Session 18 September 2021

Thank you for the new session,

I believe the below excerpt are related:

Session 18 September 2021
(Artemis) So they said the vaccine affects the ovaries. Hasn't it already been found before that it affects the pineal or pituitary glands? And isn't the pineal or pituitary used for picking up channeling frequencies?

(L) Probably both.

(Artemis) So does that mean that vaccines make it so people pick up negative frequencies?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) So that means people who've been vaccinated are channeling Satan. [laughter] Okay, that's extreme, but...

(L) They can definitely download some weird stuff. But only those susceptible, I think.

(Pierre) On this line, the RNA in the vaccine code is for a protein very similar to syncytin. Mis-expression of this protein syncytin leads to disorders like schizophrenia that are considered by some researchers as possession. So my question is: Can the vaccine in some cases increase the incidence of actual possession?

A: Oh indeed!!

Q: (Artemis) [in a demonic voice] 'The vaccine is preparing the vessels!' [laughter]

(L) This is just getting creepier by the minute!

(Pierre) Remember the session where the C's said they're preparing to control you in 4th density?

(L) That's their goal.

(Joe) They also said that Hitler's goal of creating a Master Race was just a trial run...

(L) Oh Jesus... I never thought about that.

(Joe) He didn't have vaccines mind you, but... If you want to create a new race or to change people by the billions, you have to inject them with DNA. They're basically being injected with DNA.

Session 22 July 2000
A: We wish to review some things first. The concept of a "master race" put forward by the Nazis was merely a 4th density STS effort to create a physical vehicle with the correct frequency resonance vibration for 4th density STS souls to occupy in 3rd density. It was also a "trial run" for planned events in what you perceive to be your future.

Q: (L) You mean with a strong STS frequency so they can have a "vehicle" in 3rd density, so to speak?

A: Correct. Frequency resonance vibration! Very important.

Q: (L) So, that is why they are programming and experimenting? And all these folks running around who some think are "programmed," could be individuals who are raising their nastiness levels high enough to accommodate the truly negative STS 4th density - sort of like walk-ins or something, only not nice ones?

You do not have very many of those present yet, but that was, and still is, the plan of some of the 4th density STS types.

It makes me wander if Maze Dance can prevent vaccinated individuals from being possessed?
Session 16 July 2009
Q: (L) Well, alrighty then! Now, we have people on the forum who are trying to sort themselves out and come up with some good questions. But, at the moment, we haven't really decided which of those questions are what we're going to bring to the table here, and what we have on our minds are a couple questions of our own. After I posted the last session, which I did today, one of the forum members posted an article about Maze Dances, or the Dance of Ariadne, or the Crane Dance. And they even put a link to where you could download or see one. (To Ark) Did you ever get it downloaded? (Ark) I downloaded all of them for you {on the minime system which takes hours}. (L) Can we watch them? (Ark) We can. (L) Okay, so we'll watch them later - well, I guess we better watch them now. We'll take a break and watch them before we ask about them. (Break to watch 5 dancing videos) (L) Ya'll still there?

A: Oh yes! That was inspiring, yes?

Q: (L) Well, okay. How close were any of those to the original maze dances?

A: There were elements of the archaic techno-spiritual practice in a couple of them. The first and second were closest in step and pace.

Q: (L) Okay, well, what could be added to the step and the pace to get it closer?

A: One of two ways: dance a spiral with the "bridge" on the turn out of the center or dance a formal maze and the same maneuver on the turns.

Q: (L) I guess the bridge is where they have their hands together and they kind of turn inside out. (DD) Right, that was cool. Is the time signature of the music that they're doing this to of any significance?

A: Yes, but it can be different depending on the aim. Remember that these maneuvers literally change the "field" in which the participants are moving. This can change things on many levels, even including turning DNA on or off.

