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Thank you for sharing your observations, Duff. It's so great that you are seeing results with the EE program. It really is a wonderful breathing exercise. Just letting things develop is a good course of action to take while having all of these emotions and past memories come up. Just acknowledge them, seeing things as they really were/are, and, then, let them go.

As for focusing on yourself too much, while you are trying to "know" yourself better and see what has gone on in the past and how that is effecting your "now", it's not a bad thing. Just make sure that you include helping others as often as you can. And, helping others, or being with others need not be stressful. Just smiling at someone you see, or opening a door for someone is helping them. You can take baby steps with being around others, just as you do when learning about yourself.

Good luck on your new adventure of learning about yourself and being with others. ;-)


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It occurred to me that I'm focusing on myself, and if I make this all just about me, things won't progress too far. That means I'll have to tackle one of my biggest issues, and that's my deep rooted fear of human contact and connections.

Glad you gravitated to EE, and although you said - without knowing why, there was resistant's to prayers, in a way, sending out prayer to the universe, to those who may hear, sends them to yourself too. There is healing in this.

As Nienna said, there is work to get to know they-self, which can help others as a person unravels cobwebs of the mind that they may not have realized were built up. The forum is also full of resources, from incredible books to discussions - from diet (very important) to threads on the afterlife, and Doing EE starts to lay out a good foundation, as does networking that may help you with your last comment.

Again, glad you found EE is helping, and good luck on your steps forward.
Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but the EE video appears to be getting even more suppressed by the YouTube algorithm. It almost takes me half a page of scrolling to find it just by typing it’s name. It used to be the first on the search results.
Talk about matrix control measures being taken place.


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Not sure if anyone has noticed this, but the EE video appears to be getting even more suppressed by the YouTube algorithm. It almost takes me half a page of scrolling to find it just by typing it’s name. It used to be the first on the search results.
Talk about matrix control measures being taken place.

Best bookmark it on your computer (or under youtube on your favorites) or bookmark the following page:

OK. I want to share this experience I had today for encouragement and profound thanks.

I had a very rude awakening when I realized yesterday that I was the “predator” in the relationship with my wife. Whenever we have a verbal exchange, it was my subconscious goal to be superior in the conversation, thus draining her energy. I didn’t notice until she was crying yesterday and it finally allowed my “ego” to step back. Thanks to reading the Wave, I realized 100% what I was doing, and I was horrified. It was literally terrifying. You make another person who you supposedly love feel so inferior and they are almost scared to tell you how they really feel out of fear of being judged, and I’ve been doing it for YEARS!

Today, this morning I grabbed a glass of water from my crystal container and asked very intently for help from 4/6D STO to assist in my FRV that I have been trying to change mostly because of negative emotions that disguise themselves as “defending myself” but ended up doing verbal harm to my wife.

I started E.E. with the intent of change.

Everything went how it usually goes until I got to the bio energetic breathing. On the third round I felt pain. It wasn’t physical pain but I knew it was there, it was seriously discomforting. I felt that I was on to something and I asked for help again on enduring it and pursue it further. It was getting so painful that I started to kind of make sounds audibly and about halfway through the slow Ba-Ha they started turning into loud cries of pain and then screams. I was telling myself that it hurt so much and every exhale was an uncontrollable scream. It just felt like raw despair coming out of my heart . It felt like what I imagnined to be an exorcism! It sounded like a murder was going on in my house and my dogs were around me wondering what was happening. The screaming finally stopped and I tried to keep pace with the video but it was just sobbing in between my breaths. I managed to finish the breathing exercise and meditation with tears all over.

After I was done I could barely get up. It felt like I used so much energy doing that. There was no fear in this, it wasn’t a negative experience despite the negative emotions expelling themselves.

Are our emotions our prison? That’s what it felt like, and that was the intent behind this session today. Is karma and emotion intertwined?

Today I learned a closer meaning of what Laura means by spirituality is not sunshine and kittens. I can only assume that this would be like a hint of the heat of the crucible and it’s ugly and painful. But the “desire” for a different self makes the pursuit clear.

I just wanted to share this with everyone not for attention, but maybe encouragement for others who feel as I feel. This is something powerful. I suggest perhaps you keep doing it with the intent to change. It’s not easy to stay focused, but I feel like I really hit something in myself today.


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Merci pour votre partage STEPH, très inspirant... Et félicitations pour votre démarche courageuse, je vous souhaite le meilleur pour Vous et votre couple...

Thank you for sharing STEPH, very inspiring... And congratulations for your courageous step, I wish you the best for you and your couple...

Il Matto

Thank you Steph_rivers - that was quite a powerful experience you had there!

