Session 28 December 1996


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December 28, 1996
Frank, Laura, Alice, VG, AAM1, Ark via computer

Q: Hello.

A: Hello.

Q: And who do we have with us this evening?

A: Torren from Cassiopaea.

Q: Have you not been the representative in previous sessions?

A: Remember, individual monikers are for your familiarity only.

Q: Okay, thank you. I have a list of questions that I would like to get through fairly quickly, if possible. The first one is for VG. She is concerned about her health and would like to have a clue.

A: Study nutrition, then see doctor.

Q: Is there anything specifically wrong that is urgent?

A: See last response.

Q: (V) It's too bad my doctor is an idiot.

A: Then choose another.

Q: Is there any one thing she could do at this point that would help? (V) I have been bruising a lot.

A: Iron supplements help, but do not limit to that.

Q: (V) Is 'ruten' in conjunction with iron important?

A: What did we say 3 questions back?

Q: (V) I had a very disturbing dream last night? Was it processing, or a facade. I was looking at things and fixing myself. And the night before, I dreamed that Laura came swooping in to save me from something that was scaring me to death. I woke up with my heart pounding...

A: Best to work to purge negative influences in your life.

Q: (L) The dream was doing that?

A: No. That is our suggestion for VG.

Q: What negative influences does VG need to purge?

A: Those which have tentacles leading to her representation of the past.

Q: What is her representation of the past?

A: That which in 3rd density is viewed as past.

Q: (V) Was the dream last night... I was observing and looking what I perceived as sentences and paragraphs, very logically and meticulously I was breaking things down into logical segments - once I was done doing that, I was fixing myself -my hair, my nails. Was this a positive dream? What did this dream represent?

A: When one must decipher the clues in one's life, it takes patience and reflection. As in one looking before leaping.

Q: (V) Back in October, I was supposed to go to a retreat that you said would be positive and uplifting. But it was cancelled at the last minute. What happened?

A: The vibrations were not in sync.

Q: Was everybody cancelled, or was it just me?

A: From the point of view of the experience, the result is the same.

Q: Will she go on this retreat ultimately?

A: An opportunity will present itself.

Q: VG also had an experience the other day where she was feeling very powerful pulling sensations toward a certain person in her past. What was stimulating those sensations?

A: Physical cycle stimuli.

Q: (V) As in menstrual cycle?

A: Menstrual is superimposed by hormonal, is it not?

Q: Was something outside of her stimulating the hormones?

A: Not needed.

Q: How can she deal with this kind of stress?

A: Spiritual awareness heightening.

Q: (V) How do you achieve heightening of spiritual awareness?

A: This is a good vehicle, for example.

Q: (L) Does general acquisition of knowledge on any and all subjects also heighten spiritual awareness?

A: Yes.

Q: So, if you are not doing it here, it does not necessarily matter, because every minute you spend learning and thinking and examining, you are heightening spiritual awareness.

A: Yes.

Q: Okay, I had a dream about Chloe and Tommy, and Tommy had come back to life. We were on a trip in separate vehicles, and had stopped at a restaurant. Tommy had gone to the men's room and had been gone for a long time. Chloe asked me to help her find him, and I knew where he was, but she tried the door and said it was stuck and wanted me to help. I told her that it was not stuck, it was locked and, to prove it, I got the key, which somehow I had, though I had to take it off my van key ring; it was a 'master key.' And, when I unlocked the door for her, she discovered that Tommy was dead, on the toilet. This was very disturbing to me. Can you tell me anything about this dream? I was thinking, that since it was so clear, that it might have been prophetic.

A: You will learn the meaning profile of this and other dreams so well that it will be akin to reading from a road map... Patience, my dear!

Q: Okay, can I ask about my other dream - about Frank and Ark and I - we were driving down the road and the school was involved - something about 'locker number 43' - there were piles of notebooks, and I had the key to get all this information...

A: See last response.

Q: Okay, is the phone company going to accept the credit card?

A: All will work itself out.

Q: Well, if they don't, we are in a mess because it was my stupid idea to do it this way... and if they don't, my phone will be turned off and I won't even be able to contact him at all to let him know what is going on...

A: And if that happened, what do you think Ark would do?

Q: Well, there isn't much he could do!

A: Nonsense!! You know he would "move heaven and earth" to solve the crisis, pronto!!!

Q: Well, that is comforting... but I don't see how it could be done. Now, there IS something that worries me a LOT... that Ark will come and not like me...

A: Why do you think this?

Q: Well, because I am so fat.

A: Have you led him to believe that you were skinny?

Q: No. I told him a lot of times that I am too fat.