Q: (L) I once speculated, and I don't remember where I speculated about it, that a human being has a certain field - like a morphic field - and they are connected in various ways to the field in which they interact... that everything else has a field and all these fields interconnect and intersperse, and that people who perform certain formalized maneuvers based on some technology which we don't know or understand, that it's in a sense - because somebody had told me once that information is stored or retrieved on a computer by a single electron being moved in a certain way on a microchip, that it was a pathway that it follows, and that the pathway that it follows means something - so my idea was perhaps human beings in a sense can be like electrons moving within a certain field. If a group of electrons line themselves up and move in a certain way, it adds some sort of considerable - it's like a significant movement of energy - it creates a current. And this creation of a current is like something that enables you to connect to this other realm, this other density. It's almost like you're creating a cord or something, a tube, or some kind of...

A: A "conduit" maybe?

Q: (L) But anyhow, does that idea make sense? (Ark) Well, theoretically it makes sense. But my question is suppose it is done. And it has probably been done by many people. What are the visible consequences?

A: Under the right circumstances, with knowledge, awareness and, most important of all, BEING (letters came very slowly in contrast to the rest of the message, which was fast), there can be openings of portals for many purposes. Remember the Maruts and their baskets? How about a little "travel" if needed for a positive purpose?

Q: (L) Okay, the Maruts were referred to as - they were like all of a special bloodline - and they danced, and their dance produced benefits for the tribe. I mean, the heavens opened, and baskets came down with food and whatever they needed. I mean, it's like the original story of Manna from heaven. Only it wasn't just something tasteless, it was whatever they wanted or needed. Krunchy (healthy cereal)! (laughter)

A: Keep in mind that in order for the techno-spiritual techniques to work, the people of the "blood" must be purified and their chakras must be "connected". If this is done, there are even more important functions. For example: mental blocking of 4D STS attacks. Do you realize that 200 or so people assembled this way, and a block against the marauders could be put in place? Furthermore the wave is coming, the "dancers" could very well determine how it affects your planet and reality. Can you imagine what would happen if the "elite" of your world were cut off from their 4D STS power supply? What if their mind control techniques and frequency fences just "fizzled"?


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I did a bit of digging this past week to see if there is any evidence to substantiate a much later date for the life of Julius Caesar, looking at historical records from both Europe and China as well as stratigraphic dating using ice core and tree ring records. The post is a bit lengthy and hopefully not too convoluted. Let’s first look at the information given by the C’s during two sessions in 2014.

(Pierre) Maybe you can ask this question. Caesar was born roughly 2,114 years ago according to our official calendars. In reality, how many years ago was Caesar born?

A: 1635. {Difference of 479 years}

(Approaching Infinity) You want to ask about Baby Caesar?

(L) What about Baby Caesar?

(Approaching Infinity) If his story was either taken on by Augustus, or if the Jesus story... if either of those people stole it from Caesar?

A: The Baby Jesus Story is an amalgamation of Mithras and Caesar. The story of "Jesus" causing wonder among the "Doctors of the Law" is referring to Caesar. Augustus borrowed an element or two of the tale of Caesar, but mostly not.

Q: (L) Okay. Hmm. Well, that doesn't help me at all, does it? Was there anything remarkable about Caesar's birth?

A: Comet.

Q: (L) So there was a comet at the time of his birth, and that was the main thing. A comet at his birth, and a comet at his death. Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) But, no “laid in the manger” business, no wise men, nothing like that.

A: No.

Based on the remark in the first session we can infer that Julius Caesar was born circa 379 CE (2014-1635). According to accepted history, Caesar was born in 100 BC and died in 44 BC; that’s a difference of 56 years. Applying this to the later date, Caesar would have died around 435 CE. During the second session, the C’s remarked that there was a comet both at the time of his birth and at the time of his death. There are several historical sources relating to a comet appearing the year of his death, also known as Caesar’s Comet (C/-43 K1). Some of the most known historians from Roman times talk about a comet in the skies during Caesar’s funeral games organised by Augustus in July of that year.

