happen today and that they certainly wouldn’t be part of the Nazi machine. Well yeah right.... Famous last words. It is in german:

Another great follow up by Ken:

All the ambulatory clinics, surgery are sospended, At now are possible only emergency access and emergency surgery. So the access to the hospital are very limited. Only covid and emergency at the moment. And this is greatest problem.

In these days ambulance deliver you in hospital only if you are critical (acute symptom like chest, pain, stroke ecc) and in case of covid suspect only if you are in severe condition or desaturation (satO2 <93%).
The very unusual facts is the proportion of covid patology relative to the rest. We saw a decrease of stroke, a decrease of cardiac infarct.
Fortunately the situation is improving now.

But what happened in the last 2-4 weeks (depending on location) was never happened before in any hospital of our country.
Actually we have stopped every surgery (except emergency) and every ambulatory-clinics - never happened before.
We have doubled the ICUs beds, physically using the ventilator of surgery rooms and are putting new ventilators in a hallway to create 10 ICU beds. We have closed some departments converting in covid wards. This was never happened neither in other hospital.
In these days are building a new intensive hospital at Milano Rho Fiera (you can find the information on newspapaer) only to manage the covid patients. And this never happened. And the ICUs beds of private hospital are being used to support covid patients.

Donjuan, as much as I believe what you are saying, and see it happening in France too, the problem still remains, in the sense that what you have been posting about does not prove that there is a real problem in terms or a real disease or "pandemic". These are all decisions from the medical authorities. Okay, it never happened before, but what about the ACTUAL cases? When you look at the things that have been posted here and elsewhere about the reliability of the tests, can you as a doctor say, with 100% certainty, that all the "extra patients" are COVID19 patients, or is that the label that they have been assigned? And among the real ones, how many have other underlying diseases which have put them in a serious condition?

Ambulatory treatments and surgeries being cancelled are not proof of a dire situation unless they match a real problem behind the decision. The same with only letting people enter the hospital through the emergencies. Etc, etc. So, as honestly as you may be in reporting what you witness, I'd like to know more about the actual cases you are treating, the certainties behind the diagnoses, and anything you can offer in terms of proof. Otherwise, we turn around in circles. I understand that the situation looks critical, but we know that panic is contagious, and that a situation may not be what it looks like, that facts are distorted and a "reality" created around them, etc.
I posted way back in the thread about Youtubers over here buying into the mind virus. Have been keeping an eye on were they are at, good news some are slowely seeing this for what it is. At first they agreed with the lock down, now they are Questioning the necessity of the measures brought in, nothing about flu statistics etc yet.

Some Work colleagues are caught up in it, I leave them be, some are not and listen to reason. Don't see them much, only on change over, we work alone which is great, dont have to put up with there nonsense.

Helicopter flying around here constantly, not much police presence. Have heard of checkpoints heading out of the city. Haven't seen any myself. Lot less people out and about, parks are closed.

Birds are out singing away, saw a seagull and a crow fighting over bread yesterday. Less food for them these days. Weather wise it's overcast last few days, still a chilly breeze out that's been around now for awhile. Still getting the chills every now and then, comes out of nowhere doesn't last as long as before.

Reports of clusters in nursing homes, citizens still flying home from abroad. Reports in the MSM about using apps so people who come into the country can report on there symptoms and where abouts. Testing will focus on health care workers, a nurse who tested positive was on the radio yesterday, was listening in the car, she sounded perfectly fine no coughing sneezing spoke for around 15min. She said people have to stay in they are saving lives by not going out blah blah blah.

The whole of Ireland has around 3000 cases 64 deaths.

Edit. Just got word from a friend who knows a Guard, he said lock down until the end of may. Lets wait and see the Cs did say a couple of months.
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Hereunder Jon Rappaport's very accurate take on the implictions of what Fauci says here. It should be over, indeed back to work!

I have been reading report after report today on the situations in developing countries which have gone in lock down, such as Thailand and Kenya and Zimbabwe. It is absolutely horrific what is happening and indeed the only thing MSM reports is yet another increase in cases and deaths all over the western world. And then to maximize the mindboggling I read this:
England's Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jenny Harries revealed that the current lockdown measures could be in place for at least six months. She told a news conference:

We must not then suddenly revert to our normal way of living, that would be quite dangerous. If we stop then all of our efforts will be wasted and we could potentially see a second peak.

All in all there seems an ever clearer agenda to dragging this out as long as they can.