A: If you are worried about what Ark will think about your physical appearance, you have nothing to fear, if you have nothing to "hide," no pun intended!

Q: Well, I want to buy some clothes... and I want to get my final divorce paper work done... will I be able to settle with the insurance company before Ark comes so I can do these things?

A: Wait and see. Worry not.

Q: Well, you keep saying this, and I just don't see how anything can happen the way you say it is going to happen. I am nearly going out of my mind with worry. But...

A: And when have we been wrong?

Q: Not YET!

A: How many demonstrations do you need?!? We told you to tell Ark everything way back, as you measure time, if you recall. You were suspicious then, but you did follow the suggestion, and see what happened? We will not be joyous if you are not able to develop greater faith.

Q: Well, that makes me feel like I HAVE to have faith or I will let everyone down.

A: No, you do not "have" to do anything... It is just that it will be disappointing if you become blocked.

Q: Okay, but there was something else that happened then. When I told Ark all those things, he went to the bank and discovered that he had been wiped out... she took every damn dime. So, where did faith get us then?

A: No. When we suggested it, it was well before that event. And, she did not take "every damn dime."

Q: Well, close enough. Never mind. I don't want to know any more on that subject. Okay, change of subject: what is the source of the apparition – allegedly of the Virgin Mary - on the building down in Clearwater?

A: "Apparitions" are not important as to their "source" but rather their result.

Q: Well, is it STS or STO or just a chemical anomaly? But you say that is not important - the result is. What is the result.

A: Have you not witnessed it?

Q: Well, I can't tell what is in the hearts and minds of people, all I see is a lot of people making money off of it. How can I know whether...

A: Then you must think that the result of the UFO/Alien phenomenon is that a "bunch of people are running around and buying silly rocks."

Q: (F) Obviously there are a lot of different results. Most could be buying the silly rocks, but others could be learning from it either for STS or STO. (L) So, the results of anything is strictly the result of the configuration of the individual?

A: Yes.

Q: But it still begs the question: Is it truly an apparition of the Virgin Mary?

A: Well, is it possible for you to differentiate between that which is an apparition, and that which is not. And does it really matter? Or, is "apparition," merely a classification? Or a "label?"

Q: (V) Is it really there?

A: Are you? Are we? Is George Bush? Or is he an apparition?

Q: (V) AAM1 wanted to ask about her upset stomach and the pain she has had for the past few days.

A: Ask her to ask.

Q: (AAM1) Why is my stomach in such a bad state the last couple of days?

A: Not your terminology.

Q: (AAM1) Why has my stomach been so upset the past week or two, whenever I eat, and why do I have these headaches with it?

A: What else has happened in the past "week or so?"

Q: (AAM1) You are asking me? I don't know.

A: We are asking you to ask aloud, and more importantly, ask yourself, for therein lies your answer!

Q: (AAM1) What is the remedy to correct it?

A: What is the underlying cause?!?!

Q: (AAM1) I'm confused. I'm asking questions and they are asking me questions. (V) Are you stressed over something major? (AAM1) I'm always stressed.

A: No.

Q: (AAM1) It's not stress?

A: Your response was incorrect. When you said "I'm always stressed." Really??? This much??? We don't think so!!!

Q: (L) Does it have to do with Patrick? (AAM1) Does it have to do with my dislike of Patricia and Shayna?

A: Partly.

Q: (AAM1) I dislike them intensely. What is the other part?

A: Work related. Career direction related.

Q: (AAM1) I also dislike my job. Is the other part of my physical problem, the fact that I see my job as a dead end?

A: Yes.

Q: (AAM1) What can I do to correct this?

A: See the bigger picture.

Q: (AAM1) I don't understand that. It is not clear enough for me.

A: Current events will mean little, eventually. "This too, shall pass."

Q: (AAM1) Is one of the solutions to steer clear of Patrick's family?

A: Then, all your life, you will need to "steer clear" of a lot of things. Better to learn to let "bad" things fall off your back, as in the proverbial duck's water!

Q: (L) I don't understand. You told ME to avoid these people!

A: You react differently.

Q: (L) Well... I can be around them... it doesn't bother me. I just don't choose to because I don't want their vibrations all over me. (AAM1) I don't have to talk to them, do I?

A: That is not the point. One does not need to let others bother them, if one can learn to regulate absorption. Not unsolvable.

Q: (AAM1) How can I take steps to get to the point where I can deal with them, but not so that they make me sick? It is very difficult for me to do this. It literally makes me sick.

A: Learn to laugh at that which currently disturbs you. After all, it is comical, when you think of it. Stop taking everything so seriously!!!