The only place in the whole world where a comet is worshiped is in a temple at Rome. It was a comet that the divine Augustus judged as particularly propitious to himself since it appeared at the beginning of his rule during the games which he gave in honor of Venus Genetrix not long after his father's death when he was a member of the religious body that Caesar had founded. For Augustus expressed his joy in the following words: "On the very day of my games, a comet was seen for seven days in the northern part of the sky. It arose during the eleventh hour of the day, and it was bright and visible from every land. The people believed that this star revealed that the soul of Caesar was received among the divine spirits of the immortal gods, and for this reason an emblem was added to the likeness of his head, which I later consecrated in the forum."These things he said publicly; but with a more private joy he interpreted that the comet had arisen for his own sake and that he was born under its sign. And, to speak the truth, it was beneficial to the world. Pliny

“A star shone for seven successive days, rising about the eleventh hour, and was believed to be the soul of Caesar.” Suetonius

There is however much less evidence for a comet in 100 BC. I did find one mention of a comet sighted at that time as reported by French astronomer Alexandre Guy Pingré in his book Cométographie where he catalogues all comet sightings found in historical records.

[English Translation] 99 [BC]. During the Consulate of C. Marius & L. Valerius, a burning torch was seen at Tarquinia, which suddenly fell. Towards sunset, a kind of round body was seen, similar to a shield; its movement was from west to east. If one recognizes here a Comet, it will be rather in the shield, than in the torch which falls suddenly. Cométographie, Tome I - Pingré

While Pingré gives a date of 99 BC for the sighting of the comet, Gaius Marius and Lucius Valerius Flaccus were actually consults in 100 BC, not in 99 BC. His BC datings seem to be off by one year as he also dated Caesar’s comet in 43 BC when it is generally accepted that it happened in 44 BC.

So there is evidence from Roman sources that a comet was sighted both during Caesar’s birth and death. When it comes to historical recording of comets, China is a much better source as there are clear records dating all the way back to two millennia ago unlike in Europe where the records during the first millennium are sparse and not clearly detailed.

A comet was also observed in China in 44 BC, however, there is a difference in the timing of the sighting which makes it hard to reconcile with the Roman accounts. The Chinese records talk about “a broom star comet was seen at the Northwest. It was reddish-yellow and neared about 12 degrees. After a few days, it was located near Orion, measured over 15 degrees, and pointed toward the northeast.” According to this report, the comet would have been seen around 30th May. However, modern-day astronomers have a hard time reconciling the two accounts when trying to determine the orbit of the comet. Moreover, no visible comet was observed in China in the year 100 BC.

A comet sighting doesn’t necessarily mean that it will impact the Earth or even enter the atmosphere. However, comet fragmentation is a common occurrence as described by @Pierre in his book Earth Changes and the Human Cosmic Connection (chapter 15).

Stratigraphic markers from ice cores, tree rings and marine sediments have been used to identify sudden spikes in the concentration of specific elements that can be linked to earth change events. These include volcanic eruptions, solar proton events (SPE) and even cometary impacts. In recent years, the academic community has been placing most of its focus on analysing these records to identify volcanic eruptions by identifying spikes in the concentration of acids, sulfur or sulfate. Apart from a few researchers such as Mike Baillie, the study of comets has been ignored for the most part by the academic field.

However, ice core records when combined with dendrochronology, the study of tree rings, can yield important information about cometary impacts. Some of the most notable elements that can be tied to comets entering the Earth’s atmosphere are ammonium, nitrate as well platinum, carbon, titanium, carbon and many other elements depending on the class of meteorite. Pierre goes into detail about the chemical composition of meteors and cometary impacts in his many SOTT articles and his most recent book Cometary Encounters.

Looking at high resolution ice core records from the Tunu site in northern Greenland, we note a few interesting signals.

