Various interesting things in French : documentaries, etc.


Super reportage from Belgium, french part - for once i'm proud to see such a good reportage from my country :
Ceci n'est pas un complet (This is not a conspiracy)

Sure he could have gave better conclusions, and also, the guy at 45m who won a Godwin point saying "Because since Pasteur we know that vaccines work." ... but globally, this is almost at the same level of "impact" than the famous "Hold-Up" reportage. This movie should be spread all around, will probably be censored once too many people view it ... we'll see.

Do i have to post this too on the thread "SOTT worthy articles in French" ? It should be quickly posted on

I take benefit of this post to link the last one from Marcel, it's hilarous. And as i read in one comment : the good thing with such clips is that even the most brainstormed people will listen it to the end because it's fun, but it also contains many information. A brillant work indeed :
A great one indeed, thank you dredger ! I'll share it ASAP !!
It is well-made and doesn't go into far-fetched theories which makes it admissible by most people I know or so I think. 👍


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I've been reading about homeopathy and the memory of water lately and I came across a great documentary originally aired on France 5, On a retrouvé la mémoire de l’Eau, made by Christian Manil. Very interesting and not technical at all :

For those looking for a more detailed and technical summary of the topic, the thesis of Mathieu Palluel, Hypothèses quantiques de mécanisme d'action des hautes dilutions homéopathiques would be a great starting point.

And for a more approachable step-by-step, pedagogical course on the memory of water and its application in agriculture, I must point out to the fantastic work of professor Marc Henry in this series of videos.


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The lawyer Brusa Carlo Alberto on the offensive.
His youtube channel REACTION19WEBTV has been blocked again! Alternative solutions soon !
The alternative solutions will be known tomorrow...
The timing of his intervention is under the video.

Important : Here is the letter to the deputies and senators notifying them of the hypoxia of our children for the wearing of the mask:
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