Is karma and emotion intertwined?
I couldn't give an exact answer on that, but it would make sense to me that our Karmic burdens are often what drive maladaptive functioning of the emotional centre, and Working on our programs has the effect of reducing our Karmic burden so the emotional centre is aided in functioning as it should. Or so my thinking goes..

bio energetic breathing
As you mentioned this, and I have a question about it, I thought I would add it in here:
When doing the EE breathing I have been using the downloaded mp3 audio recording on my phone for some time, which has been / is great. It occurs to me, however, that doing the EE exercises without the audio prompts would make me less dependent on my phone - given all the potential problems with phones it may not be ideal to be using it! So, when it comes to the Beatha breathing, is there a defined cycle or cycles that one should go through? Are there an optimal number of cycles between longer and shorter breaths?
If this question has been asked a thousand times before, please guide me to where I might find the answer, or if you know, I would be most grateful for your help (any forum member).


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So, when it comes to the Beatha breathing, is there a defined cycle or cycles that one should go through? Are there an optimal number of cycles between longer and shorter breaths?
Hi Il Matto,

In the videos, Laura uses 3 x 90 cycles of inbreath/outbreath (each 90 = 30 cycles x 3 different tempos) for the Beatha, and a pattern of 12/9/6 cycles for the three-stage breathing (12 pairs of breaths for the first stage, 9 for the second stage, and 6 for the third stage). Beginners are recommended to use Laura's timings, and we also use Laura's timings in the EE group sessions.

Hope this helps!


Following up on my previous post here, EE is truly life changing. I’ve never done a meditation/breathing exercises that have had significant results. Every time I finish, I find myself very teary eyed or crying. I also get a tingly sensation on my hands and thoughts of oneness and beauty fill my mind. Words cannot describe how much of a blessing this is. I know I’ve posted here before but I just had to post again! Thank you Laura & crew as well as everyone on the forum!


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I found the answer to this question by searching this thread for "skip", but I will post this in case anyone else is wondering the same. I think maybe I could use my skipping beatha too often idea as an impetus to have better weeks where I process emotions healthier.

I've been wondering about beatha frequency. I've been skipping it maybe too much. If I have a bad week or just feel some intense emotions I will skip it. Maybe I'm taking it too far, because when I do beatha I seem more centered and relaxed. Under what circumstances do you skip beatha?


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This feels like a right time to share my experience so far. I have been doing EE since February, so slightly over 10 months. Nothing as dramatic as some of the contributors reported in this thread.

Usual timing for EE is the evening before bed. I make it a point to do at least the meditation part every day.

Fun story: family knows I am meditating, so when the door in the bedroom closes they know to leave me alone until I come out again. Well one day our 7 year old had something very important to tell me, walks in and starts talking to me, while I am in the middle of the baaa-haaa part. I heard him come, heard him talk, but couldn`t understand a word he said as I was focused ont he breathing. So he keeps talking to me (to my back as I sit right in front of the window) for what must have been a good minute and then leaves. Later on, when I come out, my wife tells me, that he went straight to ther in utter astonishment and told her: Papa just ignored me :-) Of course she explained what was going on and everything was fine. I talked to him the next day since he was already asleep when I finished.

Few observations.

Pipe breathing amongst other things builds up heat. A lot of heat. It gets to the point that after first part of pipe breathing I am sweating regardless of the temperature inside the house. Few times I had to get completely naked and still felt hot. The heat is usually coming from the area of heart and solar plexus.

Warrior breathing. In between the rounds yawning starts. I am fully awake, but cannot help you yawn few times. Next which happened few times so far, after finishing the fist round and before the round two starts I blank out. Only to come back to my senses in the middle of the last round, while still somehow following the instructions, hands moving and breathing properly. There is no recollection of anything. Not out of body, no visions, no nothing. Just completelly blank few minutes.

The Baaa-Haaa portion. Majority of times during the first round towards the end I start feeling vibrations throughout my body. Like all body parts start vibrating simultaneously. Not to the point of physical shivering. This sensation ceases during the second round, but comes back the last round again. The overall feeling is that if I am feeling the vibration, I am doing it right. About half of the times I am seeing a bright lights through my closed eyes. Although lately the bright light appears more often on the right side of my head.

Meditation part
Laying down in bed the vibration is still present. Not quite sure when it disappears. Sometimes it turns into jitters so that I can stand only a very light blanket to cover with, anything thicker makes it worse to the point of having to scratch the itch, but its like a whole body itch.
Prayer for the Soul. It does matter whether I am paying attention to the words and the breathing. There is a difference if I am just following the breathing but mind is traveling. It has happened several times so far that I blanked out and woke up after the music had stopped.
There is never any memory or a feeling of what happened during.

Those experiences mentioned happen always one at time. If I zone out at warriors breathing, the rest of EE is uneventful, and so on. Yesterday spacing out at a very early point of the meditation could be contributed to a spinning peformed only few minutes before the EE.

