The other interesting thing in NZ was that yesterday they announced a website that people could go to to fill in a form dobbing their neighbours in for lock down violations. Apparently the website crashed shortly after and once it came back up, they received in excess of 4000 reports in just an hour. So many petty dictators just relishing their power

And that is how it is going, people divide - heck, no need for police in some place just constant badgering of each other on social media (many examples in the last 4,600 odd posts). Being relatively close to another province; unlike the states whereby many states are surrounded on all sides, some people have resorted to placing signs saying to anyone from out of province, to go home, and that is the neighborly message now, as is elsewhere, by our health minister(s) to not leave the cities to cottages et cetera. Many of the towns only survive by those coming from elsewhere in good times, yet now...same all all over the world for similar and different reasons.

Have been in a couple of grocery stores where the majority don't seem to be bothered when the absents of the cone of separation is breached, and brush by one or another like normal, whereas others run when you get close like a person has leprosy.

My friends mother is dying, not from C-19, and yet for families negotiating, not only the death of their loved one, but trying to see them and say goodby (while some family members are scared to go near), and then even to consider what to do after death is a damn hard thing to observe. Sadly, they have no answers, even the process of death for families is on hold while death carries on without their comfort.

My mom is 91 and she is doing okay, rather stubborn as is she. Refuses to stay inside and goes out and does her rounds (only thing keeping her sane). Others have commented to me, say, you do know your mother should be inside and she is not, type of thing. My answer is, yes she is stubborn and there is just no holding her down, and besides she does not listen to me (my mom is calling BS on the whole affair - never too old to be a SoTT reader is she). Basically, she would say, I'm old, if I die I die and the autorities are not making me a prisoner of my home. She is determined to hang around for now to see the show.

Like many others here who are health care providers, my wife's business has been done for a few week. Her landlord canceled half the rent, so that was good of him, yet it is hard to pay rent when hundred percent of her income, like others, has gone away. The landlord too is making adjustments. The big thing for her is she loves her work, and her clients cannot be physically helped, so it is hard for both her and her clients - she tries to advise them by phone, has brought some some food, and is taking the time to reinvent some things.

I'm still working for now, and am required to even meet people in these new antiseptic ways; many are relaxed about it as best they can be, and other are or brimming over with fear. Tough to see, so just try to convey some reassuring language, yet their minds are their minds as to what they see and think. The virus is more a virus of the mind, and there is no easy cure for that.

There has been no 'flatting of the curve' of phone conferences that sometimes work, however mostly they become plagued (no pun) with problems. So on that note, my update ends with some conference nuances that many might know:

In reference to the asteroid/explosion in Akure:
The roof seems like it was blasted from above, and the side or ground level walls, have no sigh of dirt or rocks having blasted them? Explosion from above first?

You made a very good observation, Adobe. Laura posted this article a while ago on FB:

The explosion that rocked Akure, Ondo state capital, on Saturday, was caused by a giant rock from space known as meteors, a team of experts have concluded.
The experts led by Adepelumi Adekunle, a professor of geophysics and earthquake engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, said the meteors impacted the location from “an angle of 43 degrees”.
there was no evidence of a buried vehicle, buried ordinance or explosives from the site, and that “foreign rocks and strange metallic objects” were found within the crater created.

His report read: “My Research group carried out a detailed analysis of the impact site. A circular impact crater with 21m diameter and 7.8m depth was found which suggest a natural phenomenon.

“Water was found oozing out from the edges of the crater. A preliminary insitu vibration, noise, seismicity, water analysis, radioactivity studies, rock and soil investigation were carried out.

“Our findings suggest that the impact of the blasting covers 1km radius of the surroundings of the crater. No evidence of fire or burning of anything was found within the vicinity.

“No evidence of radioactivity radiation was found within the crater and immediate vicinity. The field evidence points to a conclusion that a meteorite from an asteroid belt that travels at a great speed from space impacted the location at an angle of 43 degrees created an ejecta at South-Western part.”

He also said a crack opening that vary in thickness from 3mm to 4 metres occurred on the wall of most of the buildings in the area, “but not at the base of the buildings”.