Turn the economy back on; even Fauci is confessing...
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If I could reach through my screen and physically shake people with this news, I would.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the US front man for managing the "pandemic," has just written an article that ought to be titled: I WAS WRONG AND THIS IS MY CONFESSION.

Fauci, New England Journal of Medicine, March 26, "Covid-19 -- Navigating the Uncharted":

"If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%. This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968)..."

In case there is any doubt, those "pandemic influenza seasons" of 1957 and 1968 did NOT result in any lockdowns. People went outdoors. They mingled. They sat in stadiums. They went to their jobs.


Unfortunately, no surprise, the major media are still highlighting fear, so it's up to people to spread this message in any and every way they can: TIME TO GO BACK TO WORK. TURN ON THE ECONOMY.

When the man in charge of an unprecedented global operation says the product he was selling was defective, when he admits the whole basis for it was over-promoted...that is gigantic. Don't expect Fauci to apologize abjectly and lie down in the street and let a steamroller flatten him. Understand? This is as good as it'll get. Don't wait for anything more.

You're already on your computer. Get out the message. TURN THE ECONOMY BACK ON NOW.

In case you haven't noticed, major media have been shoving the devastating economic effects of the global lockdowns into the background. They aren't leading their daily coverage with people's lives being destroyed. They're pushing case numbers and new COVID horror stories. This is not an accident. This is conscious policy. Network bosses have sent down the word. Don't emphasize the economic human wreckage. Instead, it's: we'll all get through this, we're all in this together. Here are seven steps you can take when you're washing your hands. It's robot city.

After a hurricane or an earthquake, the news shows you the rubble and the families with their belongings in sacks wandering through torn roads. Reporters interview mothers who are sitting on curbs in a daze...

But this time, not so. They don't want people to grasp viscerally what loss of jobs and businesses and money actually means. They want passive acceptance.

Don't let them get away with it.

Wake people up out of their trance.

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Yes, of course, correctly diagnosing and successfully treating serious compications of viral infections is an art, so we probably can't sue the medical profession for malpractice. But it would be tempting to try....

Sometimes, a lawsuit is the only way to get to the truth because the court has the power to order "discovery", that is, the offender has to produce all details about what they did or did not do, financial records, etc. Or, the suing party has to show their hand justifying their suit.

When things get into court, if the system is unbiased, cold hard reality hits people in the face and that's something that many never forget and don't repeat the mistake. It can also lead to changes in laws.
Something is seriously going on behind the scenes amidst this worldwide hoax. A couple of days ago RT posted a couple of intriguing articles

Run for the hills! Pentagon sends teams into MOUNTAIN BUNKERS as pandemic preparations go into full swing Run for the hills Pentagon sends teams into Mountain Bunkers as Pandemic preparations go into full swing.

Air Force General Terrence O’Shaughnessy heads up the US’ Northern Command, as well as the North American Aerospace Defense Command – a joint US/Canadian operation that monitors the skies over North America for missile and airborne threats. Earlier this week, O’Shaughnessy told reporters via Facebook that some of his watch teams would be moved from their usual command center at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado to a number of hardened underground bunkers.

One of these facilities is the Cheyenne Mountain bunker complex, a warren of tunnels buried under 2,000 feet (610m) of granite, and sealed behind blast doors designed to withstand a 30 megaton nuclear explosion.

“Our dedicated professionals of the NORAD and NORTHCOM command and control watch have left their homes, said goodbye to their families, and are isolated from everyone to ensure they can stand the watch each and every day to defend our homeland,” O’Shaughnessy said. He also said that personnel sent underground will share the bunker with other members of the military, but he is “not at liberty to discuss who’s moving in there.”

Another team has been sent to an undisclosed location, O’Shaughnessy added

Also this article:

Trump greenlights call-up of one MILLION reservists to battle Covid-19 Trump greenlights call up of 1 million reservists to battle COVID-19

To help with the Covid-19 coronavirus emergency, US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order authorizing the call-up of up to a million reserve military personnel in the army, navy, air force and coast guard.

Now my tinfoil hat is on, please excuse, I think Pandora's Box has been opened and when this hoax is declared over, will there be mass social disruptions and chaos? Because a large portion of the population will become aware that the wool has been pulled over their eyes, and the massive restrictions to financial and movement are in place. In there hubris, they will not be able to close the lid on the box they have opened.

On another note, there was a short that Trudeau's wife and children had left Ottawa for their residence in Quebec. He remains in self isolation.

If this is noise, please let me know, I don't want to disrupt the thread .
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