Session 23 March 2019


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This session started a lot of discussions and thinking.
Yesterday when I went to sleep I was thinking about this discussion and session and few ideas came to my mind.

In some previous session, it was told that we should improve our receivership capabilities, by cleaning our body from parasites and pathogens.
After this session for me, it is more clear why.

Since these little appendages of proteins act as antennas or as anchor points, then if we have too many parasites or pathogens inside our bodies their little appendages on their proteins probably will not be in sync with ours. So we will be somehow out of tune.

Then, we know that all traumas during our lives can have a big influence on our health. We have read a lot of books about this.
So all this negative energy from such trauma is stored inside our bodies, our organs, and tissues.

Maybe that energy if not discharged properly can somehow have an influence on our little appendages of proteins in a specific part of the body and place them out of tune. Somehow just disrupt their receiving capabilities. So that part of the body is no longer in sync with the rest of it.
The cells can start dividing uncontrollably ( because their DNA is not receiving informations as it should) and there we can have developing cancer for example.
So all these cancerogenic cells are now acting as some another entity acting on their own because their antennas are not more in tune with the rest of our bodies.
Maybe these cells can attract some other energetic entities that can attach to our body.

I don't know, maybe this is very silly, but this was the direction of my thoughts.


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I don't think it's much help to speculate much about there being no time. Because if we don't know the true nature of time, we also don't know the true nature of what it means for there to be 'no time'. Any of our speculations about it just lead to nonsense for the most part. If there is no time, then I have already made all my choices and there is no point in making them 'again'. If everything has already happened, nothing can be changed. And if everything that can happen does happen, then what is the point in choosing one thing over another? Choice becomes meaningless.

We may be able to change how we think about time as a concept, but certain realities associated with time will remain inescapable. Things we did in the past happened. Things we have yet to do haven't happened yet. If we accept free will as real, it is necessary that the future be open. Every individual thought depends upon that, and the development of thought, i.e., history, does too. Ark wrote:

At least such a way of looking at it aligns with our most basic experience and makes science possible. If the past was only possible (not classical), knowledge of history would be impossible. If the future was certain, we would not have free will and the very idea of scientific discovery would be meaningless.

But the reason I bring that stuff up has to do with some of the ideas in this thread. I do have one problem I can't think through. The progression of 'evolution' is a historical process. It shows signs of development, dependent on what came before. There are signs of innovations: new things being introduced without any certainty of how they will turn out. We see a classical past and an open, quantum future. But how can we make sense of 4D if that is the case? If 4D created life, and 4D are biological forms, did 4D ultimately create themselves? Or something higher, like 6D? If the latter, then using what as raw material?

3D seems to be a development based on 2D - 3D evolves from 2D, and 3D bodies utilize the results of the entire history of 2D experimentation. 10 million years ago, earth humans only existed in potential. And assuming that 3D will eventually graduate to 4D, it seems natural that 4D will be a continuation of 3D in some analogous way: our 4D bodies will be modifications and upgrades to our 3D bodies.

The common critique of the "aliens seeded DNA on earth" idea is: "who designed the aliens?" It's a valid question, because it just pushes the origin of intelligent biological forms back a step and doesn't tell us where the information came from originally. Some people use this to criticize the ID people do. If God created life, who created God? That argument doesn't hold, though, because by definition, God is the fundamental and ultimate source of intelligence. If consciousness is fundamental to the universe, nothing need have created it.

Given our classical past, there was presumably a "time" when no life as we know it existed in the cosmos, only basic chemistry. Or to put it differently, life only existed in potential. But even if there were no such time, and all densities were 'populated' at all time for all history, that doesn't strike me as a very satisfying answer. '4D created the first cell, which was evolved into a 4D being, which created the first cell - but it didn't really happen like that because all these things happened at the same time.' If something like that were the case, there must be an intelligence behind that, the ultimate source of DNA and densities, which designs and coordinates the whole process, and then we come back to the IDers main choice: God/7D/Cosmic Mind. Or 7D as filtered through the other immaterial densities: 6D and 5D.