Q: (AAM1) I always thought that I was able to deal with everything, but these people absolutely nauseate me. And, then I get mad at myself because I react to them. Usually I wouldn't react to them. I would not even acknowledge their existence! (L) What makes it so personal? (AAM1) They are so low on the evolutionary scale, that they don't even see their own evil. They think that if anyone else sees the disgusting way they behave as wrong, that there is something wrong with that person, and not them!

A: Then, picture them as squawking dodo birds.

Q: (AAM1) It is very difficult.

A: Not if you try.

Q: (AAM1) What steps should I take to relieve my work stress? Do I need to start looking for another job? Is there something I can do there to make it less stressful?

A: All are good possibilities, but, look at these things as joyous challenges, rather than drudgeries.

Q: (AAM1) Am I in danger of being replaced in my job? Are they looking to replace me?

A: What danger? Is this the chairmanship of Ford Motor Company??

Q: (AAM1) Is Patrick at the point where he can see his mother and sister as people with shortcomings, or will he always be blindly devoted and unable to see their faults?

A: Too many thought patterns at once.

Q: (AAM1) Is Patrick at the point now where he can clearly see what his mother is doing? See her faults?

A: Best way for one to "see" faults is for one not to be reminded by others.

Q: (AAM1) Will he ever be able to be healthy and break away from her control, and go out on his own?

A: Well, that is quite a "wish list," but see last response.

Q: (AAM1) Then, the best way for me to deal with this is to cut off all connection with Patrick and his family, correct?

A: We would never limit your options thusly!

Q: (L) Why is Patrick being dragged through the mud this way, if that is what is happening?

A: Why is attack, and the particular victim, ever important?

Q: (L) Is it because Patrick is supposed to learn to overcome these things?

A: Close enough.

Q: (L) Okay, so Patrick has to learn on this, and the best way you can help him is by backing off. (AAM1) From Patrick, too?

A: When one protests, one facilitates the building of barriers that are an integral part of the attack. For one to have revelation, one must "step back," and view the picture without prejudice!

Q: (AAM1) Well, I think that my lesson in all of this is that I need to learn that there are going to be people in this world that I will need to deal with, and I need to learn how to do it now. The world is full of these kinds of people.

A: Or that you can deal with them without letting it affect you.

Q: (AAM1) It is very difficult. (V) Is Patrick this important? (AAM1) The thing is after I got him off the drugs, after all of this happened, it really wasn't him anymore, it was me. I felt that something was happening... usually people don't affect me like this... (L) Did you hear what you just said? (AAM1) What? (L) "When I got him off the drugs." (AAM1) Is that bad? (L) He didn't do it himself. (AAM1) I know he didn't. And he knows he didn't. He tried before... (L) Is it any good this way? That he didn't do it himself? (AAM1) I think so. While he was on them, his Mom and his sister had complete control of him. He is 300 per cent better... the only difference between Patrick and his family is that he knows there is a problem and he wants to get help. (L) I think he thrives on the continuous drama of it. Crisis after crisis. Drama Queen City! Is there a karmic relationship between Patrick and AAM1?

A: Yes.

Q: Can you tell us what it is?

A: Let it unfold. Remember, all there is is lessons.

Q: Will you tell us the number of lifetimes they have had together?

A: Oh, how about 4?

Q: Well, that is not much. (V) Would exploring this help now?

A: Maybe, "Mom" has that talent. Go "under" to rise above.

Q: (AAM1) Okay, thank you. I have to go to bed.

A: Good Night AAM1.

Q: Now, we have a question from Ark... for his sister. Can you find her?

A: We can "find" anybody.

Q: Okay, she would like to...

A: But she wants us to advise her regarding business decisions... hmmm, seems she is quite capable, a good organizer and very pragmatic. Better advice could be reserved for other arenas.

Q: Such as?

A: Quest for knowledge.

Q: So she should be asking about spiritual matters and not material things?

A: Yes. She is a dynamic business woman... for us to advise at this juncture could harm, as we would not wish to be a crutch for those currently most capable.

Q: Anything that you wish us to convey to her?

A: Does channeling when in garden.

Q: She does?

A: Advanced.

Q: What do you mean?

A: This particular subject. Remember, souls of alike frequency vibration often travel together. Tell her to go ahead as already intentioned, it will work just fine.

Q: Anything else for her?

A: Nope.

Q: (A) Years ago in Hamburg, while working on unified field theory I had the impression I am being watched. Was it indeed the case?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) By whom?

A: Not yet.

Q: (A) Was my idea of that time sound and worthwhile to pursue further now?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Is there any general comment you can make to Ark about any of these things?