So that is fairly wicked. What's in store coming our way? I sometimes think the C's are very cynical with their 'Wait and see!' quip. In combination with Laura's 'Pass me the popcorn', I sometimes have this image of myself sitting with you all on a railway and watching a train coming while chewing a handful of gravel. Interesting times :wow:
Anybody else getting harassed and attacked while trying to sleep, or while asleep in the night.
I only seem to get a peaceful sleep during the day.
They know i am not scared of them, so they changed their tactics, by freaking you out in a short term.
They startle you, like a normal reaction you have when a mouse suddenly runs through your room or something, (while you are not afraid of a mouse in general)
Such a reaction that you can not stop, which is a natural reaction.
Now it is light here, so going to try to sleep.
Hopefully, some of my day remains.
It's such a shame, the weather is beautiful here.
I'm located in the South of the UK - and personally I've not seen a change in the birds. I have a lovely tree covered in brambles outside my bedroom window, and the past few days (as seems usual at this time of year) it is covered by sparrows and blue-tits. Also from my window I can see a number of large Magpie nests, and often watch one that is working on a new nest above our shed (awfully brave considering our cats).

I haven't seen any other changes in our animals - although 2 weeks ago now our Labrador had (what we assumed) was an ear infection, shaking her head a lot and scratching at it - which turned out to be inflamation and irritation due to allergies, which struck me as coincidental timing as shortly after, the C's diagnosed Noko the Wonderdog with allergies due to mold!

I will keep an eye out on the birds though - animals are often the first to react to changes we can't yet see.

As usual I am struggling a bit in the home situation with a resistant husband - initially I suggested some interesting articles to read, but after being accused of acting "callous" about peoples deaths, I am going for the strategic enclosure route and not rocking the boat - I see my situation as a trial I have gotten myself into, and a school for learning. Trying hard to remain positively aware and observant, staying up to date with the forum community even if it is just reading most of the time.

My cat has also been losing hair on her hind legs for a while, her back upper legs are completely bald now.
But i dont have the money to go to a vet now :-(
Suggestion: Each of us, at home, for 5 to 15 minutes, we can think and/or breathe in the FRV even if our conscious mind doesn't know what it looks like or how it can resonate inside us.

Indeed! I think praying every day is important right now. Today while praying I had this image come to mind of the Divine Cosmic Mind manifesting its perfect law, on a planet of beauty and harmony, accessible to anyone who cares to listen to its voice, with this group being the conduit, elevating all who are able to "tune in". Had a very calm and warm feeling. You can't force such things, but praying with good and pure intentions, while open for good outcomes, may help raise FRV?

3/29 - dreamt of a wave. standing on a balcony, i see a tidal wave to my right. i lie face down on the balcony floor. it merely sprinkles me. i stand up, look right again and a much larger wave is headed towards me. no fear, just curiosity and thoughts of how cool this big wave is. dream ends

Last night I dreamt something about different realities flickering in and out. I forgot the details unfortunately, but remember it was very vivid and very clear and nuanced.
This is suspicious and needs a check. Someone spotted it on Twitter apparently and sent me via SMS. Never heard of this 'Strategika' website.
I've checked various sources on the Russian net and found nothing that could support these kind of suspicions. Don't want to sound too harsh or presumptuous but to me all the above is total BS. However the Russian support to Italy during the current crisis is of a great importance from a geopolitical point of view. Russia offered her help without asking nothing in return, what did the EU, France, Germany to help Italy? NOTHING. The funds from BCE, IMF, will have to be paid with interests by the italian people and we know how it goes in these situations. Greece anyone? I think this one is a very important marker for Italy, that is making some very wise and strategic decisions that may reveal themselves detrimental when the Sh*t will hit the fan. By this small gesture Russia showed Italy that she is her friend and could be a valuable ally if Italy or better say those in power aren't total feckless useless idiots subjugated to the will of the PTB that will spit on Russia's gesture and will continue to abide by the wills of the PTB. Will see pretty soon how the things will unfold. Though as I said I stick to the idea that this is the time for Italy to weight very carefully who are her true friends, the West or the East (China and Russia)?
I cannot even begin to describe how much this forum means to me. Your insight and research is so spot on in this crazy time

Most of my friends are from the San Francisco Bay area in Silicon Valley because that is where I grew up and worked, until I got too old. They are all in a panic. One of my oldest and closest friends is beside herself trying to "social distance" from grocery shoppers and "disinfect" from the the contractors who had to replace some floors in her condo due to mold. She spent hours wiping down everything they may have touched, doing laundry, vaccuming and washing the floors.

