Session 10 December 2022

I also have similar thoughts Diana. During COVID I really thought the unvaxinated would end up in ghettos, the population was too hysterical to do anything if it had happened. I was preparing myself to die.

I also have a bit of food and medecine saved for rainy days, but it will never be enough to keep us safe for more than a few weeks. I bought warm clothes for me and my family, I plan to buy a bit of silver and gold if I can afford it, I try to keep myself healthy, but that's about all I can do in terms of preparations for the moment.

I accepted that I might not live to be old, that I may not have a child or see this new world. I mean I don't know how to live without civilisation and I know what happens to too many women and girls in times of turmoil.

But it's also liberating because like you said, death, especially if it's quick, is not the worst thing that can happen to you. So many people around the world accept the unacceptable because they are afraid to die, but we will die anyway. I really realised I was going to die one day, and it made me want to live this life to the fullest, because I realised it wasn't a given, this life is an opportunity and I want to make the most of it.

So, this world as we know it is ending, and I'd be surprised it lasts for more than a decade, but for the time that is given to us, we can make a small difference to those around us, we can still love and share and discover and have gratitude. There's not much else we can do.
You need to start living without fear. Rapture is only for those who don't make the cut, the rest of us will enter a golden/new age. If you find someone to love, do it as good marriage and having baby is the best way to raise your frequency/unconditional love. You have the right attitude hoarding/ over prepping isn't necessary, the best investment is learning to love so you actually can be harvested at the end of grand harvest. Love is light as your heart learn to love your aura will grow brighter helping our baby planet earth on it's journey to become a shinning sun so it can return home to that huge bright star at the center of the galaxy (we are currently at the outer rim/ darker arm of the galaxy). Long way to go from being totally pure energy/7D.


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The other thing on the subject of aliens that has always played on my mind is how they appear so organised in their dealing with our world. I mean, it's like there are absolutely no "rebels" or breakaway groups in their ranks that would break right into our reality you know, to cause the supposed groups in control of our planet problems. 🤷

I mean it's like the no.1 rule is - stay hidden from humans. Why? Because they must never believe other intelligent life exists. And this message has been broadcasted to aliens everywhere and they all agree. 🤨

It's all rather strange to me. I can only imagine that I am thinking about this all in the wrong way. That the truth is so different to how we have been primed to think that it's always stared us in the face but we are just incapable of seeing it for what it is. Maybe...

Added: my mental stream is not yet finished. Here's another thing... Have you noticed how the stories about aliens are so human centric. How much energy are they expending on us - staying hidden, running all these lies, maintaining some sort of cloak on our planet etc. Makes you wonder if they have time to do anything else? 🧐
Forgive me for being direct but you are speaking as if you have not read The Wave. It is imperative that you go and do that so you may hold the lense the groups see through.

I'll give you one hint. Time does not exist for aliens because they're Hyperdimensional time travellers.

At the risk of sounding arrogant I urge you to read The Wave along with supplemental material.


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Forgive me for being direct but you are speaking as if you have not read The Wave. It is imperative that you go and do that so you may hold the lense the groups see through.

I'll give you one hint. Time does not exist for aliens because they're Hyperdimensional time travellers.

At the risk of sounding arrogant I urge you to read The Wave along with supplemental material.
Hello hello 👋
  • What bits of my post are you addressing.
  • What lense does the group see through.


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Hello hello 👋
  • What bits of my post are you addressing.
  • What lense does the group see through.
I'm addressing your entire post. It seems like you have questions that have been answered by The Wave series. If you haven't read it, you should. It will show the lense with which the group sees along with supplemental material mentioned throughout the series. It's worth it!


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(L) So some of them actually believe that what they're doing is for THEIR survival, naturally, because they don't give a hoot about anybody else.
Naturally! This brings to mind the session where the C's said that the elites plan to survive earth changes in underground bases will fail.

(Alejo) In the last session the C's said that Russophobia had a hyperdimensional origin, was the phobia against the Spanish empire of the 18 and 19th Century of similar origin?

A: No

Q: (Alejo) If so, was it related to their spread of Catholicism?

A: No
I recall that conflicts between the Russia and the West started largely in part because of the differences in views between Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Catholicism.

Thank you to the Chateau team for sharing this incredible session. There is much to ponder.