A: Isn't it fun, Ark, to have heightened awareness... To be able to piece together more and more?

Q: (L) Ark wants to know about Hoagland…

A: Let Ark ask in form he chooses.

Q: (Ark) Should I seek contact with Hoagland concerning the paper by Modanese?

A: Best approach is to groove the contact with Hoagland enough so as to have open forum with him and have free exchange of ideas on all possible subjects. Suggest you make him aware of how your particular field, background and angle of experience can further quest.

Q: (Ark) Is following this link a) safe b) right?

A: Well, safety is not determined by what is followed, but rather how followed.

Q: (L) Okay, while we are waiting for Ark's response, I have a question. I am BURNING up! What is the reason for this unbearable heat I am suffering?

A: Heat means 4th density bleedthrough.

Q: I am about to die of heat, and I know it is cold in here. When you say 4th density bleedthrough, what do you mean?

A: Oozing of faint reflections of new reality.

Q: Do you mean new or altered or changed bodies?

A: Review.

Q: (V) Are the night sweats connected?

A: Maybe.

Q: (V) Are the night sweats I have hormonal?

A: Maybe.

Q: (V) How come I can't get a straight answer?

A: Seek and find, tis fun!

Q: (L) Back some time ago, I went unconscious in the chair, nearly passed out, anyway, and Ark sent me a message and said that he SAW me THERE! What happened?

A: Haven't you learned?

Q: Well... is there any activity a person could do to stimulate their DNA to become superconductive?

A: No need. You would like to find an activity to stimulate {your youngest child} to grow up faster?

Q: Of course not! She's just a BABY! She needs to have fun! Oh, I get it. Okay. Now, Frank had a funny feeling about MM {Greenbaum programmed individual} the other day. Was he getting a message about her?

A: Yes.

Q: Did she know I was cancelling her for some reason other than the excuse I gave?

A: She had some suspicion.

Q: Is there some danger to us at this time from her, as Frank perceives?

A: Yes. Always be vigilant and proceed with caution!

Q: (V) Has she come by to spy on us? (L) Does it matter? (V) Well, it does if she is crazy and has a gun! Can you define this danger?

A: There are many possibilities.

Q: Well, can you list the top three?

A: Physical, psychic, spiritual.

Q: (V) You mean she would...

A: Be open to all possibilities as pathways of attack.

Q: Is it true that when Ark is here, that our protection level will increase exponentially?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) All of us?

A: Any and all.

Q: (Ark) I am confused about time. You said relativistic physics must be redone because it assumes unnecessary symmetry. What symmetry do you have in mind?

A: Unnecessary symmetry? You asked about a particular project or theorem being examined, and those involved. We said that it was on the right track, so long as the symmetrical aspects were dropped as an absolute. Meaning the framework of the project was too narrowly focused.

Q: (Ark) You suggest that what I was trying to do in Hamburg was a worthwhile pursuit, but I was assuming even more symmetry than Einstein's relativity.

A: Then don't assume. Remember, symmetry, by its very nature, combines both realms of possibility. It is all inclusive, rather than inharmoniously exclusive.

Q: (Ark) Is there some anti-gravitational effect in the levitron toy?

A: Not "in" the levitron toy. Rather "through" the toy. The toy is just the vehicle.

Q: (L) Well, should we spend 40 bucks on this thing? (V) How does it work? (L) I don't know!

A: Antigravity is deceivingly simple.

Q: (L) So, the guy who is advertising it is not cheating?

A: Not correct concept.

Q: What is the correct concept?

A: See last response for clue.

Q: (L) So, you aren't going to tell me any more about it?

A: Ark is the questioner, yes?

Q: (L) Okay. Well, he thanks everyone... and says good night. (Alice) I fell recently and would like to know what caused me to fall in the driveway?

A: Vertigo.

Q: (Alice) Is it a continuing ailment?

A: Intermittent.

Q: (Alice) When I had that terrible pain in my foot, in church, what caused that?

A: Thrombosis.

Q: (Alice) I seem to be having trouble with my memory... is this related to the emotional issues you told me about?

A: Check dietary considerations. These can either enhance or forestall the ageing process.

Q: (Alice) What is wrong with my leg?

A: Circulatory disruptions; see previous response.

Q: (Alice) Will my eyes get any better?

A: Ditto.

Q: (V) My grandmother recently died. How is she?

A: Okay.

Q: (V) I know that was a lame question, but is there any opportunity of speaking to her? (L) No! I'm not gonna channel your grandmother! I don't even know her! You can ask about her... (V) Is there a message for me from my grandmother?

A: Maybe, at another juncture.

Q: (L) Why another time?

A: She is not ready now.