Initially I had a conversation with her about the virus, stating that it wasn't acutually that bad, that the panic was worse than the virus. Her reply was that people were DYING!!! Yes, they are dying as they do in every flu epidemic. I reminded her that last year my own step-father died from the flu and that was because he was in memory care because he had alzheimer's, diabetes and bladder cancer. Her mind is made up and I can't change it. It makes me sad, all I can do now is help her calm down and reassure her that the things she is doing to boost her immune system will help protect her.
That would be super cool, because you would have valuable info indeed!

Well, let's see what happened before all of this even began. After all, there is so much media coverage from the coronavirus madness, and MOST of these cases are mild, even those hospitalized. True, there are gruesome details in the MINORITY of cases. There's stuff like fulminant myopericarditis. Still, fact remains, MOST have a mild form of something or other, even though symptoms might feel pretty awful to the person subjectively speaking. People with the flu feel pretty horrible, yet they are not hospitalized unless strictly necessary.

It's important for people to stay grounded and not let the hysteria run their programs (whether childhood, career, cultural, nationalist, family programs...). So let's have a look at more data from the health trenches prior to the current madness.

Here's an article from the 2015 flu, a time when I was working in the ER. Keep in mind, that during those circumstances, NO MILD CASES were hospitalized. A hospital bed is invaluable and people who have severe decompensations due to multiple pathologies are the ones queuing in for hospitalization. I remember sending people with acute kidney failure that was amenable for dialysis to queue for hospitalization. She had to wait in the corridor for the entire day. That gives an idea of conditions these patients were while awaiting in corridors to be hospitalized.

[google translation]

The lack of beds for admissions and the flu collapse the emergencies of the hospitals
of Zaragoza

The emergencies of the Zaragoza hospitals experienced a very difficult day yesterday. The saturation that these services have been registering almost every day since the beginning of Christmas was aggravated by the lack of beds to admit new patients.

Those who registered the greatest healthcare pressure were Miguel Servet and Royo Villanova, two centers in which the patients who went to the emergency department and needed to be admitted had to wait for hours to be able to go to the floor and occupy a bed.

Center workers explained that at some point in the morning, in the Servet emergency room, there were up to 65 people pending admission, but that they remained in this service as there were not enough beds in the hospital or in other hospitals in the city to which be derived. The Military Hospital and San Juan de Dios, which are the centers that absorb part of the Servet patients when the Zaragoza hospital is complete, yesterday they could only take in two patients because they did not have free beds either.

During the morning, the three observation rooms of the Servet were full, while 19 other people waited in the corridors (many of them in the open areas that are close to the control), 8 patients waited in wheelchairs and 4 in the ER boxes that Due to this, were disabled during that time. All areas, open

A hospital spokesman recalled yesterday that all the units and alternative rooms to cover these types of incidents remain open and operational at this time and assured that to face the pressure that this service is bearing during the last weeks, seventy people have been hired between nurses and doctors. This spokesperson explained that the majority are nurses hired "to attend to open hospitalization areas that host these admissions."

The reasons why this emergency collapse occurred yesterday are varied. On the one hand, center workers explained that the surgical activity is already one hundred percent. After the Christmas dates and the end of the holidays enjoyed by health personnel at this time of year, the operating rooms have resumed their activity and they are operating at a good pace (something, on the other hand, normal in January, with a view to lightening surgical waiting lists). These operated patients –explained these sources– occupy beds that, therefore, can no longer be made available to people who access the emergency room.

This internal activity of the hospital is joined by a greater number of patients who arrive through the emergency department. The cold has caused a flare-up of certain pathologies, especially in the chronically ill and the elderly who come to this service or are referred by their GPs. We must also add the fact that influenza is beginning to be noticed in the Community, even though the outbreak of this disease cannot yet be said to have arrived.