Something to ponder could be what Laura said in this excerpt:

Trying to interpret the exchange:

"Q: (L) But don't aliens have the ability to read mind?"

Which might mean that if a human could understand the language of the aliens, the aliens, able to read the minds of the human, would be able to detect that this human was decoding their conversation, even if the human did not explicitly acknowledge this knowledge to the aliens. Next:

"Suppose they had this AI translator..."
Then the humans would not in their thoughts display a knowledge of the language of the aliens to any thought reading alien.
"Oh, I just answered my own question. If they have it, they will have AI to deploy it, therefore they won't be thinking about..."

But, even if you do not know a language, say Chinese, Arabic, Spanish or Russian and only listen to a translator, you will still think of the meaning of the words that are translated. If so, thought reading aliens would still be able to detect that somebody understood the meaning of their conversation, even if only indirectly as through an AI translator. Perhaps that is why Laura's next thought was:

"Somebody would still be thinking about it."

The C's responded:

"A: Some are trained to block thoughts."

Which could be taken to mean that some humans, knowing of the mind reading abilities of the aliens, may still be able to hide their knowledge of the meaning of what is translated of the alien language.

But is the above a valid interpretation?

For context on the topic of blocking, there was an example of mental blocking, and what it might be to do, in another Session:
Very interesting stuff we have here.

I'm not sure. Also, if they have the option to communicate among themselves telepathically in front of humans, why would they use a form of communication that can potentially be intercepted and deciphered? Still, that fragment was super interesting and intriguing.
It seems to me that the aliens would use verbal communication because they're subject to laws of third density while being here. It may also be a form of "keeping appearances" as has also been discussed. I enjoy reading everyone's thoughts on the matter, it really helps peel away the layers.

Just to try to clarify: When I said this in the session: "Q: (L) But don't aliens have the ability to read minds? Suppose they had this AI translator... Oh, I just answered my own question. If they have it, they will have AI to deploy it, therefore they won't be thinking about... Somebody would still be thinking about it."

I was thinking "what the heck does AI have to do with this?

So, assuming that aliens have the ability to read minds, obviously, they don't need speech, so why would humans need an AI translator?

Then, assuming that aliens and humans were having dialogues... well, they would obviously be speaking to the humans either telepathically, or via speech. Assume they opted to use speech as a way of trying to normalize the interaction. Then assume that they also had a spoken language themselves that they used either telepathically or via speech, depending on the circumstances.

Next, imagine this meeting between humans and aliens (possibly happening rather more frequently than we might imagine) and the aliens utilize speech in 3D simply because it is energy efficient. So, they speak the human's language to them, but then have side exchanges between themselves. Or, even assume that some humans work with them in some way and are around them (in 3D where the aliens lazily use speech rather often), and overhear them discussing things. So, the humans want to know what they are talking about.

The humans then get the idea that AI can help them decode the aliens' speech so that the humans can understand what they are saying (maybe they have made recordings, too).

So, that is what went through my head in a flash and that's why I said what I did, and then added that Oh, somebody would be thinking about it if they were deploying it... which led to the Cs saying what they did about blocking. So, yeah,
the humans also realize that the aliens have telepathic abilities, so anyone who is going to be involved in such a project has to be able to block the alien's thought reading.

Does that help or just make it more confusing?
Looks great to me. Admittedly while reading the session I glossed over that paragraph because I was confused about where your thought process was. I figured it would sort itself out down the line and I'm glad you explained because it provides food for thought.

Guys, a few thoughts

  • Imagine the land masses rearranging themselves to the extent hinted and ask yourself what living thing would survive such an ordeal. What is the impact to the atmosphere and climate on a planetary scale - how does one get food or shelter. It all looks rather impossible to me - end of life type scenario for large animals, including humans. Has such an event been observed on other planets?
  • I tell you what, the whole idea of aliens appearing as Nordic types to humans negotiators for the simple reason of alleviating any discomfort in the humans is somewhat laughable. I'd imagine the type of humans they are dealing with should be able to straight up tell them to just appear in their true form, be it a walking alligator. I'd also imagine such humans to expect deception as this is how they would deal with their own kind in matters of power and information asymmetry. I imagine it's all about the humans trying to cultivate some sort of "shared goals" if such a thing is possible with some hyper dimensional aliens that can read minds and literally are of a higher density meaning our awareness levels are like that of a dog compared to there's. Makes you wonder why the aliens have to have meetings with humans in the first place - what's in it for them?
Final thoughts on why they'd talk - it doesn't sound like a stretch if they take the form of a human body which of course is capable of talking. Perhaps if they were in another form, e.g. giant alligator then they wouldn't be able to talk, not at least as we know of talking?