I can sort of grok 5D-7D existing 'before' the development of the physical world: as eternal potentials and templates for development within materiality. But I can't grok a higher part of the biological world existing before the other parts of biology which are its precursors.

And all that isn't to deny that I think something like a 4D being CAN'T do all the stuff described - just that I don't see how they would be able to do it before themselves coming into being. So apologies if the above was a confusing mess! I guess I needed to think confusedly to get to my main question: who designed the 4D beings who design 2D and 3D lifeforms?
A paradox. Chicken and egg. Who created the Universe? It's the ultimate question. Is it really possible that life self-assembled from nothing? How is there something at all? It's mind-blowing for me. I have no clue.


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Great description. The chess diagram you gave is actually how I've pictured time for years. I think it was Laura's K&B videos that first inspired it. Branching out from the present are those multiple potential futures. Some lead to great things, some lead to dead ends. Because of the limits of our consciousness, we can't see clearly how all those potentials spread out.

I really like the chess tree analogy since it is very much like a branching realities tree.

Something that I noticed is when I think about past or future events is that the ‘time’ it takes to move between thoughts is ‘instantaneous’ so to speak (ie, ‘no-time’). I think that sense of mobility in ‘time’, as thought, is more fully expressed in 5D, being immaterial in the way thought is. For me that’s the closest I can picture what ‘no-time’ might be experienced as.

In that way I do think there can be some interference, for outside sources let’s say, on the future to the past and vice versa via that medium. We don’t really know where thought really originates from. Free will is still preserved since we ultimately choose in the moment to act (or not) on the thoughts and impressions we have, whatever their origin.

But I have wondered why can’t 4D STS, with this ability to manipulate timelines, get the results they want, at least easily? One might be that in 4D I think there is some limitation into how much they can actually ‘meddle’ in time to get the timelines they want because there is still a physical ‘constraint’ of sorts, at least partly. And to take Laura’s a description about lower and higher levels of physicality within 4D, it seems to me that STS would tend to the lower levels and STO the higher levels (or else why be so interested in preservation or bodies)?

Another might be, going back to the tree example, that even with the ability to change the past (to the degree which they can) it seems that they can’t fully ‘close’ the path of future options in the way they want due to the infinite multitudes of possible outcomes.

At each point that something is changed, the options at each successive branch shift. They might have accounted for some (even many) paths but the tree is not static like it would be in a chess game (the rules limit the available options at each juncture). It seems like you’d be stuck in an endless loop replaying and trying different things to achieve your goals – like some cosmic game of cat and mouse.

So STS tries to find these potentials and close them down meanwhile STO creates even more potentials and opens up the possibilities. As long as that keeps happening, the manipulation of timelines will forever be a game of catch up.

I can’t think of anything better that messes with their plans by creating in whatever we way we can options, more nodes/junctures along the tree of branching realities that they need to contend with. Not that we are doing it for that specific purpose, but simply as a result of pursuing our own destinies.

I think a lot of the work that goes on here does that. The depth of work and knowledge shared and available creates potential future paths for all, and we don’t know how that will affect things. One aspect of working on ourselves, to understand better others and the Universe as much as possible, is that we transform this potential out towards those around us and our environment, creating branches in future nodes.

As this session describes, we have a very real and tangible connection to that which is ‘above’ in our make up at the most fundamental level, through the antenna-like function of the proteins our body. The great thing about antennas it that they can both send and receive signals, and can be thought of as transducers. Speaking of which...

August 11th 2018

(Pierre) In previous sessions, the Cs mentioned that some of us (Laura and Joe) were growing additional strands of DNA. In that session, it was mentioned that the Cs were not referring to physical strands of DNA. So, can the Cs clarify what kind of additional strands they're talking about?

A: DNA codons that are otherwise truncated. Think transposons that jump and restore original or new codes.

Q: (L) So, basically you're saying that DNA can be changed? Well, we know it can, because I read the books. But in other words, you're saying that it can be changed by changes in your thinking, understanding, and level of knowledge?

A: Information is the most important factor.

Q: (L) You mean gathering information, researching, and learning is the most important factor?

A: Yes and applying what is learned.

