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A Disturbance in the Force
Yeah, I agree. That’s why I insist on making the distinction between COVID-19, which is the disease and SARS-COV-2, which is the virus supposedly causing it.

I would be perfectly content with the Cs’ answer if it was left at the vaccinated spreading covid. But they also answered that they’re spreading the virus. The spike protein on its own is not the virus, so what were they referring to?

Are the vaccines actually infecting people with the live virus, or are the vaccinated synthesising the virus somehow? Or maybe it’s just a minor corruption in the channeling process due to a leading question.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Pfizer et al were just outright lying about the contents of their vaccine.

Thanks for the link, btw.
As far as I understand, vaccinated people can be infected with SARS-Cov2 despite being vaccinated. So they could be spreading the virus without even knowing that they are infected.
Your situation is like what many of us are facing right now actually, you are not alone on this. I would recommend you to check FOTCM. And more now with the world situation as it is nowadays. So I feel you!
Hang in there, we all are. You have the right orientation, a colinear one in fact. So this means you are contributing to bringing in a new reality. And also means, together none of us are alone.

Thanks for your kind words! It's true that when the struggles become stronger, the more I crave to learn and grow. This is how all started for me when I was a teenager years years ago. Although I apologize for not participating as much as I'd like to, your discussions here are very comforting and enlightning! I must stay strong not only for me but for those around (family, partner and... my cats? :-D ) who get dragged into the negativity that this whole situation is creating.

On the bright side, I avoided the vaccine. People give me weird looks when I say I won't get it, but honestly, I don't care anymore.




A Disturbance in the Force
Thank you so much. So much to read, so little time. I’m barely getting through the Secret History of the World and how to get out alive lol. There’s so much that frustrates me about what’s going on in the world and in the US, but i really do feel that we really do need to be working on ourselves, it’s almost like the world is forcing you to pay attention to it, to distract you from the real work needed to be done inside.


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I have found that the most difficult obstacle for me in my life is to accept that some of the most esoteric or higher ancient concepts are really true.
Yes i feel this also, probably nearly everyone here does. There is constant tension between the desire to be objective and reasonable in what we think and believe, and having the open minded curiosity of a child (or a great scientist-they are the same).
The only thing that helps us read, read, read, think, process, communicate,


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So, anyway people... Is anybody totally awesomely inspired and awe-struck and everything by this whole process? Do you finally get it that it's just really... work. It's just work.
Yes, yes I get it!
Knowledge and experience is a direct result of the work we put in. Because this work is the signal to entire existence that we are serious about wanting to know, and serious about wanting to participate, and serious about choosing our destiny.
Because we are Human.


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I know C's have somehow equated 'money' with energy.
Consciously I do not have any trouble with money, nor any negative association with it.

But I have some trouble processing something about money = energy in the present days: How does it ties with endless money printing?
Adding a few dozen zeros on a computer... It is not creation? or is it?

Is it possible to exchange something programmed into a computer for real work and goods, and call it even?

I used to like to invest in the stock market. Now I do not know what to make of the rise and fall of prices connecting it to this concept of energy. Some people say it is a zero sum game.
The endless money printing is a theft of your energy.


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I already opened a thread for that part. You don't know, you keep suggesting the same things.

Yea yea

"See what you can achieve"
"Nothing, absolutely nothing is free in this world."
"Everyone wants to ride the winning horse."
"No pain, no gain"


What you wrote does not surprise me at all, in fact, I would have been really surprised if the opposite had happened. Ask C's, if they say; (We don't want to talk to this man) Then I will say; "All of you are right, okay."...

(Google f... translation)
Tyrael, it’s clear we don’t have helpful communication happening here. How about you post your own thread on what’s bothering you in ‘The Swamp’.
Then articulate as precisely as you can what is troubling you, and be open to the feedback you get.
So the members that do care, and they do, will be able to help work towards figuring out what’s going on and providing reflection for you. It is possible that you will have something to offer that others can learn, or you may not.
This exercise helps everyone to think, self reflect, and learn.


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“A: Lack of true colinearity”

Not to question the knowing BUT if everyone is on their own learning curve what defines true colinearity. I understand the Macro goal but there are different micro goals along the way as an individual had different rungs on the ladder to reach
I see the concept of FOTCM group collinearity as a struggling team with fans.
The fans are in the bleachers, interested and aware that there is a game, cheering, booing, but mostly for the entertainment.
Some have joined the team and are in the dugout but not ready to play since they need more training and practice.
There are not enough players but they are either on the field or resting up before going back into the game.

Collinearity would be when there are more than enough well trained players on the field and a deep selection in the dugout able to replace players as need.
Go team. :clap: :cheer:🤾‍♂️


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Thank you for the session, again and again and again......

When they say ,we need a second time dimension, I just thought about :
" humanity is now stark with one choice , to evolve or die" maybe this planet is standing on the way!!! anyway, numbers don't lie, that's part of Algebra.


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As Mikovitz has explained, parts of viruses have caused even more problems than whole viruses.

As for the rest of the details, here's a good article on the subject:

That is an incredible interview

With Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., and Judy Mikovits, Ph.D and Mercola - wrapping up in essence and detail, how little the covid-19 injections have anything to do with health. This is also a splendid reference video. Each time when i watch such key videos, more details fall into place which a a better overall understanding to the complicated underpinnings. I mean genetics ain’t exactly common knowledge and it is often difficult to learn the deeper aspects of it.

Thank you Gabi !
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