Imagine this - aliens in a room with humans over a conference desk talking about something with a secretary coming in with the catering, some finger food and drinks. Lol. Looks a bit surreal, yes?

It's an amazing thought that such extraordinary things like continents rearranging themselves in a short period due to whatever or aliens masquerading as humans are taking place in this reality which seems sooo, erhmm, extraordinarily 3D, mundane, devoid of magic from the point of view of a normal everyday person. You mean to say those blobs of light that pass for UFOs can like appear to be as real as a flesh and blood thing occupying this space? Mind blowing 🤯 - has to be seen to be believed though this is not me tempting fate.
Well... Imagine that due to the size of the tectonic plates that maybe it's possible that people who live in central areas of the continents may not have been as severely affected as those living around the edges.

It's possible that the STS beings saved some humans as they had done with the Kantekkians.

Apparently at the time of Atlantis the population was similar to the size of ours today. It is theorized that only roughly 10 million survived.

And if you think about the flood of Noah which most likely occurred 11700 - 12500 years ago (younger dryas event) despite that giant flood accompanied by earthquakes, massive bolts of lightning and cometary bombardment; people still managed to survive. We still have stories of the ancients seeing tiamat/Marduk suck the atmosphere off of mars!

The aliens probably aren't "appearing" as Nordics, they are probably naturally that way in appearance since we "know" that there are Nordic types, Lizard types (some who are pets of the Nordics) and then the cybernetic greys.

Is the reason for the “nonsensical” depopulation to shove as many of the human race into the awaiting capturers as possible while the time is right? Taking in general, the one who have “chosen” to live by lies
The depopulation is more of a scare tactic for energy extraction since these beings feed on misery, fear and the other negative emotions. Also for the harvesting of parts for reanimation and experiments. Remember that part of the plan is setting up a technological network to be used to control humans once the planet moves to 4th density.

Amazing session... thank you.

So much gratitude for the relentless efforts that are put into every session, and every offering to the group...
and ALL that radiates from this lighthouse.

You help us to stay inspired, to keep holding faith in the light, finding gratitude for our endless lessons while affirming awareness of the immense gift of life in 3D. Despite all the levels of darkness and heaviness here (well, it is 3D) there is also SO much beauty and light to be grateful for - if we have 'eyes to see'. I give thanks and heartfelt prayers for this group daily, and the countless ways my life has been transformed because of each of you who has answered the call and is present here on some level, contributing your energy and observations for the greater good of all.
:flowers: 💕 Merry Caesarmass to all ✨🎄 :hug2:

This just feels and sounds like an extension of the 'hive mind'.

There is something really wrong with Elon... something very 'off' about him, IMHO. I feel he is being guided and heavily influenced by STS forces, that he believes his thoughts and inspiration to be his own... but I sincerely doubt this. I have also observed that both his parents are deeply narcissistic, obsessed with material wealth, personal image, totally self oriented, are very arrogant and deeply egoic generally. Elon emulates a lot of their attributes - but then there seems to sometimes be a more 'vulnerable' part of him (from watching some of his interviews), but perhaps that is just part of the image he is projecting to hook people in (unconsciously?). He feels kindof 'alien' to me on many levels, sometimes I wonder if he is a 'host' of a 'walk in'?

Nice observation Puma.
Remember that families are not an indicator of the potential alignment of each individual in said family. With that in mind I completely understand your sentiment. I have spent some time thinking about this myself. We cannot know Elon's true intentions but we can keep in mind what Gurdjieff said about evil; evil is unconscious.

The alien capabilities sound "stupendous". We could certainly use a more "level playing field" I think.