Q: (L) So information is like filling up the gas tank, and applying what you've learned is like starting the engine and pushing on the gas pedal?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) That makes me think of something. The key for DNA transformation, the most important factor, is information. At the same time, DNA is the intermediary or the receiver to the information field. It evokes to me some kind of mirroring where the individual gathers information in the world which then improves his connection to the information field and allows him to gather even more information? Like a circle?

A: Yes. It is like building an antenna.

Q: (L) So the more knowledge you gather, your antenna changes. But it depends upon using it because building the antenna is a product of using what you've learned.

A: Yes

Q: (L) That's what makes the changes.

(Artemis) You can't just sit around and read and do nothing about what you're learning all day. You have to do something.

July 31, 2002

Q: (S) Is that Credo Mutwa?

A: Yes

Q: (Brainwave) So all his theory about this Light Warrior thing may have some kind of credibility?

A: In a sense, but not precisely in the way thought. Groups of people represent energy portals in cosmic rather than global terms.

Q: (S) Does that mean that we are seeing him as a force that was a representative...

A: Light warriors are "connectors" on a cosmic level.

Q: (L) Connectors between what and what?

A: Transducers of energy of transition rather like capacitors!

Q: (L) What's a capacitor? (M) It's an electrical way of collecting and dumping a flowing charge; a way of accumulating charge and releasing it later in a sudden burst of energy. You can send enormously strong pulses from capacitors by putting in small amounts of energy over a long period of time. They used to be called accumulators. (Perceval) What transition?

A: Transition of your sector of space/time.

Q: (Brainwave) So are they accumulating energies and is it at a particular point that we may need help to transition they...(S) Give us the energy necessary, is that what you mean?

A: Partly. It will depend on how much awareness you manage to generate to direct the energy.

Q: (Brainwave) It's like he was right. (A) So for these capacitors (Perceval) Partly. (L) Zulus, Light Warriors. Is this a genetic function?

A: More or less.

Like some others, I too was raised in a somewhat religious setting, at least for a few years when I was a child. Did the whole Jesus and baptism thing but never really found it all that satisfying. Materialism had a lot more going for it when it came to a 'nuts and bolts' explanation but I couldn't really 100% believe in it because I've seen for myself and experienced things that materialist approach couldn't. There must be a way to bridge the two, as that seemed to me the only way out of that. The framework the C’s provided over the years really helped encapsulate some theories I had but that was all it was, just ‘ideas’. I had no convincing argument to put forth or one I could really adopt whole-heartedly.

But now, after reading those books and with the C’s input, it’s like having what you always knew at some intuitive level being validated. That validation is a powerful thing because when something like a core aspect of oneself’s validated, we become stronger and surer of ourselves. It’s knowing that the Universe does love you and you aren’t alone. It’s a strong foundation that allows one the freedom to explore all there is without fear. It really is liberating!

C's said:
A: For all forum members: Do not lose heart. Just remember that if you do all you can, yourselves in the future will bridge the gap. You are all potential transducers of information into chaos. Let that information be love/truth. Goodbye.


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Great post, fabric!

At each point that something is changed, the options at each successive branch shift. They might have accounted for some (even many) paths but the tree is not static like it would be in a chess game (the rules limit the available options at each juncture). It seems like you’d be stuck in an endless loop replaying and trying different things to achieve your goals – like some cosmic game of cat and mouse.

So STS tries to find these potentials and close them down meanwhile STO creates even more potentials and opens up the possibilities. As long as that keeps happening, the manipulation of timelines will forever be a game of catch up.

Yes, and the key, I think, are non-linear dynamics. At any point, things can shift in unpredictable ways due to certain decisions by conscious beings (i.e. us!). Unpredictable at least from a 4D perspective. The combination of free will and creativity can, and will, produce novel results that cannot really be "calculated" based on causal chains. Maybe it's a consequence of the nexus between our souls and 7D?