Q: (V) Is she sleeping as you described Tom?

A: There, time exists not.

Q: (L) But you said she is not ready NOW, but then you say time exists not? What is the deal here?

A: What was the first word of the previous response?

Q: (V) Ok, there as opposed to here. Where is she?

A: Fifth density.

Q: (L) Why do I not want to channel other entities... that was a strong response that just sort of jumped out... is it correct?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Why?

A: It would be like trudging through the saw palmetto bush thickets, at night, barefoot!

Q: (L) Well, that is a good way to step on a rattlesnake!

A: Maybe.

Q: (V) Has 4th density earth been in existence as long as 3rd density earth?

A: Not correct concept.

Q: (V) Does 4th density earth exist?

A: Yes.

Q: (V) And there are human beings...

A: All exists always.

Q: (L) Where is the 4th density earth, aside from being in 4th density?

A: Another realm.

Q: (L) Are there 4th density US existing NOW on this 4th density earth?

A: Yes. Us.

Q: (V) When you are on 4th density and look at the Sun, do you see the same thing we see here? When you look at the Moon, do you have the same visual experience?

A: No. Awareness is broader.

Q: (L) Well, what would you see when looking at the Sun?

A: Entire visual spectrum.

Q: (L) You mean we would be able to see all the things that we can now only see with instruments? Like the corona, the solar wind, et cetera?

A: The entire sphere from all possible angles of realization?

Q: (L) Would we be able to HEAR the Sun?

A: If chosen.

Q: (L) What does the Sun sound like?

A: Not answerable.

Q: (L) Do planets and Suns talk to each other? Are they angels and archangels?

A: Laura, let us not go over the "deep end." [laughter] Boys are all snails and puppy dog tails... Girls are really sugar and spice, and everything nice...

Q: (L) So, you are making fun of me!

A: Sure, why not?

Q: (L) Well, are there such things as archangels?

A: Maybe.

Q: (L) Well, if there are such things as archangels, how would we perceive them?

A: Too complex.

Q: Okay, do different individuals have connections to different archangels? (V) Yes, are our souls born from different archangel realms?

A: No. The soul was never created. Was/Is/Always will be.

Q: (V) Well, I can't grasp that... I mean, creation... (L) There is no creation, All just IS. (F) Well, there are cycles. (V) Well, where does the substance come from. (L) Doesn't come from anywhere. Just thoughts in the mind of God. I mean, what else does God have to do for eternity but dream? We are the dream. (V) Can you comment on my struggle to understand this?

A: What is the struggle? It will come. Okay, folds, for now, Good Night.

End of Session


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This is a quite long one, I bet your curiosity got the better of your energy back then Laura.
Good session.


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irjO said:
This is a quite long one, I bet your curiosity got the better of your energy back then Laura.
Good session.

It was also quite painful since I had to listen to parts of this session while going over it since there was a chunk missing that I wanted to recover. As you may note, my mother was present and hearing her voice was the trigger for a major grieving episode.


The Living Force
Laura said:
It was also quite painful since I had to listen to parts of this session while going over it since there was a chunk missing that I wanted to recover. As you may note, my mother was present and hearing her voice was the trigger for a major grieving episode.

Yeah I know, something like that can hit you quite hard unexpectedly. Take care, Laura. My sympathies are with you. :flowers:


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Palinurus said:
Laura said:
It was also quite painful since I had to listen to parts of this session while going over it since there was a chunk missing that I wanted to recover. As you may note, my mother was present and hearing her voice was the trigger for a major grieving episode.

Yeah I know, something like that can hit you quite hard unexpectedly. Take care, Laura. My sympathies are with you. :flowers:

Ditto! a big hug :hug2:


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irjO said:
Palinurus said:
Laura said:
It was also quite painful since I had to listen to parts of this session while going over it since there was a chunk missing that I wanted to recover. As you may note, my mother was present and hearing her voice was the trigger for a major grieving episode.

Yeah I know, something like that can hit you quite hard unexpectedly. Take care, Laura. My sympathies are with you. :flowers:

Ditto! a big hug :hug2:

Yeah, ditto. Take care, Laura. :hug2:


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Laura said:
irjO said:
This is a quite long one, I bet your curiosity got the better of your energy back then Laura.
Good session.

It was also quite painful since I had to listen to parts of this session while going over it since there was a chunk missing that I wanted to recover. As you may note, my mother was present and hearing her voice was the trigger for a major grieving episode.

Big hug Laura :flowers: :hug2:


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Perhaps the question on 'archangels and angels' could be asked again? Would it pertain to the Tree of Life as the center position 6d vs the right sided 6dSTO?
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