Figure 1: Ammonium concentration in Greenland TUNU2013 ice core: 350-450 CE

Figure 2: Nitric acid concentration in Greenland TUNU2013 ice core: 350-450 CE

Three main signals can be observed during the 350-450 CE timespan for both ammonium and nitric acid at circa 379 CE, 435 CE and 441 CE respectively, the first two matching the dates derived from the C's remarks for the birth and death years of Caesar. Emissions of both nitrate, ammonium and black carbon are generally considered indicators of biomass burning of forest fires and grassland. However, we can observer similar spikes for other ions that cannot be attributed to biomass burning and lend further credence to a cometary origin of these signals.

In fact, similar spikes in Titanium are also observed for the 379 CE and 441 CE events. We can infer from this, together with the carbon signal, that the meteors in question are most likely carbonaceous chondrites, or C-type chondrites, that are rich in carbon compounds, water and lithophile elements like silica, including oxygen, titanium and aluminium. The 435 CE signal instead does not exhibit a spike in these same elements but does have a visible spike in Bromide. As I explain in a SOTT article:

"Bromide is found in relatively low concentrations in the Earth's crust, about the same concentration found in meteorites, or 1ppm. [...]

The ocean contains much larger concentrations of bromide relative to the Earth's crust. The impact of a comet in the ocean could explain the unusually high signal in the ice core, as explained here by Pierazzo et al:

The impact of a 500m asteroid increases the upper atmospheric water vapor content by more than 1.5 times the background over a wide region surrounding the impact point for the first month after the impact. Halogens, ClY (chlorine) and BrY (bromide), follow the water vapor distribution, with an initial increase of over 20 and 5 times normal background, respectively, in the same region surrounding the impact. The perturbations eventually spread over the northern hemisphere, where water vapor content remains about 50% above background for the first year after impact, while ClY and BrY exceed five times and twice their background values.

The strong bromide signal, together with the spike in ammonium and nitrate, supports the possibility that a bolide impacted the Earth [...]".

The Chinese records of cometary sightings are much more accurate than the European ones during the first millennium CE so let's see what the historical accounts show for that time.


There is no record of a comet sighting around 379 AD, however, the later sightings dated 435-6 and 442 AD seem to match the signals observed in the ice core records with a lag of circa 1 year, substantiating the relative accuracy of the dating of the Chinese records.

While analysis of ice cores has improved substantially in the last decade, one still needs to account for a margin of error of at least ±1 year when looking at records from the first millennium, and there are many variables at play in terms of the speed and intensity of deposition of the dust particles containing these elements.

In order to improve dating, ice core signals are generally anchored to tree ring data which provides us with a more accurate dating of sudden climatic changes. Looking at tree rings from Northern Europe and temperature anomaly for that period, we notice a corresponding drop in ring width and temperature during those same years.

Figure 3: Tree ring max density and temperature anomaly in Northern Europe, 373-385 CE.

Figure 4: Tree ring max density and temperature anomaly in Northern Europe, 424-444 CE.

We see notable drops in tree ring width and temperature at years 379, 381 CE and 431, 436 CE. The drops in the early period suggest that we are looking at two separate events causing a cooling in Europe. This is confirmed by the NEEM ice core in Greenland that has higher resolution data compared to the TUNU record and shows a double spike in ammonium, nitric acid and black carbon. From this we can surmise that not just one, but two comets hit the Earth within the span of a year, a true double-whammy.

Figure 5: Greenland NEEM Ice core data, 378-382 CE.

The data for the later timeframe show a notable drop at 431 CE before a second one in 436 CE. This may be related to the eruption of a volcano as it is accompanied by a spike in sulfate and acid in the ice core records from both Greenland and Antarctica shortly after in 433 CE. A recent paper published last year ties the ice core signal to the Tierra Blanca Joven (TBJ) eruption of the Ilopango volcano in El Salvador. They estimated the column of ash rising by circa 45km, exceeding that of the Pinatubo eruption in 1991, and producing a cooling in temperature of around 0.5 °C for a couple of years.