Session 25 May 2008:

Session 12 December 2010:

Session 23 March 2019:
The FOTCM is the method we have for leveling the playing field; Working together to outsmart them. As Gurdjieff says: 200 conscious beings can change the course of the future. (Paraphrasing)

It looks like the ear is set up to possibly hear things telepathically. Essentially it can hear sound and then it converts that into EMF to send to the brain, so hypothetically you could possibly just hear the EMF. There’s a chapter about this in the Invisible Rainbow and there was a book published in about 1985 by George Offutt called The Electromodel of the Auditory System. I tried to find a copy and it’s out of print, even Arthur Firstenberg who wrote the Invisible Rainbow said he doesn’t have a copy….

Anyway, wanted to say this because there’s a whole bunch of ideas about telepathy and it might be as simple as just “speaking” without moving your mouth. I would imagine your intent gets carried through so it might be more difficult to lie, but otherwise it might not be too fancy, and that might be one of the abilities that comes online as things progress, for those who have tuned themselves.
I forgot about The Invisible Rainbow! I bet there's a PDF kickin around online. You mention the ear, it brings to mind bone conduction earphones although I suspect telepathy does not use bone conduction.

Found it

From the passage it appears it's power related to harnessing energy from the Sun?

Using an example about our obsession with money. We are obsessed with money because it allows us to live comfortably, to afford material things and I suppose at the pathological end, money buys power over other people and the ability to control them e.g. see Bill Gates.

So what did the atlanteans power get them?
Educated spit-balling here because off the top of my head I cannot recall what or if the C's have said anything about this:

The Atlantians may have use the crystals power to power their ships for space travel? Or perhaps the crystal network was itself the mode of space transportation. It just dawned on me that the crystals may have been able to generate worm holes or portals of some type considering the effects of the Bermuda triangle crystal.

The crystals energy may have powered Atlantians remolecularizers. The crystals may have been some type of weapons and/or defense system. The crystals may store information as our silicon chips do. Maybe the crystals were used to communicate with higher densities, maybe even dimensions.

The Atlanteans were building stone monuments so perhaps the crystals were used in conjunction with the monuments to create food and other necessities such as electricity. It seems that ancient stone temples and monuments were used for electricity generation. Citing the lingam temples of India, the fact that water poured through limestone creates electric current and the overhead views of these temples and monuments look identical to modern circuit boards - Whirrling dervishes...

I don't have the timeline of history down hence spit-balling.

That's all I can think of. If anyone has insight I'd love to hear it or if they can point me in the right direction. I have yet to read every transcript and I haven't finished the Adventures series. Obviously I haven't read half as much as Laura or the group probably not even 2% haha. I will continue the search!

Thanks for the sessions and the writings! Truly eye opening!


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Q: (whitecoast) The 70k years ago time for the continental shift of Laurasia/Gondwana coincides with the population collapse postulated to have been caused by the Lake Toba supervolcano eruption mentioned in the book Into Africa by Bruce R. Fenton. Were these continental shifts at least in part precipitated by the destruction of Kantek...?

A: Yes

Q: (whitecoast) ...or by the wider solar system's electrical environment?

A: Both!

Q: (whitecoast) I have a follow-up question about continental rearrangement from Kantek's destruction. Did more lands split apart to make more divergent human cultures to compensate for the loss of "real estate" caused by losing an entire planet?

A: Happened, compensated, but was natural effect.
I don't doubt that the event was caused by comets. Volcanic activity goes hand in hand with celestial objects. I posit that over time furth bombardments played a roll in the continents departing further apart.

4D entities have been manipulating our environment for 309,000 years but more intensively for 70,000 years (after the migration of people from Mars)
Around the migration from Kantek which is in the 70 - 50 thousand year range.

The Mars incident where water was either thrown from mars onto earth or brought by a comet, didn't happen until the younger dryas event.

I have scanned pages and made a PDF from the book Cataclysm! to show the timing of the deluge and also how it happened according to some ancient accounts. I found in another thread here where the OP says the C's say Mars got close enough to earth to throw it's water onto the earth. There is another source I recall, where it sounds like the ancients may have saw a comet devour the atmosphere from Mars and then soon after deposit it on earth. Now maybe the ancient stories got mixed up over time... We've seen it happen

I'll have to do more digging, maybe this is all laid out somewhere on the forum. I plan on going through all the transcripts to cross reference I less I find that done elsewhere. I'll attach the PDF, if it's not allowed please someone let me know. If this belongs in a new thread or an existing one again please let me know.


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