Impacts and outcomes
I can clearly tell that major dramas are gone from my life. Yes, there are still emotions flowing high and low here and there but less frequently and nothing close to what it used to be.
Second is the dreams. I have never had so many vivid and weird dreams ever in my life. Some downright bizarre, some scary, some perverted, but never boring. I do not know enough yet to make anything out of it, but the overall impression is this is a testing. I am not a special snowflake, but it feels like awareness is coming t my life and out of the sudden I am paying attention to the things I would otherwise brushed off and never gave a second thought.
One more thing. Prayer for the Soul makes me go and learn. Maybe it is a literal program that unlocked certain parts of the brain. Either way if I am not learning I have this feeling of wasting time, unfulfillment and restlessness.

To be continued...


My update on EE. I stopped EE for a couple of months, from July to October. I was busy and felt good. But, the last month my body became so depleted in oxygen, I had to take an iron supplement to restore the correct oxygen level. It took me some time to realize, the correlation between EE and oxygen level in my blood. As soon as I started EE again, I couldn't drink the iron stuff. My body told me it wasn't needed anymore.
My update on EE. I stopped EE for a couple of months, from July to October. I was busy and felt good. But, the last month my body became so depleted in oxygen, I had to take an iron supplement to restore the correct oxygen level. It took me some time to realize, the correlation between EE and oxygen level in my blood. As soon as I started EE again, I couldn't drink the iron stuff. My body told me it wasn't needed anymore.

we have a very nice thread on oxygen. You are cordially invited.


Freya Stewart

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I wanted to share my experience practicing the EE program so far. I've been practicing for five months with a two week break in November due to a depressive period. I've occasionally skipped the full sessions due to schedule conflicts or simply not feeling like it, but I'm pretty consistent in practicing the POTS meditation every night before bed. Throughout my five month practice I have spent most of my days reading forum threads and recommended books--mainly psychology and the romance reading project attempting to get somewhat up to speed with the objectives of the group here. I've also maintained a fairly strict nutritional and supplemental protocol along the same lines as what is recommended on the forum. I think that these things have had a strong impact on my practice, which is why I mention them.

I've experienced some physical effects from the practice. When I first started, I had been experiencing for a while a heavy pressure in the center of my chest and noticed this started to lessen considerably. I also felt this feeling of expansion within my ribcage as I would do the practice. I am completely deaf in my left ear from childhood illness. I noticed especially during the line "Clear my ears, so that I may hear" I would feel a strange pressure, sometimes painful, in my deaf ear. A few times practicing the beatha breathing portion the air would start burning the daylights out of my nose. After that going into POTS it would completely go away.

I've had three different psychic type experiences. Two have been out of body experiences, all occurred during the POTS portion of the full program. In one, I just floated out of my body above my house facing the ridge across the lake to witness a shooting star in the distance. In the second one, I found myself floating out of my body to find myself in a perpendicular orientation feet on the hallway wall in my house looking at my washer and dryer and having the oddest thought that I missed being in the place where you didn't have to do all this menial step by step work to clean and maintain things--that where-ever I was at that moment was not the way things worked in our 3D reality. The third experience I had was during the "Live in me today" line feeling an incredible whoosh of energy all through my body like something very powerful was merging with me. I would also occasionally just blank out towards the end and I'm guessing just go right into sleep. Lots of dreams, but I don't have very good recall of them. I've had chronic nightmares or disturbing dreams my whole life so I'm not sure if this stands out or not as a consequence of the program. They are ongoing and most days I awake feeling disturbed. One thing I did notice, is that there seemed to be this overwhelming feeling of my dreams that I was falling short and messing up in some profound way.

A few weeks ago, I had an experience that felt like I had been looking out at the world through some kind of distorted sheet of glass and it shattered. I had a sort of breakdown over realizing that I wasn't seeing anything clearly and how selfish I was being only caring about what I could get for myself. I think my biggest wound/programs are around the theme of connection. I realized with horror that not only was I projecting a lie/gloss onto reality to feel less alone and afraid. I had been doing it so long I didn't even realize I was doing it anymore. I was also projecting onto my husband what I thought he should be and this is the person I love and care about most in the world. I felt like I wasn't even capable of truly loving him. Everything I do and think and say is coming out of some reactionary program that started when I was a kid and that reality has come crashing down on me over the last few weeks.

At this point, I feel shattered. Nothing that used to matter to me really matters anymore. What I used to enjoy just feels like a mouth full of ashes. I feel a strange burning sensation in my body and a high level of anxiety. I don't want to lie to myself anymore. I want to be more than the reactionary machine that I am. So far EE has proven to be quite a powerful practice for me. After all this, I can't help but wonder what else am I not seeing or refusing to see.
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