While there are few if any historical accounts of weather changes around Caesar's birth, literature from the time of his death talks about a dimming of the Sun. Pliny the Elder writes:

Portentous and protracted eclipses of the sun occur, such as the one after the murder of Caesar the dictator and during the Antonine war which caused almost a whole year's continuous gloom. Pliny

Plutarch also recounts a more detailed description of the weather during that time:

Among events of the divine ordering there was...after Caesar's murder...the obscuration of the sun's rays. for during all that year its orb rose pale and without radiance, while the heat that came down from it was slight and ineffectual, so that the air in its circulation was dark and heavy owing to the feebleness of the warmth that penetrated it, and the fruits, imperfect and half ripe, withered away and shrivelled up on account of the coldness of the atmosphere. Plutarch

These same weather changes and subsequent crop failures are recounted in the historical records of Europe around 536 AD but on a bigger scale, the year when the Sun dimmed for 18 months and the temperature dropped by 2 °C leading to crop failure, famine and plague.

In conclusion, the stratigraphic data does point to cometary impacts or overhead explosions around 379 CE, 435 CE and 441 CE, the latter two dates substantiated by Chinese records of comet sightings in 435-6 AD and 442 AD. Historical records from Ancient Rome talk about cometary sightings observed during the years of Caesar's birth (100 BC) and death (44 BC) matching the timespan of the cometary impacts recorded in 379 CE and 435 CE.


Thank you very much for the session!

As for the 'SEE' (C? :-D), I can't help but read it as 'understand'. Maybe because I'm German. When translating English into German you would often translate it that way. For example english 'Ah, I see!' would become 'Aha!' or 'Ah, yes!' or rather more clearly 'I understand!' and it would be strange to use words akin to 'eyes' or 'looking' in that context in German, it's just not how you would say it.

So they are basically saying, even if everything couldn't be stranger (as of yet), we should be able to make sense of it.
The same understand is in French. I see, "Je vois" could mean I understand, I get it.
SEE In capital means screaming at us, urgency maybe ... Or very important. IMO🤔


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I'm some pages behind, but thank you for the session! I like to hear everyone chime in that you don't see post a lot in the session threads. Thank you for the inspiring posts here. I was thinking recently that I have to steel myself up for the future and wondered, "Where's my sword?" But then I thought that, "I am the sword!"

I had some personal things in the past few weeks, so emotions were difficult to gauge. But I did feel that uneasiness. And sometimes I felt some bursts of energy and exhilaration. I feel pretty calm now.

After reading the session I started humming the chorus of Angels we have heard on high:

There are some pregnant women at my work and I wonder if they have had the vaccine. :-/ People seeing through this being 12% is not so bad. That's about an eighth.

Before reading the answer of how far in the future they transmit, I wondered if it would even be translatable. I thought many thousands of years. But if only about 1000, that means that 4th, and 5th density incarnations equate to that in earth terms, I suppose. Or maybe not necessarily, because it's just a time locator that it's broadcast from?

WIN 52

The Living Force
About today and physically seeing. Since 2005 my eyesight was progressively getting worse. Driving at night was avoided at all costs. After starting a detox regime and following that up with the keto diet, my eyesight began to improve. Though up until today reading glasses were necessary, 1.25 magnification. At one point 1.75 were necessary.

Today, while reading on my phone, sitting in the sunlight, struggling without glasses, the small print suddenly became clear. That kinda surprised me. So I have been reading in here and wrote this post easily, without glasses. The sun is setting and the words are a bit fuzzy. This is something that I could not do for 16 years.

I can see again! One wonders what else might become visible now?

Since this post my eyesight has remained somewhat better. It seems to fluctuate back and forth between somewhat and noticeably better. Possibly a new plateau of well working machine has been reached.

My feet and now moving up to my legs have also been feeling strange (undecided if it is good or bad) lately. My damaged left foot has fleeting moments of extreme pain at which time my spirit seems to take full control causing the discomfort to vanish. The metatarsal arch was turned to powder during a 2 story fall, landing on cement in 1980. Something significant is taking place with the entire circumstance.