Hospital sources added one more reason. During the weekend there were around 130 admissions, a high volume that is not usual and that decreased the number of beds available, already reduced in itself since medical weekends are not usually given either.

The other Zaragoza hospital that had its urgencies to overflow yesterday was the Royo Villanova. Like the Servet, the lack of beds to absorb the income of new patients was what collapsed the service. According to center workers, during the morning, up to 18 patients were concentrated in observation and another 16 in the emergency department waiting to be admitted. As happened in the Servetus, Royo could hardly refer patients to other health centers, since the Provincial - which is the hospital that supports him for these situations of hospital saturation - only had some free bed during the afternoon. These same sources assured yesterday that during a good part of the day, not only beds but also wheelchairs and stretchers were missing. They also pointed out that the situation worsened yesterday, but that it had already been complicated since Sunday.

From the Satse nursing union yesterday they considered that the emergency situation, far from being resolved, has become chronic.

This service, whose collapse attributed the Health Minister, Ricardo Oliván, to Christmas excesses, has been peaking for weeks almost weekly. One of the alternatives that, in Satse's opinion, would help to decongest these hospital services permanently would be to create home care teams for the chronically ill in the Community, something that already exists in other communities.

Here's one from this last January, 2020, before all of this even began.

[google translation]

The Miguel Servet de Zaragoza hospital works against the clock to enable this Tuesday at noon 20 extra beds on the eighth floor of the Children's Hospital to thus attend the increase in emergency care, where at least 25 patients were waiting in the corridors yesterday morning since all available rooms were full. This extraordinary measure is added to the one that was adopted last Monday, the 20th, when the old Psychiatry plant was put into service to have 22 more places.

Luis Callén, manager of sector II, acknowledged that the emergency situation is being "truly complicated" because the cold has triggered attention. In fact, the diagnosis of influenza, which is already considered an epidemic with an incidence rate last week of 431.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants (compared to 190 the previous week), has increased the healthcare pressure in the center hospitable. Yesterday morning, it was necessary to refer six patients to the San Juan de Dios Hospital, according to sources from the Servet. "All the patients are being cared for and have been evaluated," Callén said, and many of them come with severe pathologies. Added to the high incidence of the flu, he added, which has a high morbidity: "It is serious and greatly decompensates patients who have other previous pathologies. That generates a lot of demand for justified assistance."

CSIF sources alerted this Monday that Servet's emergencies were "overwhelmed". In addition to the 25 patients who were waiting in the corridors, there were eight others in the so-called ‘bay of discharges’, a passageway for those who leave the hospital, with a nurse and an auxiliary nursing care technician. In addition, they reported from the union, all the rooms were full, there were four isolated patients, three in the Trauma boxes and 15 in those of the General Hospital. The emergency rooms are saturated since this Sunday, they said, although the problems have dragged on since last week.

From the Government of Aragon they recognized that they are "days of great assistance pressure" because the cold and the flu aggravates the situation. From the Servet hospital they advanced that on Saturday the 25th, they attended the emergency department of the General Hospital and Traumatology 368 patients; and on Sunday the 26th, at 380. The previous weekend the figures were similar: on Saturday, January 18, the hospital center had 378 emergencies and on Sunday the 19th, 397. The highest number was on Monday the 20th, with 433 attentions. A significant increase has also been noted in children who go to the pediatric emergency department of the Children's Hospital: on Sunday 253 patients were treated.

The average number of patients who go to the emergency room daily in the Community (in all hospitals) is around 1,490. In 2019, emergency care reached 610,400. Of these, 206,000 were attended at the Servet, with 4,000 more than in 2018.

On Monday, January 20, the Miguel Servet University Hospital opened a Multipurpose Medical Care Unit, with 22 beds, after carrying out conditioning work in the former Psychiatry, on the sixth floor. In order to face these punctual moments of great care pressure, the center is preparing "in record time" the eighth floor of the Infantil. The idea is that it can be opened today at noon. "We will see if it is enough or if we will not have to assess the possibility of opening one more plant in our center or in one of those that collaborate with us," said the manager of sector II, such as the Military Hospital. "All professionals are making an effort to expedite discharges to achieve shorter stays and free beds for those who are in emergencies," he said.