But of course, 4D STS can try to do that, and in their wishful thinking be convinced that they'll succeed. And try they did!! I've been thinking a lot about the intellectual history of the last millennia and how it almost seems perfectly fine-tuned to entrap humanity. The materialist and/or postmodernist and even mainstream-religious worldview we see today has built-in, rock-solid premises that imprison our minds, quite literally! And they make us not even see it! It's a perfect prison. And it emerged in many, many consecutive steps over the centuries and even millennia - often, the intermediate steps were completely unrelated to the outcome (those representing the steps couldn't foresee where this path leads), but taken together, it definitely seems like a "construction job", a grand project to build the prison we're in.

Now, my hope is that the non-linear effects that happen once we get "tuned in" to proper knowledge, assisted by "us in the future", can turn the tide by us fighting our way out of the prison. A big part of the job seems to be to demolish the various false premises imprinted onto our minds. Not using blind faith alone, but science, philosophy etc. on the highest level possible, in order to gain the most possible certainty/real knowledge so that we can tear down the walls of our prison gracefully, forthrightly, with great confidence, shoulders back!


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Thank you Laura and crew for the new session!
Luc: isn't this where inspiration comes in?
The hardship makes the artist


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(Joe) It's so obtuse of human beings to not accept that. Human beings' conscious experience of the development of technology has been precisely that: being able to engineer things at a smaller and smaller level. So if you see the same thing in nature, how can you not say it was designed? If I designed it, how could it not be in another mind to design that? It's massively more complex, and it takes a lot of engineering and thought and design to make a microchip. Then you look at the body and you see things that are massively more complex, and you go, "No! That happened by accident!" Did the microchip happen by accident? Why would you even think it happened by accident?

Lol. Great analogy. I'm currently reading Evolution 2.0 and this session fits really well. Thanks everyone.


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Very well expressed. Lately I feel that the pillars of belief, faith and knowledge are moving, rearranging themselves in a new and unexpected but quite harmonious and fulfilling "musical chord".
Thanks to all for this session.
C.G. Jung on his belief and knowledge of "God" in this short clip:

Although I think Jung got some things right and inspired some to grow in the right direction, I have to also consider other parts of him that one might want to beware of such as discussed in this thread:

Carl Jung's Secret Life: "The "Aryan Christ" - something rotten in Jungian psychology?


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Hello... Thanks for such a great content again. Can you please ask for the New Zealand attack? Like who was behind it and what was their purpose, who involved, etc....

Thanks for reading my comment :-)


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Thank you so much for this wonderful session. It's got me inspired to really see reality as it is. I recently watched Stephen Meyer's interview with Ben Shapiro, it's interesting to note the parallels between his point of view and Jordan Peterson's - their discoveries in completely separate realms of knowledge are having the effect of bringing a sense of personal meaning to our lives.

I was thinking to myself today about how personal meaning can be derived from an apprehension of the intelligence inherent in the design of the universe. Personally I don't really see much meaning in my job which is where I spend the most of my time. However, the information that shows us that there's more to life than just clockwork is enough to give me an idea that there is potential in me and in all of us to make manifest what is more in line with the desires of the Cosmic Mind.

Also thank you for the super enlightening discussion. Chu, you formulated it very well the idea of having TRUE faith, it's grounded in a willingness to continue learning and to not shut oneself off to the world. It just so happened that two weeks ago, I had attended a funeral of a family friend who was very dear to me, and we sang Amazing Grace. Since then I've been singing the song at times of hardship, and I was surprised to see Laura mention it here in view of the discoveries and input from the C's about belief. It really does encapsulate what we've been through to arrive at this point.

Throughout this period of learning about the falseness of Darwinism obscuring the wisdom inherent in all of creation, I've viewed it not so much as a revelatory experience (though it has been to some extent, since materialism pervades the world due to the Western developmental model and capitalism), and more of an educational one. It's a pretty sorry state of affairs and my scientific knowledge is really quite poor, the upside though is that the learning opportunities are virtually infinite. If only I can get past some of my personal hangups and get on the process of learning, and hopefully being able to share and serve in some way or other (a real work in process/progress).


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Found two websites and one book where you can check out a lot of prehistoric lifeforms:



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Many thanks to everyone for the session, and for helping us get a better understanding of our reality. Although it would seem that it is still complicated or even "soon" to grasp all the details involved. :cool2:
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