To be quite honest, it seems like physiological changes are undergoing upgrades for the better. The effects seem to be picking up momentum. fwiw

John G

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If my calculations are correct (probably not!), according to the x/137 formula Ark described in the article, and using 10,000 light years as the approximate distance to Cassiopea A, the distance in time should only be about 73 years. This is a lot less than 1000 years, and much less that the tens of thousands of years that the C's have mentioned that the Atlanteans had and 4D have in terms of a technology advantage over current 3D technology.

One thought that occurred to me is that, if at higher densities timespace is selective and variable, then perhaps the 'distance in time' from us to the C's has changed according to our level of awareness ie. in 1994 when Laura first began the Cassiopaean communications, they were tens, if not hundreds of thousands of years distant from us in 'time', but as we are acting on the knowledge gained and our awareness has increased, perhaps this has moved us closer to the future so the C's are only 1000 years away now?

They did mention something in one of the Sessions about that they would merge with us at the realm border crossing, so perhaps as peak of the Wave gets 'closer', we also move closer to the C's in 'time'? Then, as the Wave 'recedes' on the other side, those who graduate are in a 4D reality that is still some 'distance' from 6D, but remains permanently closer due to fourth density being a 'higher' realm?
Well Ark began his question mentioning the 100-200 year range and the Cs gave 1000 as a maximum before the signal starts to get too weak so it could be the 73 would be an ideal for keeping an ideally strong signal but yes I don't know if Ark has made changes to his model. Being that 4th/6th density time travel, where in time the Cs are relative to Laura during channeling could vary but I'm not sure how they would decide where to be in time. Maybe they try to avoid other interfering entities some, who knows. The Cs might also have to pick a worldline (even a low probability one) that is also Laura's so maybe doing that within the less than 1000 years constraint isn't easy. We also wouldn't know if the Cs use other radio sources like that jump to Leo thing once.


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A: Just keep eyes and ears open and SEE! Goodbye.
SEE: A Strategy for Managing the Risk of Motor Vehicle Operation. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), in its Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC) and other curricular products, promotes a three-part process with the acronym SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute) as the core of a personal safe-riding strategy.


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A: Just keep eyes and ears open and SEE! Goodbye.
SEE: A Strategy for Managing the Risk of Motor Vehicle Operation. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), in its Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC) and other curricular products, promotes a three-part process with the acronym SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute) as the core of a personal safe-riding strategy.

I don't know if it also connects but in the session dated 7 June 1997 when Laura asked the C's about checking out crop circles in person they responded:
A: We meant that if you travel to Angle Terra, open your eyes, ears, and mind.

WIN 52

The Living Force
SEE: A Strategy for Managing the Risk of Motor Vehicle Operation. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), in its Basic RiderCourseSM (BRC) and other curricular products, promotes a three-part process with the acronym SEE (Search, Evaluate, Execute) as the core of a personal safe-riding strategy.
Funny, that has been my main strategy used when driving for 50+ years of accident free vehicle operation. Not being able to trust others abilities in difficult driving conditions especially, has helped me avoid collisions. Probably more than 10 times.

It is also a very good strategy to use when interacting with people. Get to know how they operate, then decide whether or not to continue associating with them. If you make a mistake there, view it as a lesson learned.


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Thank you for this session. I too feel that something is coming and just this feeling of waiting. I’m so glad to have this network…it’s the only place of sanity. The world has gone mad! Thank you, Laura and crew, for all that you do 😊


Jedi Master
Thank you for such a wonderful session.
During these stressful and difficult times I find that there is something beautiful growing inside of me.
I really never thought that that would be possible for me.
I harken back to the discussion about the sower and I know focusing on the seed growing brings Gloria.
There was another session where this parable was discussed but I can't remember which session it was. Ill look.