Perhaps they were counting on this bad flu season to keep the numbers running. However, according to the last epidemiological bulletin, flu cases were winding down. It does seem that the number of hospitalized cases in the second half of March are kept up due to hospitalizations of mild cases. These people never would have been hospitalized if it was not for their coronavirus label.
In New Zealand, the PM addressed the nation yesterday around the death of the patient with flu that has been reclassified as a CV19 death. A journalist asked about what things might loom like when the lock down was lifted. She said that while in due course all Kiwis would be free to move around the country after lockdown, the borders would remain closed and no international travelers would be allowed in until a vaccine was developed. the population vaccinated and by implication, only vaccinated travelers allowed in. This was to make sure all Kiwis were safe. She also said this was likely the steps other countries would take.

So, on that basis it would mean nobody would be allowed to travel around the world unless they had been vaccinated. No proof of vaccine, no travel allowed. Grim indeed.
I think this is an important way of getting vaccinations into everyone. Which ever STSer thought this one up was really smart! :scared:

If they force vaccinate everyone wouldn't it make it so much easier to 'download' what ever type of program they wanted into society? They also have the advantage of literally generations of brain-washing to get people to believe in the 'science' that would make the tobacco industry blush.

It also has the added advantage of crippling or killing people who have the potential to unseat their plans, or do great good in the world - either directly or indirectly (via their children, or their children were the ones who had that potential).

Perhaps the childhood vaccination campaign run in America from 1986 was a 'trial run'? Reagan signed into law something that gave blanket immunity from being sued due to a dodgy product. I guess the fact that the actual protection vaccination gave was less than 100 % was only a secondary concern. This has been going on for over 30 years, and relatively few people know about it.

As a result, America now has the highest infant mortality and the lowest pediatric health of the entire Developed World. We're just not allowed to notice it or discuss it. The STS mob in charge are all about saying: "That's just a coincidence", or "We're better at diagnosing autism, now". And, anyone who questions or criticizes this is summarily destroyed, or put out of a job, especially if it's in health care.

So, I would suggest that if anyone is at all interested in fighting this particular STS assault, that they start by educating themselves about issues relating to vaccines. I don't think it's a coincidence that China started it's mandatory adult vaccination campaign in December 2019. 😷 😷 😷

And that's the end of my rant!
This morning I spent almost an hour searching for daily covid-19 statistics (from UK or elsewhere) as I wanted to find out what's the daily change in ratio of number of tests carried out to number of confirmed cases, ...but I found nothing. :shock: I did not give up though and thought I just needed these two data set separately to produce the stats myself, but I couldn't find any reasonable data regarding number of daily tests carried out. If somebody came across such data or stats, please let me know.
Serbian president plans to introduce total lockdown of the whole country in next couple of days. This is getting crazier by the day.

Article in Serbian
Hey MirAd
I found this video where Vucic's game of creating panic is explained... it might be of use to you. Maybe share it with friends.

"DJB objasnio zašto Vučić namerno izaziva histeriju"
"DJB explained why Vucic deliberately causes hysteria"

Good luck
Hi @biuta, firstly it was just a very broad idea and comparison to something of a past magnitude most similar to now - I didn't mean it to be a replica or exact comparison.

OK @MikeJoseph82 but how do you account then for the forced mass migration that was orchestrated and allowed most likely by the same forces in the recent years? I doubt those guys were shipped back home.

Absolutely, I doubt the recent migrants were shipped back to their original homes either and are probably where they want to be right now, rather than where the authorities may want them to be. It'd be naive and early to rule out future internment, but that said it might not even happen anyway, along with my thought bubble - it was just a thought.

There is an unprecedented reset going on in terms of people's movements globally, with a pandemic used as justification, but there could also be a Second Act once the majority of people are returned home. This is similar but still different to previous global events. Similar that it's of such a magnitude and reach (e.g. WW2), but different technologically, with different geopolitical complexities and economically.
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