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Well Ark began his question mentioning the 100-200 year range and the Cs gave 1000 as a maximum before the signal starts to get too weak so it could be the 73 would be an ideal for keeping an ideally strong signal but yes I don't know if Ark has made changes to his model. Being that 4th/6th density time travel, where in time the Cs are relative to Laura during channeling could vary but I'm not sure how they would decide where to be in time. Maybe they try to avoid other interfering entities some, who knows. The Cs might also have to pick a worldline (even a low probability one) that is also Laura's so maybe doing that within the less than 1000 years constraint isn't easy. We also wouldn't know if the Cs use other radio sources like that jump to Leo thing once.
I wondered about the years (1000 years) and the general sense of what the Cassiopaeans said. In my opinion, this has something to do with what they said about the 1000-year period that will begin after the Wave arrives to complete the transition of humanity from 3 to 4 Density.

But what is a sense of it? Well, as for these years, I am not talking about it as something strictly connected to the Wave, but as a period that conveys what 'roughly' I would call "consciousness range", just as the development of human consciousness to an appropriate level of functionality is supposed to close in thousand years period. 1000 years as an area of increasing awareness.

We have had different periods in human history. Perhaps this larger cycle of 309,000 is broken down into smaller sub-cycles (epochs that do not necessarily correspond to how we traditionally divide them in the science of history) that we could term a period of approximately 1,000 years.

...It's a bit like, what it might looks like in a conversation between two people:
- How long does it take for people to adjust to 4 Density?
- Well, I don't know, I can't say, you can't put it that way, time doesn't exist as you think.
- But I would like to know, if only approximately.
- Okay, you know, it's just like the history of your world. Each epoch is slightly different in the life of mankind. They are made up by various cosmic influences. People behave in one way and no other, they have different problems and are mentally toned differently.

Maybe some things repeat themselves, but other parts are completely different, characteristic and unheard of in other eras. This one epoch within which consciousness experiences life in a certain way is like "1000 years." These 1000 years are like one pulsation, the life of the human masses is developing, it is at its peak at some point it collapses and all this within 1000 years. What happens at this time corresponds to one cycle."

Likewise, it could apply to contact with the C's who are us (about) 1000 years in the future. What I mean is that the work of consciousness is subordinated to cycles that could be applied to a period of "1000 years" also. In our normal state we perceive the present moment, but on the subconscious level our soul may undergo a process for lack of a better word known to me: being "fuzzy" and so consciousness touches such a cycle from the beginning to its end (back to the starting point) at the same moment of what can be related to the "1000 years" period.

And such a cycle can be also a space to contact the Higher Self/6D STO, within which there are no "disturbances" associated with the transition between cycles. Thoughts can be transmitted between levels of consciousness in within the same cycle. That's how I understand it, at least for the moment.

unkl brws

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Thanks to the crew form the session.
I've the impression of this time the C's are more "serious", like we're close to see things going on more quick.

This kick me personally. The point is be more aware on how deal with stress and anxiety. Home work!
That line "These are the times that try men's souls" stood out for me also. It's from the writing of Thomas Paine called "The American Crisis" (1776).
From Wikipedia -

In late 1776, Paine published The American Crisis pamphlet series to inspire the Americans in their battles against the British army. He juxtaposed the conflict between the good American devoted to civic virtue and the selfish provincial man. To inspire his soldiers, General George Washington had The American Crisis, first Crisis pamphlet, read aloud to them. It begins:

These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like Hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.


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My sister who lives in the US has told me that the Federal Reserve has stopped printing money. If true, it could be an indication that the PTB plan to crash the US stock market in mid-October and start a programmed takedown of the world's economy in order to usher in the WEF's global economic reset.

I did a bit of digging, so far it doesn't seem the Federal Reserve stopped printing physical money (technically, it it the Bureau of Engraving and Printing that does the printing; see wikipedia entry: Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Wikipedia )

Fed Reserve FY (fiscal year) 2021 currency orders: Federal Reserve Board - Currency Print Orders

Bureau of Engraving and Printing annual currency printing report: U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Annual Production Reports
and monthly currency printing report: U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing - Monthly Production Reports
(the latest report is August 2021:
I'm guessing reports lag by a month so the report for September 2021 will come out sometime in October)
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